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Because I Live in the US 195

Because I Live in the US 195

Chapter 195 – Chickens and Eggs

Clinical results of new drugs.
It is the driving force that moves bio stocks.
As a result, there are times when the stock price fluctuates.

“It’s neat.”
“It just doesn’t even give me a chance to sell at all.”

The case of Baekjezen is special.
It’s because it’s reached a point where it can’t be explained only as anticipation.

KRW 35,600 ▲ KRW 15,200 (−29.93%)
[Graph where the highest point has become a guillotine.Jpg]

9:00 a.M.
As soon as the market starts, the lower limit is taken.
Over 10 million shares are locked at the bottom of the arc.


Its meaning.
Knowing this, Sora unknowingly swallowed his saliva.

“If you do this, you can’t even lose your hand?”
“Then how… Should I do it?”
“What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Bad things happened to the companies in which they invested.
I want to take the loss and at least stop losing money.

‘That doesn’t work.’

It was worse in the past.
This is because the maximum lower limit until 2015 was only 15%.

There is too little volatility.
If the short seller wanted to, they could lock up the asking price.

“That’s why the old bio stocks exploded 8 times in a row.”
“What is jjeomha?”
“You don’t know? Dot. Here.”

It got better lately.
Since the maximum value is 30%, the lower limit is released when there are more children playing Hata.

‘Still, if it’s this kind of material, it’s probably right that it’s 3-4 years old.’

Yesterday’s share price was above Sora’s belly button.
30% down from there.

“It’s not moving from here.”
“Senior, I know everything now…”
“That’s right.”

Press and hold.
No matter how much you exercise your abs, it’s a soft and moist woman’s belly.

‘He’s not moving at all here.’

All day.
From the opening of the market at 9:00 a.M. To the closing of the market at 3:30 p.M.

There is no change up or down.
Therefore, the daily bar appears as a dot on the chart.

“Tomorrow will probably be filmed around this time.”
“Senior over there.”
“And about here the day after tomorrow.”

It goes on several in a row.
The chart is hooked and bent to an absurd extent because of continuous jjeom.

‘His hair is quite thick.’

Sora’s hand reached her close to her secret place.
A single strand of protruding hair pierces the skin of her.

“Senior that…”
“Don’t do it?”
“If you’re going to do it, make sure you do it. Don’t bother.”

Side! He licks his lips and looks away.
I don’t know if you know what it means.

‘It’s really delicious and big.’

Sora was not interested in the opposite sex.
At some point, his sexuality has matured and he has become able to seduce me.


I want this body that does not know men to mature a little more.
Press the slippery belly with your fingertips.

“Are you on a diet?”
“It doesn’t go well there.”
“It’s thick. Does it taste good to touch?”
“It was bad.”

Sora puts on a sullen expression.
He squeezed the flesh on the inside of her thighs and pulled.

‘Look at it resilient. I’m really looking forward to tightening it.’

It is a characteristic of a delicious woman.
Rahee, who ate before, also had strong muscles like an actor.

But it cannot be compared to what is innate.
The owner of an erotic body that preys on men.


If her body had been a little less gaudy, she might have made a name for herself as an actress.
He has no intention of doing it himself.

“By the way, senior.”
“Recently, a lot of foreigners have been buying.

He’s not using his talents.
If it were me, I could bring Sora’s talent to bloom either way.

『Bio Sector』
Baekjezen 265,000 won −29.93%
Ohsung Biologics KRW 410,500 -3.20%
Cheap Bio 27,800 −10.52%
Baksal Bio 8,960 won −15.21%
Yopoong Pharmaceutical KRW 13,200 -6.12%
Uranus KRW 120,500 −3.50%

The Fall of Baekjezen.
It’s not just Baekjejen’s stock price going downhill.

It is a co-suicide.
When a major stock in one sector falls, other stocks are also affected.

“What are the characteristics of Bioju?”
“It rises only with anticipation… Ah!”
“The fact that Baekjezen failed means that other bio stocks have no choice but to look at it with suspicion.”

Institutions do not buy just one stock.
Risk must be diversified through basket trading.

‘Short selling is also piled up.’

Baekjezen’s expectations.
It uses it to build up bubbles throughout the bio sector.

And a bubble is destined to burst someday.
It is a big picture aiming for that moment.

“Until something explodes.”
“What if it doesn’t explode?”
“Then we just have to wait until it explodes.”
“Oh, there.”

Individuals and institutions differ from the perspective of investment.
Upload it for no reason at all.

It makes individual investors buy.
Maintain the stock price, and when the number of cases comes up, pop!

It promotes fear and destroys the entire bio sector.
They make huge profits through short selling.

You need to know how to look at the market from the perspective of a giant.
It is a homework that Sora has to solve.

