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The Yandere Hunter of the Reverse World

The Yandere Hunter of the Reverse World

역전세계의 얀데레 헌터
Native LanguageKorean

A world where monsters come through the gate and where hunters exist. The main character, who does not like the masculine behavior of women, tries to train his childhood friend to suit his taste, but instead finds himself in a situation where he is subjected to reverse training, and his body and mind are devastated by his childhood friend’s abnormal

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  1. ImpatientReader says:

    If you think it’s a fun story, you’re highly mistaken.

    In that world, women are stronger than men. And men have extremely sensitive dick.

    MC has a childhood friend who becomes his lover. He thinks it’s best to train her to his liking from childhood, but she has a twisted common sense from childhood because of porn and a ‘cousin’ influence.

    From his university days, he was constantly raped by his childhood friend. Because of the sensitivity of the male organ, it doesn’t go down. So, he’s raped for hours till the end, with bruises all over his body. She even adds medicine later on.

    Pretty sure the majority of the novel is MC being abused.

    The author went with the extreme yandere path.

  2. ShadowE9407 says:

    Pobre prota eso le pasa por ser mujeriego
    Aunque al final consigue vivir feliz creo

  3. A says:

    There are recommendations for novels similar to this one

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