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Because I Live in the US 205

Because I Live in the US 205

Chapter 205 – Irasshaimase!

“It’s Suntory!”
“Wasn’t this Suntory?”

There is an uproar in an unexpected situation.

I bought a drink at Namdaemun.
They were obviously Suntory-branded ones.

『Suntory XO』
『Suntory VSOP』
『Suntory Royal』

The taste is different from what I imagined.
That’s on the bad side too.

“Customers say the highball is strange…”
“We’re weird too!”
“Is this really Suntory?”

Bad reviews from guests.
Yoo Jun understands.
I don’t think it tastes good even when I drink it myself.

‘It’s an old, precious drink, and you say it like that!’

The store owner said.
Obviously said so.
Back then, I liked it because I bought good alcohol cheaply.

〈 It’s around 40,000 won at a large supermarket, right? We won 35,000 won… , No, I’ll give you 32,000 won! Enjoy your meal students hehe.〉

They even cut him off because he was a student.
It took a while to pay with cash though.

‘Because that’s what they normally do in traditional markets.’

That’s why I comforted myself by saying that I was buying cheaply.
Looking back, even that was a trick.

Pretending to be cheap.
In fact, I can’t help but doubt that he passed on bad alcohol.

“I’ve seen this! Ji-hye sent me a picture!”
“Did they buy them too?”
“It looks like this, but it looks like it’s proper… Let’s sell this at least.”

The suspicion is only growing.
Still, I opened a bottle that said it tasted good.

‘What does it smell like?’

It smells strange.
Characteristics of Yangzhou.
It’s too intuitively unpleasant to think so.

“What is this?”
“I think this is also a joke.”
“This is definitely a good drink!”

He wasn’t the only one who thought so.
I don’t know how it is, but it’s the same alcohol, but the taste is different.

“What’s in this pottery?”
“I bought it because it’s pretty.”
“Tyutyutyyyy! It smells like iron!”

There are also some fancy drinks.
It’s in a pretty pottery, but the taste is just strange.


When I was living, I thought it was old and precious alcohol, so I had no doubts.
I didn’t know there were so many defective products.

I bought more than 10 boxes of alcohol.
Among them, less than 10% of useful ones are selected.

“What should I do with this? I can’t even sell it.”
“What should I do! I have to go and get a refund right away!”

Anger rises to the top of your head.
Yoo Jun and his team members drive to Namdaemun.

Will be closely followed.
I was planning to get a refund for all the drinks I used with dumplings.

“Since it’s a cash transaction, I don’t have a receipt, so how can I get a refund, sir?”

They greet you with a very friendly face.
With a 180 degree different expression from the morning.

“No, because I bought it here…”
“How are you going to prove that?”
“You bought it here, right! You sold it!!”

An unpleasant feeling like a snake crawling over me.
If he had known he was such a human being, he would never have bought it.

‘Does this bastard look at me like shit…’

Belated regret.
Even if I had already paid for everything and talked to them, they weren’t the kind of people who would listen.

“It seems like it was…”
“That’s right!”
“Why are you screaming, sir? It’s because we don’t know if the liquor the customer bought was from us. Could you show us the receipt?”
“I didn’t get a receipt!!”

It wasn’t just once or twice.
I had all of these things in mind even before I sold it in the first place.

‘Thanks to that, I got rid of all the malicious inventory hehe.’

You caught the hook properly.
He is handing over the bad liquor stored in the warehouse to this kind of hogu.

The victim is at fault.
If you are still young and don’t know the reason of the world, you just have to make them realize it.

“What’s the matter!”
“Is there a guy who acts like a rogue?”
“It’s too much to dare to do anything here.”

Merchants from nearby shops come.
The men who were moving things also stopped one by one.

‘Uh? Uh?’

Yujun and his friends.
I can’t help but be embarrassed
It’s not a situation to be careless with three adult men.

Their eyes are different from ordinary people.
A fear that has never been felt even strikes the Iljins who are breaking up a fight.


It reminds me of the island of angels.
If it’s inside this narrow underground shopping mall, no matter what happens, it won’t leak to the outside.

Thump! Thump!

The owner of Brother Firm approaches in front of the nervous Yu-Jun and the others.
He smiles and informs that the position has been reversed.

“Guest, are you okay?”

It was a dungeon.

* * *

Business is going well.

“Wow, it’s an izakaya!”
“I saw it on social media, and they said it was a restaurant over there.”

It’s so good that it’s embarrassing.
More guests are coming than yesterday, which was good enough.

「Kim Ji-min」
1 day ago.
#Korea University #Daedong Festival
[Korea University Izakaya photo.Jpg]
There is an interesting university pub.

