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Roughly Another World Tentacle 11

Roughly Another World Tentacle 11

Chapter 11 – Breeding Females


Two females with sturdy loaves of bread prepare the meal.
They took cooking utensils from Jade’s luggage and started a fire.
Let’s go to grilling!

“Mr. Praga, there… Give me some salt.”

Grilled venison with berries.
A great meal is complete.

“Eat, you guys.”

Brothers Young-hee and Borg, who were drooling by their side,
As soon as he got my permission, he rushed at it like crazy.

“Chwik! Chwireuk!”

I feel good eating.
Praga and Tia watched as if they were amazed.
Even when they left the forest, they would never have thought that they would be in a position to feed the orcs and goblins.

“It’s the food my mother cooked.”

When the leftover meat is left on the floor, the larvae crawl out and eat it.
I don’t know, but it will be a good nutrient for Yukhwa.

“Isn’t the food your mother cooked delicious?”

Whenever I say mom, mom.
Praga glared at me.
Praga, who quickly realizes her meaninglessness, stares at her baby and her offspring – the meat-eating caterpillars that crawl on the floor – with her empty eyes.
I stroked her hair as a compliment.

Good job. Well done.


After the rapport with the female began, life, or rather, life became more enjoyable.
What is Praga… It must be confusing.
It looks like he has a lot on his mind.


Tia looked back at Jade, who would be her food tomorrow, and wept.
As if she was left alone, she gives off her lonely atmosphere and decides to give her her job.

“Pragga, tell Tia to take care of the wounds of my family.”

“Leave me alone for now.”

I squeezed the King of Praga who talked back.

“Huh… Ugh…!”


Praga approaches Tia as her breasts are fondled.


Tia was taken aback when she realized her Praga’s ordeal.
With her constantly being molested right in front of her eyes, Tia chooses her words.

“I came to save you… I was caught instead… I’m sorry.”

It became even more difficult to convey my words.
Praga let out a sigh as she milked her.

“…How is my dad?”
“It can’t be. Her daughter is missing.”
“…Maybe it would be better to disappear than to show this.”

It might be better than seeing your daughter become a monster seed.

“Do monsters understand people?”

Tia’s expression darkened.
You must have noticed that simulating an escape is also very difficult.

“…They want you to take care of their wounds.”

Hold on.
Tia clenched her small fists.

“I don’t want to.”

I immediately strangled Beth with my tentacles.

“Ugh…! Uh-geuk!”

Beth, unable to resist because she is paralyzed, turns her eyes away.
Come on die
Die by breaking your neck like Jade?
Of course, I have good power control, so it’s much easier to suffocate.

“Kkeuk! Keck, Keck!”
“Okay! I’ll do it! I’ll do it… Stop it…!”

Great. Go see
Tia was in tears.
Healing the orcs and goblins who made his comrades like this,
Isn’t this the saddest moment since she became a priest?

I thought she was so pretty even her mournful face.

“Ilesia, her goddess of light, take care of this woman’s wounds with warm light…”

A warm light stays in Tia’s hands as she prays.


Seeing the burn scars healing, Yo˘ng-hu˘i smiled in satisfaction.
Tears welled up in Tia’s eyes as if her fading wounds were the last vestiges of Jade.
Next is the turn of the Borg brothers.

These guys were frantically looking at Tia’s breasts over her clothes.

“If you touch it, you die”

“Key, key.”

If you touch my bed, then there is no family or anything.
As the goblins withdrew their sinister gazes, Tia cautiously approached her, knelt down, and healed them as well.
Suddenly, the surroundings around her became quite dark.

“Whoa… Ha…”

She must have been exhausted, but Tia had a tired expression.
I can’t believe it even when I see it
Is this a magical power?

She just wanted to give her first aid so she wouldn’t get infected and die.
Tia did a better job than she thought.
The two goblins, their wounds completely gone, flew around.

“…I did as I was told.”

Tia pursed her lips, and she looked back at me with a slightly angry expression.

If you make that face, you want to eat more.
I feel like a busty girlfriend who gets mad because her boyfriend is late for an appointment.
I want to grab it with my tentacles right away and stroke it.

I’ve never been terribly angry.
Her blue eyes are watery, and her hands and feet are still shaking pitifully.

Oh, Tia.
She is the one who fed and raised me with that loaf of bread.
Her neat and pretty face never gets tired of looking at it.

“Please let Bess heal too.”

Burns on her legs can also lead to infection if left untreated.
She was not going to tell me, but she seems to have tried to communicate with Tia to see if she can get what she wants from me.
I removed her tentacles so she could go to her beth.


After finishing her treatment, Tia looked at me and said.

“Please let them go. Instead… I will stay.”
I said something.
While I hate creatures as much as Bess?
You hold on to it. That disgusting feeling.

“What are you talking about?”

Praga was taken aback when she heard Tia’s words.

“I will… Cooperate as much as possible. To the monster…!”

If you let go of the two, will you give birth to that much?
It’s amazing that such a sound came out of her mouth while watching the way Praga came out of my body.
A noble spirit of sacrifice!

A small fraction of many.
There are altruistic people who sacrifice for others.
A person’s true value is revealed at this time.

“Mr. Tia. You don’t know. What is that… Doing…!”

Praga tore off Tia, but she was already adamant.

“You can do anything!”

Woohyo clothes.

“Now… Don’t kill anyone!”
“I’m not someone who can communicate by talking. Rather, I’m a body that has already been abandoned…!”

You come in, Praga!
Shrew look!
It extends its tentacles and inserts them into its body.


