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City Of Witches 11

City Of Witches 11

Chapter 11 – #02_Twin Witches (5)


It was two weeks ago that Odette obtained the book from the ladies-in-waiting.

When I asked the maids about the contents of the book, they blushed, but no one told them the contents.
Odile tilted her head and opened the book when she first showed it to her sister, then quickly closed the book.

“Why, why, sister? What is it about? A forbidden book? Is it a devil’s book?”
“Odette, this is not something to be read in a standing position like this. Nor is it something to be exhausted reading lightly during tea time.”
“Huh? What are you talking about?”
“It contains information about the male and female bodies and relationships.”

Seeing Odile’s serious expression, Odette swallowed the empty wind.

“So what?”
“I’ve only seen a few chapters… Maybe a guide to ‘that thing’.”
“What was drawn? I’m curious too! Tell me!”
“Penis. And naked woman.”
“No way…”

Odette pursed her lips as if she had guessed something.


Odile quickly covered his sister’s mouth.

“You can’t say vulgar things! Don’t you remember getting scolded by Master? Besides, I haven’t confirmed that either.”

As if fearing that someone might overhear, he whispered while hugging Odette.

“Let’s hide the book before they get caught. And we’ll find out for ourselves.”

Odette and Odile sneaked into their quarters with the book in their arms.
Are the smugglers in Border Town feeling like this?
It was so thrilling and fun that it reminded me of the night I first hid in Taro Town.

Twins sitting facing each other with a book on the desk.
Odette, unable to look at Odile who was lost in thought without saying a word, reached out her hand.

“Sister. Me, I want to see you a little bit too.”
“It hurts! There’s no reason to hit me! While watching my sister!”

Odile calmed the agitated Odette by slapping her on the back of her hand to keep her from opening the book.
I couldn’t just blow away such a good opportunity.

“Do you remember Odette?”

A younger sister who clings to the back of her hand as if she is unfair and sheds tears.

“When I secretly stole cookies from Master’s cupboard the other day.”
“At that time, my sister stole the whole thing without me knowing and caught me too!”
“No, no, not that!”

Odile managed to calm the screaming Odette.
It’s not something I said to get scolded.

“Did you eat it on the spot when we stole the cookies?”
“Then when did you eat?”
“At night.”
“Do you remember why you ate at night?”
“My sister said it tastes better with warm milk… Huh?”

Like Professor Amelia’s lecture, it was a great teaching method.
Through repeated questions, Odette was induced to come up with the answer herself.

I have such a fun toy, but not consuming it in the best condition is a great loss.

“Yes, this book is not only about sex… But also about the male body in detail.”
“If this book is a cookie, what is milk?”
“Of course he’s a man.”

Odette’s face, which had turned slightly red at the word man, darkened again.

“But how? Men are so busy running around just looking at us?”
“Stupid Odette, I have ideas too.”
“What! Let me know!”
“Now, listen.”

Odile pressed down on the book and pulled Odette by the ear.
This is the whole story of Siwoo going through all the things he will tell you about.

Siwoo suddenly became a teaching material for sex education.
Said Odile, who clung to him closely.

“Okay, Odette. Open the book.”

Odette swallowed.
For two weeks, I refrained from wanting to open and read it.
For this very moment.

“I write this book for the chaste daughters of Gehenna, for their happy first night.”

Odette read the first chapter of the book aloud in a bright voice.

“You don’t have to read the table of contents. Right from the first chapter.”
“Yes, sister. The first step towards making love.”

The identity of the book was as expected.
Gehenna is not far removed from Renaissance life.
In the yard where there is no school for citizens, sex education cannot exist.

In other words, that guidebook is a textbook that helps men and women spend their first night to end safe sex without mistakes.
In the meantime, Siwoo is being used as a teaching material for sex education.

Fortunately, the thickness of the book itself was very thin.
There are illustrations here and there, and the size of the letters is large, so there will be no great content inside.

“Love between a man and a woman is not all about giving flowers, watching a play together, and going for a walk. To a man and a woman who promised a future at night, they must overcome it again…”
“Wait, Odette, it’s too long. Is there a topic first?”

Like Odile, Odette seems bored and disappointed with the obvious content.
But before I could turn three chapters, I let out a giggle and widened my eyes.

“Why why?”
“I-I can’t read this sister.”
“Give me.”

Odile took the book away from Odette as if he couldn’t stand it.
Clear your throat once and read it.

“The male genital organ is made up of special muscles, so when she feels sexual excitement, she changes to a large size. This is called an erection, and an erection is necessary for a man and a woman to truly bond.”
“But what exactly is sexual arousal? How can I do it?”

Odile furrows his eyebrows as if he had been asked a very difficult question.

“Yeah, what is it?”

Odette and Odile struggled for a long time with their foreheads facing each other, but they couldn’t come up with an answer.
So Odile concluded.

“Let’s ask the assistant.”
“I just thought of that too!”

