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Roughly Another World Tentacle 10

Roughly Another World Tentacle 10

Chapter 10 – Design


It was not difficult to lure the enemies into the Incarnation Field.

‘He came to hunt me.’

I hid myself in a suitable place.
While giving instructions to Younghee-jo with a tactile sense,
It was to clearly identify who my enemy was.

Judging by his personality full of personality, he is not a villager.
Like a hunter from outside,
He was too young to be seen as a mercenary working for money.

‘Isn’t there a Labor Standards Act here?’

It doesn’t make any sense to look into it.
It’s better this way than just the old men.

“Let’s fight while using incarnation”


First, Borg and Young-hee go and draw attention and observe how the other person comes out.

‘Isn’t the woman coming forward?’

She seems to be confident in physical combat, but she is a slender woman by my standards.
It means physical that is no different from an influencer who boasts of her body on Instagram.
It might end easier than you think.

“Under the Holy Law, protect with divine light!”

Huh? Magic?
Jade and Beth’s bodies are surrounded by bright light.
What is that?

“Younghee, do it while watching your liver.”

Yo˘ng-hu˘i follows my instructions and approaches slowly.

“Even if an orc is calm, he’s an orc!”

Oh clothes.
I was amazed to see Beth stretch her legs.
It goes well. Perhaps thanks to the tight fit of the leggings, you can see the movement of the muscles.
You are a lively female.

While Younghee and Beth check each other’s skills
Borg lowers himself and approaches slowly.

“Beth, watch out!”

Borg lowers himself and approaches Beth.
This is just the beginning.

“Gog, aim for the priest’s legs”

It hurts my heart to hurt Tia’s body, but
This is a target you never want to miss.
It’s good to put wedges in!


Did you block it with a shield?
Jade, you have quite a bit of quickness.

“Fire bolt!”

It’s real! There is real magic!
Before I could pay attention, Gog suffered burns to his leg.



If I had been nearby, I would have given him anesthesia.
There is no way to apply because I wanted to wait in a safe place unconditionally.

‘I have no choice but to believe in Younghee and Joe’s skills now.’

Control incarnation;
In line with the opponent’s ever-changing movements,
To a position where you have no choice but to step.

Kkeukkeuk… !
I’ll show you the power of Silver Teemo’s artisan!
A fierce battle ensues.

In particular, the fight between Younghee and Beth made me nervous.
An unexpected development

I thought I had a windfall because I had two young and pretty girls.
It’s not easy for each one.
The mysterious magic used by Tia was good enough to block Younghee and Borg’s attacks several times.

‘What the hell is that?’

The fire bolt that Jade shot is magic, so anyone would think so,
The divine power that Tia unleashes with her concentration knows no bounds.
If you can’t break through that protection, you might have to give up hunting…….

“Are you sick?”

Yo˘ng-hu˘i groaned after receiving the decisive blow to her stomach.


Even if you attack or attack, that light cancels out all the shock.
Beth’s onslaught is so powerful that you don’t have to worry about defense.
Younghee’s life, which had received several critical hits, seemed in danger.

“Fire bolt!”

It also hit the arm. Shit.
By this point, the opponent was almost in a victorious mood.
The more…

The boundaries under your feet are loose.
Feel the ugly hand trying to drag you down into the abyss!

“Look at your feet, Beth!”
“Quick shake it off!”
“Uh… Ugh…”

Incarnation stabbed a thorny tentacle into Beth’s leg.
It is as thin as an injection needle and directly pours the numbing liquid into Beth’s body.


Now it’s our turn!
After Yukhwa’s activity, everything turns upside down.
Borg mercilessly kicked Beth in the stomach.

“Fire bolt!”


Younghee also suffered burns on her arm.
That wizard, I have to do something… !

“Even if it hurts, endure it, Beth!”

Did you even rescue Bess?
I knew for sure who the leader of the party was.

“Even if it hurts, endure it, Borg! Gog! Lure Jade while targeting Tia!」

Before I knew it, I was giving orders at the top of my voice.

“The Bogo brothers distract Tia from using magic, and Yo˘ng-hu˘i attacks Jade!”

The two goblins and orcs were clever enough to immediately carry out my orders given in an instant.
The game is decided here!

“Do not come!”

Tia was busy defending herself.
The form that handles the mace is quite natural.
It wasn’t a decoration, and that wasn’t it either.

