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Because I Live in the US 206

Because I Live in the US 206

Chapter 206 – Irasshaimase!

This is the hottest trend in the broadcasting industry.

“Oh shoot!'”
“What broadcast is it?”
“It’s delicious TV. I’m watching that~”

Relevant programs are guaranteed viewer ratings.
‘Delicious TV’ is also one of the popular programs.

Kyoiku-san is the main MC.
He is moving his steps to a bar at Korea University.

“Hello! Bulgogi hot dog is delicious!”

A place that sells hot dogs and beer.
It is pushing its signature menu, Bulgogi Hot Dog, as its flagship product.

Bulgogi is a representative Korean dish.
Distortion of history was not a big deal if Kyoiku-san got caught.

“Because Bulgogi actually came from Japan.”
“From the word bulgogi, it’s just a translation of the Japanese food yakiniku.”

But the difference in knowledge.
No one could stop him from criticizing the taste for more than 20 years.


Tun Tun, who is in charge of the assistant MC, senses that the atmosphere is fighting.
The problem is that I can’t do anything about it.

He is only one performer.
What do you do when you don’t even have a career in entertainment?

“Bulgogi is based on sweet soy sauce, and this is the taste of Japanese soy sauce.”
“Ah, I think they taste similar.”
“It’s not quite the same.”

It’s best to hit it in moderation.
In a line that does not go against the planting of viewers.

‘The last time I saw it, the people’s sentiment was ruined.’

The community is getting really pissed off.
It might turn into a big deal someday.

But the present is the present.
As long as the ratings come out, Kyoiku-san’s position is solid.


You have to eat your heart out.
Find something else to avoid bringing up sensitive topics.


No matter what anyone says, it’s Korean food.
I don’t think anything Japanese food is that spicy.

“Wow, they sell delicious tteokbokki over there!”
“It’s tasteless food.”
“Tteokbokki is socially brainwashed to be delicious.”

Even that is subject to criticism.
As if he hates all Korean food.

‘No! It can’t be.’

There are just too many antis.
He is a well-rounded person in the restaurant industry.
I heard that he worked as a taste columnist for decades.

For the first time in Korea.
Such a great person would not say anything wrong.

“If you eat tteokbokki, you will continue to eat it.”
“It’s an addictive food.”
‘There is a point in sweet, spicy, salty and stimulating taste. That’s why it’s tasteless food!”
“We have to do business…”

No no
The students of the Latin club selling tteokbokki are in tears.

The situation is too big to be taken lightly.
Pedestrians are also watching the filming of the broadcast.

“They say tteokbokki is tasteless?”
“Well… I don’t like tteokbokki.”
“It’s what an expert says, so it must be true.”

My footsteps stop at the tteokbokki shop.
After leaving the Latin club, the filming team moves to another location.

‘Oh shit.’

Feeling like something is off.
But I can’t help it.
You are already on a boat.

Not talking is also unprofessional.
It might be good to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

『Korea University Izakaya』

Opportunity appears in front of such a tundun.
If this is the case, even this cold torque can be saved.

It looks like a restaurant with a long line.
Even Kyouiku-sensei, who likes Japan, will be satisfied.

“That’s definitely from Japan!”
“It would be nice if the teacher would evaluate Japanese food with a cool eye!”

Speak as pleasantly as possible.
I thought Kyoiku-sensei wouldn’t have offended her either.


Another meaning was hurt.
It’s not because of Ddun Ddun, it’s the restaurant in front of me that’s the problem.

『Korea University Equity Club』

I can’t possibly forget
That day a year ago, I tried to plunge myself into a pit.

That devilish bastard.
It may still be there, but one thing is for sure.

“Hmm! Hmm! As I said before, I’m picky about Japanese food.”
“You’re picky about Korean food, right?”
“Japanese food is more so.”

Object of resentment.
If you don’t step on it firmly, it won’t loosen up.
No, that was the story before that.

Kyoiku-san knows too.
There are malicious commenters on the Internet who use anonymity as a weapon and talk recklessly.

─Kyoikusan Special)
All food originates from Japan
Your taste is always right
Ignoring common food
What else?

└ I’m Japanese, so it could be
└ He’s good at making things like that haha
└ It is an undeniable fact that it is drawn on the Heian period mural amber painting engraved in the middle of the 8th century!
└ There’s also something called a guru. You were exposed at Korea University

They are ignorant people
It’s just teaching the hard truth, but they curse at it because it doesn’t suit their taste.

‘I have to enlighten you.’

It is necessary to do so.
That is his authority as a catering professional.

That’s the first step
What happened here at Korea University is brought back to square one.

“Sumimasen. No, please reserve two seats hmmmm!”

A language I haven’t heard in a long time.
I was so happy that my mother tongue came out.

‘Still, it seems to have basic skills.’

I was thinking of grabbing a bunch of pods.
Listening to Japanese softens my heart a little.


But it’s not a bad relationship that will go away like this.
Even now, when I think of that day, my teeth grind.

“I’m sorry, but we don’t have seats… So you have to stand in line.”
“I’ve been out filming.”
“There are a lot of customers who are waiting first, so bring them…”

As if you knew it
He watches the scuffle between himself and the entrance staff.

