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Because I Live in the US 204

Because I Live in the US 204

Chapter 204 – The Flip Side of the Coin

It is also famous as Namdun for lovers of drinking.

“It stands for Namdaemun Dungeon.”
“A dungeon?”
“What dungeon?”
“You’ll find out when you go.”

I came with Sora and Hyeri.
There is a need to see and choose alcohol, especially old alcohol.

‘So I have to be more careful.’

It’s not called a dungeon for nothing.
The location of the shopping district is unusual.

『Daedo Complex Underground Import Mall』

A bustling traditional market.
There is an unidentified passage that looks like a subway entrance.

First-time visitors are bound to be nervous.
Why are you there?

“It really looks like the entrance to a dungeon.”
“There are not many people. The atmosphere is eerie.”
“How many people live in Yangju?

The inside is also outdated.
There are also many empty stores.
I have a feeling that I can’t get in.

‘The scariest thing in a dungeon is not the atmosphere.’

If that was the only reason, it would be a joke.
There is a real reason why Namdaemun is scary.

『A family-like company of lovely brothers』

Just a monster.
Scared to enter, a man bursts out and speaks to him.

“It seems like you’re here for the first time. What are you looking for?”
“It’s true that it’s my first time…”
“I can help!”

It’s not the first time, but Sora is caught.
On the surface, it seems like a merchant with a friendly impression.

‘That’s why a lot of people are fooled.’

Uh? It’s a better place than you think.
Relaxed guests confide all of their money.

“We’re here for drinks.”
“Alcohol?! What kind of alcohol are you talking about?”
“They say that Suntory. Suntory.”
“Ah~! Suntory! There are a lot of people looking for it these days, hehe.”

Really first time.
He doesn’t even seem to know much about alcohol.
Now that the two things have been identified, all that remains is to be eaten.

‘It’s covered with dumplings.’

You can think of it as the mainstream version of Yongpal.
They overcharge people who don’t know how to drink.

Those who know it call it this with condolences to the victims.
The Baptism of Namdaemun Dungeon.

“Is it so?”
“If you come to our store, we can give it to you at a cheaper price.”
“Oh, really? Thanks!”
“Brother, give me a cheap price!”

It doesn’t have to be right.
So-ra and Hye-ri are made fun of very nicely.

‘It’s so pretty too.’

You will never be exposed to human malice.
Receiving service is a daily routine.

But this place is different.
They are people who sold their souls to the devil to make money.

“Stop rummaging around and get out of here.”
“Senior talk a little…”
“Ah, sorry.

Not human
You have to deal with monsters.
Don’t expect to see it from the front.

‘It’s the back side.’

The mindset itself is different from ours.
You can steal it, but why pay money to buy it?
Crime is a way of life.

Like that meme that circulates on the internet.
In real life, there are people who really live like that.

“It was a scam?”
“I thought he was a good older brother because he said he would give it cheap…”
“It’s like that in the original dungeon too. The naive guy gets hit first by example.”

The most vicious of them all
It’s not that I deleted my parents for nothing.

‘It’s a shop located at the most entrance.’

Aim for first-time guests.
If you look at it, it will come to steal money.

The so-called newbie hunter.
There is a reason why this place is called a dungeon.

“I found it! The liquor that senpai bought a lot.”

Of course, it’s not just the monsters in the dungeon.
Travelers have a reason to come.

‘Treasure box.’

Or a chance to win.
Naturally, there are many other shops in the underground mall.

I am looking around at one of them.
Sora grabs the hem of her clothes as if he has found something.

“No. This is most likely an off-flavor.”
“What is it?”
“The contents inside have been corrupted.”

Treasure chests can’t be easily scattered around.
There is only Diable ○ in the world like that.

‘A game of playing boxes.’

Should be suspicious
In fact, it could be a mimic disguised as a treasure chest.

“Look. The alcohol has evaporated a lot.”
“Oh, is it real?”
“It’s likely that this much evaporated from exposure to direct sunlight.”
“I see…”

Old Bottle.
Old liquor has a rarity.
At the same time, it carries risks.

‘Because the contents often have a taste.’

How to store Yangju.
There are surprisingly many people who don’t know.

Especially the old people were more like that.
Are you confused with wine storage?

“This? It didn’t evaporate much.”
“Not even that.”
“The label is very worn. It’s possible that it was stored lying down.”

Yangju should not be left lying down.
The high alcohol content dissolves the cork and may change the taste.

‘It’s not just one or two things to worry about.’

Even if you are not a newbie hunter, Namdaemun is a place where you have a high probability of using dumpangi.
Buying alcohol is very difficult.