The wounds on the body of the goblin brothers increased.

“It’s up to you guys, keep clinging!”

“This… This… Give me a fucking shame… They’re all dead…!”

Oops, Bess!
Yo˘ng-hu˘i improvised and tripped Beth.


Beth, standing awkwardly, loses her balance and falls.
There were three incarnations I planted there.
You’re almost there!

Jade and Tia are discussing passionately with their backs to each other.
I couldn’t hear everything, but it was clear what he was talking about.
He’s trying to get Tiaman to run away.

‘I can never leave it like that.’

All of you must be missing or missing.
Even to buy time for me to grow!
Tia’s strength has gone down.

“Younghee, now!”

The enemy is not preparing for a counterattack.
If we attack now, we can take it down!
Jade died after being hit by Younghee’s fist before she had time to react.


“Catch it so it doesn’t run away!”

The goblins grab Tia as she tries to escape and start tearing her clothes.
There’s nothing quite like it when it comes to neutralizing females.

“No, I hate it…!!”

Jade’s role in this party was so great.
Perhaps that power requires considerable mental concentration.
Can’t use it in this situation!


Beth muttered paralyzed.
Even blinking seemed difficult, but he seemed to understand the hopeless situation.

“Stop!! No!”

Borg clings to Tia’s back and begins choking her.
As if he forgot the fact that he was injured thanks to the hot elation, he holds on to his leg and hangs down.
It was a shady touch that dragged a pretty female into the pit of hell.

“Uh… Ugh…”

Tia passed out shortly after.

Capture success.

Younghee returned to me with Tia and Beth on her shoulders like luggage.
The dead Jade is also dragged by the Borg & Gogg brothers.

“The meat has grown.”

“Kiki… Kiki!”

I feel like opening a festival, but
I couldn’t do that when I saw the guys who came back with a broken body.
As if applying disinfectant to a cotton ball of alcohol, I tapped Younghee and Joe’s burns with the tender.

Aphrodisiac has the effect of relieving pain.
It will be a temporary solution.


Nothing to thank
Because you did a great job
We are already one family.

It is natural to take care of the wounds of family members.
I wanted to make it as clean as possible, but…….

‘Should I try that when the females wake up?’

For the time being, there is no enemy to disturb us.
However, since these promising talents are missing, there will be a response someday.
They must be prepared before taking action.

Surviving as a tentacle monster is still ongoing.

Haha… Ha… Monster… Monster…!”

Seeing me, they crawl and try to run away.
Seeing that it’s blue, I don’t think it’s a taste for tentacles.

Do you also like pure love?


I grabbed Beth by the legs with my tentacles and dragged her along.

“Hyaaaaagh! I hate it!”

Seeing them hanging on to the ground like pulling out hair, they must have hated it.
Now this is pretty fun.
It’s about making me pee with my hideous appearance.

First of all, I have to be quiet.


I forcibly kissed Beth with the split mouse.

“Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!”

Seeing her roll her eyes in disgust, it was clear that she was going through the worst experience of her life.
It is conveyed through facial expressions and eyes.I’ll put it right down your throat.
It’s no use throwing up.

The paralyzing liquid of the Chokkai is special, so no matter how much you swallow it, your lung function will be paralyzed and you will not be able to breathe.
There is no way to get out of my shady intentions by losing consciousness.

Exactly, pinpoint!
It has already been identified through animal experiments.

All senses are alive, and cognitive abilities are normal.
This is hentai
This kind of consideration is also in the paralysis liquid, which is simply to capture the prey,
I think the Goddess’ creative ability is quite outstanding.

“Uh… Uh…”

Beth quickly calmed down.
Cute guy.
I gently stroked it with my tentacles, and my eyes were watery.

Does she regret coming here now?
Or was he angry because he wanted to kill me but couldn’t get his way?

“Kiik! Quiik!”

At that time, Younghee-jo started talking.


They point to Jade.

“Ah, are you hungry? I’m cleaning it up」

To be honest, men don’t care about sex.
I also gave Tia, who passed out, a paralyzing solution.
Losing her consciousness, she defenselessly takes whatever I give her.
Cute and adorable

Beth has a great body too,
After all, my preference is this high-end meat.
Brother Borg’s messy tearing of his clothes made it all the more attractive.
Fully swollen breasts and healthy thighs.

