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Roughly Another World Tentacle 18

Roughly Another World Tentacle 18

Chapter 18 – Naked Dogeja of Submission (2)

Unknowingly, I see Praga’s ass.
You’re naked! Can you talk a little now?

“Please, please. You can do anything to me.”

“Try more”

“My little sister…!! Please save Agnes…”

I couldn’t help but thrust my cock into Praga’s cunt.
See you ♡


While kneading the loaf of a country girl in the midst of humiliation, with her tentacles,
A cock with plenty of aphrodisiac is inserted into her uterus.
Oh clothes. Tighten up!

“Ah… Yes… Yes…!”

Praga lifted her buttock and took her back, driving her forehead deeper and deeper.

“Until now…. Uh…. Uh… Uh… Sorry for messing around!”

Oh clothes.
Praga’s Bread Dance!
Gently wiggling her big ass from side to side, she satisfies me.
Tighten your pussy…… ♡

“How can you save only your little brother from that village?”

“If you let me know in advance… Ah..Hehe…! The cock… Big…!”

Let’s leak the operation?
It does not make sense.
How dare you make such demands of me?

This shameful pussy hole!
Squeak, squeak, squeak… !
Chap-Chap-Chap-Chap-Chap, Buchubuchubuchu♡

The erect cock is violently thrust in so that the juice in her pussy spurts.
The aphrodisiac had already penetrated through the mucous membrane, and he mercilessly brushed off the horny pussy.


“A slave”

Such a disgusting word.
You are all my wives!

Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob.

Oh, I’m sick of falling behind…. I can’t stand the country girl’s big loaf!
He inserts his cock deeply and kisses the cervix, which trembles even when lightly rubbed.
Praga didn’t even have time to wiggle her hips, so she huddled up and gasped.

Squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak ♡

“Embrace…! The uterus, the uterus… Yes… Yes… There… It’s too bad…!”

「There is no special treatment」

“Please…. Please, please…. Hooot…♡”

“You still treat me as a disgusting monster, is that the way you treat your husband?”

Thanks for sticking out behind her ass and allowing her pussy, the penetration goes very deep.
His cock tentacles forcefully dip into her pussy, squeezing her tits.
You are so active! Praga has changed!

“It’s different now… I want to get a lot of pussy and get pregnant with Seobang-sama’s baby…!”

To believe and lean on only the voluptuous breasts and the pretty face!
Isn’t that very feminine?
Even while I stopped for a moment listening to the voice of the West,
Praga continued to fawn, shaking her hips.


“Cum in the pussy”

“Yes, yes. Wrap it up.”

Let’s play let’s play.
I wrapped my tentacles around her body and lifted her up.
As her limbs were bound, Praga swallowed her breath.

“Huh, huh ♡”

If you bind her whole body with tentacles during continuous pussy climax,
The female’s delighted tremors are transmitted along the surface of her tentacles.
Praga entrusted her whole body to me and gasped for comfort, her big ass sticking out.

“Jade! Clothes…. Oh…! Heh…. Uh….”

Let’s see how much you put down

“Seo, please wrap my cheeky pussy that I didn’t recognize Seobang-sama at first sight♡”

Cheap dot in Praga’s pussy!
Beaureureureut! Bet!び!!

It occupies Praga’s pretty uterus with stinky cum.
Bet! Beautiful! Bet! Beaureureus… !

“Ah… Whoa… Haa…”

It is good when the female exhales with a feeling of deep satisfaction after a violent vaginal penetration.
It is proof that Praga has become accustomed to vaginal ejaculation that fills the womb.
I’d be very sad if I didn’t have this now.

Beaureureus…. Beautiful!
Bet! Bet! Beautiful!! Bet!

“I’m pregnant with joy!”


Praga pursed her lips and sniffled.
Ah. Oops.
It seems to be a reaction that raised the tension to please me.
Her tearful face was also pretty.

“Let’s talk about your brother later.”

Praga startled and raised her head.


Great. Great.
I, Praga, wanted to receive more pussy service.
I get thrilled every time I hear the sound of Mr. Seo.
Praga reached her hand behind her, opening her butthole herself.

“Seo, Seo-Bang… Ehe… Please write here too.”

“Isn’t that a hole that has nothing to do with giving birth?”

“It’s a preliminary hole to make you feel good♡”

Hey, I’m losing my voice.
Were you such a special kid?
Prepare another cock tentacle dripping with aphrodisiac.
As soon as it was pressed against her asshole, Praga stuck her ass out and gasped.

“Oh…. Ohh… Put it in… Pamper it on my ass as much as you want.”

See you!
Praga’s country girl can’t stand the bread.
She pushed her ass out even more to deepen her penetration.
The ass hole and the pussy hole are also poked with a cock!

Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob Chew Bob ♡

“Jade….Ohh…. Clothes… Clothes… Seobangniim….Ah….Ah….”

When you speak, you become sincere.
Praga’s expression was completely like that.

West, West.

At first, the words that started to match my mood come out with a lot of heart.

Stretching out her tentacles, wrapping around her breasts and milking them,
The cock is thrust deep into the pussy.
Chew-peep-chew-chew-chew-chew-chew-chew-chew-chew-chew-chew-chew . Chew Guk… !

