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City Of Witches 14

City Of Witches 14

Chapter 14 – #03_Talent


Siwoo’s time as a wise man has gone on for a very long time.
That day, even though it had been two days since he strayed from Taro Town, he still had his head wrapped around him.

“Fuck, why did I do that?”

Of course, Odile and Odette did wrong first.
There is nothing wrong with Siwoo except for matching the two apprentice witches’ breath.
If you feel guilty about cheating on twins and getting pleasure from cheating on them, then you are lying.
It’s a lie to say I wasn’t in a good mood.

However, Siwoo was worried about something else.

From the middle, Siwoo actively deceived the twins and agreed with their actions.
The problem is, in retrospect, this is a very risky business.

There is a big difference between defending yourself saying ‘I was just tied up and beaten!’

The former will probably have a hard time surviving, but the death penalty is certain in the case of the latter.
Even if Siwoo is a witch, he will not spare the unscrupulous person who played with the apprentice witch who was no different from his child.

“Still, it felt good.”

In a daze, she recalled what had happened that day.
A thrilling ejaculation The twins’ soft tongue and hot oral mucosa.
Sometimes the sensation still comes back like hallucinations.

After hitting the pepper that was about to grow, Siu took her broom and cleaned her dorm.
There were no classes today and no chore orders from Amelia (purported bullying), so she was done by sunset.

I’ve been cleaning the barn with the diligence I’ve had for the past five years.

“What made you feel good?”
“It’s noisy.”

Siwoo jumped up at the sudden giggling sound.

“Hello? How are you?”

The unexpected guests were Odile and Odette.
It’s been two days since she hasn’t been to class since that day.

I felt it while watching Amelia and her twins, but a really bright person changes the atmosphere around them.
I misunderstood that the shabby congratulatory speech had turned into a ballroom.

The exact same look, the same hair tie tied up in a bun, the same decorations, the same dress.
The beautiful figures of the two girls with mischievous smiles were so alike that I felt a strange incongruity.

He seemed to be doing everything he could to confuse Amelia today.
No one knows if it will be successful.

“Hey, what are you doing here?”

Siwoo raises the broom at an angle and is alert.
I was stung, so I was at a loss as to how to deal with it.

“Rather than that, what should I do if you suddenly come here? This is a servant’s quarters! What if someone doubts it!”

There is a possibility that someone will be suspicious if the twins who have not had any personal contact with Siu so far suddenly visit the dorm.
It was because of that that Siu was frightened.

“Doubt? Did we do anything wrong?”
“Are you living in such a shabby place…? I’m sorry…”

Unlike Odile, who is relatively unconcerned, Odette seems to have received a culture shock at the animal cage-like accommodation.

Each reaction was different, and Siwoo wanted to send the sisters away quickly.
They might be more flexible than Amelia, but they were extremely witchy in that they didn’t think about other people’s circumstances.

“Are you being so rude? Even if you look like this, I came because I had a present.”

Odette gracefully handed over a luxurious wooden box to Siu, who did not stop looking suspicious.
It was moderately luxurious enough for commoners to use as a jewelry box, but too modest for Odile to use.

“What is this?”
“This is the compensation the shop owner sent to his assistant the other day.”

Then I saw that something like that happened.
Siu opened the box.

A small leather pouch filled with silver coins, a bundle of war paper that looked expensive at first glance. And it’s a small bottle with a splash of liquid.
As a bonus, there was a small note inside.

[Siwoo-kun, I feel sorry for what happened before. Intoxicated with petty gains, I forgot the most important virtue for a merchant, trust, so I cannot lift my face in shame. If you don’t mind, can you visit the store again? I want to treat you, my life saver, to a meal]

It didn’t contain a lot of words, but it was a letter that was sincere enough.
I didn’t realize it because I wasn’t in a hurry before, but the shop owner realized it when he thought about it.

The fact that Siu risked his life to fight a witch for a swindler who was in danger of death.

“Still, he must have had some sense of shame. There was also a letter sent to me, but I took it out separately.”

It was something I was proud of to be the main character of a beautiful story that would appear in a children’s book.

“This is a magical power.”
“To be more precise, it is an item made in the common workshop of the ‘Emerald Tablet Society.’ It is very difficult to find.”

Odette’s detailed description.
Siu lifted the wrapped bottle so that it would not break by inserting it between the bundles of war maji.
Sealing wax is embedded on the paper label to prove that it has not been opened and that it is genuine.

Its contents are clear and bright blue.
It is a magical water with high purity enough to be used by witches for research.
Siu asked, suppressing the corner of his mouth that was about to rise wide.

“Can I have it all?”

Odile waved his hand as if not to be concerned.

“Okay, they’re insignificant things to me. Why don’t you fix this ugly house with that money?”
“Thank you very much.”

Siu bowed his head.
This was a really big gain.
It wasn’t enough to receive the electric magic that needed replenishment, so it was a magic number created by the largest alchemy society ‘Emerald Tablet’.

Even so, after completing the magic circle, the way to collect magical powers was difficult.
If this amount of mana was concentrated in the mana water, it would be enough to activate the magic formula Siu made.

