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Because I Live in the US 193

Because I Live in the US 193

Chapter 193 – Selling the Panacea

Baekjezen’s share price.

[Event Discussion Room− Baekje Zen]
─Foreign buyers are unusual.
─People who couldn’t buy Ohsung Electronics should buy Baekjezen at least
─Phase 3 Clinical Director of Baekjezen’s ‘Pexigon’ “Expectations for phase 3 results are high”
─Baekjejen, first patient enrolled in phase 3 Pexigon clinical trial in China

It is rising day by day.
Buying pressure is increasing.
Its meaning must be great.

─Foreign buyers are unusual.
Foreign ownership has already exceeded 10%.
Why am I suddenly living like this?
Is there something good about it?
Foreigners must first know information that ants do not know……

└ That’s right, there’s something, so you’ll buy it ^^
└ Ants with shallow faith are selling it haha ​​I didn’t sell it
└ 200,000 Won goes to Baekje Zen!
└If phase 3 succeeds, it will be the second Ohsung Electronics.

Pharmaceutical stocks are often used as operational stocks.
This is because the success of clinical trials is the difference between heaven and earth.

Stock prices surged on expectations alone.
And although the forces realize profits and move briefly and boldly.

─People who couldn’t buy Ohsung Electronics should buy Baekjezen at least
I’m really sorry…
Isn’t it envious that Ohsung Electronics has risen dozens of times?
Do you think you would have bought it back in those days?
You guys are not making any money.

└ You’re right bro
└You’ll say that again in 10 years~ Why didn’t I buy Baekjezen back then?
└Anti-cancer treatment without side effects…… It’s like a dream drug
└ Why can’t foreign companies develop such a good thing?
This comment has been deleted due to accumulated reports!

Baekjezen is receiving a different evaluation.
Stock prices rise steadily over the long term, not over the short term.

A phenomenon that occurs in good companies.
It was only natural that investors’ faith would be strengthened.

─Phase 3 Clinical Director of Baekjezen’s ‘Pexigon’ “Expectations for phase 3 results are high”
“Pexigone’s phase 3 clinical trial is cruising around the world, and clinical data is also very well accumulated, so we have great expectations for the results of the phase 3 phase to come.”
Professor Beta, who is leading the clinical trial of Pexigon, revealed this in an interview with Onclive, an American medical media outlet, on October 5 local time.
Is this a boon?

└ Today’s beginning is worth watching haha
└Kya~ Even foreign professors highly praise Pexigon
└ Korea is really going to explode something
└ As a shareholder of Baekjezen, I am proud!

Several good news are also announced.
As Phase 3 approaches, news that can be said to be a spoiler is heard.

Mostly positive.
It also gradually affects the expectations and psychology of investors.

─Baekjejen, first patient enrolled in phase 3 Pexigon clinical trial in China
[Green window news article.Jpg]
Phase 3 is the final stage, so many clinical patients are needed.
600 people……
With the start of clinical trials in China this time, the burden of seeking patients can be relieved.

└ What is 600 people? A country that can save even 10,000 people haha
└A country whose population is what rots
└ Might save more lives!
└ Are you guys getting nice? Or is it growing more?

I think it will work out.
It’s great if you just do it.
The more people who know about it, the more they fall for it.

Become an ardent believer in Baekje Zen.
I am praying every day waiting for the day when the clinical success will be announced.

KRW 36,950 ▲ KRW 31,950 (+739.00%)
[Graph going to Mars for the last year.Jpg]

Did that prayer reach the sky?
Indeed, stock prices are skyrocketing.

─I hear that Son Ik-jwa is collecting Baekje Zen haha
He is the one who met the crash of Ohsung Electronics and the rebound in the stock market.
If you see such a famous person living, there must be something, right?

└ Ohsung BioLogics also matched the rise, so it seems that the bio has thick bones.
└Young friends are amazing
└Hehe, if you live up to the profit and loss balance, that’s for sure
└ Oops, how far are you going to go, but haha

Everything looks good
No, it meant that the P&L made the purchase.

The rising star of the recent stock edition.
Is that a stock he wants to buy?

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─You can buy profit and loss seats? I can’t stand thishaha
—I was convinced. If you don’t buy Baekje Zen, you’re just an asshole
─I just took all my possessions……
─How far do you guys see Baekjezen’s goal?

Investors who were on the lookout are also stunned.
Even in the stock community, it quickly becomes a trend.

