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City Of Witches 8

City Of Witches 8

Chapter 8 – #02_Twin Witches (2)



“Something interesting happened.”

A cold sweat ran down his back.

A suspicious smile on Odile’s small face.
At first glance, Odile has the appearance of an innocent and immature girl, but in any case, her essence is a witch.

Odile and Odette always used honorific words for Siwoo, calling them assistants and assistants.

It wasn’t because he respected Siwoo, much less because he treated him as a person.
It’s just because Amelia introduced Siu as her assistant in her class.

Therefore, outside of the academy, outside of class, Siwoo is just a slave.
This thought was evident in Odile’s attitude and tone.
Even so, Odile, who had a vector that she didn’t know where to go, became even more dangerous.

“Show me what your assistant bought.”

A slave who purchased magic items from a magic tool shop.
Even an idiot will notice that the situation is questionable.
What would happen if someone found out that they could use magic?

It would be fortunate if it ended with confiscation of all the magical documents that had been researched and recorded until now.
If rumors circulate that an insignificant slave used magic that was only allowed for witches, he could be disqualified from being a slave at the city hall and become a slave.
Of course, this was only what Siwoo expected.

I passed a bundle of forearms with a trembling hand, feeling the blade resting on her neck.

“Is it electric?”

Odile flipping through her fluttering papers as if counting her bundles of money.
She struggles with what to say and how to deal with this situation.
Should I sell her name for running errands for Amelia? Should I lie and say I bought it without knowing it was a magic item?

“Master, isn’t that too much?”

Odile, who was lightly looking through the paper, spoke to the shop owner unexpectedly.
Siu glanced away.
The shopkeeper, who was fiddling with his glasses with a look of anxiety while staring at the ground, hurriedly raised his head.

“What are you talking about?”
“It’s not pretentious.”

Odile, who turned to Siu again, fluttered his ex-maggie like a fan and asked.

“Assistant, how much did you buy this for?”
“Twelve pennies, so I bought three for a shilling, and so far I’ve bought two.”

Odile gave a cheeky smile.
Her white teeth glisten in the oil lamp lights on the ceiling.

“Is this cheap for three pieces of silver?”
“No matter how much the other person is a slave, it’s not like they’re going to eat their backs like this.”

Siwoo looked at the store owner in surprise.
It was seen now
As long as he was the owner of a magic tool shop, he would have met witches often.
It is somehow unnatural to break into a cold sweat like a waterfall just because you met her witch.

“Assistant, haven’t you been living the world too naively? When you trade in a store, you should check the condition and market price of goods.”
“M-Witch, you misunderstood. Here’s the quality assurance certificate I received from the ‘Gemonai Company’…”
“No no, I don’t even need to see that.”

Odile took out a piece of her former marge and rubbed it with her thumb and forefinger.
The thin paper that had stuck to her like one split into three layers.

Between the two pieces of paper, thin silver foil was sandwiched so that the opposite side could be seen through.
It was not aluminum, but very, very thin sterling silver smelted by alchemy.

“Look at this! Isn’t the silver foil really messed up? If you do this, the noise generation gets worse, and the strokes for stabilization are wasted when creating the magic circle.”

Odile crumpled up his crumpled paper and threw it away.

“It’s not enough to sell these defective products for money, so one silver coin for three. He’s a good-looking person, so he has a very, very bad mind.”

Siu felt betrayed belatedly and glared at the shop owner.
I was impressed by the attitude of treating them as a customer despite being a slave.
I never thought I’d be stabbed in the back like this.

“Let’s take a look at that quality certificate? If you’re really selling defective products like this, we’ll have to blame the managers of our paper mill.”
“Our paper mill…?”

The shopkeeper opened his mouth in amazement and looked at Odile with wide eyes.

“Stop… I can’t…”
“Yes, I am that Jemyna.”

‘Gemanai Company’ is a magic tool company owned by ‘Earl’, who has only 7 people in Gehenna.
In other words, it means that the witch in front of you is a part of Gehenna’s highest decision-making body, the ‘Tree of Sepiport’.

To be more precise, she was the count’s apprentice witch.

“No matter how foolish the victim is in a transaction, if that’s the case, I should have done it thoroughly so I wouldn’t get caught.”
“I… I have committed a mortal sin…”

The shopkeeper threw himself on the floor and begged for forgiveness, but Odile did not look down at him and touched the tips of his nails.

“I was blinded by the greed of the moment and committed a great mistake…!”
“Where did you put those?”
“I asked a guy named Dick at the paper mill to take some of the stuff out of the dump. I really, really won’t do this again…”

The appearance of the owner asking for forgiveness while calling out his friend’s name in an instant was ugly and unsightly.


As if your life is at stake.

“Please, please save me…!”

An incantation flowed from Odile’s lips, who did not raise an eyebrow at the pitiful plea.


A lively voice fills the magic tool store with a big wave.
A witch is a witch, even if it is an apprentice witch who has not inherited even 10% of the stigma.
The waves of her magical power ran so violently that her downy hair stood out from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.

It’s magic.

“The owner sold magic tools to the slaves without permission. Besides, he brought in defective products and even forged the warranty, right? Think?”

The shopkeeper suddenly hunched over in front of him, clutching his neck.
He opens her mouth, froths and starts to struggle with her in agony.

Siu reflexively measured the flow and rules of magic.

The magic that Odile is currently using is the application of alchemy and the sealing technique that utilizes the five elements.
Based on runes, the barrier that controls space was spread out so that it could not be seen.

The range is the wooden floor where the owner is lying on in pain.
Odile was creating a hypoxic state in the inner space blocked by the barrier.
So, no matter how hard she tries to breathe, she gradually suffocates.

