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Because I Live in the US 198

Because I Live in the US 198

Chapter 198 – Gunam Hot Springs

Sweet dreams don’t last forever.


Face reality.
You experience the so-called personality differences.

“What’s up?”
“Ah, it’s Hyeri…”
“Would you like to listen to me?”

There is a common worry.
It’s a life that others don’t see.

Good university.
Good fellowship.
I even dated a pretty girlfriend.

You’ve gotten prettier lately.
That’s the biggest worry that hen-wu has.

“I don’t know if it’s because I worked as a model.”
“Something… , No, I’m not trying to imitate.”
“Tell me it’s okay.”

It has changed.
She and her words her, whom she herself knew, whom she herself loved.

‘There’s no specific basis, but….’

I can’t explain.
It was an opportunity to fight Suhyeon.

“Maybe it’s because I’m more interested in decorating. She was pretty originally.”
“All women do.”
“I understand. Since it connects to what I said earlier, I think it’s because of that…”

It’s your own fault.
The thought that it would be nice to return as before led to excessive meddling.

‘I’m glad I didn’t notice.’

Hyeri listens to Heunwu’s concerns.
Because if you get caught, it could turn into a big deal.

Fortunately, there is no reason to do so.
She was more insensitive and kind than I imagined, so she was blaming herself.

“From a common point of view, it is. Soohyun’s image change surprised me too.”
“It was a bit… Shocking. I dyed my hair yellow.”
“Ugh, uh.”

Listen in moderation
She pretends to sympathize.
What he said is actually true.

‘It’s all because of my brother.’

Position that everyone knows.
We often talk about Suhyeon and Chanwook oppa.

It is her brother’s influence on her that has changed her style on her.
It was a secret that could not be told even for common people.

“Still, if you interfere too much, I think I won’t like it either.”
“Hyeri, you are right.”
“It’s not like Soo-hyeon went astray, right? Is it enough that we have to break up with her?”
“Huh? You’re not even thinking about breaking up?”

Also the argument from before.
In fact, Suhyeon wasn’t even angry, and he intentionally caused trouble.

‘I must be having fun with my brother by now.’

To make time to be with Chanwook oppa.
She herself is the role of holding common misfortune.

“I just wish I could give you a little bit…”
“But women do not like it because they think it’s a brawl.”
“Oh yeah? I didn’t know. I swear.”

And some guilt.
Good-natured and good-looking, Heun-woo is popular at school.

‘He’s the type that would be good for a marriage partner.’

What my mother said
I didn’t understand before.
It’s like knowing now.

I don’t know if it’s a marriage partner, but it’s different as a boyfriend.
It’s easy to imagine her as Hyeri, who got to know a real man.

It’s boring.
It feels like the bottom is clear.
She was Hye-ri who sympathized with Su-hyeon even though she knew it was bad.

* * *

It was a go-stop that we squeezed and hit from the beginning.

“Are you not even guilty?”
“He’s a good kid, but he’s too good to do.”

Even before she went on a trip.
Both the quarrel and the separation of the couple were based on thorough scripting.

‘Play like that.’

It might be better not to know.
The fact that the girlfriend you love fought with you to meet another man.

“He’s at fault too.”
“What specifically?”
“There’s no thrill in dating. If you don’t give it a thrill, I have no choice but to create it.”
“Even Satan will admire it.”

A square where no light shines through.
In front of the entrance of the guest room, she has a longing look.

“Did you come with Hyeri?”
“Did you find out?”
“Hyeri boasted about her belly her, stroking it. Put me in quickly.”

They do crazy things too.
I can’t stand it when a 21-year-old young model asks me to do it.

Talk! Todok!

Unbutton the sky blue shirt.
Inside, there is a white nasiti with a lot of exposed skin.

“Is this a thrill?”
“It is.”
“To travel with my boyfriend and get fucked by another guy.”
“That’s good…”

Take down one side of the nasiti.
The bra strap goes down as well, exposing Suhyeon’s young breasts.

‘Looks delicious.’

Slightly dark colored top.
It is small and round, and I bite it lightly with my front teeth and give it strength.

“Brother… A little harder, please.”

Moaning and weeping
Aside from his cold skin his, his heart his beats twice as fast as usual.

‘It must be very exciting.’

In several ways.
Having fun at school is nothing more than a mere wish.

The situation of exchanging boyfriends on a double date and enjoying it makes your body warm up.

“Hyeri doesn’t really enjoy it.”
“I said sorry to Hyeri.”
“I’m not doing this to my boyfriend.”

Breast meat, including nipples.
I bite into a chunk of flesh that fits well enough into my mouth.
Teeth marks are clearly visible.

‘I made it as hard as requested.’

Far from being in pain, his expression was filled with joy.
Suhyun’s mind, not her body, was twisted.

