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Because I Live in the US 197

Because I Live in the US 197

Chapter 197 – Gunam Hot Springs

College festival.

“It’s annoying.”
“Because I have to?”

No, the university itself did not participate.
The only part of my life that I participated in was the Ludiv Om Party Quest.

‘I did last year.’

The club was so weak.
It was a time when I was rolling my funds like rat poop.

There was also nothing else to do.
Right now, I am busy doing only external activities.

“First of all, it’s your brother’s club.”
“And since our club is currently ranked second in the department, we have to work hard.”

It is true that clubs are important.
It is prospering more than I thought.

‘Thanks to Hyeri.’

It’s unique.
Even if you don’t care at all, on the contrary, the more you don’t care, the better it feels.

Bear market.
It was not strange for the kids who suffered losses to leave if they reside having learned about stocks.

However, a club is not just a gathering of people with a corresponding hobby.
Here at the university.

“Are the club members looking forward to it?”
“Yes, so…”
“I was expecting you too.”

It is a place for friendship and networking.
The places that have already been established are very firmly maintained.

The stock club also became like that.
It is no longer at the level of a new club.

‘It’s extraordinary.’

I also came to build friendship with Hyeri.
It is also a reward for managing the club well.

It is also a place of special significance and historical importance.

“Do you know what this place is like?”
“It’s a hotel in Busan.”
“…… No, historical significance.”

It is also a place deeply related to Baekje Zen.
As the representative talked about at the lecture.

‘Because the king was cured of smallpox at Gunam Hot Springs.’

The Gunam hot spring is right here in Haeundae.
The hot springs nearby are said to be effective.

Every bit~

You can taste it
The Busan Parada ○ Hotel uses hot spring water inside.

When you turn on the faucet, water comes out.
Scoop it into the palm of your hand and take a sip into your mouth.

“It’s salty!”
“Is it not?”
“Is it because the sea water is mixed?”
“Really do it.”

Deep water that rises to the surface mixes with groundwater.
It can also be filtered during the rising process.

‘So it has characteristics similar to those of deep sea water.’

That’s what people call good water these days.
Since it is a natural plate, salt remains.

It is also rich in minerals.
Calcium and magnesium, and a bit of radium, etc.

“If you cured smallpox, is it good for your skin?”
“Good for skin diseases. Also for joint pain.”
“Uh… I was expecting that.”
“Hyeri is still pretty, so it’s okay.”

It may have been effective against smallpox.
It would have been even more so in those days when there were no drugs.

‘It’s a genius brain that uses it as a business.’

Why did you invest in Baekjezen?
Clearly, companies need to look at the CEO’s vision and business.


Hyeri also invested in me early on.
I like it because I don’t have to run out of pocket money.

“Isn’t it dry here too?”
“I know you’re going to touch my brother.”
“Are you wet beforehand?”

Money earned that way.
She is getting prettier by investing in makeup and beauty.
It has changed a lot from a year ago when I felt like a baby.

‘But he’s still a baby.’

The soft flesh tastes like milk.
The height and build are small, so it is certain that he is younger.


But there are also places that have changed.
Hyeri’s small hole easily swallows two fingers.

“Do you masturbate a lot?”
“Not really. Ah.”
“You’re sucking your finger very hard, huh?”
“My brother has been doing a lot lately…”

At first, it was difficult to put one in.
It was annoying because I had to caress for a long time every time I did it.

‘It’s worth being a regular.’

Since you often find it, even one more finger goes in.
It is still chewy and has a tingling taste.

Sizzling! Sizzling!

Warm up carefully.
Wet enough so as not to overdo it, and loosen the muscles inside.

Recently, Sora didn’t receive her goddaughter of her.
Yu-min is also called occasionally, but basically, he owes a lot to Hye-ri.

‘Soohyun is always busy that year too.’

He complains about being busy with modeling work.
She boasts that she gets along well with her boyfriend her as well.

“Your clothes are getting wrinkled, so put them behind you.”
“Do you like to run behind?”
“I like everything I do with my brother♡”

Lay face down on her bed and hold her in position.
I can see her as she pulls up her skirt and pulls down her panties.

Hips ripe like peaches.
Even the cute hole in the middle of the preparation.

‘It definitely opened up a little bit.’

Her sound purity her also fizzled, and she became a woman.
I put her glans on her and she goes in softly and softly.

“Ah! Brother!”

But the burden is still there.
Hyeri’s tiny body screams.

‘It’s not special.’

It was a long time ago that she managed to accept it.
The human body is a mystery, so you will adapt to it when you use it.

Sukkuk! Sukkuk!

If you overdo it a little, you can put it all the way in.
Although there are side effects that are somewhat painful.

“Brother’s appointment time is coming soon.”
“I’ll do it soon.”
“But you can’t push it too hard. Alas!”

