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City Of Witches 15

City Of Witches 15

Chapter 15 – #03_Talent (2)



The twins and Siu were putting their heads together with the draft of the magic circle spread out in the box.

In fact, Odile and Odette had no intention of discussing magic so seriously.

Even when he confessed that about 70% of the magic circle was completed and that there was about a year left before opening a new ‘door’, he thought it was an ignorant beginner’s illusion.

After looking at Siwoo’s draft, which was sure to be messed up, and giving him appropriate advice, I planned to use this as an excuse to bring him to Taro Town to do various things.

“Assistant, why is this happening? There’s a picture that looks like something with a twist.”
“It is to calculate the range of effective magic power values ​​in the process of passing through the development part and moving to the change part.”
“It’s incomprehensible if you think of numbers as points in one dimension. You think that the phase, not the value, changes according to the rotation angle.”

Siwoo picked up a pen and drew a simple picture on the paper.
Odile is immersed in thought while listening attentively to Siwoo’s mathematical calculations as he explains them to Odette.

He skillfully used the dispel pin against Odile’s magic.
However, it is sufficiently ‘possible area’.

However, common sense did not understand that a slave who had never formally learned magic built a large-scale magic circle, and even that according to his own system.

“Why did the runes unfold in series here? Wouldn’t it be good for noise rectification to have it in the form of a bridge?”
“If you take the bridge shape, the output is cut in half. Here, you have to increase the magic efficiency to the limit to increase stability. Why does a slow-throwed paper airplane fly staggeringly?”

No matter what question you ask, you will get an answer without hesitation.
That too, with a pretty plausible analogy.

“Isn’t this part a bit strange? I think you selected the wrong magic resistance?”
“Oh, you can ignore that part. It’s a ground that intentionally lowers the resistance value to prevent the reverse flow of magic when magic fails.”
“Is that going to happen?”

Moreover, he is using a method he has never heard of or seen to complete his magic.

His magic was like a building erected in a ridiculously outlandish way.
It is as if the building drawn by dreamy children was actually built using all kinds of unheard-of technology.

“Still, it’s not without problems. The most problematic is the soft part. It’s independent, but it’s too risky.”
“In addition, there is a possibility that assistant Siwoo cannot control it unless the variable part is confirmed.”
“Is that so?”

Still, her name is an apprentice witch.
In the eyes of the twins, who had been studying magic since they were old enough to read, the problems with Siwoo’s magic were gradually visible.

“Hey, look at this. For example, didn’t we expect the magic power load value to be 11.26 here? This way, the magic power output is converted to 0.33…”

The three of them had a heated discussion until the sun went down.

Siwoo’s daily life did not change much.
Fortunately, the twins were very kind to Siu.

Even though he threatened to inform Amelia or threaten him, he seemed to have no intention of doing so.

Rather, he even came the next day to help Siwoo diligently with the part he was having trouble with.

“Today is over!”

Siwoo cleaned up the last book that was scattered around the library and came down from the ladder.

Tomorrow I have to go to Taro Town again.
It is because it is time to pay the ‘price’ to Odile and Odette.

In fact, it would be a pretty enjoyable experience if you put your mind at ease.

Even if sex, the main game, is impossible, how easy was it to be able to lie in bed with women of that level?
No one knows if she will show her breasts this time.

Around the time when I was enjoying the insidious delusions and feeling a little bit of self-doubt.

– Again and again

Hearing the sound of heels, Siwoo tidied up his clothes.
She didn’t want to hear unnecessary nagging.

Just as herbivores can recognize carnivores right away, Siwoo could tell who the main character was just by hearing the footsteps.


It is the ferocity itself, Amelia, the deer that eats people.
She brushed her messy hair to one side and stood in front of Siu.
It smelled fragrant, sweet and salty.

Amelia’s outfit today was a water-colored dress that revealed straight collarbones and rounded shoulders.
The white nape of her neck stood out and her gaze shifted spontaneously to it.
I can barely see her chest bone, so I don’t know where to put her eyes.

“What are you doing?”

Siu politely bowed his head.
It was because he was stabbed more often, and more than anything else, he remembered Amelia’s request.

“I’m thinking of going to ‘Border Town’ tomorrow. I need a companion.”
“Are you a porter?”

Does this Amelia like me?

Looking at Amelia’s face, which is colder than ice, I can’t believe Takasho’s words.
If Amelia really has a crush on this side, wouldn’t she show at least a friendly smile like Odette’s?

“I plan to go in the morning, so please come to my research building by 9 o’clock.”
“All right.”

I suddenly felt the urge to check it out.
As Takasho said, if Amelia’s kindness was real, wouldn’t she forgive me for saying this much?

“But Amelia-sama.”

Amelia’s left eyebrow rose over her wiggle.
By the way, that’s Amelia’s body sign expressing her curiosity.

“Did you come all the way here to tell me this?”

There is quite a distance between the research building and the large library.

Wasn’t it the case that he had to go to a deserted place to meet just the two of them?

“If you have business, send someone. I’ll go there myself. Does the associate professor need to move around?”

