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Roughly Another World Tentacle 12

Roughly Another World Tentacle 12

Chapter 12 – Breeding Females (2)

Ten times the pussy!
Even 3 times would have put Praga in trouble,
How about 10x?

Among the abilities of the touch monster created by the Goddess, the aphrodisiac is the most fraudulent ability along with the sense of touch.
When a woman is captured, she submits to a hundred and one hundred violent pussy climaxes.
There are no exceptions because it will increase to a hundred or three thousand times in the future.
To make it happen as soon as possible.


I clamped Tia’s chin firmly with the Split Mouth and poured the aphrodisiac through the tentacles inside.

“Eup…. Ugh…. Gulp…! Gulp!”

Even Tia, who shook her head at first, took the aphrodisiac and drank it.
Change came quickly.


Tia gently wiggles her breasts and buttocks while being tied to the tentacles as if flirting.
I feel like my body feels strange.
There must have been an intention to reposition, but it seemed like a strange dance to me.

‘Performance sucks. Are you ready for sex already?’

Tia’s skin, which had been exposed to 10 times the aphrodisiac, turned a beautiful complexion and became more elastic.
When a female is sexually aroused, her body temperature rises.
His attitude, which had been hardened by hatred and tension, gradually softened.

Just touching the current of air, Tia’s pink nipples become erect.
Violent Mamma Tong Milking!


Intensely sucks Tia’s erect nipples, which have become sensitive.

“Ah… Ah…! Ah!!”

Tia was embarrassed, but let out a dirty moan.
Just like I did the first time, I just fixed the lustful nipple with a split mouse and sucked it.
She doesn’t yet know that there is a huge difference between her senses and tenfold.

As the wrinkles inside the split mouse gently touch the sucking nipple with its dense tentacles,
Tia immediately struggled.

“Hehhehe!! It’s strange, it’s strange…! This kind of thing is strange!”

Triangular suction ON.
While holding Tia with his tentacles, he sucked her mouth and breasts at the same time with the split mouth.
Chew, Chew, Chew♡

“Humung! Mung. Um…. Umung!”

Tia’s reaction has improved quite a bit.
As the milk becomes more sensitive, beads of sweat form on the skin.
Squeeze squeak.

Her chin was violently seized and sucked, and her blue eyes, which had become quick to open her mouth, were wet with water.
The more closely intertwined her tongues intertwined,
At the same time, Tia’s cheeks turn red.

It’s like a newly wedded bride, and it’s very lovely.

“Huh…. Black….

Dori Dori!
Tia shook her head.
If you already have to go through an internal conflict with light caressing and suction, the future will be difficult.

[Nutrition + 500]
[Nutrition + 400]
[Nutrition + 500]

I pervert more and more.
The more I eat Tia, the better my functioning gets.
The time has come to repay her bread.

I grabbed Tia by the tentacles.

“Ah… Ah…♡”

Tia shut her mouth, as if startled by the sound she made herself.
Her whole body must have been sensitive.
Without stopping here, the number of tentacles is increased to send tenders under Tia.

“Oops, ah!”

Tia shook her leg in panic as she saw her tentacles creeping underneath her.
He grabs her ankle as if snatching it and pulls it open.


Pussy open ♡
I moved between her defenseless buttocks as if brush stroked,
Tia lowered her head and flinched.

“Hehhehe. Why is this… Pervert, pervert…”

A voice of bewilderment.
Tia trembled as if she hadn’t expected to be subjected to such a stringy caress.
As she gently rubbed her cunt with her tenders, Tia moved her waist, twisting the angle of her pantyhose, gasping.
Where are you from Antal?

“Ah, this… This… Huh…”

Rape the clitoris with a tender that each projection gives a different accent.
Tia climaxes simply to the point of futility.


Light clitoris climax 10 times!
Tia opened her eyes and opened and closed her toes, she didn’t know what to do.
It must be a sensation she is experiencing for the first time.

Suppressing her voice is also a feeling she barely does.