Hyeri accepts that much.
Although it is small, he grabs her firm buttocks and fucks her.

‘It’s a really good on a hole.’

I feel like I just want to cut off her ass and take it with me.
Genuine products have one more special fun.


Can hit
One side of her buttocks her is red and swollen from the light spanking.

‘If I hit the other side too.’

They ripen like really ripe peaches.
It looks delicious enough to make you want to take a bite.


Eat in a different way.
I hold my butt tightly and push it in, pouring out my traces generously.

“Did you do it inside?”
“I can’t even take it out like this…”
“You should brag about Soohyun♡”

It seems that there is a little space inside, so it does not flow back and accepts it well.
Mystery of the human body.

‘Well…… , Is it the process of becoming herbal?’

The process by which a 20-year-old green-eyed woman burns out.
I will save it and use it well.


Why did you come to Busan?
It’s not just to go on a date with Hyeri and her intimates with her.

“Why are you so late?”
“You can be late bro!”
“You stay still!”

I have an appointment.
When I go out to the front of the hotel, a couple is waiting for me.

‘I see a pretty love.’

Suhyeon and Heonwu.
We still get along well.
Really, I can’t help but be thrilled.

“Long time no see?”
“Yes, brother!”
“How are you?”
“Hey, I’m doing well. I heard that you’re doing really well these days too!”

The department is not the same, and there is nothing to meet.
Even so, he is a good junior who is very affectionate.

‘I don’t have a relationship with the male juniors.’

It is reassuring to have at least one junior who follows this well.
Although the other reasons are frankly bigger.

“You look servile, not polite.”
“No, he’s your brother. How are you?”
“Ha, indeed.”

Suhyun tickled.
I don’t usually have that kind of personality, but in front of my boyfriend, I’m like that for no reason.

‘It’s pretty, so it’s worth looking at.’

Model work.
It’s a job that requires you to take care of your appearance.
He goes everywhere more than Hyeri.

Her already white skin her became clear and transparent.
A thin waist and straight legs are the perfect form of Slender.

“I’m late for something.”
“The hotel check-in was annoying.”
“Did something else happen?”

Became very foxy.
The sharp eyes of her are a look that knows what happened.

‘I was caught.’

The fact that he had a fight with Hyeri.
It’s not that I’m particularly jealous, but I’m hoping for it myself.

No, more than that.
The real purpose of this trip is to relieve the stress I received while working as a model.

『Spar Land』

Located in Haeundae, this is the largest jjimjilbang in Korea.
It also serves as a hot spring.
A place worth visiting once.

‘It’s good for kids to play.’

It’s a very good place for a date.
As a place run by an old world department store, it is as sophisticated as most tourist spots.

“It’s very spacious and nice.”
“I’m going to sleep in the hammock over there.”

1st floor outdoor.
There is a place where you can take a foot bath.
The hammocks scattered here and there look good for taking a break.

‘It’s not as comfortable as I thought.’

It’s worth taking a break with the insider sensibility and Instagram sensibility.
First of all, I came here with the insiders.

“Older brother.”
“I’m sorry if I’m mistaken… Are you dating Hyeri?”

The two girls are playing while giggling.
It is a pleasing sight even from a distance.

Heunwu talks to him as if he wanted it to be this time.
Suhyun’s boyfriend.

Of course, he is also acquainted with her best friend her, Hyeri.
Definitely worth wondering.


I decided to play around with something like that.
Still, it can be annoying, so just look around.

“I think it would be nice to think of it as a sum.”
“Ah~! Suhyeon talks a lot about Hyeri. If it’s hyungnim, I’m rooting for him!”

It became a double date.
Like a good-natured kid, he offers support he didn’t even ask for.

‘It’s a problem because my personality is too good.’

So the trip came.
Because the place is good, rest continues in a warm atmosphere.

“Is this a paid place?”
“I’ve been here, so take it once.”
“Can I?”
“The elder shoots these things. Often you too.”
“I’ll take care of you brother!”

Too bad it’s expensive.
There is a separate entrance fee, but many of the facilities inside are also charged.

It doesn’t matter to me.
Decided to spend time at Shim Spa, which offers massages.

‘That way I can enjoy it.’

Softer skin will become more moist.
Waiting for that moment, get a massage.

And a double date.
Since they are all children, there is no nervousness and they are very friendly.

“Why did you come all the way here?”
“You started first.”
“No… I’ll do it later.”
“It’s always like that.”

That is between couples.
There seems to have been a slight quarrel between Heun-wu and Su-hyeon.

There was an air flow from the time I got out of the massage.
Although it seems to have exploded as it piled up.

‘I don’t know if it happened or if it was caused.’

Women are truly terrifying creatures.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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