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Because I Live in the US 207

Because I Live in the US 207

Chapter 207 – Is Spring the Order?

Satisfactory shooting.
I don’t know how long.

‘Ignorant people believe only when they show it.’

It’s because there are people who are jealous of their abilities.
Spread all sorts of rumors.

Hiding on the internet.
Things that you can’t even squeak in front of yourself are very gourmet when you only have a keyboard.

『Delicious TV Episode 9』

That too is over now.
It is the moment to clean up the trivial troubles that occurred at last year’s Korea University Festival.

〈 This rich taste… , You wrote Seabura.〉
〈 And soy sauce… , Is it Japanese soy sauce?〉

There is a broadcast on TV.
He is embarrassed by the guy who gave him the big taffy, and he doesn’t know what to do.

He has his mouth open with a funny expression.
He was frozen by his sharp point.

‘This is the tongue of God.’

What if you decide and taste it?
You can see through all the flavors like Janggeum, who said that it tasted like hongsi because it tasted like hongsi.

It must feel like standing naked.
You must have clearly understood the subject.
You won’t be able to brag about it any longer.

〈 Devotion, to be diligent again.〉

The words are amazing too.
I thought that was the highlight of the broadcast.

〈 Teacher Kyoku who told me to work hard…〉
〈 By the way! 〉

There was after that
Kyoiku-san couldn’t help but be taken aback by the unexpected subtitle.

‘There was something like this?’

It wasn’t during the filming of the broadcast.
If that’s the case, it’s a scene he doesn’t know.

What kind of surprise is that?
Kyoiku-san’s expression hardened as he checked the screen.

Bubble Bubble!

It was the kitchen.
It revealed the process of how ramen is made.

‘No way.’

There is no way that your sense of taste is wrong.
Tonkotsu-based seabura ramen.

I’m sure of the honor of Korea’s first taste columnist.
Let’s take a closer look at the screen.


There was still
Scoop out a ladleful of seabura that has been released and put it in a bowl of ramen.

The color is slightly darker.
And the yellow light is clear traces of soy sauce and minced garlic.

‘Yeah, that’s right. What kind of person am I?’

There may be details that have gone awry.
It’s not Japanese soy sauce, but Korean soy sauce made similarly.

If you catch the pod with something like that, you won’t be alone.
In the eyes of Kyoiku-san, who was watching with a serious expression.

『New Touch Tonkotsu Ramen Sauce for Business』

Seeing what shouldn’t be seen
Although it is written in Japanese, it is read at a glance by the Japanese Kyoiku-san.

〈We borrow the power of instant because we are making a lot at the university festival. But I am so confident in the taste that even Mr. Kyoiku is satisfied.〉

Even the face of the hateful guy.


I thought there must be some scheme.
Even that will be revealed with the tongue of God.
The illusion was in the essentials.

[Viewer bulletin board]
─Are you an expert at not being able to distinguish between instants?
—I just opened my mouth because I was dumbfounded haha
─I also cook Shin Ramyun deliciously.
─I hope the program will be abolished at this opportunity.

Aftermath of broadcasting.
It did not take long for the fire to ignite the topic that had arisen.

—I just opened my mouth because I was dumbfounded haha
I’m not admiring
It was absurd

└ On the air, they praised the taste. Yes, yes.
└ The identity of a restaurant is instant…
└ Experts can’t even distinguish instant?
└ You can trust this program and watch it

Delicious TV is a program in which Kyoiku-san is the main host.
And the content of the program is gastronomy.

Viewers trust his tongue and watch it.
If the tongue has a taste, reliability will inevitably fall.

─I also cook Shin Ramyun deliciously.
Will Kyoiku-san praise me?

└ Yes it is possible
└You are the king of cooking starting today!
└ You won’t save rave reviews for grinding the chili peppers procured locally!

A sarcastic article is posted.
The viewer bulletin board deserves to explode.
It’s not a mistake that can be understood.

And it’s not yesterday or today.
Kyoiku-san had been building up his karma stack step by step.

─I hope the program will be abolished at this opportunity.
A nobleman whose name is an expert
I didn’t even do a preliminary investigation, so I’m always wrong
All food originates from Japan.

└ I felt uncomfortable too
└ Only those who don’t know what kind of person Kyoiku-san is, think he’s an expert haha
└ Cheon Jong-won can’t even follow his toes…
└Are you an expert? Fuck you

He brings up sensitive stories without hesitation.
Even those are facts that have not been confirmed.

It was an absurd thing for viewers.
An instant incident is about to become the fuse.

“It just exploded.”
“I was the one who wouldn’t last long anyway.”

The broadcasting team is also aware of the atmosphere.
They are the ones who have to know best.

Probability of long-term placement in fledgling programs.
It is because this bottom is less than 5% at most.

“Look at the programs Mr. Cheon Jong-won is doing. All of them have ratings that pierce the sky.”
“What is a rival? But I think of it as a rival.”

I had hope.
Recently, mukbang and cooking shows have become a trend among broadcasters.

But Chun Jong-won is busy.
It is impossible to make a public relations before money.

Chicken instead of pheasant.
I made a program with the idea that it would be okay if I hit a flat hit.

