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Because I Live in the US 203

Because I Live in the US 203

Chapter 203 – The Flip Side of the Coin

It is a kind of cocktail that mixes whiskey with soda.


In other words, you can use a different whiskey.
But the customer wants Suntory Gakubin.

‘Because brand power is so powerful.’

Highball = Suntory.
Marketing is done
A restaurant business must meet the needs of its customers.

“Suntory Highball is here!”
“I want Suntory too!”
“Two drinks here too!”
“I ordered three Suntory highballs.”

So I bought it
A large quantity of Suntory whiskey has been airlifted so that even if you go to Moro, you can only go to Seoul.

“Isn’t it a scam?”
“Why are you overreacting like this? Like you’ve been scammed.”
“There’s someone who only cheats next to me.”

Sora doesn’t seem to like it.
Me, who has lived without a single lie, looking up to the sky.

『Suntory Royal』
『Suntory Old』
『Suntory Excellence』
『Suntory Special Reserve』
『Suntory Crest 12 Years』

“What is all this?”
“What is it, Suntory?”
“It’s a little strange Suntory!”

It’s definitely Suntory.
I’ve never lied

‘Someone might think it’s Chinese-made salty liquor.’

It is absolutely exquisite.
Japanese whiskey produced by Suntory Liquor Company.

“It’s kind of hard to say this.”
“It looks like it’s gone from the bottle.”

If there is a downside, it is that it is a little old.
Hyeri throws a pretty sharp point.

‘They don’t know that the old tube is a myeong-gwan.’

Especially in the world of whiskey.
There are many cases where the old one tastes much better.

“This Suntory Royal is the top lineup of Suntory Gakubin.”
“Is it so?”
“In the first place, Gakubin refers to a bottle that is angular like this.”

It’s not an official name, but it’s used that way in Japan.
Suntory Royal is the top lineup of Gakubin.

The actual taste is the same.
The fragrance is much richer, and it is soft without the unpleasant taste of alcohol.

‘Especially these spheres.’

This is a pre-1995 bottle.
Before foaming in Japanese whiskey.

Excellent quality stock was used.
Currently, there are 12 years of Yamazaki and 12 years of Hakushu, which cost 300,000 won per bottle.

“Do it at night? Do it at night too, I’ll come again!”
“Let’s continue.”
“Wow~ A real highball. It tastes better than the highballs I drank in Japan!”
“The highball is so good!”
“Haha, I will.”

Can’t be tasteless
Most of the customers who drank highball gave favorable reviews.

‘Suntory Gakubin, that’s Japanese shochu.’

In Korea, it has become meaningless high-end marketing.
I buy Japanese shochu with 4 times as much as I like.

“Now, who’s the impostor?”

If that’s the case, it’s better to be beaten by me.
We provide quality products at reasonable prices.

『Liquor Menu』
Suntory Highball 4,000 won
Johnny Black Highball 4,000 won
Sherbet soju 5,000 won
Asahi Super Dry 5,000 won

With emotion.
They sell alcoholic beverages like an izakaya.
They also offer two types of highballs.

“There’s something strange about this Johnnie Walker Black thing.”
“Why? What about this famous whiskey?”
“It’s like coming in a time machine.”
“Really old.”

Johnnie Walker is also an indispensable whiskey when it comes to highball.
Sales are number one in the world.

‘Johnnie Walker Black is a really good drink.’

The characteristics are different according to the year of production.
Production before the 1990s has a high reputation among drinkers.

He has been airlifting such precious whiskeys.
It is incomparable to regular gakubin highballs.

“”Irasshai Mash~!””
“Did the Medic open the door here?”

The food is delicious.
Drinks go well too.
Even the concept of the store is high-end, making it a city of prosperity.

As the club grew, the size of the booth widened.
Thanks to this, it can handle many guests.

“Brother, you’re going to run out of alcohol like this?”
“Are you okay.”
“Are you coming again?”

This is why the concept is different from last year.
To overcome the limitations of the narrow site, they sold cube steaks that can be carried around and eaten.

‘To become a full-fledged catering business, you have to sell seats.’

People call people
This is true both in real life and on the Internet.
Customers who ate deliciously will voluntarily advertise on social media.

“Well, I understand everything…”

Difference in class.
Sora felt it clearly.
If it was a snack bar, it wouldn’t have prospered to this extent.

‘Because you have to do the restaurant business yourself to be able to touch it.’

It is not something that can be known by sitting in the corner of a room and having tabletop discussions.
It would have been a good experience.

“How do you get alcohol by courier? That’s Yangju.”
“Right. Suspicious…”
“We didn’t do it even if we asked for it!”

The same goes for club members.
How this world works
I only know the front side of what is on TV or on the news.

“Just put it simply.”
“What is it?”
“We don’t want to bring too much weight! Especially beer!”
“It’s simply illegal.”

A coin has two sides.

* * *

Beyond imagination.

Gulp! Gulp!

A cool highball goes down my neck.
It is a drink that will surely soothe a tired body.