“……Hah… Hak… Hak…? Hah?”

It was the best that Tia’s panicked movements were conveyed in detail through her tentacles.
Even if she was close to her human body, she wouldn’t have felt this well.
Clap clatter clatter clatter!


Tia endures patience.
Joo boop ju boop ju boop ju boop ju boop.
Delicate and erotic violence attacks Tia’s pussy.

“Whoa, whoa.”

Tia liked her cunt and wanted to show the dead Jade her slightly shy face.
Tia’s watery blue eyes slowly rise.


“Ah… Ah… Haaa…♡”

Tender was a tentacle that was really worth the money.
Even if you just rub it gently, the 10 times pussy is crazy about slow touch and squirts pussy juice.
Tremble, tremble.

After only 30 minutes of caressing, Tia was very tired of her hot cunt.
This is 〈 Tender 〉
It is the incarnation of pussy patting.

Wow tingling.
Go at the same time as breast milking!


Tia tapped my tentacle with her tightly wrapped hand.
Are you protesting?

“No, no no ♡”

Please don’t make me feel so good~ Is it something like that?
Wow Zhong.
While sucking Tia’s royal mama tube like a pervert, she stirs her pussy.

[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]
[Level has risen]

I’m not joking today.
The aphrodisiac has already become 15 times stronger.

‘It’s completely flooded.’

Might be today.
Shall we revise it up a bit?
15 times… !!

Clap clatter clatter clatter!


Tia covered her mouth with her hand.
However, Tia’s pussy, which had succumbed to the gentle patting of the tender, flinched as she slurped her pussy juice.

“Ah! Ah…!”

Tia sucked it back so that it stretched.

Her breasts are also incredibly sensitive,
You can also see that Tia climaxes with milk.

‘This is how it works.’

It’s like an erotic doujinshi to say that you’ve squeezed your heart out a little and come to climax.
I should say hello to the loaf of bread I owe.
One more split mouse, his mouth wide open pressed against Tia’s bread.
It pushes the wrinkled tentacles into the ass hole.

“Hey, hey! I hate it, I hate it!”

Tia overreacted.
Ah, ah. Don’t tap the tentacles. This bitch
Ashamed to feel it with her hips, Tia resists by thumping her legs.
Catch her with her tentacles and carefully scan the hole in the loaf of bread with her creases.

Pchup pchut!!
The pussy climaxes while dripping juices in an easy-to-understand manner.

“Perverted monster!”

Got it now?
Tia’s selling is even more delicious because it feels like it came out because I couldn’t stand it.
You raised that perverted monster into this loaf of bread.

Little by little

Big and tasty ass.
It’s lovely to tighten the hole tight.
Keep your butt up.

Tia’s posture naturally leaned her body forward,
It is anchored by tentacles so that it does not fall.

Because it hangs in the air, relying entirely on its tentacles,
Tia became like a big mama and a loaf of bread.

Tia, who was being brushed around, shouted with a red face.

“Let Beth go now! Heh, heh. Mr. Praga too…!”

When she imagined Tia as my bride, it wouldn’t hurt to listen to her.
She did, though she had no intention of letting go of another woman.

“I even licked it…”

Know. This is the answer!
Sucking Tia’s tender Mamma Pain.

“Huh… Ah… Ah…”

Tia stuck out her tongue and flinched.
She shudders at the pleasure that runs from the tip of her hair to her loaf of bread, and wraps her around her with her tentacles and strangles her.


Whoa. Can’t do it
Shall we ask Tia for her pussy service?
I wrapped her tentacles around her beth and freed her.

“Oh, thank you…!”

But Beth is unable to move because of her paralysis.
Still in my surveillance zone.
I was just pretending to let go.

But Tia is convinced with her expression of accepting everything.

She herself can withstand anything, right?
I opened the mouth of her main body and thrust it into Tia.


If you run away, the deal is ruined.
If you accept…… That’s good as it is

I swallowed Tia’s upper body whole.

