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Because I Live in the US 194

Because I Live in the US 194

Chapter 194 – Chickens and Eggs

Stock price goes up without knowing the end.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
—Those who failed the man test, come inhaha
─Pexigon If all 3 phases pass
─2018 05 20 Profit and loss trend
─Hyung said the profit and loss was luckhaha

At first there were doubts.
The stock price has risen too much, and bad news is coming out, so I am anxious.

—Those who failed the man test, come inhaha
[Crying frog photo.Jpg]
I’m sorry for the idiot like me whose faith in CEO Moon Tae-hwan has been shaken……

└Gaechu shedding tears ㅠㅠ
└ Baekjezen is throwing money!!
└ Earning money is so easyhaha
└ I sold it at 8 and bought it again at 9

The more such a person is, the more he sees the loss.
Ignore the bad news and just keep climbing.

The sight of others picking money.
Relative deprivation encourages investors to buy.

─Pexigon If all 3 phases pass
How far do you think the company’s value will go?

└It seems to be in the top 5 by market cap on the KOSPI
└ The global anti-cancer drug market is worth 150 trillion won and the growth rate is steep. Even if you only eat 1/3 of this, the second Ohsung Electronics is no joke.
└ Since it is a pharmaceutical stock, the PER is high haha
└ Baekjezen’s technology…… , Develop another similar drug within 10 years. It is possible to buy 300 trillion just with that anticipation.

Investors who bought stocks like that.
It becomes ‘should rise’ rather than ‘going up’.

Like people addicted to gambling.
Shocking news is delivered to them.

─2018 05 20 Profit and loss trend
Daily P&L: +8,909,606,974
Cumulative P&L: +19,929,713,948

└ The pig eats so much filthy
Are you familiar with └?
└5 billion b*tch I’m eating the same, but it’s getting hot because of Sid
└I had to endure it until 20 billion, it looked like an asshole tt

Profit and loss.
A barrel of oil was generously poured into the current gale.

Then he disposed of Baekje-zen.
Although there were observations that he was looking at the angle of reentry.

─Did you judge that the P&L is now at its peak?
Looking at the trend these days, I don’t think I’ll buy it again.

└ What is it that doesn’t re-enter? Are you going to turn Baekje?
└ No, why? Did you have a problem with Baekje?
Author- I don’t know. Only you will know
└ The bastard is fighting his nerves ㅡㅡ

Changed stance.
Disposal of all stocks owned.
Controversy arises among investors.

Is Baekjezen really over?
Or is the profit and loss balance wrong this time?

─Hyung said the profit and loss was luckhaha
Well, I was right about what I recently predicted.
If that’s an analysis, there should be some convincing content ^^
But there isn’t one? Lol
If you want to believe it’s your skill, bring the facts that match it and fuck you assholes haha
2000 stocks, 10 million investors
Among them, there are bound to be people whose luck follows them in succession and makes a jackpot.

└ This is correct
└ Are you a loser and a nabal and dare to hit Baekjejian?Haha
└ If it was usual, the rain would have been all over the place, but the atmosphere is cool.
└ Son Ik-jwa You are “Expelled” From Hanju Gallery

It was receiving absolute trust from the stock community.
I can’t even stand that.

No one could stop investors who believed in the rise of bio stocks.

─Baekjejian now has a 12% foreign stake
If you calculate the critics, it is in the late 30,000s
If Pexigon’s clinical trial fails, they’ll be fucked too ㅇㅇ
Could a foreigner have entered without any certainty?

└ Yes
└P&L 〈〈〈 foreigner
└Ah, foreigners look like dickshaha
└Don’t trust you. Trust the outsider Believe in me who believes in foreigners! Simon!

See only what you want to see
Among a lot of information, only what is classified as ‘good news’ is entered into the head.

And if you look for it, it will come out.
Although it does not affect the actual value of the company.

─Isn’t Baekjezen the owner of a political theme?
[Promotional remarks of influential politicians.Jpg]
What if Pexigon was a scam?
Then the politicians of the ruling party are also scammers
At least during this administration, you can trust and invest

└ He would be able to breathe
└ I’m going to have it until the 2nd phase 3
└ Moon Tae-hwan was the regional chairperson when he ran for governor
└ Did anyone invest without knowing this?Haha

Originally meaningless.
The rising share price, ignoring bad news, was enough to make people turn a blind eye to it.

KRW 50,100 ▲ KRW 45,100 (+1,002.00%)
[Graph going to Mars for the last year.Jpg]

Confirmation bias is maxed out.

* * *

Chicken and egg.
Which one comes first is a never-ending debate.

‘From an evolutionary point of view, it’s reasonable to assume that a mutation occurred inside an egg.’

But you can’t be sure of that.
So it’s an endless, never-ending debate.

