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Because I Live in the US 199

Because I Live in the US 199

Chapter 199 – Daedong Festival

Korea University.

“Aren’t the kids coming?”
“He’s coming.”
“No, when are you coming! There’s a lot of work!”

The road is crowded with many students.
This is because the Korea University Daedongje will be held in two days.

Each department, club.
They are busy working to set up their own booths and exhibitions.

“Hey newcomers, do it right~.”
“Can’t you talk a little bit?”

It is traditionally large.
The preparations are extensive, so the students are having a hard time.

There is also something special about this year.
This is the aftermath of a major incident that occurred last year.

“I guess I can come to film again.”
“Is it coming?”
“There are not one or two clubs that say that they want to go on TV too.”
“I’m leaving because I want to go out.”

Because of me
I only showed a little bit of my skills, but I smashed a person in the food industry.

‘He’s an embarrassing person to be called an industrialist.’

Considering the low level of the restaurant industry in Korea, it is not very strange to wear a business card as an expert.

“Should we do it too?”
“Work hard. I’ll give you guys a special gift of my knowledge and management know-how.”
“Should my brother do it too?”

Just a college festival.
It’s not even a matter of making a box office hit if I get caught.

This year, I can do something right.
A box office hit like last time was expected.

“Yes, I am a senior.”
“If you’re a senior, you should act like a senior!”

Other work is requested.
Members of the stock club surround me and chatter noisily.

‘No, what a high-class person I am.’

Each one has its own place.
If I am a CEO who sits comfortably and conceives of a business, you are workers who work like dogs.

“Because I don’t.”
“Let’s move the chair.”
“Oh, good idea.”
“”One~ two~!””

Are unaware of that fact.
They surround me and plot insidious schemes.

He was resting comfortably under the tent.
Lift up the whole plastic chair you’re sitting on.

‘It looks like the king is riding in a palanquin.’

Move it to the front of the workplace where the sun is shining brightly.
As if they had done something, they rushed away.

“They’re all working.”
“If you’re a true stockbroker, you don’t have to work for the rest of your life. You guys learn too.”
“Shall we rest as a group?”

Only Hye-ri remains and speaks to her.
Of course, it’s not that I don’t understand the situation.

‘To maintain the size of the club.’

Stock club.
The scale has grown incomparably with last year.

Including the ghost members, there were less than 20 people.
It has grown into a large club with over 100 members.

“If we don’t expand the club this time, it will be a big problem.”
“I don’t know because my brother doesn’t come often… But there are a lot of dissatisfaction among the members.

The participation rate is very high for a department club.
That doesn’t necessarily work as an advantage.

Club room size.
Too many people in a small space tends to increase the discomfort index.

‘That’s why I have to make sure to achieve results at the festival.’

The club rules of Korea University are advanced for a Korean university.
My name is Korea University.

“Isn’t it the Joseon University?”

Club insolvency and activity expenses.
It is redistributed every year in a very fair way.

The evaluation of the past year, the number of club members, and the performance at the festival work.
But last year.

“It’s a new club, and the number of club members is small, so the budget bill didn’t pass well.”
“Even though I advertised it like that?”
“Please do it one more time.”

It is true that the club was weak.
As the club leader, Hyeri is sharpening her sword.

‘It’s because I do it with my head.’

It is also my club.
She has no reason not to lend her power to her.
I just don’t want to do it physically.

“Can’t I just give you the money?”
“Can I?”
“No, can’t we just build one?”
“Oh, the rich man’s mindset.”

Sweating profusely in the scorching sun is not acceptable.

‘That’s what I’m making money for.’

I mean it in stupid words.
Humans always pay an opportunity cost.
And the rich replace it with money.

The chairman of the board smiled broadly and would drive even a doggeja.
I’m half joking, but I can do it.

“Then they’ll come out suddenly?’
“If you feel that your efforts aren’t worthwhile, then you won’t want to try.”

Hyeri straightens her face.
When she’s fucked, she’s calm, but usually she’s assertive.

‘That’s why I can trust the management of the club.’

He has a bright personality and has good friendships.
It wasn’t that Hyeri wasn’t without worries.

“I am too.”
“Since the seniors put picks like a guru, I don’t think about studying stocks.”

A child without thoughts is never.
Rather, it belongs to the more thoughtful side.

‘It happened intentionally.’

Results, not processes.
It was my plan that got me into the fun of making money.

It’s a comfortable way
However, it took time for the side effects to be noticed.

“I don’t even want to do it because my head hurts.”
“I know.”
“But… They can’t be like that.”

