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Because I Live in the US 196

Because I Live in the US 196

Chapter 196 – Chickens and Eggs

Shareholders of Baekjezen.
Due to the clinical failure of Pexigon, it lost at least 60%.

KRW 12,550 ▲ KRW 38,250 (−75.30%)
[Graph where the highest point has become a guillotine.Jpg]

No, it grows like a snowball.
To the extent that it is said that it is wise to make a loss.

“Save Baekjezen!”
“”Live! Live!””
“Save the ant’s life!”
“”Save me! Save me!””

I can’t help but get angry.
Investors are sure to gather and protest.

‘Ugh, pigs and dogs.’

Ironically, it was a place that had nothing to do with Baekjezen.
The place of the protest is in front of the Korea Exchange.

Thousands of investors protesting.
After such an uproar, the reporting vehicle also arrived.

“The aftermath of Baekjegen’s clinical failure is making investors angry. Currently, in front of the Korea Exchange, individual investors are flooding with people asking to prevent Baekjegen’s delisting.”

The aftermath of clinical failure is devastating.
It’s not just a matter of ending with expectations smashed.

Crisis of the company’s existence.
A technology exception company will be expelled from the market if it does not generate sales within five years.

‘There are other problems.’

The fact that Pexigon will fail.
There’s no way the company’s management didn’t know.
I must have been trembling with anxiety more than anyone else.

Stock options were disposed of in advance.
When the stock price was in the midst of an upward curve, they rushed to throw the stock.

Suspicion of insider trading.
Because it could really be delisted if proven.

“All individual investors die!
“Severe punishment should be given to executives suspected of insider trading, right?”
“Oops, it sounds like a big deal! There’s no way our CEO Moon Tae-hwan did that!”

Position changes.
Rather, a rare scene unfolds in which shareholders surround executives who are full of rotten smell.

‘It’s like that when I borrow money.’

The lesser amount is the one who lends the money.
If it becomes a large amount, a reversal phenomenon occurs in which the borrower becomes the top.

Because you can’t get paid.
If Baekje-Jen is justified, the ant investors will be broke.

“So they were protesting.”
“Ah~ protest. Shareholders must be in a lot of trouble.”
“It’s stupid.”

−You just step on the accelerator haha
-Is that what you’re talking about now? Because of Baekjezen, the family is broken and the family is starving!
− A father who invests in dog owners……

Funny reality.
No one teaches
I found the broadcast again to talk about it.

‘The world is consequentialism.’

No one listens when I tell them about the dangers.
That is when the stock price is rising.

“But there are rumors that Son Ik-jwa also bought Baekje-zen? If not, I’m sorry.”
“You’re right.”
“Uh, then I guess the profit and loss accountant will have the same sympathy as the individual investors!”
“I’m not.”

Many people think they can control themselves.
The fact that it is not.

‘Whether it’s gambling or stocks, you’ll find out if you touch them.’

You can check your own shallow bottom.
From that point of view, it’s worth giving it a try.

“I didn’t expect Pexigon to invest.”
“Then what aspects of the company did you invest in?”
“To be clear, I have no intention of betting on the clinical success of this company. The profit period before the announcement of the results raised by the CEO and fanatics. After that, it has nothing to do with me.”

−No, the way of thinkinghaha
−This is how you make money……
−You speak without real blood or tears. Disappointed
−The light of tears of fanaticshaha

Until the defeat is discredited.
For those who have done it, it may feel disappointing.

‘But what can I do?’

Life is already ruined.
In the future, it will be more fucked up.
Just like the people in the gambling village of Kangwon Land.

No matter what you say, regeneration is impossible.
Unless you have the will to improve yourself.

“But I need to tell you a good story…?”
“There are some investors who are really bitten, and if it’s possible, yes?”

White medicine is invalid
Even if Pexigon succeeds in Phase 3, it cannot be fixed.
So, don’t start in the first place.


Even so, you have to speak up.
Economic broadcasting is also a kind of business that raises views.

The moderator looks at them with sad eyes.
If you don’t cooperate too much, you may hear bad things in the industry.

Follow me~♪

Proceed with the reserved corner.
It is to provide counseling to viewers who have been bitten by Baekjezen.

〈 Hello. I’m bitten by Baekjezen…….〉
“You must be having a hard time~ Don’t worry, the expert will give you good advice!”

I wouldn’t have done it if it was a simple event consultation.
But recently Baekjezen.

‘Because it’s spreading to a social problem.’

Gukppong Coin.
There are a lot of people who thought it was a really great venture company and invested without researching it.

“If it’s not something to lose, just think it’s not my money. It’s comfortable.”
〈 It’s because it’s not really my money…….〉

−You invested with borrowed moneyhaha
-You can feel the sincerity in your voice
−Do you have any practical advice…… ?

