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City Of Witches 13

City Of Witches 13

Chapter 13 – #02_Twin Witches (7)


After speaking, he himself doubted where such courage came from.

I’ve never really thought about living being influenced by sexual desire.

But now something was different.
I don’t know if the reaction of sadness that I’ve been suppressing so far has appeared as sexual desire, or if it’s because I gave up everything and gave up.

“Like this?”

The posture Siu suggested was nothing special.
Odette biting Shiu’s things from below and Odile hitting her goddaughter with her hand.
It was a position where she could make full use of her apprentice witch sisters.

“Yes, if you pose like this, Odette-sama can feel the pulsation of the testicles wriggling as semen flows through the urethra, and Odile-sama can feel the sensation of the penis.”
“Oh, that’s plausible. Does your assistant have good brains?”
“It’s an undeserved compliment.”

In a way, it’s something you can’t do
I felt a pang of conscience that I was cheating on a sister who was ignorant of sex.
But what the fuck did I do wrong in the first place? I also thought that they started because they wanted it first.

“Odette are you ready?”

Odette nodded her head briskly while gripping Siu’s testicles with her lips like a dog hanging out while holding a towel.

“I’ll give you a technique to easily ejaculate a man that isn’t covered in the tutorial.”
“Is there such a thing? After all, the assistant is also a man.”
“First, Odette-sama, please slowly kiss the testicles as you did before.”
“Okay! Umm…”

Spine-chilling pleasure.
Above all, Odette’s face, which came into the view looking down, was a foul.
Licking his balls with his face half covered by his cock.

Besides, as the older sister was sitting next to her and learning how to please a man, her strange sense of immorality tickled.

“First, shape your hand like this.”
“Can I do it like this?”

Odile raises his thumb and index finger in a circle as if giving an OK sign.

“I can’t do it, Mr. Odile has small hands, so please make a ring out of his thumb and middle finger.”

Odile followed Siwoo’s instructions with a serious expression.
The dainty hand drew a circle, ready to stimulate Siwoo’s cock at any time.

“Then use saliva as a lubricant.”
“Yes, it is possible to stimulate much more smoothly than stimulating with bare hands.”
“But if I did, I’d get saliva on my hands.”

Siu looked at Odile and confidently declared.

“It’s common knowledge that a woman’s saliva is the best lubricant.”
“What, what. I got it. Why did you become so serious?”

The present Siu did not feel guilty about deceiving the ignorant apprentice witch.
Odile spat in the palm of his hand.

It is said that even the appearance of spitting is elegant, which is the beauty of the witch’s bloodline.

“Now insert the penis into the middle ring and slowly begin to shuttle it back and forth.”
“I know, you saw Professor Amelia’s demonstration? Like this?”

Siwoo’s cock, which was already strong, squeezed into Odile’s white hand.

“Wow, it’s so hard and hot.”
“Thank you.”
“Huh? When did I praise you?”

Her hand, with the blue veins on the back of her hand, starts moving up and down.

Odile’s eyebrows gathered cutely.
As a result of what I observed in the last class, Odile had a habit of converging his eyebrows in the middle when he focused on one thing.

– Sizzle sizzle sizzle

Little sister in balls.
Sister in the cock.
It’s not as good as sister rice bowls, but wouldn’t it be as good as sister mini-dongs?

Odile’s hand is especially warm, perhaps because his body temperature is higher than Shiu’s.
When the saliva is added to it, it feels good as if the lower body is submerged in a bathtub filled with pleasure.

At that time, Odette, who had been fiddling with her balls, suddenly raised her head.
It must have been so much fun to see her older sister playing her dragon head with excitement.

“Chuleup… Sister! I want to try it too!”
“No, you have to mouth from below.”
“There’s no such thing as mean!”
“If you’re not satisfied, you should have told me before we started.”

The twins suddenly grabbed each other’s cock with their hands and started fighting.
Si-woo, wondering if it might be broken, rushes to mediation.

“Why don’t you do it like this?”

The twins pricked up their ears at Siwoo’s words, which had changed convincingly from the middle.

“You do 30 reps with each hand, constantly changing positions.”
“Your assistant is right! That’s fair.”

Odile refuses the proposal unfavorable to her as if she is not interested in it, and Odette expresses her resentment.
The twins quarreled for a while and quickly came to a conclusion.

“Okay, then each of us can do it cheaply. I’ll do it first.”

You don’t have to do something like this just once.
That was the conclusion of the twins.
Odile and Odette prepared the formation as before.
When there was nothing to worry about, they immersed themselves in their roles in earnest.

“How is it? Do you think it will be a bit cheap?”
“You don’t have to move all the way to the base. Men’s erogenous zones are concentrated in the glans area.”
“Aha? You mean?”

They look immature and stupid, but neither Odile nor Odette are stupid people.
In the first place, a fool can never become an apprentice witch.
Moreover, if the wood selected by the Count, who was not an ordinary witch, was chosen as his successor, there was a high probability that he would be called a genius.

Perhaps because of this, Odile quickly learned what he was taught.
There is a feeling of ecstasy that cannot be compared to when you do it alone.

“There’s clear water at the tip. Is this semen?”

Odile, who was shaking his arm, asked while making glans and eye contact.

“No, it’s Cooper’s fluid. It’s kind of like a cleaning fluid that cleans the urethra before the semen comes out.”

Siwoo answered with a reasonable amount of common sense, and Odile nodded her head as if he had learned something new.

I’ve been feeling it for a while, but wouldn’t it be easy to use these twins?
Innocence apart from intelligence may come in handy in the future.

