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City Of Witches 10

City Of Witches 10

Chapter 10 – #02_Twin Witches (4)


The owner of the tavern gave out nice snacks several times.
The terribly unfortunate fact is that Siu didn’t have the spirit left to savor it.
Odile only tasted one or two mouthfuls of each plate and left most of the food, so even after the meal was over, the table was full of food.

“Josu-nim, will you wake up soon?”

There was no way to refuse.
Because I had already given Odile a big weakness.

As Odile said, there might not be a big problem if it was simply to yield a hundred times and use magic, but the fact that she plans to escape through it is a secret to be kept no matter what.

All of this is because of the magic that was applied so naturally that Siwoo didn’t even notice.
Even after she unwillingly revealed all her secrets to Odile, Siwoo continued to talk nonsense for a while.

“You can’t even say this thought? No, fuck! It’s coming out!”
“I thought I passed it well… You clever bitch!”
“Why are all witches like this, including Amelia?”

No matter how hard I tried to keep my mouth shut, all my true feelings came out.
Odile watched Siu’s monologue show for 15 minutes, laughing until her face turned red.

Shall we take comfort in not burning it on the spot as disrespectful?
Siu thought seriously.


When Odile didn’t answer, she called again.

“Huh? Oh, I’m sorry. Did you call me? Earlier, you said that I was a twin girl with a shiny face?”

Odile giggled, but Siwoo’s face instantly turned earthy.
I didn’t know at first that being exposed to my inner feelings could be so dangerous.
That there would be magic that manipulates human behavior in this way.

“Isn’t that, Odile-sama put a terrible spell on me? Mind control or something…”
“But my assistant said in a monologue, ‘Why does my inner heart come out intact?’?”
“Then, then…”

Siu sighed deeply and gave up.

“I don’t know. Now you can bake or boil whatever you want.”
“Really? Assistant-nim, if you’re going to dinner, do you like it medium or well-done?”

Odile laughs for a while after spitting out her bloody joke.

“You want to ask what kind of magic you cast?”

He obviously didn’t feel any waves of magic power or magic formula.
Although he hadn’t formally learned magic, he didn’t know that he wouldn’t feel any signs, even though his achievements were low.
It was natural for them to develop a spirit of inquiry and a passion for learning about magic they had never heard of or seen.

“♪ ♫ ~”

Odile opened his mouth and began to sing.
It was a tone closer to the melody of a beautiful stringed instrument than a human voice.
Before Siu could admire her dazedly, she sensed her wriggling with a feeble magic power that would go unnoticed unless she focused at the same time as her tune.

“Did you catch it?”
“No way….”

Siu recalled the situation from a while ago.
Her hum as Odile sang as she rummaged through her food.
What if it hadn’t been simply sung out of excitement?

“This is the correct answer, this is the magic of the Jemoni Witch. The magic is naturally manifested through the pitch and beat of the sound, the intensity and the breathing.
I couldn’t sing it perfectly because Odette wasn’t there, but it didn’t sound bad, right?”
“…You fell into a trap.”
“That’s right.”

Right now, Odile was walking through the complicated alleys of Taro Town without any guidance.
It’s not just a wandering step, but it looks like it’s heading straight to the destination.
That means…

“To say that Tarot Town is the first time. That’s a lie.”
“Yeah, it’s true that Master is strict, so all I have to do is sneak out once a week.”

She felt a bit of a betrayal.
He regretted that he had pity for Odile and Odette, that he had pity for Odile as a bird in a cage.

“So what are you doing this for? I’m just a slave, and if it’s a decent job, I can do it with the tip of my chin.”
“Shall we put off telling you that for later pleasure? It’s not polite to ask the size of a lady’s shoes.”

Lady is a bitch.

Odile, who had been advancing through the dark alley for a long time, stopped abruptly.
A five-story mansion, which seemed to have been built not long ago, stood in the middle of the shabby buildings close to each other.
It feels as out of place as a high-rise building in a hilly neighborhood.

Odile opened the door and grinned.

“I’ll introduce you in advance. This is Odette and my villa. It’s an outpost made to learn all the curious things about the world.”
“I bet you would.”

Siwoo closed the door with an expression of giving up everything and followed Odile.

There was no butler or maid to greet her guests as soon as they entered the mansion.
Instead, candlesticks decorated with dazzling gold leaf ignited and fluttered in unison.

I thought the exterior of the mansion didn’t match the shabby alley.
As she looks at the decorations inside, she scoops up a few more booze.
She seriously wondered if it was okay to step on the shiny marble floor with her shoes on.


The sound of slippers kicking was heard as Odile’s triumphant voice rang out announcing her improvement.
It wasn’t long before Odette stuck her face out from the railing of the stairs on the second floor.

Unlike within the academy, each other’s hair styles, accessories, and even clothes are different.

“Aren’t you playing switch games outside?”
“Why don’t you mess with the professor sometimes? Odile pretends to be Odette, and Odette pretends to be Odile.”

Odile pursed her lips.
She looked like a criminal right after the discovery of the perfect crime she thought would never go unnoticed.

“Wait a minute, how did you know that? We’re exactly the same, right down to the magic waveform?”
“Who knows. Professor Amelia didn’t say much, but she must have noticed.”

While Odile stiffened at Siwoo’s disinterested reaction, Odette came down the stairs as if running.