‘This bastard doesn’t even know how to manage the image of a broadcaster.’

PD Kim Yeon-chul of OBS Broadcasting Station.
He is the one who saved Kyouiku from falling into the abyss last year.

Even he can’t shield anymore.
No, it was time for him to make a stop loss.

“PD-nim, isn’t this a big deal?”
“The viewer bulletin board is completely blown up… Teacher, public opinion is not good though.”
“That’s why I sent it out.”

It is not an arbitrary decision on its own.
There is no place where public opinion of Kyoiku-san is not ugly.

‘No one likes what happened.’

Even within the filming team.
The editorial team also accepted this plan very willingly.

I was so excited that I made a video that was as Maci as possible.
This is not just a problem within the broadcasting company.

[Community reaction]
─The taste was finally blown haha
─Kyoikusan 〈〈 Examples of typical water rockets
─Kyoiku-san Facebook R Hwang.Jpg
─?: Instant actually came from Japan.

It wasn’t good in the community at all.
Younger viewers treat him on the same level as a cartoonist with a big nose.

─Kyoikusan 〈〈 Examples of typical water rockets
In the 90’s
Nobody starts alone when he doesn’t like a taste columnist
It’s the first in the industry, so I sucked
When I appeared in the broadcast, I didn’t know anything
The taste is not distinguished whether the taste is the tongue of the god or the tongue of the idiot.

└ Water rocket chic ~!
└ Oh, Latte won only 50m.
└ That’s funny that there was a food columnist, but I used it as a taste columnist.
└ It’s a gourmet that doesn’t taste taste. …

Of course, there are all people in the broadcasting industry.
No matter how unfavorable, there are people who go well.

Such people are popular with older people.
It cannot be ignored because it is the audience of the TV.

‘You don’t like anyone.’

There is no reason to bring it to the broadcaster.
You can use the stigma upside down.

It is best to hit it with the right opportunity.
It is not due to broadcasters, but Kyoiku’s personal fault.

“What, what?”
〈 I will end my torture agreement with you today.

And this is not a problem that will end with a cut.
Losing trust in the industry.

‘Why is the torture contract?’

Kyoiku’s main income.
It’s not a broadcast.
Advise food knowledge to companies and programs.

This is thanks to the creation of a business card as an expert.
High people can believe and leave work.

“I have done something so far, but if you suddenly notify you …”
〈 penalty is paid. Instead, don’t say that you have advised our company. 〉
“Wait a minute boss!”

It can be established because of trust.
The instant case was enough to destroy it.


Unemployed overnight.
No, all the experiences that have accumulated become zero and become a situation where you have to live a new life.

─ Gyoiku Sang is also an idiot, but the instant ramen house is also awesome.
[Korea University Izakaya SNS reaction.Jpg]
It was rumored to be a restaurant
It was Ko Kan Instant Ramen haha

└ YouTubers are acclaimed, but ㅅㅂ ㅋㅋ
└ Isn’t it a conscience?
└ I shouldn’t want college students to level…
└ It’s a university festival, so if you were a restaurant, it’s over

Of course, the palms are encountered.
There are some criticisms of Izakaya.

It can’t look good for the guests.
But there were also people with different perspectives.

‘You imitated the restaurant with an instant?’
‘Still, Kyoiku was a torture of our company. …’
‘How much can you pull out the cost rate?’

It was inevitable to be seen as a goose that lays golden eggs for them.

* * *

Daedongje for 3 days.
The operation of the pub was also successfully completed.

‘Well, it will be upset when the broadcast goes out.’

At that time, the festival was already over.
There are less than a few hours left.

The rest of the rest.
I didn’t have anything to do, so I tried to go home first.

“Older brother!!”

Just before going out of the booth.
Suddenly I hear a voice that calls me.

“Haeundae really received great help!”
“No. If you live, you can fight.”
“I’m sorry to see you!”

It was common.
If you meet at school as a affectionate junior, you will greet you first.

“How can I do that with my brother?”

He’s a no-nonsense guy.
I will definitely make Suhyeon a herbalist.

“Your girlfriend is hot.”
“He has a bit of a tough personality, haha.”
“I suffered for that.”

May have already made it.
They reconciled and seem to be getting along well.

‘Yes, it grows while fighting.’

I’m glad that my existence helped the two of them.

“Is that the end of your business?”
“I’m thinking of you. If you have time, please stop by our booth.”
“Ah, what bothers you?”
“There is a reason you must come!”

The reason why it came.
It was nothing.
I just thought it was polite.

‘A YouTuber?’

There was an interesting story.
It is said that a YouTuber came as a freshman to the Department of Social Welfare of Heunwoo.

Because I was so busy, I couldn’t participate in the festival.
On the third day, he seems to be helping with work.

“It’s our maid cafe. They say it’s cute.”
“Is she that pretty?”
“I don’t know if they’re pretty… They’re super cute! The best kids I’ve ever seen!”
“Soohyun must be sad.”
“I’m different from Suhyeon, so haha… Please keep it a secret.”

That’s a woman too.
It’s worth going to see if it’s okay enough to make you lose your mind.

‘Do you want to like a wealthy older brother?’

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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