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Roughly Another World Tentacle 19

Roughly Another World Tentacle 19

Chapter 19 – Tentacle Assault

From the morning of the next day, Rotana Village became busy.
The women mended their husband’s old leather armor and tightened the strap so that it would not come loose.
Each family gathered and distributed useful equipment, and made a strong long sword at the smithy.

Even the powerless people of a small town
When faced with the reality of having to fight monsters, humans bond strongly.
Rotana Village was no exception.

“I brought more people from the next town.”
“Mr. Prindel! Lawton says he’ll help us too!”

When people come together, they need a lot of food.
A soup kitchen was set up in the village, and everyone shared what they had.

“Dad, I’ll help too!”

Seeing Agnes wearing an apron, Prindel smiled bitterly.
Agnes’s heart is admirable, but I like the way the child is playing without any worries.

‘I will never lose anyone again.’

Prindel lost his eldest daughter.
A lovely daughter who looks just like her deceased wife.
If I could find even a trace of my daughter, there would be no wish.
Maybe the reason he hasn’t broken down yet is because he hasn’t confirmed his daughter’s death, he thought.

The hope that he might still be alive moved Prindel.
The people joined forces to erect a large wooden fence in the village of Rotana and doubled the number of patrols.

Then Prindel gathered a group of quick-footed people and slowly increased the scope of the search.
Occasionally a lesser goblin or orc who broke away from the pack would be captured by them.
The search operation was conducted cautiously.

Then one night.

“Mr. Prindel!”
“Come outside!”
“What’s going on?”

Are you looking at something stupid?
It was not unreasonable for Prindel to think so.
Even he, the father, was losing hope that his daughter was alive.
Because a very healthy daughter appeared in front of my eyes.

“Leah, Leah!!”
“Daddy daddy…!”

If this is a dream, don’t wake up!

“I thought the captain’s daughter would be alive.”
“Hasn’t it been almost a month since you disappeared?”
“So, where were you…?”
“Get something to cover you with!”

Praga ran through the woods naked.
Needless to say, the vigilantes, who were ready to attack anything that came out, were startled by the powerful breasts and buttocks.

“…I may never forget what I saw today.”
“Robbing… It’s dope…”
“It’s strange, doesn’t he look too fine for a missing person?”
“Yes. You look healthier than when you were in town.”

Even if she pretended to be Praga, she did not appear to have lived in the forest.
First of all, the skin was so clean, there were no minor scratches or injuries.
Her brown hair was neatly trimmed, and her eyes were moist and shiny.

If there was a demon possessing men, wouldn’t it be just like that?

“What happened to Praga?”
“…Maybe he was captured by goblins.”
“Do they wash and feed you?”
“I heard that there are women who were found after living in a goblin den for three or four years.”
“In your delusion?”
“Because it’s real.”
“Stop it. Is that important now?”
“That’s right. It’s important to come back safely.”

Prindel hugged her daughter tightly.
Every time that happened, within Praga’s womb, innumerable incarnations were wriggling.

“Yeah… Ohh…♡”

She hastily hid her expression.

“What the hell happened? Huh? Tell me.”
“I was captured by a monster…”
“Where are you hurt? Are you not hurt?”

Praga nodded his head.

“I ran away before it got too big. Dad, it’s dangerous here. A monster is after me.”
“Leave it to Dad, you are resting in the village.”
“…Where is Agnes?”
“I’m waiting for you at home. Hurry up and show your face.”

Prindel let her daughter into town and gave her instructions.

“Call the guarded personnel here! Prepare for the enemy’s attack!”
“Shall we go after Praga?”
“Then I missed that ass, so why not come?”
“It’s not the time to play around. Get ready!”

While the vigilantes prepared to fight, Praga hurriedly moved to the center of town.
Praga felt at ease the trembling of the larvae wriggling inside her womb.
It’s as natural as a heartbeat.

If you leave your body to the pleasure that comes like a wave, you will naturally relax.

‘It worked. Mr. West.’

The tentacle and the tentacle are connected like one body.
If it were a small caterpillar that clings to the inner wall of Praga’s womb and consumes nutrients.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that all humans in the current village were caught on the radar of Chokkai.

“It’s okay to evacuate Agnes.”

That was the only pact Praga obtained from the West.
Let Agnes escape safely.
Other than that, you must cooperate with the village raid, and it is not acceptable to have any other intentions.

Now, Praga is holding her precious nursery hostage.
These are now babbling and giving pleasure to the mother, but
The fact that it also has teeth for chewing meat, all the seedlings of Chokkai know.

Of course, Praga had no intention of going against the will of the West.


Agnes was curled up on the first floor, holding Britney—her favorite clown doll.

“Sister, sister are you okay?”
“Anes… Listen carefully!”

Praga’s eyes widened slightly at the pleasure of the caterpillars crawling inside her womb.

“Ngo clothes…”

‘At a time like this, Mr. West….’

“Mi-I’m sorry. Don’t mind…”
“What happened?”
“I don’t have time to talk about my sister right now. You have to run away from town, Agnes.”
“In town?”
“Let’s hurry!”

