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Let’s Make Miyeon’s Main Character My Exclusive Female!

Let’s Make Miyeon’s Main Character My Exclusive Female!

미연시 주인공을 내 전용 암컷으로 만들자!
Native LanguageKorean

Become a villain at the beginning of the prelude and transform the munchkin male protagonist into my exclusive female!

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This title has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

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  1. deos says:

    bro, although I don’t want to ruin the whole premise of the novel, but since he is pretty smart to get the 1st rank in studies continuously and he himself said that there might be woman who would care about inside more than the outside, but it required an initial period to get to know each other, couldn’t he think about a makeup to get through this period???
    Although, plastic surgery didn’t work, but since he can afford it, why wouldn’t he try to find some makeup artist to apply it on him?? I think makeup should be more flexible than surgery and it can cover the unevenness and other lacking parts

  2. deos says:

    goddammit, why why why why….. I waited patiently, I read it further and further in hope, that Mc will turn her at least into a perfect futanari with both holes, but this guy… grhhh… fuck… eventually there is only one hole, although there is a womb, you could name it pussy…… but why wouldn’t he complete it, since he went into this degenerate direction anyway, where is the damn anus??????
    At least I’m warning you guys, what you would happen, so it didn’t shatter your expectations…. ((((

  3. Weirdo says:

    Deos wtf why u so hornolomogugokbokdonkbargany fo girls with d*cks

  4. Myaha says:

    You degenerates who read futanari and complaining where’s the hole are really sick weirdos

  5. deos says:

    Sheesh, looking back, I sure was horny….. damn

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