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Because I Live in the US 200

Because I Live in the US 200

Chapter 200 – Daedong Festival

Desire to win.

‘Every day, seniors do whatever they want.’

Not that it’s wrong.
Knowledge that I don’t even know where I learned it from.

No, it’s on a completely different level.
Even outsiders feel that they are not at the level of students.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

That doesn’t mean you just want to open your eyes and see.
I want to stand on the same line as myself.

‘At least.’

I want to feed you a room.
Develop a menu that seniors can’t resist without acknowledging it.

Chi profit… !

Pour cooking oil into a pot.
Then, add a handful of freshly chopped green onions and stir-fry.

‘This is how I extract the green onion oil.’

Add ramen soup on top of it.
I will try to flavor it as much as possible before adding water.


After that, pour water.
Ramen that has gone through a series of processes is much better than ordinary ramen.

‘Mmm~ It’s definitely delicious!’

Deep and rich
It has a rich umami taste that cannot be felt in ordinary ramen.


It has a sharp yet refreshing taste.
When I came to my senses, I was sucking on one chopstick.


I forgot my diet and stopped eating.
It can’t be a ramen with a devilish taste.

Definitely delicious.
But I know that I can’t beat my seniors in moderation.

‘I wish I could add something more.’

Green onion oil ramen is a recipe I found on the Internet.
Other than that, I cooked a lot of things myself.

The best of them all was this one.
I have a feeling that if I improve the taste a little more, it will be perfect.

Todok, tok!

The problem is getting hungry.
I think I ate only ramen for more than two meals a day for the past four days.

‘It would be a waste to throw it away.’

No matter how much you boil it in half, there is a limit.
Even his tongue is getting dull with ramen.

Proper tasting impossible.
No matter how delicious it is, if you eat too much, you will get tired of it.

−Wait a minute, is it okay?
“Why Sora?”
“Of course, the time is fine haha”

I decided to call for SOS.
Club members.
Among them, the free-looking guys are used as test subjects.

‘There are a lot of girls who go on a diet, so I can’t do it.’

It’s just one or two bowls.
Boys have good eating habits, so more than three bowls might be possible.

-Then come to my house
“Is there anything I can help you with?”
−Do you want to eat ramen?

I choose those who seem to eat well.
If possible, a difficulty in which the tongue can function.

‘Cow, Sora to me?’
‘Ramen… , Is this a green light?’
‘Oh, what should I do? It’s been a while since I cut my hair.’

The male students who received the KakaoTalk message were letting their imagination run wild.

* * *

Economics classroom.

“Hey! What’s wrong with you guys?’
“My face is swollen…”

The students are a little cluttered.
It is because of the faces of the students who changed overnight.

Ye-chan, Tae-woo, and Yoon-hwan.
It is impossible not to notice when three men with distracting backbones are like this.

“What kind of face has doubled. His complexion is also yellow.”
“Where did you go?”
“We protected the conch face.”

Excuses too.
He utters nonsense that he cannot understand.

‘So I said I could leave it…….’

Why is your face so swollen?
Sora has many guesses.

Because he ate ramen.
Each of them threw more than 5 bowls down their throats.

“Did the kids eat like they competed?”
“Uh, how did you know?”
“Roughly imagined.”

As Suhyun said.
It was good to help in moderation, but the kids were too combative.

‘At that time, I thought it was because I was hungry.’

Now that I think about it, it was overeating.
The effect appeared on the face after one night.

It was just as rewarding.
Thanks to that, I tried all the repertoire I wanted to experiment with.

“You are too cruel.”
“Still, I guessed. I didn’t add a lot of sub-materials.”
“No, not that.”

I thought a lot.
When it comes to ramen, kimchi ramen, cheese ramen, rice cake ramen, and dumplings immediately come to mind.

‘I don’t think that’s pure ramen taste.’

It’s not just about taste.
The price of materials, the hassle, and even whether the people who make it can follow it.

During the Daedong Festival last year, I learned it over my shoulder.
Running a restaurant is a reality, not an ideal.

“You’ve completely let go of the three men.”
“Well… I think I’m sorry too.”
“I didn’t know you could digest 4P already.”

Ramen Showdown.
I will win against my seniors.
I plan to feed at least one room.

‘I can do strange things that I can’t even imagine.’

Scale is different.
I think I know what it means for a senior to have a global standard.

Chi profit… !

Still, I have no intention of losing lightly.
Sora pours cooking oil into a pot.

‘Green onion and garlic. And red pepper powder.’

It will give you a richly flavored oil.
Pour the soup when the green onion is browned.

It is well made according to the recipe.
When it works out like that, I get nervous.

What kind of ramen does the senior make?
I glanced at the other side of the kitchen, two meters away.

Bubble Bubble!

All you see is a pot and a soup bag.
Other than that, there is nothing to call it material.


Ramen is also normal.
It is one of the national ramen with the lowest price and nothing special.

“Senpai, don’t put anything in it? Like kimchi or para.”
“Do I have to use a knife to deal with you?”