—I was convinced. If you don’t buy Baekje Zen, you’re just an asshole
[Photo of a frog eating a hamburger.JPG]
I lost my hand because I was afraid of a stock price surge
If there are some cubs who are cashed
I just want to commit suicide.
It’s so easy to make money.
I will warn you
Office workers/self-employed bastards
Pretending to work hard
Pretend to be smart
If it’s cheap, I’ll just grind it down with bamboo shoots.
What’s the price? You can get it from Baekjezen and handle it.
Lawyer? Baekjezen buys that too.
I am invincible
Baekjezen is “God”

└ High signal
└ CEO Moon Tae-hwan said he gave away money.
I’ll buy it when I say └
└ I came on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Baekje Zen is soaringhaha

It changes the way investors think.
Even a game I wasn’t interested in looks fun when other people play it.

Crowd psychology spreads naturally.
Without realizing that he was caught up in it.

‘No matter how I look at it, I think I’m too overheated…….’

Changes in those stock investors.
Sora had been checking for a fortnight.

It was because he was interested in Baekje Zen.
It’s not what the senior told me.

〈You have to think about where the little liquidity will go.〉

Based on hints.
Bio stock.
Which of these stocks will attract the most attention from the market?

‘It’s true, but.’

If it were me, I wouldn’t have bought it.
Such a dubious company whose reality is unclear.

The Kangwon Land experience gave me courage.
I bought it with the intention of taking a walk.

『Sora Yoon’s account』
Purchase amount│30,000,000 won
Valuation gains│+13,860,000 won
Appraisal yield│+46.20%

It offers huge returns.
After thinking about it, I got close to 50% even though I went in late.

‘This is why pharmaceutical stocks, pharmaceutical stocks…….’

Soaring stock.
There are stocks that occasionally explode in price.
Among them, it is a unique rise.

At the time he bought it, it had already jumped 5 times.
There, another 50% vomited up the air.

‘Should I hold it a little longer…… ?’

Market mood is still good.
Like the community reaction just before, people are about to go crazy.

Tenbagger really.
Up to 50,000 won, I thought that maybe the new drug would be successful and jump beyond that.

─Sell order has been executed!

A scene from Kangwon Land flashes in my mind.
Those people wouldn’t have lost money in the first place either.

‘Once you touch big money.’

Loss of normal sensation.
A little bit.
Little bit more.
Hundreds or tens of millions of won come and go in a single bet.

Like this bio stock.
The new drug has not even been successful, but it is climbing through the sky only with anticipation.

The Korea Times− 「Baekjezen, 30th CB already… Confidence in clinical results?」
Fact News− 「”Baekje Zen Learning Effect? Declaration of development of anti-cancer drugs by KOSDAQ
Daily News− 「A new bio stock on the run… ‘Stock option jackpot’ for employees sitting on a cushion of money”

Ignoring the bad news of the market.
No matter how you look at it, this is not a normal company.

‘How many corporate bonds are you issuing? Executives have no concept.’

A company borrows its credit as collateral.
I’ve borrowed it so much that I’ve already used it 30 times.

The executives are also suspicious of something.
They are selling their stock.
Is there a reason to sell a really good company?

Ignoring bad news, stock prices rise.
I can’t imagine how much it will rise just with the expectation of phase 3 clinical trials.

Being in this madness itself is mentally difficult.
Sora chose to come out of that crucible of madness

* * *

Why stock prices rise.
There are truly countless types.

‘To the extent that there are absurd things.’

Recently, Baekjezen’s stock price has risen.
The reason is not to talk about it in the world.

KRW 40,950 ▲ KRW 36,950 (+819.00%)
[Graph that has been going bad for the past month.Jpg]

In the first place, when the information was released, all the people who would buy it bought it.
The only ones sticking to it are ants that are late for information.


Go up
Is that information really correct?
In fact, the reason has nothing to do with it.

─Foreigners are running amok!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

Because I want to break through 50,000 won.
If beginner investors hear it, it will be ridiculous.

‘There is such a thing.’

It is one of the investment methods that day traders actually use.
It affects the psychology of investors.

We invite you to a special price of 49,900 won!
It is the same as subtracting 100 won and 200 won each at home shopping.

─Baekjezen If you break through 50,000 won, it’s a jackpot.
Now, the number 1 is 50 won.
From 50,000 won, it changes by 100 won.
Making money just by tickling

└Factions get better at working
└Are you going up twice as fast as now?
└ What if 50,000 won is 100,000 won haha
└After 10 years, the price of the liquid is 50,000 won. Wait and see.

There is also a practical effect that the asking price unit changes.
Encouraging individual buying.

The higher the stock price, the more you want to buy it.
Forces use psychology to draw the big picture.

‘It’s not a force, but an institution.’

‘Operation’ is not just about power.
It is the market that institutions at home and abroad are also playing around.

A typical example is this high evaluation.
Paradoxically, it becomes possible because the stock price is so high.

Even if the bubble sticks, is it too attached?
While the ants are scared, foreigners sweep the stock.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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