It has grown
Process of getting to know yourself.
It would be fortunate if there was no difference in the result due to that.

‘The rest of the kids.’

It is to grow with purpose.
Cultivate talented people who will work in my fund in the future.

For that to happen, the club must thrive.
And another premise is attached.

“There’s nothing good about being stuck with a hateful image.”
“It’s a theory.”
“Sometimes, very occasionally, maybe once per Halley’s comet’s orbital period.”
“How I hate to do it.”

You must become a respected senior.
Because no one wants to have someone they hate as their CEO.

‘It’s annoying.’

It actually affects work efficiency.
Even if you calculate it, you can’t find anything wrong with Hyeri’s words.

“Me too.”
“I want to build more memories with my brother.”
“It’s hard to say no when you say that.”

Even on the emotional side.
No matter how calculating I am, I am not without humanity.

‘If I were a pure student.’

There has never been such a thing.
Because from the very beginning, I was a human being who did not follow the common sense set by others.

But the side of romance.
If I had a normal college life, I wanted to date a cute girlfriend like Hyeri.

“Seniors work too.”
“Are you dissatisfied?”
“Let’s do it together!”

So listen
It’s a proverb that I can never admit that even a librarian goes through hardships when he’s young.

‘It’s a memory.’

It is also true that sweating together is an unforgettable memory.
Decorate the booth with members.

Compared to last year, it is incomparably wider.
According to the number of club members and their performance, they were allocated a larger site.

“It’s hard like a dog.”
“What are you arguing with?”
“Nin always carries 4L of breasts, so it won’t be heavy.”

That’s why you have to work harder.
Sora Nogada participates in the work her wearing her work gloves.

“Attack power +15?”

I don’t know how it’s so powerful.
It must be because I usually carry a milk carton hard.

“Thank you for your effort!”
“”Thank you for your effort!””
“Ah~ It’s hard.”
“It was hard!”

After dozens of members rushed in, the rough shape of the booth was completed.
No matter how hard the work is, the results are rewarding.

‘Stocks aren’t like that though.’

I tried so fucking hard, she might just lose money.
Compared to stocks, it may be much more tangible and interesting.

“I’m having a really hard time too.”
“You only did one day.”
“Only one day.”
“Only one day!”
“Every day of the Big Bang.”

Such a simple task.
It doesn’t suit me.
And it’s not like I didn’t help.

‘It’s all I have to do anyway.’

Is the content
No matter how fancy a restaurant is, if the food isn’t good, customers won’t come.

“We’ve been thinking about it too.”
“You’re thinking too.”

It’s a really simple thing when I step out.
It uses industry-leading insights that have been tested in practice.

It’s not just taste.
Considering cost-effectiveness, the cooking process, and the efficiency of manpower, he sets up a restaurant that has no choice but to succeed.

“I think a snack bar would be fine too. Ramen or tteokbokki.”
“Tteokbokki is so good!”

They seem to have been thinking about it themselves.
Recently, I was busy with TV appearances and traveling, so I couldn’t attend the club.

The college festival period is not far away.
Although it is remarkable that the bar concept and menu were conceived.

‘I wondered if the tteokbokki wasn’t served.’

There is a fairly high proportion of women.
It is influenced by Hyeri as the club leader.
And women, Korean women get sick if they can’t eat tteokbokki.

“If you’re making tteokbokki, you have to stir it all day, right?”
“Can you watch tteokbokki all day long?”
“Crazy bitches.”

In fact, among 37 OECD countries, Korean women’s dependence on tteokbokki is the most serious, Professor Mead Talon of the Department of Genetic Engineering at Noxus Medical University has published a report.


Food that requires a lot of hands.
On the surface, it seems plausible.
In real business, it is 180 degrees different.

The more hands you have, the higher the probability that the restaurant will go bankrupt.
Even professional chefs are no exception to this.

“Try rowing while sweating in early summer. It tastes like death.”
“I guess so.”
“There’s no air conditioning here.”

Tells a realistic story
Only then do the students who were filled with dreams, happiness and utopia come to their senses.

No one wants to be a high school student.
I wondered if he could be persuaded so easily.

“I can still cook ramen.”
“I don’t think you can even cook ramen.”

Sora puts on a sullen expression.
It seems that he had been brainstorming hard with the club members.

‘My IQ is 150, your IQ is 150. Composing a perfect strategy with a total of 300 heads is something that only happens in Kim Seong○’s cartoons.’

Even so, it cannot be compared to a single expert.
It seems that we need to teach that obvious fact.

“If you try my ramen, will you change your mind?”
“You want to go eat ramen?”

Go eat Sora’s ramen.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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