“Ah…. Ah…. Yes! Seo Bang-nim’s fanfare is so good…”

While doing well, why didn’t you do it until now, huh!
The pussy is even more delicious than usual!
While pulling Fraga’s upper body tensely with her tentacles, she grabbed the loaf of bread that rose like a ripe fruit…….
Stick your dick in the hole!

“Oh…. Oh oh oh clothes…♡”

Praga closed her eyes and gasped.


“Joa-yo, pussy-joa-yo, Seobang-nim…!”

Pchup pchut!!
I like it when my pussy is dripping with juice.
He thrusts the jagged tentacles of his cock into Praga’s sensitive cunt.

See you!

“Cheering clothes!”

Chubu Chubu Chubu Chu.

“Hee…. Hee…. Hee… In the pussy… The West’s… Ugh…. Extreme…. Gp! Semen… Please!”

Oh clothes.
Sticking out her ass! Yay!

“Ah… Ah… Until her pussy is destroyed♡”

This. I really like that the hole in the butt is also tight… !
She sucks Praga’s milk while inserting her dick deep.

“Yeah…. Ngyuuu…! Praga’s apology pussy, eat it… Please!”

Okay, the pussy is perfect!
Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

Even in Praga’s pussy… It’s also cheap on the ass… !

Beautiful! Bet! Beautiful! View!!

I’m sick… !
On the top, he pours his steamy cum into the dirty bread of a country girl, and on the bottom, he sprays seeds into her pussy!

“I’m sorry, I’ll eat well♡”

View Lulu Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru Ru! Beaururut! Bet! Bet!
Praga’s sensitive pussy is exposed to violent ejaculation and squeezes to climax.


“From now on, Praga will be my wife.”

The tentacle monster’s ejaculation torture never ends.
Self-employed Who wants to work hard with such a body!
Beautiful! Beautiful!! Bet! Beautiful!



With the Split Mouth, put Fraga’s udder into your mouth starting with the nipple and suck it up!

“I’m getting married, I’m going to get married. I’m going to be Seo-Bang’s bride! Please stop going to the pussy…”

Instead of stopping, I strangled Praga’s neck.
It’s a fitting end to a sex that’s been pushed to ruin.
I’ll make you a bitch who strangles and climaxes her pussy!

“Ughhhhhing might be”

Praga was as incontinent as when she first set foot on me.
After all, a woman is the prettiest when her eyes are turned upside down at the climax of her pussy.

“Kuk… Ugh… Geck… Extreme…”

Die altogether
Die and be reborn!
Become a female who trembles with the joy of being deprived of the right to live and die by a tentacle monster and having her whole body violated!
Praga’s breathing stops. Her eyes dangerously hit the ceiling and climb up.

“Eup…. Oops…”

Praga’s strong pussy tightening returns like a dying patient’s vital signs.
Driven to the brink of her death, Praga moved her waist gently to feel more cock in her cunt.
It is the moment when all of her wandering thoughts disappear and she moves only with the instinct of a creature.

Tight…. Tight….
Sensing her wonderful tightness in her cunt, I freed her.
Praga, who fell to her floor, did not even have the strength to bring her legs together, and flinched in her frog-like position.
Her cunt and asshole were filled with clumps of semen that had been pushed out of her cunt and asshole.


I stared blankly.
Her to her indecent doom.


That night.
Resident representatives and Prindel gathered at the town hall.

“There is a possibility that a dangerous monster has appeared.”
“What happened to the adventurers?”
“I went to check what was there and it went missing.”

Everyone was vaguely feeling it.
That the reason the adventurers disappeared and the reason Praga disappeared are the same.
Some danger lurks near the town of Rotana,
It’s time to take action to figure out the truth.

Resident representative Langle raised his hand and said.

“Prindel, didn’t you go to the city to make another request?”
“There’s no one to take care of it now.”

When Jade’s group left the search and there was no news, Prindel immediately moved.
The request to investigate the missing adventurer is exactly that.

“It’s been five days since I submitted the request, but…”

Adventurers dream of success.
This means that they prefer a request that has a clear goal, does not take a lot of time, and has a clear reward.
There are many missing people in the villages adjacent to the monster’s habitat, but finding missing people was clearly a non-preferred request.

First of all, the goal is not clear. You never know what kind of dangerous monsters you will encounter.
You may have to search for how long.
If you can’t even pick up a corpse, you can’t get the reward.

They were often shunned, saying that if they made a mistake, they would suffer the hardships and receive the wrath of the bereaved family.

It’s just a search for missing people, but what if three adventurers of the same class are missing?
Even the knights of the kingdom come to the conclusion that it is difficult to receive outside help unless they move.

“We must defend our village with our own hands!”

Said Prindel.

“Wasn’t that the vigilante for that?”
“Can we defeat the monsters that even adventurers couldn’t help?”
“Even if you regret it later, it’s too late…Like me.”
“Mr. Prindel…”

There was no one here who wanted to risk their lives fighting monsters.
But those who can fight to protect their aging parents, their children at home, and their wives must fight.
The vigilantes were armed.

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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