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City Of Witches 9

City Of Witches 9

Chapter 9 – #02_Twin Witches (3)


As they were walking in sync with her feet, she caught a glimpse of Odile’s profile.
She is two heads shorter than Shiu.
Even so, her hair is so short that she doesn’t feel short at all when seen from a distance.

Her hair, which was washed with balm every day, gave off a fragrant body odor, and her eyes, resembling the light of amethyst, had a mysterious charm like a fairy.
A healthy peach-colored blush, moderately thick lips, and an outstanding elegance that can be seen even in the way you walk.
It was like a princess who pops out of a movie set in the Rococo era.

If Shi-woo had lived in modern times and had not known Odile’s true identity, she would have been ecstatic just by walking together like this.
Yeah, if only Odile hadn’t been her witch.

“Why? Assistant Shin Si-woo.”
“Thank you so much for your help just a moment ago. Thanks to you, I’ll never fall for that evil swindler again.”

Odile, who was looking around here and there as if he was curious about the citizens living in Taro Town, stopped and met her eyes.
Siu hurriedly averted his gaze.
Aside from being scary, it is a beauty that is difficult to face like Amelia.
Even making eye contact with her was embarrassing.

“Don’t take it to heart! Instead, you get such a nice escort.”

Odile could see from her first glance that she was somehow excited.
Since ancient times, when people are in a good mood, they easily accept any request.
If you’re going to run away, isn’t this your chance?
If you come up with a suitable excuse, he might let you go.

“I’d like to say something about that escort… Is that okay?”
“I’ll generously allow you.”
“It’s nothing else, because I’m not very familiar with the geography of Tarot Town. Choosing someone more suitable will help Odile-sama’s convenience.”

I swallowed the afterword, “I’ll let you go.”
Instead, she bowed her head with her polite appearance, not to offend Odile’s planting as much as possible.


The smile disappeared from Odile’s face after talking happily for a while.
She felt her heart sink.
Are you in such a hurry that you want to get away right away?

“Ah, um… Instead, I know of a suitable tavern nearby. How about taking a walk, but wouldn’t it be nice to stop by a quiet bar? Especially with an obscure guide like mehaha…!”

Yes, this is better
It’s good to run away, but since she was caught by Odile that she can use her magic, she needed to ask her to keep quiet through conversation.
By any means.

“Bar, yes. Nice bar! Let me guide you right now!”

Fortunately, Odile jumped up and was delighted.
Siwoo led Odile to her white whale pub, which she had seen earlier.

White Whale Tavern.
It was the largest bar in Taro Town that I had visited a couple of times along with Shiudo Takasho.

“Pour it, pour it!”
“I’ll take this edition, I’m sorry.”
“Yes, yes, I’m going!”
“Professor, give me two more beers!”

A musician who skillfully plays the accordion.
A furry old man drinking beer frantically as if betting.
Drinkers puffing smoke from their pipes and concentrating on a game of cards.
A little waiter busily going to and from the table, serving food.
There were also strong young men doing arm wrestling.

It was very lively and exciting, but…
As soon as Odile and Shiu stepped in, the bar, where thirty or forty people were talking loudly, became deadly quiet.

Odile’s presence in a shabby bar was as foreign as that.
Like a scene in a play, the shop owner takes off his hat and runs out in a huff while everyone stands still.

“Oh~ Witch, what are you doing with this shabby place? Our store complies with sanitary standards and pays taxes regularly.”

The shop owner immediately recognized that Odile was a witch.
Well, if the girl in the silk dress who can afford a well-built townhouse isn’t a witch, that’s odd in its own right.

“Ah, it’s okay. I didn’t come here to scold you.”
“Yes? Then why…”

Odile put her hand inside her, inside her sleeve.
Three glittering gold coins glittered in Odile’s dainty hand.
The owner opened her mouth at the brilliant golden light that enchanted any human being.

“Take it here.”
“Yes? What are you talking about all of a sudden…”
“I want to rent the shop for the day. Get everyone out in five minutes. I’ll be there in an hour or so.”

12 pennies are shillings, and 20 shillings are 1 gold coin.
In other words, the rental fee paid by Odile is a large sum of money that Siu has to collect for three full years.

“Thank you!”

The owner kicked the guests’ buttocks and sent them away.
The guests went out without making a fuss even though they were murmuring.
The witch is chasing you out, so you have to go out.

“Don’t be too sad, I’ll give you a free drink later tonight.”

Only then do the guests begin to leave with a slightly brighter face.
From the shop owner’s point of view, it’s good because they can make a lot of money, and it’s good that regular customers can drink free alcohol after waiting for a while.

“It’s quiet now.”

Odile sat with her ass pressed into the seat that looked best with her satisfied face.
Is this rich man’s money shit?
To spend a quiet time using three gold coins that Siwoo had never touched.

“If you wait a little bit, I will serve you the best snacks. Enjoy yourself and go.”

The shopkeeper put down his two beers and disappeared into the kitchen, rubbing his hands together.
The only alcohol sold in this store was beer, but the magically chilled beer was the best Siu had ever tasted.

It has to be.
Most of the citizens of Gehenna have been engaged in the same trade for generations.
Most of the citizens who make a good living because there is no sudden interruption and there is no other occupation in this small world are artisans in one field.
As a result, even a glass of this beer contains the essence of brewing know-how accumulated over 600 years.

“You mean this is the kind of alcohol that ordinary people drink? I’ve been curious about it for a long time.”

