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Because I Live in the US 201

Because I Live in the US 201

Chapter 201 – Izakaya

These are two letters that excite people.

‘”When I come to the festival, I want to eat different food.”
“That’s right… I think I will.”
“And they don’t come on an empty stomach like they usually do at a restaurant.”

The same case cannot be applied.
In festivals, there is a festival-specific catering business.

‘Roughly two.’

Food you don’t normally eat.
And the strong taste tends to be preferred.

“Is that why you boiled yukgaejang?”
“Put in the seasoning.”

I can’t win the match.
Sora is still sitting with his cheeks inflated.

‘He has big breasts and big cheeks.’

Talent is overflowing with loaf of bread.
I guess I have to show it to convince them.


Seasonings I put in.
Take out the Momoya Rayu, Momoya Seabura, and balsamic vinegar.

“I don’t even know what the first two are.”
“You can roughly think of it as a Japanese Otto ○.”

It is a company that makes various seasonings.
However, it is different in terms of quality.

‘The magic that really makes it delicious just by adding it happens.’

Contains chili oil and fried garlic.
Seabura is pork fat floating in tonkotsu ramen.

Balsamic Vinegar is what I used when I made risotto.
It is aged for a long time and has an excellent savory taste.

“Isn’t it a foul? I’ve researched a lot of recipes and made them.”
“Finding a good seasoning is also an ability.”
“Dog fuck.”

So it is important to know a lot.
If you look at the globe, the country is less than the size of a thumb.

‘What’s inside is even better.’

It is heavily regulated.
Most of the people do not know about foreign information.

How wide the world is
This is one of the things every investor should know.

“Me too.”
“Can’t we eat too?”
“Please cook ramen, senior!”

Especially if you are a caterer.
By combining numerous cooking techniques, simple yet delicious dishes are extracted.

‘It takes a lot of work to make it at home.’

Customers, whether or not they put their heart into it, are satisfied with cheap and delicious food.

Bubble Bubble!

Boil ramen noodles with seasoning.
Since only seasoning is added, mass production is easy.

“So delicious!”
“Noodles are awesome!”
“Please, just one more bowl…”

Members gobble it up.
It’s like a cooking ○ flying dragon.
Like the abalone soup episode, the kids are anxious because they can’t eat it.

‘It’s delicious.’

Ramen is just one.
All it does is tempt you with its smell and make you eat it deliciously.

“Whether it’s green onion oil or something, that’s a social media sensibility.”
“As long as the consumer buys and eats any food, that’s it.”

Complete the Ramen Showdown.
Only Sora, who was upset, couldn’t surrender.

‘It’s not enough just to open a ramen shop.’

Just a college festival.
Balancing is simpler than twisting a child’s wrist.

But I can’t be satisfied with that much.
Even so, I am a serious person in the restaurant business.

“Are you going to sell this at the festival?”
“I’m in favor of selling this!”

It is basic.
It is not a bowl that can be satisfied with a little special ramen.

‘Is it time for me to do the basics?’

You can do more than that if you put your mind to it.
Even right now.

“I don’t have much time.”
“I already ordered everything with a snack shop-like item?”
“It’s delicious enough!”

Members’ opinions.
It’s not that I don’t know.
The festival starts tomorrow.

Time is running out for various preparations.
It is true that it can feel that way.

“You just need to change your nationality.”
“Did you finally decide to become a traitor?”

Japanese snack bar.
It’s an izakaya.

* * *

The largest club in the Department of Economics.


It was a term referring to ETSD.
No, that’s still true.

It is compulsory to join department clubs.
Hundreds of students enter the Department of Economics every year.

“Hey, don’t you guys hurry up?”
“I’m doing it.”
“The work is not progressing. Progress!”
“What if there is not enough staff?”
“Because there are few freshmen.”

Listen only and do not attend.
The number of de facto ghost members is increasing.

Because of last year’s Daedong Festival.
The aftermath of the incident at that time still has a lot of internal trauma.


Cha Yoo-jun, the club manager.
I can’t possibly forget that day.
For the first time, it was pushed out of the first place in sales.

It is a black history itself.
A division occurred within the club, and even a large number of people withdrew.

“I don’t have any kids to work with. Even if I call them, they won’t come.”
“They always followed me when I went on a trip.”

The cost of club activities has also been greatly reduced.
Since it is at the original half-cut level, there is no choice but to have an impact.

ETSD’s main activity.
This is because they are traveling here and there under the pretext of economic research.

‘Do these bastards come to the club to play?’

We can no longer manage our finances carelessly.
The proportion of funds covered by members’ expenses has increased.