“A cup of coffee”
1 day ago.
#Hankook University#Daedongje#Gyoikusan#Are you watching?
Where I used to sell cube steak last year!
I’m doing an izakaya this year
The level of students

「I know the taste of Junggye-dong well」
1 day ago.
#Korea University#Daedong Festival#Izakaya
[Korea University Izakaya Ramen.Jpg]
Is this the crazy restaurant?
It’s delicious haha

Because he became famous.
It is becoming a hot topic on social media.
The house from last year is on the verge again.

‘It comes with that much burden.’

Originally, if one prospered, the second would collapse.
Even if it’s because of expectations.

It is not easy to fulfill it.
But if you do it, it will be a bigger hit.

「Master of Taste」
1 day ago.
#Korea University#Daedong Festival#Izakaya
Cotton   ★★★☆☆
Garnish ★★★☆☆
Broth ★★★★★
I’ll give you a total of 4 points!
To be honest, I didn’t expect students to do it…
The noodles are like commercially available raw noodles.
Although the high name is at the level of imitation
It feels like the broth was brewed with great care.
It was a bowl that felt the sincerity of the Japanese cuisine club.

└Isn’t the evaluation too generous?
Master of taste− 20 years of experience as a gourmet, my tongue says that.
└ As expected, the master of taste! I ate it because it was nearby, but the students said one strand.
└ It’s a stock club…

2nd spread.
When it becomes a hot topic, influencers flock to it.
YouTubers, bloggers, and tweeters promote it on their own.

‘Yeah, it’s delicious.’

It also gets high marks in taste evaluation.
MSG, which has been imprinted since childhood, cannot be rejected by the brain.

The number of customers who visit SNS is increasing.
Although it is thriving in such a virtuous circle.

“Still, it’s not as crowded as last year.”
“I was my sincere steak then.”

Because of the menu.
Some guests are packing, but most of them wait for the table and eat.

No one wants to stand with ramen.
Compared to the cube steak, it is inevitably pushed out of the turn rate.

‘If you lose something, you can get it.’

It’s not all about selling business.
Hye -ri jumps with a surprised expression.

“I finished the first day after yesterday.”
“Did you try?”
“Sales are a bit …, Weird.”

Most of the university festival pubs, not just Korea University, are not left.

‘It’s good to see the deficit.’

I roll it up because of the free labor cost.
It is rare in such a university festival.

“The first day’s net profit was more than 10 million won.”
“I think sales were more than last year.”
“Was the OP margin high?”

Margins remain almost 70-80%.
There is no tax and no labor costs, so it is a net profit.

‘Thanks to the premium business.’

The image of Izakaya.
Guests pay more money.

Even if you sell the same, it remains more.
Food business is really important.

“It’s fun to see a little financial statement.”
“Because restaurants are a company.”
“Is there more operating profit from Gangnam Galbi House than KOSDAQ?”
“That’s a bit like that.”

In real companies.
As Sora says, it must be considered in the financial statements.

Operating margin.
If you buy a trillion won, you can see blood.

‘Even if the price of raw materials is shaken a little, it is smashed.’

It’s important to sell a lot, but it’s also important to leave.
It is a place where you can experience it.

“I can’t leave this in real business.”
“Yes. Labor costs …”
“So you have to make a hole to make money as much as possible.”

Real reality is also.
The front and back of the coin.
Food business is not a profitable business only in terms of appearance.

‘No matter how much you deny it.’

It definitely exists.
If you do not understand the existence of this back, you cannot see the entity of the company properly.

It would have been a bit of an opportunity.
It would have been beneficial to Sora and club members.

“There’s nothing left!”
“Oh really…”
“Who was raw because of anyone.”
“I bought me alone?!”

There was also a club that did not.
The next booth failed to manage inventory, causing a fight.

‘But the operating margin is low.’

Seafood pancake.
There’s nothing left to sell for 5,000 won.
It’s a good idea to sell alcohol.

Did you lose the blood like a mistake?
It is also understood that club members collapse.

“I was a strong competitor.”
“The next door looks like a competitor.”
“If you do this again, you’ll shoot. Do you know?”

The more people are flocking to our booth.
Then there are minor side effects.

‘Gyoiku statue.’

On the third day, the broadcasting shooting comes.
This program was taken by a person who was somewhat bad last year.

I can ignore it and pass it.
I thought so, but there is no place to take a picture from the broadcaster’s point of view.

“Are you going to give me another shot like last time?”
“I have to use it.”

The best way to float yourself is to increase your opponent.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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