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City Of Witches 12

City Of Witches 12

Chapter 12 – #02_Twin Witches (6)

Human strength may be extremely weak in the face of a given fate.
Si-woo, who never doubted that life is pioneering on his own, has recently been feeling the irony of fate.

Before being caught here, Siwoo was a promising math talent.
He graduated early from a science high school where most of his students went on to prestigious universities or overseas prestigious universities.

He entered the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the recommendation of a professor who noticed Siwoo’s talent from a young age.
A request for an interview came in, and it was even published in the newspaper that he was a math genius born in Korea.

While not neglecting his university activities, he won several prizes in international mathematics competitions, and his individually prepared papers on essential singularities were published in academic journals.
Recognized as a special case, he obtained a master’s degree with the thesis and performed his duty of national defense from the age of 21 to 23 before preparing for a doctorate degree, and retired as an army sergeant.

I’ll lighten the load too. The plane on board crashed in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, soaked in the joy of being able to do research without a circle.
When he came to his senses, he found that he had been kidnapped to his City Of Witches, Gehenna.

For the next five years, he performed his duties as a cog in Gehenna to the bone.
I thought I would die without being able to do anything here, so I studied magic for the sake of Chulgehenna in my spare time from 3 years ago.

Fortunately, magic had a great connection with mathematics and geometry.
For example, linear integration was applied to the formula for calculating the law of conservation of magic power according to position, and Taylor series and Fourier series were essential to control noise generated when magic power was operated.

Fortunately, the complex analysis Siu majored in had many parts in line with major magic formulas, so the ark for escape was completed at a remarkable speed.

Now, if I held out for another year or so, I would have found a way to escape this damn place…


Suddenly caught by the evil twins and in danger of death.

Siwoo sang the national anthem in his head as he watched Odile cling to his upper body and mix his tongue.
Human patience is truly amazing.
How can you kiss such a beautiful woman without even moving?

“How is it? Has it grown?”
“It’s just like my sister.”

Odette, who was staring at Siu’s things, shook his head as if he had eaten, and came down from Siu’s stomach.

“It doesn’t grow when you touch it, and even if you kiss it as written in the book, it stays the same.”
“Didn’t I say that there are days like this? I’m going to wear pants now, so loosen these up.”

That is great.
There is nothing to be thankful for if you leave it as it is.
At that time, Odette, who was reading the instruction book next to her, patted Odile on the shoulder.

“Sister… Look at this.”

Even Odile, who was more active than Odette, froze as soon as he saw the bookshelf Odette held out.
There was a rather naked scene on the bookshelf.
A naked man in a standing position and a woman kneeling beneath him.
It was an illustration of a woman opening her mouth and biting her penis into her mouth.


Uncomfortable silence.
Odil, Odette, and Siu all kept their mouths shut for now.

In the case of barely enduring a kiss, fellatio?
How can you stand it?

There was no doubt that the thing would grow rapidly, and perhaps the intense reaction could have stimulated the twins’ curiosity.
Besides, that book is a sex-teaching guide for unsophisticated virgins.
There was no guarantee that the immature twins would not follow the mood until the end.

“Odette-nim, this is where the urine comes out. It’s dirty with all sorts of germs.”

I can’t communicate with Odile.
I had to attack Odette.

“Yes, I think that guidebook is written down from a fairly old theory. I am very worried that Odette, who will be the backbone of Gehenna in the future, will get a terrible disease because of me.”

She listened to Siwoo’s sincere advice.
Then Odile came up with a very good idea.

“Odette! How about trying something like this?”

And the novel idea that Odile came up with was the worst of the worst for Siwoo.

The hole through which urine comes out is the urethra.
In other words, as long as you don’t suck her glans directly into your mouth, it’s not dangerous.
The outside can be disinfected well with magic that removes germs.
Even if you get sick, you can fully recover if it is a song of healing.

Based on the above four reasons, Odile’s decision was very simple.
You only need to lick the pole part with your tongue.

“That’s a really bad book? You’ll regret it!”
“Shut up, assistant.”
“Assistant, please be quiet.”

No matter how desperately Siwoo tried and howled, the twins, who had already made up their minds, had no intention of listening.
After all, if the twins had been obedient to the slave’s words, Amelia wouldn’t have had a headache.

Two girls holding Siwoo’s thighs in their arms like a cushion and staring at his cock.

I could feel the tingling gaze and tickling breath brushing the edges of my balls.

“Odette, do it at the same time.”
“Yes, sister.”

After exchanging glances, the two girls took a deep breath and slowly stuck out their tongues.

The warm feeling of crawling like a slug on the balls that have been shaved smooth for visual observation during the experiment.


Siu held his breath.
It was tickling at first.
The sensation of scraping the sexual desire in the stomach with a poker.
The cock that had barely been put to sleep immediately flinched.

“It moved!”

Odile and Odette congratulated themselves on their achievements at the same time, surprised with the same expression.