As soon asheheard the twins’ conclusion, Siwoo wanted to scream.
Because of what sins she had committed in her previous life, she had no public daughter-in-law or public goddaughter, so she had no idea why she was subjected to such humiliation.

“Please, let’s just stop here. Yeah? We watched it a lot at the academy.”
“Do you think your assistant is in a position to talk back to me?”
“It’s not…”
“I’m a witch with a weak heart, so I don’t want to persecute my assistant with terrible threats. But you listened to me a lot while looking at our faces for two years.”

Odile pretends to shed tears.
Even though she was naughty at the academy, she had the impression of a fairly decent aristocratic lady, but looking outside, she was mischievous and tyrannical.

“Come on, tell me.”

It may not be an accurate analogy since she has never been married, let alone a daughter, but she would have roughly the same feelings if one day her daughter asked with an innocent face, ‘How is Dad’s baby born?’

“Well, that’s it. Sexual hum, excitement…”

When Siu struggled to open his mouth, Odette suddenly shouted.

“Ah, sister! The rest is written here!”

Odile clung to the Forre book like a hamster finding cheese.
It seems that trustworthy books are more trustworthy than words that come out of an individual’s mouth.
I barely mustered up the courage to open my mouth, but Siu, who was strangely neglected, crumpled his face.

“First of all, this is the male period before excitement.”
“Shall we compare?”

Odile gestured, and in an instant Siwoo’s panties came off and went down to his ankles.
I could feel the eyes of the two twins focusing on the cock.
Odette put the book right next to Siu’s droopy thing and started comparing them.

“Is it really similar to the picture?”
“It’s a pity that you look sullen.”

Odile and Odette look at each other and giggle.

“So if you add sexual arousal or something to it, it gets bigger? Professor Amelia kneads it with her hands.”
“This time, let’s rub it together!”

The twins, who were in harmony in an instant, took off their gloves and started fiddling with Siu’s cock.
Although they had been seen in the twins’ class, they had never been touched.
Siwoo was taken aback by the unfamiliar touch felt at the same time in the sensitive lower part.

“Something is soft.”
“I know.”

It wasn’t like Amelia’s goddaughter.
Hand technique that is all about kneading like children playing with clay.
Well, what do twins who don’t even know what sexual arousal know and touch properly?

Maybe that’s why the cock doesn’t even move.
Still drooping, the twins’ hands moved here and there as if they were annoying.
Siu let out a sigh of relief.

“Why aren’t you growing up?”
“I’ll answer that question. Men also have physical conditions, so sometimes when you’re not feeling well, you’re so weak. So, let’s start today’s sex education…”

Odile and Odette, who seemed to be listening to Siu for a moment, also withdrew their interest and flipped through the book as soon as they intuited that his nuance was his way of saying quit.

“Oh! Sister! Look here!”
“Where? Men can be extremely aroused and nervous on the first night. In that case, the penis may not be erected. In that case, you need to first relax each other with a hot kiss.”

Twins tilting their heads in the same direction at the same time.

“What does that have to do with this? Kisses are mouth-to-mouth and the genitals are down.”
“Let’s do it first.”

The twins look at Siwoo at the same time with amazing breath this time.
Shiu rather chose to close his eyes gently.
If he accidentally ends up having sex like this, he will surely die.
It is important not to erect your cock no matter what.
As stated in the instructions, sex is impossible unless the dick grows.

“I’ll try first.”
“Odile’s kiss is a very noble act between lovers.”

Siwoo’s common sense mantra couldn’t work.

“So? Then let’s love each other from now on.”

Odile sat down on Shiu’s stomach.
I untied the ribbon around his chin and took off the bonnet, slowly drawing his face closer.

A straight nose, big eyes that are brightly open even when kissing.
The smell of Odile’s sweet breath tickles the tip of her nose as her thick lips draw closer.
I couldn’t find an angular place at all even though I was looking up at this angle.

I would have been very happy if it hadn’t been for the coercive kiss with only my dick exposed while being bound in the letter ‘C’ on the bed.
Odile and Siu’s lips overlapped.

It is softer than marshmallow and moister than dewy petals.
Two jewel-like eyes shining with inquisitive spirit flicker at a distance where you can count the number of eyelashes.
Unfortunately, the lips that had stuck for 3 seconds quickly moved away.

“Sister, they say you have to put your tongue in a kiss.”
“The tongue? It’s dirty.”
“But here it says to swirl the receiving end of the tongue around as if melting candy while gently sucking in.”

Odile, who received a quick response, kisses her boldly once again.
This time, the sharp tongue squeezed through Siwoo’s tightly pursed lips.

Right in front of his nose, Odile’s round eyes sparkle.
The awkward tongue movements harshly irritated not only the top and bottom of the tongue, but also the lips and every corner of the oral mucosa.

Odile’s saliva tasted like the fresh orange he ate for dessert.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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