“Heh, heuh, heuhguuu!”

Tia was horrified.
I know it’s going to be chewed up, and the moment her own upper body tightens up, it makes a huge jerk.
It was the struggle of a female who couldn’t feel the slightest nobility.


Up to incontinence with her legs stretched out!

There is an overwhelming fear in the act of ‘being eaten’.
Tia struggled with her breathing difficulties as the tight grip around her waist made her unable to breathe.
Pushu, pushuu. The lower half of her body, which was out there, in the meantime urinates on her until her bladder is empty, and continues to paddle in fright.
Then, an intense time of pressing down with instinctive fear continued for 3 to 5 seconds.

“Huh, huh, hah, hah, hah, hah……! Ooh, ugh, ooh…!”

As if threatening to end up being torn to pieces like Jade and become a monster Bob.
I gave her the illusion of death just by tightening her upper body.

Then, Tia’s sensitive pussy and her body secreted enough drugs to make her brain go crazy as if she was doing the last compensation of her life.

Tia climaxed her magnificent pussy as she was eaten by me.
Push shot. Pchup pchut!!

Squirting her cunt juice, Tia squeezes her fists tight inside her and welcomes the peace of her world.
When she feels that she is not being eaten, she feels relieved as much as she has been driven by her terror.

Tia’s ass softened.
It seems that they enjoyed the predation of the Chokkai.
I now swallowed her whole.

One more defeat pussy engulfed in guts.


Tia looks around her for nothing, with her face blushing as if embarrassed.

“……Mr. Praga?”

Let me open the door and offer the moonlight,
Tia was shocked to see her incarnate caterpillar in her hand.


Even on the feet.


On the hips, on the shoulders, on the head.

“Poem, I hate it! I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!!”

Tia’s reaction is perfectly normal.
The first time I saw these countless caterpillars, Praga had a worse reaction.
Tia jumped up and ran her hand away from her bugs.

She ruthlessly shakes off her favorite kids just because her mom’s friend is here.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could grow together?

Possessing her incarnate larvae, she climbs Tia’s breasts as her target.
The blood drained from Tia’s face.

You may have missed it for a while because of the absurd situation of insects crawling all over her body.
Praga was right next to her from the start.
Tia was running fast, completely covered in her freaking caterpillars.

Thrown on the floor, defenseless, with her legs wide open.
Praga feels so resigned to all when breastfeeding her children.

“……Praga… Mr….”

“We have guests, Praga.”

Praga looked at her Tia, but she didn’t even think to get up and she muttered helplessly.

“If you fall here… It’s over…”

She is only familiar with the tentacle monster that she saw off the first few days.
Tia encouraged Praga, who had suffered worse than herself.

“No. Mr. Fraga is now free. He can go back to Agnes, to her family!”

Are you Praga’s family?
Even when her father’s story is brought up, she, who was not impressed, reacts little by little.

“Yes! Because I promised…!”

Be cute

“Praga, tell Tia that she has a condition.”

Praga was taken aback when she heard my shameless request.

“I want to say….”

It’s pretty funny.
Also putting Praga as an interpreter.
Tia’s cheeks turned even redder. Her silence lengthens.

He seems dizzy with shame to the point where he doesn’t mind the caterpillar climbing.
Tia immediately fell on all fours as if she had made up her mind.
Mom’s friend!

She immerses herself in acting and jumps into an incarnating caterpillar.
Landing on Tia’s butt while drawing an acrobatic arc!
Tia suppressed her disgust and shuddered at her.

Didn’t you do what you said quickly?
She holds her stance, sticking her big ass all the way behind her.

“Please eat Tia’s virgin pussy….”

“Heh. One More Time”

“I’ll do it one more time…”

「More bitterly」

“I want you to be naughty…”

Praga was already in ignorant interpreting mode, overwhelmed with her own business.


Tia pushed her big ass out even more, swaying her from side to side.

“…My virgin pussy… Please eat it…♡”

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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