“Hello assistant Siu! It’s a new feeling to see you outside the academy like this!”

Odette made an abrupt stop in front of the stairs and bowed politely, showing off the hem of her voluminous dress.
Still, Odette is slightly less tomboyish than her older sister, Odell.
She had a bright smile and did not forget to treat slaves with respect.

That thought disappeared in a second.

“How did you capture it? Did you really bring it?”

Is it normal to use the word capture for a person?
Like a scholar who discovered a rare animal, Odette snooped around Siu and his eyes twinkled.

“What did I say? I told you that if you just trust your sister, everything will go according to plan. Is that all? You’ve made sure you’ve identified weaknesses so that you can cooperate with our experiments.”

Whisper whisper.
Si-woo’s hair softened at the word “Experiment”.
On the other hand, Odette’s eyes began to twinkle with twinkle after hearing the whole story from Odile.

“Did you break your sister’s barrier? Are you researching a magic to open the door? Are you a slave?”
“It doesn’t matter, does it? It’s interesting, but it’s not related to us.”
“That’s right.”

Odette nodded obediently.

“Anyway, follow me. You know you don’t have the right to veto, right?”
“I’m sorry, assistant, but I was so curious that I couldn’t stand it.”

If nothing else, you should definitely do this.

“If you can survive the experiment unharmed… What is it?”

Siwoo was upset because the twins started the chorus with laughter while they were talking.
This may be life-threatening, so I’m shaking to death.

“Could we harm the assistant?”
“Could we not harm the assistant?”
“If not, I’d be grateful.”

“Never would that ever happen!”
“Never would that ever happen!”
“Of course, it’s a story when it comes out cooperatively.”
“Of course, it’s a story when you come out cooperatively!”

Odile and Odette’s fantastic breath.
I was strangely relieved to hear the bizarre twin narration, which started and ended at almost the same timing, except for the last word.
It’s not an experiment that’s harmful to your body, and if you cooperate, we’ll guarantee your safety.

“Then my use of magic and preparing for escape…”
“”I’ll keep it a secret!” Yo!”
“…I believe it.”

How does the tension go down?
I thought it was a non-issue rather than a concern.

Guided by the twins, they arrived at a comfortable-looking bedroom.
There were two pillows and there was only one large bed, so it was probably a bed for two people to sleep together.
Siu was taken aback.
I expected a workshop full of magic reagents because I was talking about experiments, but it was a bedroom out of nowhere?

Why is the spine so cheap?

“Take it off.”
“He said he was helping the experiment? I should take it off.”

Only then did Shiu intuit.
Odile and Odette showed great concentration when they were subjected to shameful things such as induction of magical power generation by ejaculation under the name of assistants.

It certainly wasn’t just curiosity about magic.
It is probably curiosity about the male body that occupied 90% of that concentration.

“This is the reference book for the experiment Siwoo will help you with today.”

Odette brought a thin book, her face filled with deep blush.
The title of the book is ‘The First Night Guide for Ladies’.

“The ladies-in-waiting have gathered and stole what you are reading. It seems to be a must-read book to become a true lady.”

Odette smiling brightly.

“Quick take it off!”
“Now, now, wait a minute.”
“If you don’t take it off now, I’ll tell Professor Amelia right away.”
“You agreed to cooperate, right? Please.”

The twins protruding from the sides grabbed Siwoo by his collar and stretched out.
Seeing that she wanted to take it off right away, Siwoo wrapped her clothes tightly.

“No! No!”

Siwoo is not a goon either.
Odile and Odette, sisters who are more beautiful than any other model I have ever seen on the planet, being able to sample the rice bowl was a temptation that any man would surely be tempted by.

But nobody! Never! You must not have sexual relations with an apprentice witch.

The place where the witch’s brand is engraved is the lower abdomen where the womb is located.
The woman’s womb is the place where the stigma engraved like that contains magic power.
This is the ultimate reason why men cannot become witches.

If an apprentice witch whose womb is not yet ripe accepts the magical power generated when a man ejaculates (or erects), he will never be able to bear the stigma.

Why did the apprentice witch who was cherished and nurtured fall in love with a bastard and couldn’t inherit her stigma?
How will the witch react?
Even if they heard that they were together in the bedroom like this, the twins’ teacher, Jemonai, would probably burn Siu to death.

“It won’t work. Odette.”
“Okay! Sister.”

The twins started singing at the same time.
Intertwined melodies.

Even though they were twins who each inherited about 10% of the stigma, that was enough.
The magic unfolded at a level so far away that Siwoo could neither understand nor resist.

“Oh, it’s really no good! I’m not the problem, you guys are fucked too, really!”
“Do you think you don’t even know that much?”

Siu’s clothes came off on their own and he fell onto the bed in his panties.
No matter how much I try to move, it doesn’t budge.
It was absurdly powerful magic.

“It’s just to satisfy my curiosity a little. Do I have to be quiet?”
“—-! —–!”

No matter what kind of trick he used, his voice didn’t even come out.

“Odette come up.”
“…Huh? Yes, older sister.”

A strong physique trained through manual labor and forced diet control.
Odette, who had a close look at the male body that she had to watch in Amelia’s class, sat discreetly on the bed, covering her mouth.

“I’m going to try it step by step, starting with Chapter 1.”

I saw Odile licking his lips.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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