That leads to withdrawal
Vicious circle.
There is only one way to break the chain.


Making sales in this Daedong Festival.
By beating the stock club, which is like a thorn in the eye.

Yoo-jun is not the only one who has vowed revenge.
Her girlfriend, Juha, is also sharpening her knife.

“Why did you know anything else?”
“They say they don’t have a snack bar!”
“What? Wasn’t it a snack bar?
“It must have turned over suddenly at the last minute. That bastard took the lead.”
“That idiot…”

Planted a spy in the stock club.
Juha’s friend gives her inside information.

‘I’m going to do something else this time.’

The fact that you run a snack bar.
Hearing that, Yujun was able to let go.

Because the limits are clear.
No matter how high the quality is, a snack bar is a snack bar.

『The complete collection of green onions from Korea University♪』
Seafood pancake 5,000 nyang
Cheese Kimchi Jeon 5,000 nyang
Beef Meat Jeon 5,000 Nyang
Seasoned golbaengi 10,000 nyang
Spicy oden soup 3,000 nyang
(Odentang service for orders over 10,000 won!)

They are pajeon houses.
Unlike last year, I decided not to follow.
Instead, they make full use of their strengths.

It still has many members.
The know-how acquired by winning first place in sales did not die.

ETSD’s No. 18 seafood pancake protects regular customers.
Odentang, which overlaps with the menu, is served as a service.

‘I planned to take the guest.’

All of those plans are distorted.
Because of Chan -wook, who wants to tear and kill.

“I’m doing Izakaya. I’m so ridiculous.”
“Is it an izakaya?”
“Izakaya do it?!”
“It’s a college festival here …, That makes sense?”

Suddenly, the plan was changed.
The efforts that have been done in the meantime may become a bubble.


It was a cultural shock.
The cube steak made by the stock club is.

Quality that can be sold in a restaurant.
But the price is only 5,000 won.


It is still a taste.
Apart from what you want to tear and kill it, you admit the taste.

If you have been recognized for the sales, you don’t use a trick.
I still don’t know what you did.

“What should I do? If you do something like Izakaya …”
“I can’t win?”
“There is no GG line.”

Unknown opponent.
Unable to imitate.
It is not unreasonable for club members to be scared.


Even when Yu -joon, a club, is not holding down.
Juha applauds and attracts the attention of the members.

‘I want to tear them and kill them more?’

The same is true for her to have her grudge.
Since last year’s Daedongje, everything surrounding you has changed.

The influence of ETSD has been reduced.
There are many kids who follow Hyeri and Sora in the department.

“Do you know that I only know that?”
“Something …,, Have it?”
“No, how do you overcome that monster!”

Myung -hoon, who is in charge of cooking, is bleeding.
I know that he is a Korean cooking technician.

‘He is different from students like us!’

You can see as much as you know.
The level of cooking is also different.

I will definitely do well.
They’ll be doing extraordinary things that they can’t even imitate.

‘No matter how good the baby is.’

Joo Ha does not know it.
I think there’s a good idea in cooking.

But other fields.
This you want to say now cannot be established without the material.

“Oh, yes …”
“I will sell high balls in Izakaya.”
“That’s right! You’re going to drink high ball!”

No, you can’t get it.
They will make it that way.

‘Do you have to have a santory to make a high ball?’

It is common sense.
I have been to Izakaya and asked.

〈 Brother, how do you make this? 〉
〈 Highball? I’m riding a tonic on a whiskey called Santori Gakubin. …〉

There is a necessary drink.
And it does not sell anywhere.

“I checked myself, but this is precious, so the mainstreams don’t deliver well.”
“Then you can’t make it in the first place.”
“No. I’ve seen it at me!”

It is impossible to purchase through mainstream.
In other words, the only way left is to live in the mart.

‘We can sweep it.’

While turning all nearby hypermarkets.
Then the guys cannot find it.

‘Alcohol’ is impossible to sell communication.
And the remaining time is only a day.

“If you don’t have alcohol, you can’t make a high ball.”
“These bastards changed the concept of the shop for nothing…”
“I’m going to fall for my tricks, ho ho!”

Supermarkets within reach.
By searching all over, the guys in the stock club make a fuss.

Remaining Suntory can be refunded.
Very leisurely after the festival.

‘Oh my god. That way…’

It’s his girlfriend, but it’s a really devilish idea.
Yujun’s face is filled with joy.

That’s how important it is.
Beating the guys.
And what turns ETSD into an economics department best club.

The club cannot end in one’s stand.
Take revenge on the stock club by any means and methods.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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