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Because I Live in the US 202

Because I Live in the US 202

Chapter 202 – Izakaya

This is a type of restaurant that you see a lot in Japan.

“It’s an izakaya! Let’s eat ramen!”

Recently, it is also common in Korea.
It is naturally selected as one of the restaurant options.

“Is it an izakaya?”
“What kind of izakaya is there…”
“It’s even run by students!”

But no one expects that at a college festival.
Because it is classified as a specialty restaurant.


It is being done.
It is really an izakaya with a red tent and Japanese lanterns.

The menu they serve seems to be the same.
The clerk puts the ramen on the customer’s table.

“Oh, is it really ramen?”
“I can smell the ramen!”
“Taste is important.”

Slurp~! The face of the customer who swallowed the noodles is bright.
Above all else, it is convincing evidence.


People who saw it.
When one or two people are drawn to an izakaya, a long line forms before you know it.

“Look. There’s nothing special.”
“Iknow, right.”
“How easy it is to make ramen.”
“It’s so easy that I feel guilty.”

A time when there was only one day.
Members ran around here and there and made it happen.

The exterior is decorated like an izakaya.
It’s a stall with that feeling, but customers are satisfied.

‘Taste too.’

It’s comparable to a tolerable izakaya, no, a ramen house.
At least in Korea, I’m sure that’s the case.

Even so, Sora sticks out his mouth.
In addition to not being able to concede to yesterday’s match.

“To be honest, it’s a scam.”
“What the hell?”
“They sell instant ramen as ramen!”

It is certainly not an easy dish to make.
That makes it possible.

‘Instant paper.’

If it’s a bag, that is.
All you have to do is boil it according to the cooking order written on the back.

“Eat deliciously and go!”
“It was so delicious!”
“Thank you.”
“What’s the secret? I don’t think you’re at the level of a student.”
“The secret is the secret.”
“As expected, restaurants have a lot of secrets…”

It provides guaranteed taste.
The customers leaving the restaurant deserve to exclaim in admiration.

‘Well, how about it, as long as it tastes good’;

It actually tastes good.
This is because Japanese instant ramen is of very high quality.

About 95% of ramen restaurants in Korea blow the stick.
If you put the garnish properly like this.

Widely! Widely! Widely!

Green onion and throat mushroom.
Bake until frozen and serve.
The seemingly perfect ramen is born.

“It seems so.”
“Isn’t that just what it looks like?”
“Does it taste like that?”
“Yeah, but…”

Sora doesn’t seem to like it.
As if I had cheated.

‘Where are the fouls in practice.’

The restaurant industry is a business that only makes money.
As long as the laws and regulations are carefully followed.

“Still, instant is a bit.”
“It’s okay to boil Shin Ramyun at Gimbap Heaven, can’t it?”

It’s actually something a lot of people do.
Many restaurants reprocess and sell ready-made food.

Some restaurants feel delicious.
I think some restaurants are insincere.

“If you, as a customer, ate this ramen, would you think it was bad?”
“It is delicious.”
“Do you want to eat?”
“I’m hungry.”

You feel betrayed.
Giving up betrayal is a daily routine.

‘In the end, all I need is taste.’

A chef might not think so.
But I am a manager from a private equity fund.

We pursue management efficiency to the limit.
And that efficiency also includes taste.


The noodles are using raw noodles properly.
Seasonings are used to add additional flavor.

That’s how ramen holds the center.
Other foods using industrial products also seem plausible.

『Korea University Izakaya』
Tonkotsu Ramen 7,000 won
Grilled cod roe 5,000 won
Oden nabe 10,000 won
Yaki Gyoza (Small/Large) 5,000 won

‘Izakaya’ is complete.
Since it is a food made from industrial products, the cooking method is simple.

Chi profit… !

Cod roe.
Simply bake and cut.

Chi profit… !

No need to cut

Bubble Bubble!

Oden Nabe.
It is the most troublesome because you have to add green onion, crown daisy, and red pepper.

“It’s just that oden soup has become oden nabe, but the price doubles.”
“It’s really easy to make money.”
“Easy? Do you really think it’s like that?”

It’s not that simple.
Still, they charge a higher price.
No one makes it an issue

‘That’s business.’

Because it is an izakaya.
The public is willing to pay for fantasies.

“It’s fake from one to ten.”
“I hate to admit it.”
“Your business skills are amazing.”

Without properly calculating understanding.
The restaurant industry is such a money-making industry.

‘Actually, there’s not much difference.’

Same effort.
It is human nature to earn more money if possible.

Develop a plan and put it into action.
It is the CEO’s ability to make it happen.

“The business is doing very well!
“Of course. It came from someone’s head.”
“But what about alcohol?”