Even thinking about something else, the feeling of ejaculation fills up for a while.
In fact, she was thinking that it was good that she held on so far.

“What is it? It hurts? Your expression just frowned.”

That’s what you say, but it seems you’ve already guessed.
Well, if it’s an unsightly expression at the moment of ejaculation, you’ve probably seen it many times already.

But the sudden talk to Odile wasn’t just to let her know.
The actions to be taken from now on were the touchstones for gauging how far one could ride the line against Odile.

“Actually, how many times have you seen the ejaculation scene?”
“Then how about doing it a little differently this time?”

I took a deep breath to hide the fact that I was nervous.

“I’m trying to get semen in my mouth.”

The movement of the hands from above and the movement of the tongue from below were distracting.
You’re probably wondering why you made that suggestion.

“I know that the main component of semen is protein, so it won’t be harmful to the body.
“As expected, Odile is wise.”
“But assistant Siwoo said that if you bite your penis, you can get germs!”

Odette, who eagerly crawled under her legs and licked her balls, had a little saliva on the tip of her nose.
The answer for that is already ready.

“The Cooper solution has passed through and sterilization has been completed, so there should be no problem.”

I’m not sure if Cooper’s solution actually has bactericidal power, and the twins probably won’t attach much importance to it if they’re curious.

“That’s not a bad suggestion. Okay. What should I do?”
“Just move your hand like you are doing now and bite the glans with your mouth.”
“Okay. Uh, something salty?”
“Don’t worry, Cooperac.”

Finally, the cock wriggling painfully in Odile’s hand entered her small mouth.

It was hot, as if I had enjoyed it with my balls earlier.
His tongue, which was moving while talking, writhed and caressed Siu’s cock.

“That’s right. Just move your tongue very slowly from that position.”

Odile moved her hand diligently, holding her glans to her mouth in her modesty.
Tongue licking round and round her round glans like melting candy.

City Of Witches, Gehenna.
She did well to be caught.
I thought so briefly.

Because she was already close to ejaculation, unfortunately, Odile’s moist
There was little time to enjoy her warm mouth.

“You can stay still like this.”

Siwoo’s stuff that started to suck.
A very thick stream of semen shot into Odile’s mouth with a huge wave of pleasure, as if it had welled up from the very depths of his stomach.

-Gulluk Gulluk Gulluck


Could it be that I didn’t expect this kind of momentum?
Odile’s eyes widened in surprise at the intermittent shower of semen that slapped her uvula.
Her hand also stopped.


Her exclamation came out of nowhere.
Although it’s not sucking her glans or moving her head.
It was just that I ejaculated while feeling the movement of her tongue, but it felt better than any ejaculation feeling I had ever felt.

Shiu shuddered and fired every last drop into Odile’s mouth.

Odile pursed his lips and puffed out his cheeks as his mouth was filled with semen.
Near her lips, a drop of semen that had not been able to contain in her mouth protruded.

Frowning his arrogance, Odile took out his handkerchief and spat out semen on it.

“What is this?”

Anger flashed in Odile’s eyes.
I never imagined it would taste like this.
I expected a little bit of sweetness like condensed milk because it was white and sticky.
It tastes so far from expectations.

“How is it? Sister, what does it taste like?”

Odette, who observed that the balls tightly contract and relax, urges her older sister to appreciate the taste of semen for the first time in her life.
But Odile still had a horned expression on his face.

“If I knew it wouldn’t taste this good, I wouldn’t have ordered it!”

However, Siwoo calmly persuaded Odile without blinking an eye.

“I suggested it to Odile to provide the best observation requirements. Above all, as a man, there is no way that I have ever eaten semen myself.”
“That’s right…”

Fortunately for Odile, she was not a petty witch who would get absurdly angry just because she was offended.

“Two! But it’s a taste I don’t want to keep in my mouth again.”

Odile, indignant, puts her hand on her waist, not noticing her semen clinging to the side of her lips.

“Me too! I want to try it too!”

Odette climbed up and bit her glans, where white semen was still clinging to her.
When the glans, which has become sensitive right after ejaculation, enters Odette’s mouth, she squeezes out the semen remaining in her urethra.


Odette’s face was also frowning like Odile’s.
She’s never eaten semen, so I can’t imagine how it tastes, but it won’t be pleasant.

“Then, it’s Odette-sama’s turn this time.”
“Yeah? Um… I’m fine.”

Odette’s reaction, having already tasted the semen, was lukewarm.

“That’s unfortunate. I thought that not only Odile-nim, but also Odette-sama should have an equal experience. At this rate, wouldn’t only Odile-nim broaden the horizon of new knowledge?”

Odette notices something in Siu’s words pouring out of the liquidation flow.
Only her sister knows, and she doesn’t know herself?
She feels like losing something.

“Assistant Siwoo, I’ll try it. I’m still curious about the taste.”
“Odette, you’ll regret it. Stop it.”
“I hate it! Unnie tries to do fun things alone every day.”

Siwoo touched Odette’s psychology that she unconditionally followed and competed with her unnie.
Still, it’s been two years since I’ve been watching from the sidelines.
Dealing with the twins, who had a childish edge, was a piece of cake.

“Jung, then there’s nothing you can do about it.”

As if he had no intention of stopping him, Odile placed Siu’s egg sac, which his sister had been sucking and sucking on, into her mouth.

After a while.

“Ueueek! After all, it’s not delicious!”

Odette’s mouth was covered with semen evenly.
Today’s sex education class ended with Odette, who was crying, stamping her feet.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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