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Roughly Another World Tentacle 9

Roughly Another World Tentacle 9

Chapter 9 – The Demon King’s Sister

Surprisingly, it was a charismatic girl with long black hair and gleaming red eyes who stepped closer to my realm.
He appears to be about eight years old, and has strong-looking horns sprouting from his head.

What is it?
What’s going on?
I panicked and wiggled my tentacles around.

Why are you so calm If you were one of the kids in town, you’d pee already.
I’m a tentacle monster! Wow!


But when the girl found me, she gave me a hearty smile.
For a moment, she thought she was a goddess.
No, it’s not that I got that feeling from the female kid.
It meant that she thought that Primea-sama appeared in that form.

“Were you surprised that I came to you so suddenly? Excuse me.”

Who are you?
A black-haired girl who speaks to me with a cute voice unique to children.
I was so amazed by this situation that I forgot that Praga was in my body.

Did this suck?
What is it

“Huh? I should be able to talk…”

Word? Can’t do that

“Ah. It sounds like a little bit.”

“Can you hear me?”

I said tactilely.
As much as I don’t have to say it with sound, it’s very convenient because I can convey my will in one second.
So far, I’ve only had success with tentacles.


As if the cool black legs were an antenna, the girl lifted her chin and admired it.

“I heard it. I heard it right. It’s a pretty dignified and wonderful voice.”
Dignified, dignified and wonderful voice~?
I got a little proud.
In embarrassment, she scratches her body with her tentacles.

“Let me introduce myself first. I am Escalia. I am the Demon King.”


It was a self-introduction that only raised doubts even after thinking about it.
The name is cool.

“You can call me Calia, brother.”


“Why are you and me brothers?”

I wave my tentacles and convey my intentions.
I realized later that body language was unnecessary.
… It’s the first time I’m talking to someone with this body.

“What, didn’t you know? We are brothers with the same goddess as our mother!”

…… Same goddess.



Escalia smiled cutely.

“I’ve just been born too, but since I was born before you, I’m your older sister. No, should I say older sister?”

“I am male”

“Then sister!”

… Is this little bitch my sister?
To be honest, I’m like a newborn baby.
I don’t know how to react to a beautiful girl with black hair who suddenly calls her older sister.

“Can’t you believe it?”

“Would you believe me if it were like you?”

“Your sister came to say hello first, but that kind of attitude… It’s a bit embarrassing.”

What is it just
I think I felt a magic wave that made my skin tremble.

“I’ll forgive you for being my only brother.”

“…… 」

Is this something to be thankful for?
Before I knew it, I was threatened, then I was forgiven, then I’m crazy,
No kid would walk alone in a forest like this and say crazy things…….

‘I’m dubious.’

I want to believe a little bit.

“You’ve already captured one prey.”

“I won’t give it”

It pulls out ten tentacles to guard the front of its body.

“Can I touch my brother’s game? Rather, I have come to bring you a gift.”


“Come forward.”

As Escalia muttered without looking back,
Goblins and Orcs appeared through the bushes.
Medical charge…… Quite a lot.

A girl with a body as small as Escalia, who seems to be able to play ball,
The muscular orc turned thirty.

“How is it? Isn’t my sister great? As soon as I was born, I put the monsters in this area into my military camp.”

“Who… Hasn’t Escalia just been born?”

“Yes, it’s embarrassing, but it’s still not enough to be called the Demon King.”

… I see
It seems that they met each other when they were young.
In fact, Escalia was in an immature state even if she pretended to be.

‘When I grow up, I’ll become a great beauty.’

You can already see it just by looking at the features.
The future of her gasping beauty.

“So this body is busy going. I can’t take care of it by my side.”

With that orc army, it wouldn’t be much of a chore to trample on a single village.
But if you ask me if we’re close enough to ask for my work, it wasn’t.
Above all, I could see her ruby-like beautiful eyes shining with anticipation toward me.

“Younger brother! If you were my younger brother, would you be able to do well?”

“… Oh, maybe?」

“Couldn’t you answer with ambition!”

“You can do it! I already got a seedling bed… !”

“Um, fine.”

Let Escalia look behind her,
Two mean-looking goblins and a muscular orc stepped forward.

“These guys are young, but they are clever with exceptional potential. You raise them.”

I don’t really like it.
The sudden increase in family members is a bit….

“Hmm? Are you worried about anything?”

“Those guys look like they’d like girls.”

“Woman? Of course I like it.”

“I don’t sell”

Praga is mine.
Would you like to give me a little taste? Whoa. Whoa.
Escalia chuckled.

“Don’t worry. These guys aren’t the usual Orcs and Goblins. They’re loyal servants under the rule of me, Escalia.”

