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Entered the Void.

Entered the Void.

무협지 안으로 들어와버렸다.
Native LanguageKorean

I fell into a novel that I usually enjoyed reading.
By the way, this is an abduction after the main story is over!?

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  1. Aarón Alejandro says:

    is it worth reading? a brief summary please…

  2. Keraether says:

    Could not get past chapter 10. MC seems stupid, every male character seem to be a 14 year old whose only desire is to mate.

    I would gladly have someone prove me wrong about this because it is really bad.

  3. Nanonano says:

    yeah, just fcking crap story, typical japanese-beta male high schooler retard that too full of naivety. every problem cause by the mc himself, its just author originally too much childish but forced to act as proper adult male!

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