Hyeri runs in panting and reports her achievements.
As soon as the business starts, customers flock to it and it is crowded.

Perfect as planned
Last year I focused on one steak, but this time I opened a proper restaurant.

‘A restaurant.’

An izakaya is not just a restaurant.
Rather, it can be said that the main thing is alcohol, not food.

The menu is just junk food.
This is a famous story in Korea.
If you go to an izakaya, you have to drink a highball.

“They say there’s no Suntory anywhere. I’ve been to all the hypermarkets.”
“Things like that happen, too.”
“What could be that! You have to sell highballs, Izakaya.”

The reason why it was adopted as the concept of the tavern.
Food is food, but izakaya are good for drinking.

‘Highballs sell a lot.’

Suntory’s Gakubin is especially famous.
Image marketing is very well done in Korea as well.

A cheap alcoholic beverage compared to shochu in Japan.
I didn’t know that they sold it with a 4x margin.

“Are the margins that high?”
“Wow, quadrupling is a bit…”
“I don’t have a conscience like you.”
“It can be seen as a successful example of high-end marketing.”

Buy it again
Why go overboard and buy food?
There is no such thing as someone else.

‘That’s a food business.’

The essence of the food industry.
It depends on how well you cheat.
No, if only guests are happy, it’s all things.

“I know that …, But Izakaya is also a high ball?”
“From 3 o’clock, I have to sell alcohol. What should I do?”

It is also necessary to do that.
Izakaya is definitely completed only when there is alcohol.

‘It is also the part of the mainstream.’

College festival.
Everyone comes to drink.
Only when the drink is missing.

“Are you okay.”
“It’s not okay. It’s 3 o’clock soon.”
“I’ll come soon.”

The concept of Izakaya may collapse.
Hye -ri’s worry is definitely right.

1. Use of business.
2. Maximization of margins
3. Premium marketing

It depends on how well you use these three things.
And the fourth hidden is right.


Suspicious parcel delivery accumulates in front of our booth.

“Lee Chan -wook ~!”
“Yes, it is folded.”
“Are you right? Please check.”

I made it.
There is a prejudice that alcohol is not delivered.

‘It is common sense of the front.’

If you are a food service official, you should identify the back.
Because the real margin comes out there.

* * *

It is a club that has been ranked No. 1 at the Korean University Festival every year.

“2 seafood pajeon!”
“One cheese kimchijeon!”
“Hey, when will you come out?”

The secret is in seafood pancake.
The know -how of recipes and cost savings left by seniors.

It is well received as a restaurant level.
Many regular customers have secured.

“I ate well.”
“It’s delicious students ~.”
“Thank you! Go carefully!”
“That should be Izaka?”
“Ah ~ I’ll go there.”

An ecosystem destroyer came in.
Following last year, this year, we are doing ridiculous things.

‘How do you!’

It’s not an alley.
It is a festival of students who come to a university.

The level cannot be high.
This is because they do not release a work like a cooking workshop.

“Did you go around?”
“The booth that is likely to be a competitor …”
“No! Only those cubs.”

It is also in Korea.
Hotel cooking and food and nutrition.
There is a department that is likely to cook well.

There are more clubs.
Students who stepped into the chef’s area.

‘It’s only weird.’

But business is different.
Cooking efficiency, won rate management and other.
If you don’t care, you can’t make a sales.

That’s why ETSD has been ranked first.
Selling moderately delicious food is never easy.

“Wow …, Line.”
“It’s already like that.”
“SNS is also loud. Last year, the cube steak sold was Izakaya.”

It sells really delicious food at a cheap price.
It is also with a luxurious concept called Izakaya.

‘Really crazy baby…’

I can’t imagine what I did.
Even if the scale is different.

Such an opponent.
It is impossible to win in a normal way.
Nevertheless, Yoo is convinced of their victory.

“They don’t drink!”
“Are you sure?”
“It’s 100%. If this is wrong, I’ll have to put an end to Ji Hye-ryeon who told me the wrong information.”

It’s because of alcohol.
Taverns are there to sell alcohol after all.
Customers also come to drink.

‘The margin remains the most.’

Her own girlfriend, her Juha, comes with her auspicious news.
The stock club kids couldn’t save Suntory after all.

Because they sold off the stock.
Izakayas that cannot sell highballs are gimbap without red beans and pickled radish, and taiyaki without red beans.

“Shall we do highball marketing?”
“I’ve prepared promotional banners and prints. Just install and spray.”
“As expected, my girlfriend!”

And they have
It makes customers who are disappointed with izakaya without highballs turn away.

Publicity will make the process easier.
She thought she could fire a flare of revenge.

“Wow, it’s an izakaya!”
“I heard they sell Suntory highballs too?”

There was no one who could stop it.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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