It even appeared on TV.
If you go too much in mysticism, you may think that it has no nutritional value.

‘Because there’s a way to make a deal with this kind of bullshit.’

It is not just individuals who are bitten.
Institutions also need to shed the stock they have.

To do that?
Because the ants have to come in and take their stock instead.

“I have some interesting news lately.”
“Uh, what is it?”
“There is a high risk that the current situation will escalate into a court case, but the Park & ​​Kang law firm accepted the contract with Baek Je-zen.”
“A law firm? All of a sudden?”

− Law firm?
− Why do lawyers appear?
−Because you think there is no chance of winning if you don’t sign the contract?
−The point of view itself is different from that of ants.

It bounces up and down in the process.
It takes faith to withstand volatility.

‘At least I can think that this company is not subject to bankruptcy.’

There are good ingredients.
Allegations of insider trading naturally lead to court disputes.

Which one will win?
I can’t give a definitive answer at this point.

− And yes
−Then you won’t be ruined?
−It’s on the 4.5th floor of Baekjezen, can I buy it……
− No, if it’s Park and Kang, it will always winhaha
− Favorable news
−Pexigon was ruined anyway
−I am wearing an oxygen respirator.
−Are you buying full right now?

You can just look at the possibilities.
The most used as a criterion is whether or not a famous law firm has accepted it.

Of course, it’s a possibility anyway.
No matter how much Park & ​​Kang is, it is not 100% victorious.

‘Still, expectations are formed.’

It is the driving force that moves bio stocks.
Even in this situation, I feel like I don’t know.

“But if you’re thinking about finding your money with this, you’re absolutely not allowed.”
“How will Baekjezen’s direction flow?”
“To put it a little in industry terms, it is said that the best single hit tournament in the world was held.”

Could Pexigon be resurrected?
Wouldn’t the short-selling forces be cold and short-covering?

That psychology supports the lower side.
It is worth taking a look at Hatta when the fall is excessive.

‘Anyway, it’s a long-term downward-sloping fate.’

The value of the company does not change.
Only those who are trapped in it can let their imagination run wild.

“In the end, there will be no miraculous rebound in the stock price unless Pexigon revives, so I hope you can escape quickly while there is liquidity in bio stocks.”

−The best single hit tournament in the worldhaha
−Maybe it’s because you’re not a full-time analyst, but you use funny expressions haha
−It’s good to talk without looking at the securities company
−The conclusion is fucked up?

Therefore, it is a more difficult stock to trade.
From the outside, it’s not too flashy to look at.

Wouldn’t it be salty if you eat well at the high point and fry?
Bio stock and gambling are clearly similar.

* * *

In May.
It is a particularly important season for college students.

Midterm exams are over.
Then comes the season of festivities.


Even more so for Kyoiku-san.
Last year.
He suffered humiliation at Korea University.

‘Fuck me just for being a student?’

I went out to film a broadcast.
They evaluated it with a happy heart and a more generous heart than usual.

That is, considering the level of the students.
I never thought I would get stabbed in the back of the head by that student.

“I will definitely visit the Korea University Festival this time.”
“I can’t do it…”
“Let’s teach our students what true gastronomy is.”
“So why?”

It was something I couldn’t have imagined.
As a result, I was pushed back from the broadcast I was doing.

‘Uncivilized guys who don’t even know how to taste food!’

The reason.
Keyboard warriors in the corner of the room who misinterpreted the contents of the broadcast were talking on the Internet.

“Hmm! Hmm! My honor is at stake first.”
“That’s the first one, after all.”
“And if you don’t, there may be back stories on viewer forums.”
“It’s not like that.”

But it’s not like I’m going to collapse like that.
His position in the food service industry is solid.

Recently there has been some damage.
The case.
And by the eye thorn called Cheon Jong-won.

‘My pride as a gourmet will cry only when I’m pushed away by a guy who has no roots in food business.’

I will fix it this time.
It clearly imprints in your brain what kind of foodie you are determined to be.

“Then, let’s stick with Korea for this filming location.”
“I’m sure you know that.”
“If you repeat the same mistake… I won’t be able to hit your shield this time either.”
“Let’s keep that in mind. Huhu.”

PD Kim Yeon-chul of OBS Broadcasting Station.
It’s a problem he wants to solve as well.
I accepted the Kyoiku Award because of the interests of the sponsoring company.

‘Certainly because it was popular in the past.’

What if you could successfully finish broadcasting at Korea University?
It will be able to regain its former status.

Broadcasting can be of great help.
It may be possible to win several sponsorship contracts.

He advises several food service companies.
It was the reason why Yeoncheol accepted the Kyoiku Award.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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