To the extent that you will be amazed without even realizing it.
Joo Ha secretly came to the stock club booth.

I thought the concept was 90%.
But let’s try it by ordering food and drink yourself.

“How is it?”
“How was it?”
“You don’t think it will last long, do you?”
“That, that’s…”

Return to ETSD’s booth.
The number of customers is less than during the day.

Because it was lost
I thought the highball would be a good fortune.

‘How can you say that!’

I want to curse myself as well.
They become me because of this and that’s why they perish.

I can’t.
The reality I experienced was beyond what I had imagined.

“Well, it was worth eating.”
“Ah~! Where did you get it from!”

The quality is better than most ramen shops.
Other side menus were nothing special.


Makes the drink go well.
The taste of the highball was even better than what they made.

A good thing for business.
The reality is that you just went and died and came back.

“I secretly watched… 」
“Did you just receive alcohol by courier?”
“I don’t think the alcohol you bought was the same.”

But it is not that there was no harvest.
She found out how to buy alcohol.

“You got your liquor delivered by courier?!”
“Wasn’t that okay?”
“That’s right. That’s for sure.”

A friend belongs to the stock club.
She’s half-blackmailed, pulling out inside information from her.

“I’m not sure”
「Namdaemun? They say they buy alcohol from Iran.”
“It seems to be delivered there as well.”

There is a lot of reward.
Search the internet for a few keywords.

[Alcoholic Gallery]
─Namdaemun still delivers these days?
My house is in Yeonhui-dong.
It’s too hot these days, so it’s too annoying to go to Namdaemun.
If I call the company and ask what I want to buy, will they do it?

└ There are places
└Sell by courier only if you leave your face open
└Is it illegal to sell alcohol by mail? Thief
└ㅇㅇ Send genuine products made in the basement

Approximate information is provided.
Apparently, a place called ‘Namdaemun’ delivers liquor.

“Then we were in vain.”
“My mom always says what to do with this because there’s a mountain of alcohol at home…”

A strategy that cornered Suntory Gakubin.
It had no effect.
I just bought and suffered.

It’s good for the members to be agitated.
I’ve been working so far, but there is no result.

‘No. It was meaningful.’

The head of the club, Yoo Jun, calmly analyzes the situation.
ETSD’s green onion collections are doing well enough.

This is because they are not competing with the same menu.
Overall, it ranks at the top of the list.

“The elders come to eat a lot of green onion.”
“It’s not like that.”
“Because I’m not going to an izakaya.”
“Since tomorrow there will be a lot of family-level guests…”

Even if the rich go bankrupt, the regulars reassure them that they will go on for three generations.
Pajeon is better suited to the tastes of the elderly.

‘I just need to attract more young people.’

Not even a lot.
You just have to turn around a little bit.
With just that much, they can get ahead.

A place to sit and eat.
It cannot be cut and sold like cube steak.

“Is that so?”
“Our booth is much wider.”
“In fact, there are customers who come to us because the line is long.”

The odds are good enough.
In order to regain the No. 1 spot in Daedong Festival sales, a very small opportunity is needed.

‘If we make and sell highballs of the same class.’

See the way
The information that his lovely girlfriend had suffered and found was meaningful.

“I heard that old liquor is delicious.”
“They say the price is cheaper.”
“Then let’s go to Namdaemun to find old liquor!”

Just close the gap a little bit.
To be honest, I’m not confident in the food competition.

‘It’s something like a highball.’

Highball can be made.
It’s a simple drink that you just need to add Suntory to tonic.

What if you use more delicious Suntory?
It’s easy to imagine that highballs would be delicious too.

“They keep ordering alcohol too. I guess they don’t have enough.”
“Shall I sweep again?”
“Good idea. Let’s go quickly!”

The icing on the cake if you make the other person stop buying alcohol.
If it’s an old drink, there won’t be much of it.

‘There wasn’t much Suntory I bought at the mart, after all.’

Yoo-jun smiles with a contemplative smile.
The unexpected eccentricity of the opponent became a blessing in disguise.

You can buy cheaper and better alcohol.
There is a way to regain No. 1 in sales.


Own car.
Take the Sorrento and head to Namdaemun with two members.

It was near Sungnyemun Gate, not far.
Enter right away as soon as you arrive.

“An underground mall?”
“Oh, that’s right. Here’s a picture.”
“Let’s go quickly and sweep everything we see!”

Preliminary research on the Internet has been completed.
All you have to do is go to the store and buy it.

『A family-like company of lovely brothers』

Just saw the sign.
Before Yoo-Jun mustered up the courage to speak to the shop owner.

“Have you come here to buy alcohol? It seems like this is your first time. Are you looking for something?”

I know you are welcome.
Approaching with a smile seems very spunky.

‘I was a bit nervous because it was my first visit.’

Shaped to come off easily.
Yujun and his party honestly told the merchant what they were looking for.

“Ah~ I see. Suntory! Suntory, yes.”
“There is?”
“Give me all that!”
“But a guest.”
“How long have you been looking for it?”

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Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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