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Another World With AI

Another World With AI

이세계는 AI와 함께
Native LanguageKorean

An era in which one star system per person and household AI are provided as basic welfare.

But I couldn’t help but feel bored.

“If you enter the black hole, you might be able to go to another world.”

Ryu Si-hwan headed to another world with AI.

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  1. deos says:

    phewww, honestly, what a journey! light spoilers….
    cause it will be said in the 10 or so starting chapters…
    The ability of this guy in Attracting aggro is really incredible and amusing. That’s really funny and sometimes hilarious to spectate how Mc behave, it can be said that he is arrogant as fuck, but then if you think about it, what he experienced and what he had, that would make sense. Anyway, back to the topic, there is not that much of smut scenes, by 50th chapter only 3 scenes, if I’m not mistaken, but the novel itself is good enough. The scenes are still hot though, no beta Mc, no ntr or other similar shit, Mc is simply a chad.
    I’m surprised, no one commented it so far, so I just decided to give some recognition it deserve from readers point of view.

  2. Myaha says:

    MC having it way too easy. Boring. Anything can be solved with:

    “Nanomachines, Son”.

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