“Korean bio itself is not normal, but one thing is bound to explode.”
“Isn’t the company unscrupulous?”
“Is that a Korean bio?”
“My country is second only…, Foreign professors are also intertwined.”

Global standards as well.
In Korea, doctors have an image of being sacrificial and ethical.

‘Because overseas business is common.’

Is a tradesman
Anything that makes money will do anything.
There is a reason Korean companies help clinical trials.

$1,000 for a one-time online consultation.
Even the substances touted as new drugs were bought from abroad with money.

“Phase 2 was successful. It’s a jackpot! They publicize it like this. They buy materials that have already succeeded in phase 2, change the structure a little, and retest, so of course they have no choice but to succeed.”
“A substance that was discarded overseas because there was no possibility of phase 3.”
“The outcome was decided from the beginning.”

The more Korean bio companies joke around, the more money they make.
Rather than drying it, it helps hard.

‘It’s not that companies with special exceptions for technology can’t produce results for no reason.’

Because I had no intention of making it in the first place.
It’s a legitimate scam to deceive the idiots who have fantasies about such things.

A well-known story in the industry.
However, it is true that ordinary investors do not know and are easy to be deceived.

Medicine is a field that requires specialization.
Ordinary people can only nod their heads.

That’s the reality.
There are people in the world who use their expertise to cheat.

“Your senior is also sexually harassing me with his professionalism as a weapon.”

Either way, it’s okay if you’re in a situation where you’re in trouble.
That’s the weak meat diet.

‘I want you to eat me gently.’

Sora’s breathing becomes more and more rough.
There is something rewarding about fiddling with the thighs and stomach.

Indirect experience.
The stimuli transmitted from above and below are propagated intact.

“I feel strange.”
“Where’s the strange one?”
“I can’t speak.”

The candid body trembles at the top of the thigh of her.
Reflex twitching is not something you can hide.

The thighs are also soft and loose.
I am concentrating on feeling with my legs spread out in a triangle.

‘Do you want to? I want to.’

The plan is to make Sora, who has become itchy inside, ask for a fuck himself.

“How does it feel?
“It’s hot and sometimes exciting…”
“Don’t you want to be touched?”
“I don’t know. Please do it quickly.”

It is being done step by step.
Befitting the generation of Hae-hae, they ask passively.

I also know how to actively face it.
Sora held my cheeks with both of her hands as if hugging them.


She Comes coveting her lips like a thirsty deer.
The moist eyes enchant me.


Sora’s precious place is allowed.
Slowly penetrate her hand her inside her underwear her.

Fluffy hair.
It is a simple area that can be held with one hand.


A jar of honey water underneath.
I touch the place where the surface is wet.

Can’t figure out what it means
I shrunk my legs that I had spread wide, probably because I was nervous.

“Wow, that’s embarrassing…”
“You touch mine every day.”
“That and that are different.”
“What the hell?”

Very shy
Anyone who sees you will know that you are a virgin who has never touched a man’s cock.

But there is definitely a response.
As I swept between the labia minora, the water flowed through.

‘Cli has also become harder.’

It’s round and small and cute.
However, it definitely appeals to its own presence in her.

“I really can’t solve the lower limit…”
“I think it’s really hard for people who get bitten. Ah!”

Relax and have a conversation.
Sora, her face blushing, tries to bring up the story of her stock her.

‘First of all, from the standpoint of the turn, it’s not pleasant.’

I’m glad I sold it in advance.
It was not a matter of seeing a little more benefit or not reporting.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Baekjezen kids, I really need to go to the Han River
─They don’t even give you an escape angle. It’s scary.
—Nukalbaek? Who kalbaek? Who kalbaek? Who kalbaek? Who kalbaek? Who kalbaek? Who kalbaek?
─Ban Ik-jwa, who saw the future of Baekje-zen at this time.Jpg

Investors who did not.
Watching it can be said to be the fun of investing.

─Ban Ik-jwa, who saw the future of Baekje-zen at this time.Jpg
[Profit and Loss Profit Certification.Jpg]
Needle Tenburger, eats loudly and falls out when shouting for the second five-star electron

└Looking at it now, the RBI is open
└ No matter what the second 〈〈 is attached to
└ Fuck if Dying wasn’t just an asshole……
└ Chew stock! From now on, I only believe in this bastard

As time passes, it feels different.
You never realize at the time.

“Isn’t it fun?”
“Making money in a market where everyone else lost money.”
“I’m excited.”

Exhaling a warm breath, he looks at me.
Klee stands firmer than before.

‘…… I don’t want to put my finger in it by mistake.’

Forbidden hole.
I don’t know how much the metamorphosis will be developed if I actually put it in.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

미국 살 끄니까
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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