“I’d like to treat you to something, but… As you can see, this is a congratulatory event. I’ll use the gift you delivered. Then, I’ll see you off.”
“For a moment.”

Siwoo, who was about to send Odile and Odette away, hardened as his smile was.
Could it be that this time, I’m trying to do sex education that’s not like that sex education here.
I will definitely reject and kick you out.

“The magic that opens the door you said you were making. You can look at it a little.”
“Yes? You don’t have to.”

What is this all of a sudden
Certainly, it would be of great help if Odile, the count’s apprentice witch, would correct the theory.
However, Siwoo was unfamiliar with the sudden kindness.
Besides, it must be the kindness of Odile, who doesn’t know what the plot is…

“You actively cooperated with us, right? I’ll help you escape. It’s a matter discussed with Odette.”
“What should I do?”

Siu asked the terms of the contract without hesitation.
Odile smiles boldly, as if he likes that she is not stuffy.

“It’s as expected. Come to Taro Town’s hideout every weekend from now on.”

Then it is.
I can’t do that with my bare mouth.
But that doesn’t mean it’s just a loss.

If Odile makes up his mind, Siwoo has no veto anyway.
It is a situation where you have to be aware of even the pretense of leading a negotiation point.

“All right.”

He picked up the straw and opened the chest hidden below.
It is a magic theory book made up of 228 sheets of paper about the size of A4 paper.

Here, the calculation formula for Siu to build the magic circle, the blueprint of the magic circle, and the predicted values ​​through thought experiments are written in detail without any gaps.

“Here I am.”

Odile, who received the paper full of letters and formulas on the front and back like a blank paper, put on a blank expression for a moment.


Forming a magic circle with a certain level of complexity is no different from composing a symphony.

The magnificent symphony is played by strings, percussion, woodwinds, brass, keyboards, and more.
Just as melodies that emit different sounds are made into one harmony, magic must create a beautiful harmony by weaving various formulas, letters, and magical powers.

Can even the most genius musician compose a symphony with his eyes closed?

Even a witch with such an outstanding brain couldn’t mentally arithmeticize all magic circles of a certain size or higher.

After calculating and completing the shape of the magic circle that was created in detail, memorize it in your head and activate it.

In this way, casting magic is similar to commanding.

Just as a conductor can’t just memorize a song, witches also need good command and correction for successful magic.

In any case, what Siwoo spent 3 years diligently writing down on paper was the draft of the magic circle that would open the door.

Here, after all the calculations, division experiments, and ideas were completed, the plan was to complete a gigantic formula by tying the electric magic into one.

Odile and Odette sat side by side and looked over Siu’s draft of the magic circle with serious expressions.
Has it been about 3 minutes?
Am I reading it right? Odile’s hand, which was flipping through the paper at the speed he wanted to, stopped.


Odile and Odette shouted at the same time.
Confident that the magic circle he had worked so hard to make by himself might actually be crude, Siwoo lowered his head and looked at the page his twins were looking at.

It was the part of the calculation formula to distribute the number of magical powers into the matched amount of magical power in order to activate the magic circle without the stigma after the outline was completed.

“Is something wrong?”

Instead of Odile, who kept her mouth shut and furrowed her eyebrows, Odette answered.

“Is this really written by assistant teacher Siu?”
“By the way.”
“Without anyone’s help or corrections?”
“No one ever taught you magic, so all by yourself?”
“That’s right.”

Questions and answers were exchanged, and Odette let out a short sigh.
Leaving Siwoo, who didn’t know why, the twins were deep in thought again.

“Is it that messy over there?”

Siwoo felt anxious.
The magic circle that opens the ‘door’ finally devised by Siwoo is a variable magic formula consisting of 6 conversions, n changes (flexibly changes according to various variables), and one deployment.

540 runes of 34 types were used as magic elements, and about 258 ‘branches’ were connected between magic circles to seek high stability and flexible adaptation to variables.

Since it was impossible to continue experimenting and writing such a large-scale magic circle, the error was verified by dividing it into 88 parts, creating it on the battlefield, and activating it separately.

It went well then.
Was there a big problem when they merged into one?
My heart is pounding in fear that I will get an answer that my three years of hard work was fundamentally in vain.

“I don’t understand. How did this formula come out? It seems like three calculations were skipped…”
“Hey…If it’s not rude, can I ask what the problem is?”

Odile looked up at Siwoo with a puzzled look.


Siwoo swallowed her saliva.

“That the male assistant is perfecting magnetic magic without a stigma?”

It’s called magnetic magic out of nowhere?

“It’s original and novel. It’s an unconventional approach. Shall I be honest? I don’t understand half of it. Neither does Odette.”
“Isn’t it? I understand about 55% of it.”

I couldn’t hear the words of Odette, who was raging next to me.

“Structurally perfect. Placement of the runes is correct. Yeah, you asked what’s wrong? The biggest problem is that there’s no way to calculate and verify this. Because it’s your very first magnetic magic.”

Odile shook her head, as if extremely confused, as if she couldn’t believe it even after seeing it with her own eyes, affirmed.

“Your assistant is a genius. It’s ridiculous.”
“Not as good as us, though.”

Odette added.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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