Odile gracefully raised a beer glass larger than his face and gulped down.
When he put the glass down again, the fresh foam was on his lips like a beard.
Odile rolls his eyes without even knowing it and evaluates the taste of the beer.

“It’s bitter, it’s bitter. The heavy taste is good, but it doesn’t meet my luxurious taste.”

Odile shuddered and made a noise at Hvee.
It just doesn’t look right in the mouth.

“What are you doing? You drink too.”
“Before that, witch, I buried foam here.”

Odile, who evaluates the taste with an expression trying to look grown-up, still has a bubble beard attached to him.
If it were a normal drinking party, this is a picture that would have been worked on while wiping one’s mouth naturally.

Odile wiped the foam with his hand and stiffened.

“I-I knew that too? A drinker told me to drink it like this earlier, so I just drank it. You can’t know if you drink it like that unless you test it to see if it tastes better, right?”

Odile spat out words like a rapper, then crossed his arms.

“You are right.”
“Gorum Gorum.”

Seeing Odile clear his throat with an ahem, laughter seemed about to explode, so Siwoo pinched his thigh and gulped down his beer.
Although she is an apprentice witch, this appearance is undeniably childlike.

The taste is cold enough to make your head twitch.
The savory aroma of barley and carbonic acid that tickles the tip of your tongue permeate your whole body.
Siu closed his eyes and trembled.
Too sweet

“It’s that good? You’d faint if you drank even the wine in our mansion? It’s served with Mendel Hillside grapes that are sunny all year round.”
“I want to try it when I get a chance.”
“I’ll be sure to bring it later.”

Shiu suddenly felt a strange feeling.
No, actually, he felt it a little while ago, but it became clear as soon as a few words of conversation came and went.

“Hey, Mr. Odile.”
“Yeah, I’m listening.”
“Is this your first time in Taro Town?”

Odile nodded his head obediently.
For some reason, I wanted to look around.

“Master is strict. Even if I sing that I want to go to Taro Town, he won’t let me. What is it?
Until you inherit the stigma, do not turn your eyes to other games and focus on laying the groundwork. That’s why I’ve never been out of Ars Magna Town or Lenormand Town.”

Odile had a mysteriously beautiful appearance, so it was impossible to pinpoint an exact age.
Still, if you guess her age, she would be roughly twenty.

“Then how about today?”
“It’s Odile’s great deviation. Even though Master is a good person, he has a frustrating corner. How boring she is to study only magic every day!”

When she thought of Odile, who should have struggled with her studies in a cramped cage at an age when she would be full of curiosity, she felt a little pity.
She looks so excited just by drinking beer in a shabby bar, but she lets me go out and play.

“Anyway, I know your assistant is worried. You mean to keep it a secret that she can use magic?”
“Oh, yes. Yes, please.”
“I don’t intend to tell anyone. I’m not that cruel.”

Odell replied with a grin.
Angel, angel

It’s the first time she’s ever had a human-to-human conversation outside of class, but she was unexpectedly a very communicative witch.
Maybe because she is still young, she doesn’t have the stuffiness that stifles her breath like Amelia, an old school professor.

“The snacks have arrived.”
“Uh! Leave me here!”

The owner of the table is full of snacks so that the top leg is broken.
Oily ham and pickled figs, wheat bread with raisins and ginger, and figs sprinkled with salt, pepper and olive oil.
Odile began to taste her snacks one by one with her sparkling eyes.

“Huh~ Heh~ Heh~”

Odile put her food on her plate, humming and humming so pleasantly.
She also sliced ​​a large piece of ham on Siu’s plate.

“Um um! Assistant-nim eat it too!”
“Thank you.”

Whole baked ham.
While always supplementing with protein only from soybeans, the brownish ham that I received after a few months exploded my salivary glands.

Odile suddenly asked a question while frantically consuming food.

“But why can’t I use magic?”
“I think you might be offended if it became known that slaves were using magic.”
“Really? I think I’ll be fine. Even though I only used a little bit of strength, it’s a skill that broke my barrier? Wouldn’t everyone be proud of it? I studied magic so hard even though I was just a slave! Saying this.”

She is also a girl who does not yet know the world.

“Is that possible? If it wasn’t for a witch with a big heart like Odile, it wouldn’t be strange if she was decapitated with a bigger magic the moment she broke the magic.”
“Yes, yes, I am very understanding. Is there any other reason? Be honest.”

“Yes! Actually, I was researching spatial magic to escape from this goddamn Gehenna. A magic that could open the ‘door’ of Border Town.”
“Wow! Can you even do that? Opening the ‘door’ isn’t something anyone can do.”
“Right now, I’m too lazy. But I think I can do it in 2 years, no, 1 year. I’ve already established about 70% of the theory while searching through books.”
“Yes, one of my duties is organizing the library, and there are good basic books… Huh?”

Shiu, who was diligently eating the ham, felt something strange.
I put the ham down quietly and look at Odile.

“What am I talking about?”

Words that should never have been said blew out as if they had been injected with confession.
Besides, her inner thoughts, which she thought were murmured in her head, are flowing out of her mouth intact.

“How could this happen…? I didn’t notice anything… Could it be self-renewal magic?”
“Yes, that’s correct. Assistant.”

Odile’s expression, which had only seemed friendly to her, changed in an instant.
An ignorant girl? It’s a sound that doesn’t really know the world.
To the point where she felt sorry for herself for thinking that she was her own, even for a moment.

Odile leans forward from her seat and strokes Siwoo’s head.

“Ahh~ Did that happen to assistant Siwoo?”
“Yeah, my assistant is fucked.”

Odile smiled brightly.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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