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Roughly Another World Tentacle 7

Roughly Another World Tentacle 7

Chapter 7 – Trapping

“Can we see the buried worms?”
“A worm?”
“Yes, I found a trail today, but there may be more of them around.”
“If it’s a burial ground, it’s near the village. The day I killed it, I cut it into small pieces and buried it.”

Jade nodded.

“You’ve done well. Such monsters emit bad gas when cremated.”

Prindel also had no experience dealing with ‘monsters like that’, soheheard the same thing at the guild.
Tia and Beth decide to rest in Praga’s room that day,
Jade visited the burial site with Prindel.

“This is it? The place where I killed and buried the worm.”

The surrounding vegetation has withered, and the ground bears blatant signs of murder.
Adventurers don’t crush monsters with more than necessary attacks.
Unless you have personal feelings.

This place was not very pleasant even for Jade, a third-year adventurer.

‘The villagers are surprised.’

It is surprising when a bear-sized worm appears in front of their village.
They would have gathered and stabbed at random.
Worm’s corpse is under this floor… ?

“Can I take a peek?”
“Because it’s almost unrecognizable…”

It is difficult to dig it up again.
Because a strong stench will vibrate….
Talking around, Prindel discovered something.

‘…… Headdress?’

The decorations that tied Praga’s long hair were buried in the dirt.


Jade was startled and stopped Prindel.

“Pragga, where are you? Answer me if you hear me!”
“It’s night. If you shout loudly, the monsters will come.”
“Here’s my daughter’s stuff!”
“As expected, I’ll have a look. Please help me.”

Now Prindel didn’t stop either.
The two started digging up the freshly lifted ground with a shovel on the floor.
Once, twice.
However, no matter how much I dug up, nothing that looked like a worm’s corpse was found.

“Are you sure you buried it here?”
“I’m sure.”

The night forest feels ominous.
It’s probably not just because the corpse of Worm, apparently buried here, has disappeared.

“I’ll leave at dawn tomorrow.”
“Why don’t you go with the vigilante?”
“No. You all have lives, so it’s our role to go deep.”
“If I find my daughter…”

Jade nodded her head.

“If a situation comes in which I need help, I will lend you your strength.”

Next day.
Jade’s party tidied up their clothes and started exploring.

“Did you find out anything?”

Beth asks.

“The worm that Mr. Prindel killed. I tried to find it last night, but I couldn’t find it.”
“What does that mean?”

Tia asked worriedly about Worm.

“…I’m not sure. You didn’t even see me asking.”
“So, summarizing… That a variant not reported to the guild could be our opponent?”

Adventurers hear a lot of stories.
Even if it’s like a fictional legend, some are real facts.
Among them, immortal worms that do not die even if killed are common stories that can be heard even after a week of adventurer life.
Regardless of whether that was true or not, the code of conduct for adventurers of the same level was set.

Suspending a mission, reporting to the guild and waiting for action.
Quite a few people died ignoring it.


The three of them were silent at the same time.

“Shall we go back…?”

Tia spoke first.
But Beth hated it. If you come this far and can’t do anything, you’ll have to spend four days in a trashy hostel.

“Let’s take a closer look, Jade. How much will Agnes get hurt if we run away on our tails?”
“Going to the guild is meaningful only when we can at least talk about what we saw.”

Tia chuckled.

“At times like this, Beth is very smart.”
“What? He’s usually smart. An adventurer will die soon if you don’t use his brain.”
“…Another trace.”

As for the second look, I recognized all three at a glance.
It was because the slippery liquid was still flowing.

“The worm is alive.”

The group then found traces of dragging their bodies on the floor.
The body is quite heavy, so there is a sense of depth.

“Is it this big?”
“…Let’s follow this trail.”

No matter what you do with this body, you can’t erase the traces of moving through the forest.
Unless you’re a vigilante, tracking is a basic element of an adventurer’s party.
However, the party noticed that the trail was cut off a little further.


What is this unnatural feeling?

“What’s wrong? Jade.”
“It’s cut off.”

As if concealed.
The words never came out of my mouth.
Worms erased their tracks? I’ve never even heard of a worm that smart enough to exist.

“Be careful.”

There is something in front of this.
Just when the party was nervous and preparing for battle,
The identity of ‘it’ has been revealed.

“Are you an orc?”

Orcs and goblins laughing meanly discover Jade’s group and approach.

“Prepare for battle!”
“I’ll make it into porridge!”

Beth bravely runs out and stands guarding Tia with Jade.

“Under the Holy Law, protect with divine light!”

Tia immediately performed a rudimentary spell, enveloping Jade and Beth in light.

“Orcs are big, but they’re sluggish.”
“Beth! Be alert. Something is strange.”
“It’s strange? It’s strange. Orcs and goblins are together.”

Standing side by side, the orcs and goblins slowly closed the distance while confronting Jade and the others.

‘Something’s going wrong….’

