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Roughly Another World Tentacle 8

Roughly Another World Tentacle 8

Chapter 8 – Trapping (2)

“Fire bolt!”

No other thoughts are needed.
Jade, in order to save a colleague in danger,
Burning one of the orc’s arms, he rushed.
Attack with a sword, attack!


After defeating an orc, you are a goblin.
It was a success until the goblins that were beating Beth were separated.
Trying to save her but…….

‘The tentacles…….’

Dozens of tentacles are tightly gripping Beth’s thighs.
He had never seen a creature like this.
Even a paralyzing poison that can reach a person’s whole body at a moment’s notice.
This could be life threatening.

“Even if it hurts, endure it. Beth!”

Jade memorized the last fire bolt, and the tentacles entangled in Beth’s legs exploded.


I succeeded in shaking off all the tentacles with the shock, but
Beth’s thighs are burned by the scorching heat… It was very painful to see.

“Can it happen?”
“Ugh… Ugh…!”

Two goblins surrounded Tia.
Tia clutches her mace as her legs tremble in her fright.

“J-Jade… I…”

‘I’ve grown too far from Tia!’

The orc has been seriously injured and has become dull to the looks of it, but the two goblins are alive and well.

‘Jade, think about it. Think. Their lives depend on me.’

Magic, Fire Bolt, can no longer be used because the number of times is limited.
Now I really have no choice but to fight to the death!

“Hold on a little!”

Kill the orcs first!

“Keke, keke.”

The two goblins smirked as they surrounded the terrified female, Tia.

“Kermu, Kermu.”
“What… What are you saying…!”

If the Priest is targeted, the Holy Law is incapacitated.
As if they knew that, the goblins leisurely tightened the encirclement.
However, Tia did not lose her concentration and wrapped her body in light.

“Under the Holy Spirit, with the divine light…”

The approaching goblins wield their swords wildly, but Tia’s body is protected by light.
Rather, it was the goblins that bounced back.

‘Also. Tia can survive!’

Jade knew that Tia was braver than anyone else in times of emergency.
If he was a little stronger, he thinks he could have made him a senior adventurer.
Even against those two cunning goblins, Tia fought bravely.

“Do not come!”

When the easy prey resists, the goblins impatiently cling to it.
But Tia calmly dropped them one by one and swung her mace.
The goblin’s arms and head also suffered from blunt wounds.


Jade was also gritting her teeth while struggling with the orcs.

‘Shit. Are these really orcs and goblins?’

The goblins they know,
It is an enemy that has nothing to fear even if ten of them attack. Because even if only one of them goes out, they run away like an arrow.
Orcs are also stupid and dull, so all adventurers who know how to fight a little are monsters that are hunted as a rite of passage.

‘By the way….’

Those goblins not only endure the pain and cling to Tia, even if their arms are broken,
This orc uses his burnt arm as a shield and advances calmly while receiving his attacks.

It was a suffocating pressure.
The biggest problem is that the paralysis flower might be hiding somewhere in this forest.
Jade and Tia soon found themselves back to back because they couldn’t make the most of the space.
Beth is just about to get up, shaking his thighs.

“This… This… Give me a fucking shame… They’re all dead…!”

An orc knocks Beth over by kicking her.
Beth, who was standing awkwardly, passed behind her. And….


Three tentacle flowers bloomed from the ground that touched her Beth’s back.
Shrew look!
Bess, who was injected with a lot of paralyzing fluid from the tentacles, hardened again.


Jade felt her goosebumps.
It wasn’t that Beth, who had been saved after a long time, was incapacitated again.
I thought everyone was fighting under the same conditions, but it wasn’t.

These orcs and goblins….
I know the location of the meat flower!

“Can you run away with Beth?”
“No… What are you talking about with a trembling voice like that?”
“You are a woman!”

Jade was already desperate.

“It’s not like you don’t know what they’ll do if they get you!”
“Neither Beth… Nor you… Can’t all end here.”
“Then Jade! Die! Men just kill!”
“I’ll die to insult you guys.”

The siege narrows.
Beth has no hope of getting up.
Jade coolly brushed off her inner thoughts.

“I mean it. I wish you well. You can go up to a higher level…!”
“No. I’ll hold out until the end. Who’s going to accept a priest who abandons her companions and runs away with silver!”

You may regret it.
For not letting Tia or Beth go, no matter what.
You may die with bitter regret.
But if the possibility is visible, if hope raises its head, why? Why does it feel like the future in her own hands.

“Let’s cross over. This line of fire.”
“Yes, Jade…!”
“And together…!”

Orc’s powerful left hook broke Jade’s neck like a cookie.


Tia’s scream echoed through the forest.


It’s a characteristic of Praga that I learned through my sense of touch, but I didn’t know what it meant at first.
Until she gets pregnant.

Her stomach swelled up in one day, and Praga, who became a mother, gave birth to a baby overnight.
I decided to call them tentacles that don’t resemble humans at all.