“I wish I could explain it in an easy-to-understand way.”

“It means that you can become the new owner and make them obey.”

It would be nice if the number of workers increased.
Now I’m not even in a position to pick out anyone who offers to help.

‘He wants to do something like that.’

I didn’t want to deny Escalia’s favor.
To be honest, it’s like a demon king or something.
It seems to be true that she possesses her immense power.

I decided to believe in its power.

If he came to kill me anyway, he’d already be dead.
The type of person she talks nonsense about… No, I just hope it’s not a monster.
It must be a monster because it has devil horns, right?

“Thank you, Escalia.”

“You’ll soon find out. Demon King Escalia’s love like the sea.”

Nuye Nuye.
The little boy speaks well.

“…Are you thinking about something disgusting?”


“Take a look, sister.”


Escalia suddenly came to me,
He pounded my torso.

“What should I call you?”

「Touch, just touch」

“Tokgoe… Hmm, okay. Chokgoe, let’s meet each other bigger next time.”

Escalia has left.
Leaving only the muscular orcs and the goblins.
There is a very awkward atmosphere.

“But how do I communicate?”

Shake the tentacle once.


Body language doesn’t seem to work.


These also respond to my tactile senses.
She couldn’t help but admit that the monster she gave her was special.

“I am your new master.”

Let’s see how it turns out.
The two goblins prostrated themselves, and the orc knelt down as well.
You listen well.

At first, I didn’t like it because it felt like a lump.
Seeing the three guys with their heads down like this makes me a little proud.

An increase in family means an increase in food.
Especially since I had no intention of giving my girl a pretty mother-of-pearl candidate.
I had to be vigilant.
Because nothing is 100% safe.

Let’s use these first.
Just to see how useful it is.

“This is the first instruction.”

I had each of the three run errands.
Retrieving water, collecting berries, scouting the surroundings.
The three move as soon as the instructions are given.

An hour later, enough water and food gathered before my eyes.
Orc brought water using the leaves of a large plant that could be used instead of a bucket.

“Well done”


“Then you… 」

All three look at me at the same time.
Mmm. First of all, I need to come up with a name.
First, they named the goblin brothers who looked alike, Borg and Gog.

“The one with the bow is Gog, the one with the sword is Borg”

The orc snorts him excitedly when it’s his turn.

「You are Younghee」

“Chureureuk! Yeounghui.”

Yes, Younghee.
I seem to like it.
I ordered the Bogo brothers and Yo˘ng-hu˘i to hunt.
Go nearby and catch any beast.

Because all three of them were armed.
Then I watched the three of them fight with my tactile senses.

‘He fights well.’

Borg is clever.
He knows how to use the big Yo˘ng-hu˘i. It was impressive that he always used his feet to preoccupy an advantageous position.
Gog knew how to move stealthily without revealing himself.

The three of them work together, and within a few hours, animal corpses are piled up in the front yard.
Yo˘ng-hu˘i seemed to be stronger with her fists than with her axe.
The power is great.

He was good-natured and patient.

“Well done”


Maybe better than you think?


A woman’s voice is heard from far away.
I am a tentacle monster, I don’t know about other sounds, but I don’t miss the female eye.
The farther you focus your tactile sense, the farther you can capture it…….

It’s the female voice that’s on the radar right now.
I could see that it was also a pretty young woman.

Are you looking for me

“This time, hunting is more important. Let’s get ready」

“Keeek!” “Keeek!”

I’ve marked a few good places,
I decided in advance what to do when fighting a person.

The next morning.
When I got close enough to see the pursuer’s face, I couldn’t help but be surprised.

‘Isn’t that Tia?’

This is destiny
To be reunited so soon with the girl who raised me.
I didn’t like being with a guy a bit, but the girl I was with was also quite pretty.

‘I heard the conversation… Her name is Beth.’

Beth was a female fighter with a healthy body and straight legs.
I already like the way she walks vigorously with her ponytail gently waving.
She’s learned some martial arts and she acts like she’s gotten stronger in the world, but she can’t help but look like a delectable bitch at the perfect age to conceive.

There… You don’t seem to have any experience with men.
The tactile sense is quite accurate in identifying a virgin.

Then I can’t help but pay homage to that man’s superhuman patience.
Left Tia Wu Bess, how could I not touch her?

I saw Tia’s breasts.
As if to seduce a man, her large breasts, standing out over the clerical clothes that were outrageous, swayed lightly whenever she walked.
The bread that is so big that it doesn’t lose to the breast is also attractive.
Contrary to her innocent face and short black hair, her body is amazing.

Perfect for both as a nursery!

“Start of operation”

We captured Tia and Beth.

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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