Orcs and goblins are similar races, so they are difficult to handle with tools, but they are known as monsters with low intelligence.
Although higher-ranking species such as [Orc Warriors] And [Goblin Champions] Are equipped with intelligence.
Aren’t those oddly calm?

‘But if it’s our party, we can overcome it.’

I caught a lot of orcs.
Even when he was surrounded by a much larger number of Orcs than he is now, he was able to survive thanks to Tia.
The presence of a Priest who handles the “Sex Law” Is rare even among adventurers of the same level.
It was to the point where Jade took it for granted that even if Beth and herself stayed in the same class, Tiaman would soon go up to the silver class.

Full of protective power covers the two bodies with light.

“If you attack first, that’s it!”

Bess jumped in swiftly.
An orc comes forward, holding an ax and lowering his body.

“Even if an orc is calm, he’s an orc!”

Beth stretched out her long leg and slapped the orc in the chin.
It was too fast to react, but strangely, the orc grabbed Beth’s leg.

‘Did you react!?’

Twisting her ankle before she was fully captured, Bess seized the opportunity while dodging the orc’s axe, then quickly reached her fist.
While digging in, check the liver moderately and then kick the vital points!
The orc did not back down and counterattacked heavily, receiving Beth’s kick with his weight.

‘It’s different from the Orcs I’ve dealt with so far.’

“Beth, watch out!”

Tia exclaimed.
I wanted to take it, but the goblin had already crawled under Beth and stabbed her thigh with her dagger.
The defense power of the holy law stopped the dagger attack, but it was a dizzying moment.

“Are these guys even playing co-op?”
“Are these guys also mutants?”

Lull for a while.
Jade is left at a loss because she can still run away if she wants to.
As the party’s leader, it’s as if he’s in charge of everyone’s lives.


Jade saw something flashing in the woods and quickly protected Tia.


It was an arrow
Jade blocked the arrow with a wooden shield hidden in her bosom.

“There’s one more goblin.”

Goblin Archer.
Surprisingly, while the orcs and goblins take on bass, there are goblins who take advantage and snip.


Are the lowly monsters making full use of their tactics?

‘What happened?’

I thought that there might be a worm attack, so I prepared for it, but
The situation was more bizarre than expected.
Two goblins and an orc moving like they were trained.
If the number increases… Dangerous!

“Fire bolt!”

Jade attacked Archer without hesitation.

“I’ll take this one!”
“Okay. I’ll clean up one guy right now and let you know!”

The three move with their backs, which can be blind spots to each other.
While Priest Tia strives to maintain the Holy Law,
Bess wrapped her body in a light full of protective power and drove away the orcs and goblins.

“Ha! Ha!”

Legs stretched out.
Unbelievable punch power coming out of a slender arm.
The goblins immediately fell out, and the orcs were also on the defensive and were beaten with their backs to the trees and their axes.

“I didn’t develop my strength to deal with crap like you!”

‘Naughty bastards!’

Unlike other Orcs and Goblins, I don’t like the fact that I only buy time while enduring.
If you think things will change, you are wrong!
Bess stepped forward with all her might and plunged his fist deep enough to puncture the orc’s stomach.

“Are you sick?”

Counterattack by Goblins and Orcs.
However, the divine light’s protective power cannot be undone, and everything goes to nothing.
Meanwhile, the Goblin Archer, who is targeting Tia, is being held in check by Jade.


“Fire bolt!”

The second spell landed on Archer’s arm.


‘It will be very hot.’

It’s enough firepower to reduce a small wooden plank to ashes.
Jade smiled.

“How about you, Beth?”
“It’s hard to stand up now, right? Puff.”
“Let’s sort it out soon. You worked hard, Tia.”

Tia was sweating from the fatigue of her singing voice.
Just when Jade pulled out her sword to finish off the exhausted monster,
The kneeling orc rushed at Bess.

“Be careful!”
“This is outrageous!”

Beth stepped aside and kicked the orc through the body.
The large body rolls around indistinctly.

“Ha. You’re making me struggle… Uh…”
“Look at your feet, Beth!”

Like landmines.
Beth stepped on the meat flower that was lurking on the ground.

Everyone looks at it in amazement,
A tentacle erupted from the meat flower and wrapped around one of Bess’ legs.

“Quick shake it off!”
“Uh… Ugh…”

Beth was dumbfounded.

‘No way, poison?’

If you look closely, there are thin needle-like spines at the tips of the tentacles.
Four or five of them were stuck in Beth’s thighs and calves.
Beth slumps over her side, stiff as if paralyzed.


The goblin rushed in and kicked the defenseless Bess in the stomach.


As Jade tried to move, an orc cut her way.

“J-Jade… What should I do?”
“Don’t move rashly. There might be more of them around here!”

Take a quick look at Beth’s condition.
Unable to fight.
If you see him trembling with his eyes wide open and unable to speak, just step on that flower and you’re done.
Both the Orcs and Goblins were laughing sinisterly at Jade and Tia.

Roughly Another World Tentacle

Roughly Another World Tentacle

대충 이세계 촉수물
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Reincarnated as a tentacle monster!


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