I was honestly nervous.
You may bring hand-made noodles or your own soup.

‘He treats me like a child.’

Just one ramen.
There are no extra ingredients whatsoever.
As if that was enough.

So it gets hotter
I wouldn’t even be angry if I dealt with it with all my strength.


Do the best you can.
I will press the big nose of the careless senior.

‘It was good.’

The color of the green onion is very brown.
The minced garlic is also well loosened and dissolved in the oil.

Soup over it.
And hot water.
It was found that green onion oil dissolves well only when the temperature is high.

This is because of numerous trials and errors.
I express my condolences to my classmates who are still lying in bed feeling sick.


Ramen is done.
Two types of bowls, five each, are laid out on the table.

“Black? White?”
“Who’s what?”
“We do not disclose it for fair screening!”

The evaluation is conducted under the leadership of Hyeri, the head of the club.
Five self-proclaimed tasteful members sit down.


From black.
One chopstick of ramen goes into your mouth.
Then, drink the soup whole bowl.

‘It’s really just ramen.’

Of course, you can adjust the amount of water.
But in the end, it’s just a simple yukgaejang.


If you do a comparison, you’ll know.
I thought you would know for sure when you eat the white bowl.

“This is… It’s dull.”
“The green onion is chewy.”
“Except for that, right?”


Suffer a crushing defeat of 0 to 5.

* * *

It is a dish that anyone can make.

‘Even people who can’t cook say this.’

I know how to cook ramen.
This is because the process of making it is so simple.

Do you pay money to buy something like that?
It’s also making them buy and eat several times the original price.

“Isn’t your tongue tasteless?”

That is the essence of the catering business.
Sora, unable to accept the fact, is furious.

A rare sight.
The club members are also surprised when he gets angry by hitting the desk with both hands.

“Is the white one from conch?”
“It looked like it, but…”
“Isn’t that just the way it looks?!”

I was furious.
It was a change of heart that was rare for the usual Sora.


Try eating it yourself.
Judging by the satisfied expression on his face, it seems that he has achieved the taste he was trying to produce.

“It’s delicious.”
“It’s ugly.”
“What you boiled is simple Yukgaejang!”
“You’re ugly.”

It was enough for Sora to stick out his mouth.
I can’t possibly concede to the outcome of the match.

‘Well, it’s true that it’s Yukgaejang.’

That is what is always handed out on military marches.
You can know what the happiness of 600 won is.

I just maximized it.
The restaurant industry is not an industry that makes delicious food.

“You’ll know when you eat it.”
“It’s just a meatball.”
“It’s just Yukgaejang or not.”

It’s a business that makes people buy it.
The time has come to realize the similar yet different differences.

Eat reluctantly.
What the hell does it taste like
Why did he lose to Yukgaejang?


Taste it.
After swallowing the noodles, Sora’s eyes widen wide.

“What do you think?”

It’s just like flipping your feet.
It’s the result of choosing them because they think they’re delicious.

‘I cheated a little.’

I asked Hyeri.
I want them to sample the black bowl that contains my ramen.

“But it tastes good.”
“What did you do? It didn’t seem like they put any special ingredients in the kitchen.”

The taste is strong.
And I wrote six chapters.
This is a very important point.

‘Because cup noodles are thin.’

Among them, it is particularly thin.
As long as the temperature is not too hot, you can drink it.

Thin side.
When you eat noodles, there is no choice but to have a lot of soup that comes with it.

What if you eat the spicy food first?
The food you eat after that feels bland.

This is a common strategy in cooking comics.
Of course, that alone does not guarantee victory.

“I lost because of the seasoning?”
“I also used green onion oil…”
“Then what are you doing? Mine tastes better.”

Added some seasoning before serving.
The food called ramen is a collection of MSG from the beginning.


Its identity.
Take it out
Sora’s expression was colored with shock.

“Three tablespoons of seasoning.”
“Is that the end?”
“That’s enough.”
“It’s against the rules!”
“It’s not some kind of Miwon, so how is it?”

Momoya Rayu.
Momoya Seabra.
And the one responsible for the hidden taste.

‘White balsamic vinegar.’

It is a surprisingly unknown fact.
Vinegar goes very well with ramen.

“It removes the nasty smell of ramen, and the acidity adds an accent.”
“I didn’t put in any real ingredients…”
“Are you done with the seasoning?”
“That’s enough.”

There is a famous Japanese ramen called Ichiran Ramen.
Going into the side menu is the acidity of Oscaran, that is vinegar.

It adds an irresistible charm to the greasy and spicy ramen.
Other seasonings are also included in the same context.

‘That’s what seasonings are for.’

The taste is easily doubled.
It’s much more than useless stuff and research.

“If it’s because it tastes strong… It’s not fair.”
“If you had eaten my ramen first, the results might have been different.”
‘That’s something you can say because you don’t know the restaurant business.”

Even if you go to Moro, you only need to go to Seoul.
It is an industry that makes money by making consumers buy and eat.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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