Incarnation is like taking a wrong step
As Fra, who fell into the pit from which she could not escape forever, symbolizes her own destiny,
It was a tentacle monster that instantly incapacitated the target with paralyzing liquid when stepped on.


When I found out that I could control the tactile monster with my sense of touch,
I saw hope that I might be able to go outside.

‘Let’s go out. It’s not good to stay long.’

The burial site is a location that will be discovered someday.
If I can’t find Praga no matter how much I look for it, I’ll try the neither of these.
Move first before that happens.

With tentacle incarnation.

‘Can you listen to Dad?’

There is no answer.
In fact, it feels more like another me than a child.
Is it because you can possess and move?

It’s cute to see worms like my alter ego moving around.
If you gave a signal through the tactile sense, it was good to hear the words well.


It is the fruit of love between me and Praga.
Praga fainted from joy,

‘You’re a good mother. Praga.’

Even in a state of fainting, incarnates provide milk to eat, so children grow quickly.
Incarnation, which has become such a fat worm, burrows into the ground.
If you make a shallow hole and find a suitable location, it will ‘bloom’ there.

Shall we hunt that rabbit?
Incarnation is a passive tentacle, but……

After a few tests, I found something special.

‘It’s very stealthy.’

Small animals survive the threat of predators by picking up even minute vibrations.
But look at that rabbit.
He is eating grass, not even knowing that Yukhwa is slowly crawling under his feet.

When it exposes its teeth, it is so fast that even flying insects cannot escape.

The situation ends when the thorny tentacles attached to the incarnation are stuck in the rabbit’s body.
When the paralyzing fluid of the six fires flows into the body, small animals stop moving completely within 1 to 2 seconds, and even deer within 3 seconds.

“Great. Let’s move」

I signaled by touch.
Yukhwa followed me, swimming unnoticed beneath the ground.
After escaping from the burial site, I kept a sufficient distance from the village and spread fire in the surrounding area.
The fat worms, having sucked enough of Fraga’s milk, burrow into the ground and are ready to bloom.

Just that alone made me feel pretty reassured.
Didn’t primitive humans also feel this way at first by setting up crude fences?
There are water and fruit nearby, so you can rest well with Praga.

Even if the pursuer comes, you can respond.
100% will come
Because the opponent is human.

I also thought of a plan B, moving to the untouched backcountry with Praga, but
I am ignorant of this world.
Maybe it’s not just humans.
If you can’t solve the problem in front of your eyes, you may face a bigger crisis in the place where you ran away.

‘At least I’m glad I fell in the woods.’

If I had to fall into the downtown area, oops.

Shall I give birth to more incarnations?
I am now about sixteen under my command,
Praga may need to breed more to neutralize the entire vigilante group.

Growth and reproduction are important to survival.

Tentacle Monster (Lv.15) Goddess’s Artificial Life Form
〈 Slippery Liquid〉 A slippery liquid that is always secreted. It doesn’t dry well and is slippery. Pollution factor 0.1
└[Digestive fluid] Digestive juice from a tentacle monster. Acidity can be adjusted.
└ [Aphrodisiac (3x)] Amplifies sexual feelings in females. It also has the effect of relieving pain. Pollution factor 0.3
└[Paralytic Liquid] Temporarily disables movement. Pollution factor 0.1
└ [Nutrition Solution] Secrete addictive nutrient solution. Perfect for female palate. Pollution factor 0.3
〈 Sense of touch 〉 Cognitive ability to detect magic waves through skin, can easily grasp surrounding objects
〈 Primal Tentacle〉 Basic Tentacle. Simple without features. It is used to restrain or strike an opponent.
└[Tender] A tentacle with soft bumps at the tip
└[Split Mouth] A tentacle whose mouth splits into two sides. It is suitable for feeding secretions or sucking milk, and it grows tentacles with wrinkled projections inside like a tongue.
└[Penis Head] Tentacles for feeding females. Very sensitive

My current level is 15.
Before I was born, I already made the “Paralytic liquid” Mine,
Nutrient fluid was also obtained to raise females that had become seedlings.

Haven’t tested it yet.
I’m not sure if Praga will eat it,
If you look at the phrase, “It suits the taste of females,” It won’t be tasteless.
Feed the extract from my body…… Strangely naughty

I will capture many females in the future, so my own management skills are also important.

‘But it’s saying that leveling up has been slow.’

In particular, the supply of nutrients was significantly reduced.
At first, it went up a lot, but as the level went up, the demands increased.
Even if you eat the same nutrients, the number goes down.

It’s only this much for me right now. What would that mean
We need more females.

The problem is that my current ability may not be enough to protect even one Pra.
Even just holding her, an unknown power springs up.
Can do! Touch!

The time when I rolled up my tentacles and reaffirmed my determination,
I heard footsteps approaching this way.
Eh? It’s not the village side.

‘From behind?’

Is it a monster?
I sharpened my sense of touch.

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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