Praga, taking his brother to the outskirts of town, gasped for breath.

“Sister, barefoot without shoes… Doesn’t it hurt…?”
“Anes. Just think about going straight here. Run until you get to the city.”
“Here’s my dad, and there are some strong men! It’s okay even if the monsters come in, sister!”

Chokkai is listening to everyone.
Through none other than the caterpillar crawling inside Praga’s cunt.
Praga, who knew this, was afraid that his brother would say something displeased with the West.

“Anes, go to the kingdom and do anything. Survive.”
“Sister, what happened in the woods? What did the monster do to you?”

Sometimes like this
A child’s intuition is often sharper than necessary.
Seeing Praga’s expression, Agnes rather held her sister’s hand tightly.

“What happened? Tell me everything, sister.”
“Bad monster…! Because I won’t forgive you!”

Praga closed his eyes tightly.

“Please, do as you say, Agnes.”

I can’t explain it.
What happened to her and how things are now.
There’s no way I could tell my naive little brother, and it wouldn’t change anything if I said it.

“You are still young. Until you reach the age where you can choose your own life… You must be protected.”
“I want to be with my sister and my dad. Why should we be apart?”

Agnes started to cry.
Praga also cried profusely.

“I’m sorry, Agnes. My sister’s body has become like this…”
“Sister? What do you mean?”
“Because I don’t want to make Anesman irreversible… He’s going somewhere far away. Huh? Can you do as you say?”

Agnes could only nod her head when she saw Fraga, who looked so desperate.

“I love you, Agnes. Sister, no matter what, I love you, Dad, and her mother.”
“Sister, me too… I love you too.”
“Go! Don’t look back!”

Scared to let Agnes go,
The assault of the chokkai has begun.

“What the hell are these guys!”
“Come from the side!”

The monster that appeared in front of the vigilante was a dog with a red body.
The appearance was the same, but the feeling was completely different.
Its eyeballs are pitch-black, and long tentacles protrude from its mouth instead of tongues.
It sprouted between the monster dog’s legs as well.

Instead of fur, half of its body is made of mucous membranes, and it moves like fish gills whenever it breathes.

“No… Something in the shape of a dog.”

The vigilante stood firm in the face of such a hideous creature.

“Raise your arms! Don’t let a single one in here!”

The dogs didn’t move at all, as if waiting for a signal.
At that time.


“The monster came inside!”

Dogs have infiltrated the village.
Although there were various intrusion routes, they all had one thing in common: they were aiming for gaps in weak defenses.
As soon as Prindel gathered the people in one place, as if he had been waiting.


Everyone became a speculative person.
It was too fatal timing to see it as a coincidence.

“Mr. Prindel!”
“Lawton, hurry up and get the people inside! We’re blocking this place!”

The tentacle dogs were already raping the young women in the village.
First, after knocking it down by force, put the tentacle attached to the tongue into its mouth and feed it with paralyzing liquid…….
He rammed his cock into the hole of the woman’s cunt that he couldn’t resist, and vigorously shook his back like dust.

“Hate it!!!”
“What the fuck! What is that?”
“Kill them all!”

Prindel knocked down the tentacles flocking from outside the village one by one with his sword.
Intense aura imbued with the sword.
The skill [Strong Sword] Is a reliable attack skill as it is universally used, but its power is not great.

But no matter how mediocre the skill, it has been honed for a long time
The strong sword, forged with skill, was powerful enough to split the body of a tentacle dog into two.


“There are many, but they can be killed! Organize them one by one!”

The tentacle dog was agile, but it wasn’t that threatening in terms of combat power alone.
The soldiers, who gained confidence from Prindel’s performance, swung their swords and removed the tentacles one by one.

“Rangle, this side is fine, go inside!”

The village was already crying out as many people were in misery.
The tentacle dog was great at hunting females.
The women who were running away are also caught on the back by the tentacle dog before long, and the hole is forcibly fucked.
The cock’s tentacles flexibly burrowed between her skirt and her underwear and brushed her pussy hole.

“You… You…! Ahhh…!”

Just then, Langle’s wife (short hair, C cup, daughter Hana, 38 years old) was also being beaten on the floor.
Beautiful! Bet! Beautiful!び!!
The tentacle dog that has already scooped up a lot of cock from her cunt hole will complete her vaginal cum shot.


Rangle swung his sword with all his might and blew off the head of the dog that was coveting his wife’s cunt.
It’s been a while since I’ve been feeling refreshed.
Even with her head off, the tentacle dog continued to poke her wife’s cunt, brushing her back.
Squeak squeak squeak.

View. View. View!

“Away! Away!”
“Run away. You… Ah… Uh…!”
“Damn! Fuck, God!”
“Mr. Langle, it’s dangerous!”

Tentacle dogs swarm.
His wife was surrounded by tentacle dogs and began to be lynched with cocks.
Assholes, mouths, pussies, holes that can be inserted are staggeringly found and poked,
The tentacle dogs, which inevitably came to play, beat her body with their cocks and abused her as if to quickly make a pleasant hole.

Langle was horrified that the same thing was happening around him.

‘There are too many… !’

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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