Merchants never teach.
If you buy a bad bottle and give it to me, there’s nothing more grateful than that.

“Then this is…”
“Isn’t that what we live for?”
“This is right. Suntory Royal.”
“The production year is different.”

And that’s not all.
Even the same sake has distinct differences depending on the year it was produced.
The Suntory Royal 12 years caught by Sora.

‘Because it was produced after 2000.’

Rare undiluted liquid is not included.
In terms of taste, it lags behind.

“Brother, is this?”
“Oh, that’s good. Hyeri has eyes to see.”

Hyeri found a good bottle.
After that, the price will rise significantly.

『Suntory Royal 15 Years』

Produced after 1997, it is the top lineup of the existing Royal.
Yamazaki 15-year-old Sherry has a high reputation among Kimoltra drinkers.

“Senior, I found it too!”
“That’s not allowed.”
“Are you doing this on purpose?”
“Please don’t.”

Ingredients list on the back.
This is the version with the phrase containing Yamazaki removed.
This is the aftermath of the growing popularity of Yamazaki whiskey.

‘It’s also the gold version.’

When you touch the cork, it wobbles a little.
Seven out of ten are bad versions of taste.

You have to buy it while looking at various things.
It is not a warm neighborhood that can be refunded.

Seki -gu ○ Shota: The market is a kind of game that both sides!
Sekigu ○ Shota: Even if you sell bad things, the mistake of the mountain is big!

Japanese cartoons in the 90s.
Like the pronoun of ‘Mr. Sushi ○’.
This is a real reality in Namdaemun Liquor Market.

“It’s hard to cheat once.”
“That’s Yangju. Old Bottle.”
“Oh yes ~.”
“Interesting world.”

So dungeon.
The risk burden is definitely followed.
It is also a fun place with him.

‘It tastes like adventure.’

In addition to this place.
Pungmul Market is also worth seeing.
There is a small commercial area, so the phone is enough.

Wipe Namdaemun.
I need a lot of alcohol because the business is so good.

“What is your favorite Yangju? I think it’s very expensive.”
“Isn’t it over 1 million won?”
“Johnny Walker Black.”
“Is that not selling it? I know it’s not so expensive …”

Johnnie Walker Black also buys.
If women like Santori, men prefer Johnnie Walker.

‘It actually tastes better.’

This is between whiskey enthusiasts.
Start with Johnny Walker and return to Johnnie Walker.

“I will not choose.”
“No need.”

Johnnie Walker sold at the mart is not everything.
It is a drink that you can enjoy as much as you know.

Because the characteristics of each year are clear.
What I personally like is the 1990s bottle.

’43 degrees of black lid.’

The sherry content is high and the feet are clear.
The harmony between fruit and smokey is excellent.

Keymalt is also called La.
The quality of the stock solution is good.

“Is this right?”
“It’s not.”

In the late 1990s, life is not good.
At that time, the single malt boom occurs.

‘I haven’t used a good stock like La.’

Malt’s ratio has also been reduced.
If you drink, it is clear that the body feels light.

“But there are a lot of people who don’t like the pit.”
“What is Bangeumu?
“The lid is mixed with gold and black.”
“I’ll look for it!”

It is the most reputable bottle among lovers.
This is because the sherry content is high.

‘It is usually.’

Personal tastes are separate.
But the food business is a job that needs to be concerned about popularity.

Buy Ban Geumtu’s Johnnie Walker Black.
And when you wear it, you can live additional.

‘I will be more in the warehouse anyway.’

You can get it by courier.
I recognized that I was not Hogu, so I can’t smash it.

“After all, it’s illegal.”
“It’s a college festival.
“The original food business is like that.”

It is like intermediate ninja test.
It is not a crime unless you are caught.

‘The food business should not be blown in your hand.’

The naive mate is the first to suffer.
Namdaemun’s newbie hunter is charming.

That’s what business is.
Everyone else is doing everything, but if I don’t do it, I’m destined to be eaten.

“It was fun though.”
“There’s a lot of alcohol! I never knew there was so much alcohol in the world.”
“It’s probably only 1/1000 of the alcohol in the world.”
“Is that so?”

After exploring the dungeon, come out.
I proudly put five boxes of alcohol into the trunk.

Those that have undergone a rigorous examination.
Good loot is proof that you are an excellent adventurer.

‘Even so, there may be defective products.’

It has to be.
It will go through the process of tasting once before serving to customers.

“That makes it more fun.”
“It’s like throwing raw money away!”
“Even if you pick and choose like this, you will get a bang, but what about the kids who don’t pick?”

You will learn life lessons.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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