Tia froze at the sight.
Tia doesn’t know what it feels like to be in here, right?
As I tried to strangle Beth, Tia scurried up to one of my tentacles and grabbed it.

“Because I, I will. You know…Listen?”

Did she think she was speechless?
Tia put her hand on her own chest and looked at me pleadingly.
I transformed one of the tentacles into a split mouse and held it in front of Tia.

As if meeting her eyes.
I meet her gaze as I slurp her mucus.
Tia’s expression was on the verge of collapsing.

She kisses her right away.
Tia’s pretty mouth is caught by her ugly tentacles and sucks one way.
She shook her body.

This is not an intolerable insult.
The discomfort and pain that females endure when entangled with tentacles cannot be compared to when unwanted members of the opposite sex touch their bodies.
Impurity committed by non-human creatures.

It can even be said that this act cuts and eats people’s hearts.
And I love it.

Chew. Chew.
Without hesitation, he sucked Tia’s lips and tongue.

Because she is a new woman, she is very nourished.
Tia’s saliva was exceptionally delicious.

Zhong. Zhong.

“Eup…. Uh…. Eup…”

Tia tightly closed her eyes in pain.
Don’t worry. Don’t chew He licks her tongue with the moist ridges within her split mouth.


A deep kiss
Let her tongue and tongue mix.
Tia seemed desperate to hold back the vomit as my bump went in.

“Ooh, ugh.”
“T… Ah…”

Beth watched it and turned her head away.
It’s pretty fun.
She, who did not show weakness,
He puts on a sad face in front of the sight of someone being sacrificed to save himself.

I don’t intend to let go.
He enjoys Chuchu, the foundation of Tia’s sacrifice.

“Um… Ugh… Um….”

Chun. Chun.
Jjook. Side.
As if confirming Tia’s resolve, he kisses her. She held up surprisingly well.
But what about this one?

Primal tentacles entwine around her, tearing her clothes.
Tia’s slender body swayed from place to place under the force of the horny tentacles.

“Oops, ugh.”

Whoa, that’s dope.
This is Tia’s whisper! Boobs are fucking big.
Does this chest and narrow waist make sense? Praga has a great body, but Tia doesn’t lose either.
He strokes her toned thighs and well-developed pelvis with tentacles, which were hidden under the clothes of lewd nuns.

Look at the chicken skin on her arm.
You don’t look for God at times like this, see?
Tia took off everything except for the white underwear that barely covered Tia’s breasts and pussy.
At night like this, in the woods.

It is strangely dreamy to see a woman with flawless skin standing with a monster.
Zhong. Zhong.

I suck on Tia’s mouth and wrap her tentacles around her body,
In earnest, I applied the slimy liquid evenly as if I was drenched in saliva.

“Ugh, uh, uh…”

Tia’s body moves back and forth, guided by the strong power of the tentacles.
Wang Mamma Tong also shakes and sways.
When I applied oil all over her body, the already very erotic body became even more amazing.

Will it be warm now?
This liquid also provides heat protection.
Protects soft skin even from strong scratches.
That means, from now on, I can feel every inch of Tia’s body with my tentacles and beg her.


“Huh, ugh!”

[Nutrition + 50]
[Nutrition + 100]
[Nutrition + 100]
[Level has risen]

I guess my body is also looking forward to it.
Tia’s saliva and sweat dripping from her tense body are absorbed by the surface of the tentacles, but they are filled with nutrients.
Oh, I want to keep rubbing.
Tentacles are part of my body. It’s not as sensitive as the penis head, but it’s densely packed with nerves, so you can feel every touch it touches.
Tia’s body was really soft and erotic.

He frantically grabs, touches, and kneads the breasts.
There was no resistance, so her body was at my disposal.

“Let Beth… Let Mr. Praga go….”

Kiss again
I have no intention of answering, and I have no way to answer.
Tia met her eyes with her Beth.

“Beth! I… While I’m dealing with you.”

Beth, too, seemed to have started to move her tongue, as she vomited.

“Isn’t it funny… Don’t you! Do you… Think a monster like that would listen to you obediently?”
“I’m going to… Rise up and kill you! Right now, those annoying orcs and… Goblins are gone…”

I must have injected enough to not be able to stand upright until morning?
Beth sees Tia being beaten and stands up.

“Tia, you run away. While I fight!”

I hit Beth’s stomach with a primal tentacle.


Bess falling over.
Lie down there

“No, don’t!”

Slowly enjoy moving the tentacles around Tia’s body.
Oh, oh clothes?
Is Tia going to stop her from abusing Beth?
She closed her eyes tightly and sucked my wrinkles.

A kiss is established!!

“Chung… Chuuup…”
“Don’t… Don’t, Tia.”
“The side… The side…”

Ha…. Tia’s ChuChu is so good.
Increase the number of split mice to remove the nipple and suck on the teats.


I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
Tia’s King Mamma Tong presses down hard, then milks her until she can hear it.


Oh, that’s fucking hot
It was the best because he was squeezing Tia’s mother’s stomach with his tentacles.
Jjook. Side. Tia’s erect nipples are delicious.

“Stop it, you monster!”

Beth shouts, but without meaning.

“No one!!”

Desperate cries only disappear into the dark forest.

“No one, please, no one!”

Chow ah ah.


Tia struggles in pain.
But the more I did, the more my tentacles tightened into her voluptuous flesh.
Tia looked really embarrassed.

‘Um, good.’

Shall we try the stronger aphrodisiac now?

[Aphrodisiac concentration – 10 times]

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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