“It says that it’s better if you gently suck on the egg sac that contains the testicles, as if kissing.”

First, Odile, who had experience of kissing, stepped forward.
He plays with his balls, which are gradually becoming hard, with his tongue, and opens his bright red lips to hold them in his mouth.
Odette, seeing her sister’s skillful demonstration, also bit her opposite egg, holding her nose close together.

The twins’ double fella that started like that.

The excitement in that a noble witch caresses her balls like a prostitute.
There is a sense of immorality in that two sisters who look exactly alike do it together at the same time.
The physical pleasure felt inside the hot and complicated oral mucosa.
I lightly hit Siwoo’s patience and broke it.

It seems that the lower part of the body will melt and become mushy.
A cock that began to grow rapidly with the sensation of rushing blood.
No matter who said it first, the twins opened their mouths.

“It’s grown!”

The cock, which did not even know the owner’s heart, bogged vigorously up and down as if begging for more.
Siu closed his eyes.
I don’t know anymore
Let’s just have fun.

Honestly, how much have you been persecuted and beaten in this city?
Let’s just think it was a good experience.
If you get caught, then you have to go and die.

“Fuck you, I don’t know.”

After thinking about it, I felt much more at ease.
The reality that used to be a hell where you had to endure erections while receiving all kinds of stimulation is transformed into a paradise that you couldn’t even pay for in your present life.

Is this the skeleton of Ambassador Wonhyo or something?

“Next, hey, what is it written on?

Odile read a book while Odette eagerly licked the pole to keep the things she had saved from dying.

“When a man’s pleasure reaches a certain level, he will eject semen… You know this, and you’re making a baby out of it?”
“Chuuuuup… Yes, we can’t make it anyway!”

Odile’s mouth dropped open as he passed over the explanation about the sheep situation, which he said he already knew.
Profanity pours out of Odile’s mouth, who pretended to be very noble.

“Isn’t this crazy?”

Odette, who was startled at seeing Siu with a happy smile in desperation, is equally astonished when she sees the page Odile is looking at.

In it, a full-scale sexual intercourse method between a man and a woman was written, and an enlarged picture of a man and a woman overlapping each other and the junction of the genitals was included as an illustration.

The first shock was that even a woman had to take off her clothes and show all her embarrassing parts, and the second shock was that she had to put such a large thing in the gap between her legs.
It was a hole I always wanted to be in…

“…This is a bit…”
“…Sister, I’m disgusted.”

Odile’s complexion turned blue, and Odette vomited next to her.

She, of course, had no intention of having sex herself.
Still, they tried to demonstrate at least something similar, but the truth given to them was shocking.

“The erect male organ is inserted into the vagina where the sexual juice is secreted, and then it makes a piston movement. The semen that is ejaculated in this way contains a baby seed, and when the baby seed meets an egg in the womb, it is fertilized and implanted. A baby is born after 36 weeks….”

Siwoo, who was trying to let go of the string of reason, also barely held onto her mental string as her stimulation went farther away.

“You know now? Sex is a very shameful and erotic thing. That’s why it should only be done between people you love.”

Apparently, he understands the mechanism of ejaculation, but he doesn’t seem to know everything about sex.
Seeing Odile and Odette in great shock, I thought I could coax them out.

“Can I just go? It’s getting cold.”

An emergency meeting was held right in front of her eyes.

“What should I do, sister? We can’t show our naked bodies to our assistant. How embarrassing.”

She had been taught by her master that a woman’s nakedness was very important and that she should never be seen by men.
Even if the target is only a slave, Shin Si-woo, there will be no change.

“It can’t be helped.”

Odile sighed heavily.

“Let’s just stop here for today.”
“It’s a wise decision!”

Seeing that her restraints were released, Siu was delighted and tried to put on the panties that were draped over her ankles.
The twins’ saliva was still wet on their balls, but considering the beauty of the two, it wasn’t unbearably uncomfortable.

“For a moment!”

Just before Siwoo puts all his shabby panties on, Odile stops him.

“Because it’s kind of regrettable that it ends like this. I want to see you cum.”
“I agree too.”
“I always flinched every time I cummed, and I’ve always wondered how it felt.”

Although there was no direct penetration sex, she dies anyway when it is known that she gave a manly sex education in this mansion.
Ttaengki grabbed her lower belly and calculated that it would be better to cool off while receiving the goddaughter of the pretty twins rather than going back to her.
Maybe I’ll do it with my mouth like before.

With an extremely Takasho-esque idea, Siwoo lowered his panties comfortably.

“That’s a good idea!”

Odile closed the book and approached Siu.

“Okay, then I’ll accept that there’s no disagreement…”
“Odile-sama, how about this method? There is a way to closely observe a man’s moment of ejaculation.”
“Huh? You’re suddenly very aggressive?”
“When this is over, you’ll be able to go home.”

Siu shamelessly raised his head.
If you are being used as you are going to be used anyway, and you are going to die this way and that way, let’s feel better.

Siu held out his cock.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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