In this way, it shows that he respects Amelia, and it is possible for her to be behind her back.

“I decide my own affairs. As a manager, take good care of yourself.”

Amelia answered without any expression.
It is the appearance that there is no kengi at all.
In the meantime, look at her talking.

“Oh, and there’s one thing to note.”
“Yes, please.”
“Have you had private conversations with the apprentice witches lately?”

Seeu was taken aback by Amelia’s sudden question.
She rolls her head, hiding as much surprise as possible.
She recently had Odette and Odile come into the dorm, and separately, they had small talk when they met in the hallway.

“You mean private conversation…?”
“Did you ever exchange more than necessary conversations in the relationship between a slave and a witch?”

We are already exchanging conversations that are more than necessary.
We discussed the magic circle with each other and even kissed each other four days ago.

Could it be that he was caught?
Where did you show up?
After all, meeting inside the academy was too dangerous?


Once denied.
I don’t know how far Amelia knows, but Siu is doomed the moment her deviation from the twins is revealed.

Amelia looked at Siwoo’s face.
It was embarrassing.

As Amelia’s deep blue eyes stared at her face, she even had the illusion that her mind was being read.

“The caretaker…”

Amelia hesitated for a moment.

“Didn’t she hate witches?”

True to her nickname, Amelia, the ice statue, there is almost no change in her tone or expression.
But even if no one else knew, Siwoo could tell.
What she said now was accompanied by some hesitation on her part.

“It’s not… It’s not.”

Of course I hate it.
How can you like crazy bitches who are crazy about magic?

“Is that so.”

This awkward atmosphere, silence.
She had no idea what Amelia knew or why she said that.

“If you don’t have anything more to say, would it be okay if I finish cleaning up?”

And she couldn’t help but wonder why Amelia, who usually talked only about business, endured such silence and stood in front of her.


Amelia grabbed him, wanting to get out of her gaze as soon as possible.


That determined, sharp Amelia pulling her horse?
They say that when a person suddenly changes, it is a sign of death, but is it a fatal disease?


Amelia’s lips moved a few times.
Her hesitation on whether or not to speak out was detrimental to the mental health of impatient Koreans.

“Huh, it’s nothing. If you’re late for your appointment tomorrow, I’ll have you clean the research building again, so know that.”

Amelia disappeared with the appearance of a cold wind blowing as if she had never done that.

“What else are we going to do with this?”

Siu stared blankly at the door of the great library that was slammed shut.

Someone blocked Amelia’s path as she briskly walked down the corridor.

“How’s Amelia? Did you go on a date?”
“Avene, she would have said it wasn’t a date.”

Bright and colorful purple hair, black eyes.
Unlike Amelia, who has a clear youthful appearance, even her breasts exude the charm of a mature woman.

Trinity Academy’s head professor, ‘Sofia Abenega’, was the only person her bland Amelia could call her friend.

Although she was the captain of Sophia to the last.

“Amelia, can I tell you something? You call me by my witch name when you’re in a bad mood.”
“It must be a wrong statistic.”
“Especially when it hits the spot.”
“I’ve never been stabbed, Professor Sophia.”

Amelia swept past her as if her clinging Sophia was annoyed.

“What did you flirt with this time? Could it be that you seized the appointment time like last time and called me to the research building alone?”

Amelia glared at Sophia, who giggled, ‘Honestly, that’s too awake’ with a tired expression.

“That wasn’t a date either. It wasn’t even flirting. She was just teaching her slaves how to behave properly. Did that answer?”
“Nothing~ Associate Professor.”

Amelia walks faster to get away from her soggy Sophia, but she’s different in her stride in the first place.
No matter how much Amelia toddled, tiny compared to Sophia, she was caught within a few steps.

“By the way, how long are you going to bully me? You guys haven’t had a proper conversation yet, have you?”
“A ‘conversation’ between a slave and a witch. It’s like a vulgar witch who doesn’t deserve her name. If you call a slave to bed every night and roll around, does that sense disappear?”

Despite Amelia’s venomous remarks, which were well known in the social world, Sophia did not bat an eye.
She wouldn’t have stayed with her as a friend if she had been wagging her tail in the first place.

“Five years is just such a short time for us, but it’s not for slaves. Siwoo doesn’t like you because you keep harassing and harassing him.”
“Didn’t you say no?”

At Amelia’s raised voice, Sophia lifted both of her hands.
It’s been over 60 years since I’ve been her friend, how can I still be like a child.
Amelia’s biggest flaw was her lack of honesty.

“I keep taking it?”
“Do it or not, do as you like.”

“If you’re going to Border Town tomorrow, would you like to rent my villa over there?”
“No need.”

“Amelia doesn’t even have grown-up underwear, right? Black lace-trimmed underwear is a must-have for her ladies.”
“Don’t make such vulgar sophistication.”

Amelia runs away with quick steps and Sophia chases after her.
The conversation between the two continued for a long time.

Siu didn’t know it, but the person who could make Amelia the most difficult was none other than Sophia.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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