“You should never see it.”
“Make a mess.”

Hooks for short skirts.
As soon as I loosened it, it flowed down half way, revealing the underwear inside.

Have been properly prepared.
Since she had come with that intention in the first place, she must have been wearing revealing underwear.

‘You won’t be able to see this.’

She likes black
A design with many meaningless holes here and there in silk material.

“Here too.”
“I guess I’ll just have to open it up.”

There are also large holes.
Open up the nail art with the tip of one nail to show the design intent.

‘I’m not at an age where something like this suits me yet.’

Early education is the trend, so it will be okay.
I help you match sexy outfits.


Put your middle finger in
It’s been a long time since I haven’t used it, so the sticky vaginal wall tightens to the point where it hurts.

“Aren’t you masturbating?”
“I haven’t done that lately.”
“I want to be fucked like crazy by my brother today.”

The main caress hasn’t even started, but the sound of breathing is rough.
Gesture to take me to bed quickly.

‘I have to scold such an outrageous woman.’

Even for dear juniors, there is a need to give a soul.


Add one more finger
When you insert it all the way and apply strength to your wrists, Soo-hyeon’s slender body is lifted.

“Oh, it hurts.”
“I’ll fuck you up your asshole any way you want, so I know.”

He raises his heel so that the pierced pussy his does not hurt.
The supporting leg his is in danger.

‘The posture is perfect.’

The height is roughly matched.
Unzip the zipper and hold the inflated object to the opening.

It took a long time to shove and drive.
Even so, let’s force it and stab it.

“Brother, if you don’t hold me, I’ll fall!”
“If you know it, hold on tight. Do your best.”

I can hear my body more.
One foot is completely off the ground, looking for something to support.

Thin, long thighs wrap around my legs.
A sense of stability is created and a posture suitable for driving is established.

‘This is good.’

The feeling a woman wants.
A slightly uncomfortable posture is rather good from the perspective of stimulation.

Sukkuk! Sukkuk!

The two arms that were hesitantly holding onto the wall also wrap around my neck.
The other leg naturally.

“It has become lighter.”
“I’m not even 46.”
“It’s because I don’t exercise.”

Wrap around my waist
It’s a man’s dream.

‘I can do this without much effort.’

It’s because I have a lot of stamina.
If that’s the case, it’s okay to get it right on the woman’s side.

A slim body with no fat to be found.
Its limbs are long, so it feels light.

Sukkuk! Sukkuk!

Put your weight on it and make a deep cut on the inside.
It’s obviously going to be quite a chore.

An uncontrolled posture.
My vaginal walls are screaming because I haven’t loosened enough.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”
“Do whatever you want. Until it’s tattered. Please!”

Conversely, tighten your legs.
Hang on as hard as you can and try not to fall.

‘I’m sorry. Excuse me for a second.’

I feel so good I can’t help it.
I think of Suhyeon’s body her as a big ona hole.

No, realdoll.
It’s just a six doll used only for my pleasure.


He pins Soo-hyeon against the wall and wraps him deep inside.
Hyeri fills my seeds with more than ideals.

‘Forcing yourself to eat is delicious.’

There is such a pleasure.
You realize that humans still have wild instincts.

Pop! Tuduk!

Stand Suhyeon and take out the inserted object.
A white liquid should drip from between the pitiful crotches.

“I gave it to you again.”
“What, did you have reconstructive surgery?”
“It’s just torn.”

Red liquid mixed with it, as if it had been picked from a virgin.
He was injured on the inside by playing too hard.

‘Well, it’ll be fine.’

It’s not even a lot of blood.
It gets better naturally with time.

With a plop!

There are also special drugs.
Let’s go out to the balcony without having to go far. A small open-air hot spring bath is prepared.

Undress and enter
As it is inside the room, there is no one to notice even if it is sloppy.

“It stings.”
“It’s a saline spring.”
“Well, I heard that salt was used…”
“So it has a sterilizing effect.”

Although the hymen that has already been plucked will not come back.
Soak your body and look at the scenery outside.

‘It’s a wonderful view.’

Haeundae Beach.
It is a breathtaking view that extends all the way to the horizon.

“I’ve never been conscious in a bath before.”
“Now is?”
“A lot of warm water comes in. It’s because of you.”

Suhyeon was also blown away.
Sterilization can be performed more smoothly.

‘It’s a big picture for this.’

If Suhyeon is sick, Commonwu’s heart will hurt too.
Suhyeon has little experience with men.

These days, the generation that is so promiscuous.
It is no exaggeration to say that they are enjoying a relatively healthy sex life.

“Should I do more if it doesn’t hurt?”
“It’s outdoors here.”
“If you moan, you’ll become a troublesome couple.”
“They’re not a couple.”

Although the fetish was a bit distorted.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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