“Don’t interfere.”

Siwoo tried to stop Odile.
What returned was the cold and arrogant witch’s voice.
A mere slave’s mantra could not calm Odile’s anger.

“Do you think we’re going to let a fraudster who could seriously undermine the credibility of our company’s products?”

If this is the case, I will die.
People will die right in front of your eyes.
Siu closed his eyes for a moment and hesitated.

Strictly speaking, there is no need for Siwoo to step out.
The shop owner is nothing more than a swindler who knows about Si-woo’s situation and takes advantage of it.
It’s just getting a fair punishment.

But is it really right to kill people for something like this?

“…That can’t be.”
“What are you doing?”

Odile was puzzled by the sight of Siu suddenly grabbing the magic water bottle from the shelf.


After pouring mana water into his palms, he turned the mana into plasma all at once and began to use it.


The mana that exploded with bangs fluttering was rapidly raging inside the body.
Siu made it with countless thin strokes.

Each has a slightly different length and thickness, but the purpose is the same.
An interference device that stops the movement of the deployed magic circle.

Also known as ‘Dispel Pin’.

“I wouldn’t be able to stop it.”

But even when Odile saw the dispel pin, he reacted indifferently.
It is strange to see slaves playing tricks, but it is not taken seriously.

It was natural.

The dispel pin itself is such a simple magic that it can be found on the first page of any basic magic book.
It’s just an awl of magical power that doesn’t require complex formulas and calculations.

But using that pin to dispel is a completely different matter.
In order to dispel, you must understand and see through all the magical strokes and texts used on the magic circle.
And you have to put the pins in the right place and in exactly the right order to cut off the magic.

It’s the first time I’ve actually tried dispelling, but fortunately, the formula developed by Odile is not that complicated.
Drive two pins into the triangular protrusion on the rightmost side.
First of all, the invisible attribute granted by Odile was lifted, and the shape of the barrier was revealed.


Despite Odile’s bewilderment, Siwoo did not stop.

The next target is a triangle inscribed in a circle, and a stabilizer located at its vertex.
It is a kind of firewall that normalizes the barrier when it is interfered with by external magical power.
If you do not remove this and interfere with the barrier, the pin will disappear immediately due to the constancy of the barrier.


His head feels like it’s about to explode, but Siwoo continues to control the pin, waving his hand like a conductor.
As the pins were inserted one after another, the large circle surrounding the barrier shattered like glass and scattered into the air.

The final target is a pillar that can be said to be the core of the barrier.
When 12 pins were inserted into the pillars supporting the ceiling of the barrier, it completely stopped driving.


The barrier was successfully released before the temporarily stopped stabilization device started working again.

“Hee-euk…Hee-euk…Thank you, thank you…”

The owner of the store, who had regained his breath, kissed Odile’s shoes and noisily thanked him for surviving.
But Odile paid no attention to it.
He was staring at Siuman with wide open eyes.

The magic he had studied so far was not in vain.
Dispelled the barrier of Odile, an apprentice witch of high ranking witches, with her own power.
The sense of accomplishment blooming in the rapid breath made my heart throb like electricity.


And that sense of accomplishment disappeared like a bubble the moment he recognized Odile’s eyes.
It was because the gaze of excessive curiosity that was frightening stabbed his chest.

Oh I don’t know
Siwoo knelt in front of Odile like a shop owner.

“I’m sorry my lowly body dared to interfere with the great witch’s magic! But I couldn’t stand watching my favorite magic kill people!”

Thinking that witches fanatically reveal magic, he subtly slipped it into an excuse.
Odile looked down at Siu.

“Assistant, I have to correct one thing first. I really didn’t mean to kill you.”
“I was just trying to teach you a lesson with sharp admonitions. Playing with a witch’s stuff can make you run away from your head.”

So, did you just go out?

How can I stay still when people are dying in front of me?
Anyway, Odile is an apprentice witch with a lot of curiosity, and she must have been very persistent in asking why Siwoo bought her ex.

“I thought you were just a handsome slave, didn’t you?”

Odile walked lightly as if he were about to fly, and raised Siwoo up.
Siwoo looked up at Odile with a bewildered expression.

“It’s fun, it’s fun, it’s fun. Didn’t you understand the composition of my barrier at a glance?”

Otherwise, dispel is impossible.

“I’m really sorry about that…”
“No, you don’t have to apologize. I just developed a lot of goodwill from my assistant out of the blue.”

As Odile’s fingertips pounded on the table, her hardwood dented and a distinct letter came to mind.
Serial number 68.29.121.

That series of numbers was the number of a safe that was used like an account in Gehenna.

“Mister, I want you to put all the silver coins that my assistant has betrayed so far in the safe.”
“Yes, yes. Do you have any?”
“I trust that they will put in a generous amount of money for consolation and apology. They will report it to City Hall, so show sincerity.”
“Thank you thank you!”

Not only was it not enough to save his life, but he also avoided the city hall’s crackdown, so the shop owner’s face was full of relief.
Siu and Odile came out to the first floor, leaving behind the store owner, who was bending over so that his head could touch the instep of her feet.
Asks Odile, who spun around her as soon as she came out.

“Are you free of time, assistant?”

To be honest, being with Odile was uncomfortable.
I didn’t like the purple eyes that tried to see through everyone’s thoughts, nor the insidiousness that always seemed to have a plan.

“Well, I’m a little busy today.”
“So? Then we have no choice but to tell Professor Amelia the good news. She is the professor’s assistant who was in fact a wizard of immense talent.”
“…The time is very wide.”
“It should be.”

Odile smiled contentedly.

Including this point, Siwoo did not like witches.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
Score 9
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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