“Um… Umm…”She has only eaten a little, but Tia, feeling unwell, opens her eyes.
Well, it doesn’t matter if this is enough.
She kept me immobilized for a long time because she feared that Beth would jump on me, but I was curious about her reaction.

I wanted to show you.
The worm you raised with that loaf of bread has grown so well.


Tia was pale.
Watch the scene unfold before your eyes.
The naked Jade was being dismantled by Younghee’s axe.

“Uh… Uh-wook…”

Tia vomited at her and bowed her head.
Here~ Please take a look here~.
Press the cheek with tentacles.


He peeks up his tentacles and makes a chewing gesture.

“Ah… Ugh… Hiccup… Hiccup…”

I thought the forest would scream to leave with that pretty voice again.
Tia responds cutely.
Even when I was surprised, I was so surprised, it felt like all the surprises went inside.

“Hiccup. Hiccup.”

Blah blah
Open the split mouse.
She tried to make it go down by giving it some nourishment,
Tia’s hiccups stopped.

The opening tentacles must have been quite a shock, so my eyes widened.
They casually molest her with primitive tentacles.
Tia wrapped around her big breasts and squeezed them gently.

“I’m sorry…”

Surprisingly, there is no resistance.
Her senses seemed to be numb, as the terrible chain of events had already taken place.


It’s even weirder when you think you can talk to a monster like this.
If I had been a bandit, Tia would have said something while rebelling.
Rather, her eyes were when she encountered a menacing beast in the mountains.
She felt as if she had firmly resolved herself not to stimulate her unnecessarily.

How about this?
I put the tentacles in my mouth and pulled out Praga.


Beth and Tia are shocked at the same time.
Praga’s whole body was a larvae.
They are all incarnated larvae that she herself gave birth to.


Flinch, flinch.
Praga’s eyes are empty.
The result of repeating hundreds and thousands of times already shouting, screaming, and howling.
She is completely resigned to the monster babies she gave birth clinging to her body.

“I’ll let you eat your mother’s milk later.”

Incarnation falls from Patter, Praga’s body.
Even after suffering like that, Praga’s body was very beautiful and clean.
It’s paradoxical, but under the care of Chok-goe, there is no gap for waste to accumulate, so it will be clean without germs.
It is not surprising that 〈 slippery liquid 〉 can beautify a woman’s skin.

‘Cause I’m a freak


Going outside for the first time in a while, Praga.
When she comes out, her eyes return as if she has come to her senses.
I carefully set her on her.

“It’s okay… Are you okay…?”

Tia asked in place of her mute Beth.

“Could it be Mr. Praga? We… Are… Adventurers who came as a request from Mr. Prindel.”

Praga has no inspiration.
It was a refreshing reaction for me too.
Is this what happens to females whose minds are polluted?

“It’s already late.”

I’m sorry.
Use the Split Mouth to milk Praga’s pussy and suck it in.
Swish squeak.
Praga flinched and lifted her butt slightly.

“Bo… You see.”

Yes, Praga is my wife.
She came to accept my caresses deeply.
Mental contamination is synonymous with becoming irreversible.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry…”

Swish squeak.
As Praga sucked, she wept.

“You too… Will have a baby monster.”

I want to take pictures of Tia and Beth’s expressions and leave them behind.
He must have thought the worst of being raped by orcs and goblins,
Because something beyond imagination has happened.

「Praga, since the family has increased, prepare food」

“What how…”

“Tia will help too, she has a good heart.”

At the same time, it seems that the jade meat is also coming to an end.
I can’t eat right away because I have to draw blood, but
Fortunately, we already had meat prepared.

“Do you want to prepare rice…”

Praga’s voice trembled.

“It’s a deal you’ll help prepare.”

Tia didn’t know what to do.

“You… Do you talk to that one?”
“…I started hearing it at some point.”

「Proof that Praga’s pussy has been corrupted」


Praga frowns at her.
Slap, slap!
When she didn’t answer, I slapped her on the butt with my tentacle.

Still rebellious!


But still good
Because she’s my bitch

“Jade’s luggage should contain the necessary tools.”

Praga went through Jade’s luggage.

“Wait. That’s it!”
“If you don’t do what he says, this guy will eat you all?”

Tia struggled to her feet with her less paralyzed body.

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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