The stock market has something similar.
Does the good news come first, or does the stock price rise first?

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Insection 〈〈 Water rocket is a doghaha
─Baekjejen Juju sooooo!~
-My brother said he was going to Baekje.
─Water rocket jjiik~!

It can be ambiguous.
No, isn’t it natural that the stock price rises because there is good news?

-My brother said he was going to Baekje.
[+1 billion account photo.Jpg]
Profit and loss? Lol
I’ll show you what real investment is with the 1.5 billion you have now.

└All Paegi
└ Baekjejen’s 10,000 critics true storyhaha
└ If Phase 3 succeeds, it will exceed the profit margin.

Not like that.
Human psychology is indeed superficial and governed by consequentialism.

‘That’s why institutions freely manipulate stock prices.’

Once uploaded, attach a suitable reason.
No, the market puts it on its own.

〈 Isn’t there already a lot of anti-cancer drugs on the market? It should be able to lead to sales only by taking the share of the market…….〉
〈That’s a misunderstanding because you don’t know Pexigon well.〉
〈 Oh, is that so?!〉

−Milk-colored dye!
−As expected, Manager Yeom Yuan……. You are properly analyzing the value of Pexigon.
−CEO Moon Tae-hwan also said that he would change the paradigm of modern anti-cancer treatment.
−Why can’t we develop that good thing overseas?
Loyalty jipginim has been forced out!

One thing that hits the back drum is the best races in the world.

Fit the process to the outcome.
Among the various information floating around in the market.

‘Partly because viewers want it.’

Youtube sucks views after all
The profit structure itself is designed that way.

Invite such analysts.
It’s as if viewers can say what they want.

〈The pharmaceutical field is a field that requires great expertise, but there are always questions about whether Korea can do this.〉
〈 It’s a difficult field. Eg.〉
〈 It was like that in shipbuilding, and it was like that in semiconductors as well. I believe Korea will do it this time too.〉
〈 As you have done so many times before, will this be the case again?〉

Especially old men like to die.
There is a reason why Gukppong TVs go well despite being criticized.

“You said that too? Views are copied.”
“I don’t want to attract aggro with YouTube.”
“Your breasts are naturally aggro.”

Sora came.
She says she already disposed of her stock her, which she had a week ago.

When the share price is in the 30,000 won range.
Considering that she currently has over 50,000 won, she has lost more than 30%.

“Sell Baekjezen for 35,000? Are you Byuji?”
“It’s a view.”

You can think so.
Investors who can’t beat it repurchase and the stock price is pumped.

‘With various reasons.’

Even people who gamble are not hooked in the first place.
There were definitely times when it was rational.

At some point you will lose yourself.
Madness is contagious.

“No matter how you look at it, there are a lot of bad news.”
“We too many corporate bonds, and issued the people participating in the clinical trials are not trustworthy…”
“Which part?”
“In the first place, even the representative didn’t major in this field.”

It is not easy to keep reason in it.
Look for solid information only.

‘If you look at it.’

Mental can’t stand it.
It’s like standing on an ice field.
It was pretty good for Sora.

“I think people are crazy.”
“Does that remind you of Kangwon Land?”
“Because once a person turns his eyes away, he sees nothing.”

To the extent that even those who followed me went crazy.
Even the existing trading strategy is twisted.

‘That’s why it’s better not to touch it at all.’

Do you want to eat moderately and bounce?
What can’t happen is that it’s a gamble.

“How did you manage to hold it until now, senpai?”
“Because I have a different way of thinking than you.”

Therefore, what I bet on is the CEO’s management ability.
And the fanatics’ expectations that will be created from it.

‘The drug dealer is good at selling medicine.’

But be careful.
The moment the identity of the panacea is revealed, people’s evaluations change 180 degrees.

─Sell order has been executed!

You have to approach it with that mindset.
Thanks to the strong determination of investors, the stock was able to be disposed of.

If you accumulate 10 billion units, selling them is also a job.
Throw away the last amount you were carrying.

“Let’s take a quick look.”
“Because it’s time for the clinical results to be announced to see if the panacea really has great efficacy.”
“Oh, it’s today.”

Clinical results.
Depending on the direction, the direction will be divided as to whether Korea can win the Nobel Prize or become trash to be disposed of.

‘If it succeeds, it will be fun.’

As far as I remember, he did not win the Nobel Prize in Medicine.
But for shareholders, it is important.

Only anticipation.
The market capitalization of the new drug Pexigon alone has increased to 10 trillion won.

It vomits spirits when it rises to the second largest company on the KOSDAQ.
A company with a lot of debt, let alone a penny of profit.

The Korean Times−「Baekjegen “Recommendation to discontinue phase 3 fexigon clinical trial at DMC in the US”」

It was a process of finding a place.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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