In the booth
I see the hateful guy smiling.

‘Konoya… ! Fucking us from the start.’

It is planned
If it’s that guy, he’ll stay like that.
At the moment when Pinto was about to return because he was hurt.

“Hey, get out of the way.”
“Aigoo~ Teachers! If you wait a moment, we’ll prepare a table for you right away.”
“Hmm! Hmm! One o’clock is busy for filming.”
“We can’t force you to move away, so hehe. If you’re a reputable teacher, you’ll understand, right?”

The face suddenly changes.
He has been doing a ‘favor’ to himself with a very upbeat attitude.

‘Was this bastard the one with a conscience?’

The attitude is quite different from last year.
Kyoiku also thinks with a slightly softened attitude.

Maybe you didn’t know.
He was a savage who didn’t know how great a person he was.

“That’s what you wait.”
“Oh, I’m coming out! You’ve been waiting for a long time!”
“Only 30 seconds …”
“It’s like delaying the development of a gourmet for 30 seconds.”
“Hmm! Hmm! What do you know.”

In fact, gourmet broadcasts have been successful in the last year.
Before that, it was definitely not a national star.

‘It’s finally looking at the topic.’

What kind of person you are.
He is not unknown so he is appearing on various broadcasts.

Many companies have advised.
Without confidence, the food industry will not roll.

“What is this house menu?”
“We are making ramen as the main.”
“Ramen ~? Ramen is a bit troubled.”

There is nothing to see.
No, we evaluate the first taste columnist in Korea.

‘How great this body is. I have to make it feel properly. ‘

Last year was too vigilant.
He is also a college festival pub.
It was hard to imagine that the student would have used ripening meat and Gyeongsan -woo.

Focusing was different.
It was because the goal was to broadcast a remark that could cut his competitor, Cheonjong Won.

“Ramen came out! As you can see, it’s Donkotsu Base.”
“Wow ~ It’s full! Teacher, but what is Donkotsu?”
“I don’t know that?”

It’s different now.
If you look at one dish, you can’t make a mistake.

‘I’m definitely not a student without skill.’

Of course, don’t be able to do it.
It is not unreasonable to make a mistake.
It has knowledge, not student level.


But his eclipse is his specialty.
This god’s tongue will catch all the minor tastes.

“Teacher! This tastes …”
“Did you catch something?”
“It’s delicious!”

He is in charge.
I don’t really want to wash my eyes and look for a gourmet.

‘I don’t have enough supporters, so my burden is increasing.’

Even though they are, dozens of staff, and the staff who edit it will be maintained thanks to themselves.
It is a pillar of this program.

Viewers come to see themselves.
To learn true gourmet.
The Kyoiku statue diligently moves the tongue of God.

“It may seem that way in the eyes of the general public.”
“If so, would it be lacking for the teacher?”
“Hmm! Hmm! It was not bad.”

And find it.
The secret hidden in this ramen.
It’s definitely not an ordinary recipe.

The broth is definitely a tonkatsu base.
But besides that, there is something in it.

“This rich taste is …, I wrote SeAA Bura.”
“That’s right! You’re noticing immediately!”
“What is SeAHura?”

The scaffolds, such as pigs, are boiled.
It is a very popular ingredient in Japan.

Not many people know the name in Korea.
If you write it, you have skills.

“And soy sauce …, Did you use Japanese soy sauce?”
“Big ~! I can’t deceive the tongue of Gyoiku.”
“No one can deceive the tongue of God.”

There are some other things.
Japanese soy sauce, liver garlic, and visible toppings are not enumerated.

‘It’s not tasted for commercial broth. Then we’ll be directly. ‘

Even if you look at the OP margin, that’s beneficial.
If it is a university festival, labor costs may not be thought of.

Most of all, your tongue says so.
It’s not that bland taste that is used for commercial use.

“This is pretty good ramen. For something sold in Korea.”
“Then sir!”
“It’s not comparable to Japan, its hometown, but I can say it’s good enough to eat.”

Students would have tried quite a lot.
I will admit it separately from the bad feelings of the past.

‘But I don’t want to float.’

Even if it’s ruined.
I won’t wait and see how this store succeeds.

“But it looks like you haven’t cooked enough pork bones.”
“Oh, that’s … That’s it.”
“So, I must have added Japanese soy sauce on a whim.

Embarrassed expressions are powerful.
Even if you stab it, it stabbed properly.

The guy who has written is good.
Lastly, it would be nice to say something nice.

“Any expert in the food service industry might not know that, but as a gourmet, that Gyoiku is unacceptable. I am inexperienced.”
“Sorry sir! What should I do?”
“Jeongjin, to devote again.”
“Ah~ Dedication? I will engrave it in my heart, sir!”

By exposing the identity of the restaurant in front of viewers.
Kyoiku stands up from his seat with a haughty expression.

A learned student sees him off.
It seemed that the broadcast was ending in such a heartwarming way.

“Word to give you a moment …”

The behind-the-scenes story will be revealed in this episode.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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