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Because I Live in the US 208

Because I Live in the US 208

Chapter 208 – Is Spring the Order?

Department of Social Welfare, Korea University.

“Oh, it’s a maid cafe.”
“What the fuck?!”

I run a maid cafe.
They make full use of their major, which is service.

It is worth stopping the footsteps of passers-by.
It’s a place like a man’s romance.

“Is this K-Made?”
“My chest was trying to be magnificent.”

Of course, reality can’t be helped.
You must comply with the water level guidelines handed down from the student council.

Homemade maids, not in Japan.
Although I can’t see the level of exposure I expected.

“I hear there’s a spring here?”
“Is that spring?”
“I want to see the real thing!”
“I’m a big YouTube fan, really.”

There is something else.
This is because a special event occurred on the third day of the festival.


I doubt both eyes.
A cute creature that might have jumped out of an anime walks around.

“Wow, it’s spring!”
“It’s spring.”
“So cute!”
“Huh, I’m a bit cute~”

He is a large-scale YouTuber who is sensationally popular with people in their teens and twenties.

She is wearing a maid outfit.
She is seen shrugging her shoulders and being smug.

“The head is fucking small.”
“That’s why you say you want to bite me.”
“Are they the same person? What kind of dolls do they look like!”

It feels more endearing than hateful.
The secret to YouTuber Bom’s popularity.

It catches the attention of even those who don’t know.
People I know want to meet for sure.

“”Spring! Spring! Spring! Spring! Spring!””

The reason why the maid cafe is as crowded as the middle of Gwanghwamun.
It is difficult to even look inside the store.

『Maid Cafe♡』
Americano 5.0
Cafe Latte 6.0
Condensed Milk Latte 6.0
Iced Tea 5.0
Cheesecake 5.0
Honeybread 10.0
Apple Pie 6.0
Mint Choco Pie 7.0

Even expensive menus cannot separate her from her fans.
To see her, she generously opens her wallet.

“It’s spring.”
“It’s spring.”
“It’s spring!”
“It’s spring!”

To participate in an impromptu fan signing event.
Since only customers who use the maid cafe can do it, the shop is a great success.

Turnover is high thanks to people eager to eat and get autographs.
In a sense, an ideal profit structure is achieved.

“Is Bom-i Wassup?”
“Bom is coming!”

Since there are a lot of genuine fans, he is also familiar with buzzwords.
It’s a heartwarming sight that fans are satisfied with and the star himself is enjoying as well.

‘What is that crazy bitch?’

Others had a different point of view.

* * *

Of course it’s good if you know each other.

‘Networking is not important for nothing.’

The world has changed!
I don’t know such a story, so I can say it.

Capitalist society has long since become a class system.
Dragons cannot fly from a stream like their parents’ generation.

Those who have it tend to keep it.
It is networking that is used to strengthen it.

“Brother, over there, over there!”
“What the fuck, that’s a lot.”
“It’s okay! You can go in with me.”

It is the so-called eating among friends.
If they are me, there is no problem.

‘I guess he’s more famous than I thought?’

Spring tube.
I’ve never heard of it.
School lunches these days like that.

“Are you that famous?”
“We have over 3 million subscribers.”
“Hmm… Almost like a celebrity.”
“It’s on TV too?”

I can’t be interested in what the kids are doing.
But I am very interested in using it.

‘If you seduce a celebrity well, they’ll weave one after another.’

It is an investment fund that collects money from many people and manages it.

Bank tellers usually do business.
I explain it to my customers one by one.

Efficiency is low.
It is difficult to collect money in the right place at the right time because they are concentrated only on famous banks and rising markets.

“Welcome, Master!”
“We are doing a cafe with this concept.”
“The girls took it well.”
“Because the revenue distribution is different.”

A series of quirks.
If you collaborate with a celebrity, it can be easily solved.

Are celebrities investing?
Not only fans, but also the general public are interested.

“Hey, it’s fucking expensive.”
“Maid cafes are a bit…”
“There was a place that took a lot more than our booth.”

It is simple if you provide an incentive.
There is also a way to openly feed the back money.

‘But that’s unnatural.’

Efficiency is also halved.
Investing in the unknown is the law that comes out of trust.

People who know are good at convincing.
It’s good to shift responsibility and jump out when the need arises.

“So where is that YouTuber?”
“Is it spring?”
“There you are! You can tell when you see it.”

A single celebrity can manipulate multiple investors.
Influencers do not become important for nothing in the future financial market.


That could be the starting point.
School ties are one of the strongest personal connections along with regional and blood ties.

If you are looking for investors, it is worth taking seriously.
I was trying to build a good relationship.

“Is Bom-i Wassup?”
“Bom is coming!”

I see some strange creatures.
No, it’s a strange feeling that I’m experiencing for the first time in my life.

”What is that crazy bitch?’

Appearance is great.
It’s understandable that Heun-wu puts his girlfriend aside and says he’s cute.

Height in the early 160’s.
It’s true that he has a small head and a flawless figure.

“He’s springtime!”
“It’s spring.”
“It’s spring.”

There seems to be a place where it is inversely proportional.
To put it as politely as possible.

Heunwoo introduces himself.
The cafe business ended and it was free.

Because of her personal circumstances.
She’s a good kid, so she should go home early, she says.

‘Sibalyeon caught the concept like a fuck..’

Of course I know.
Just as celebrities differ from their broadcast appearances to their real appearances, there are many such cases with YouTubers.

I even openly grasp the concept.
For the sake of intimacy, I acted out a lesser-known character.

“It’s common.”
“Is he stupid?”
“It’s not some fucking anime character, you’re talking in the third person.”

Perhaps that is the case.
If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t do such a fucking thing.

‘Did you come in as a special screening?’

I would have said
I tried to please him as much as I could, but he was acting like a fuck.

I know you don’t usually talk like that.
Celebrities smoke cigarettes behind the scenes, and they do all that.

“No. I’m smart.”
“My friends and my brother told me I was smart.”
“Something like you?”
“You couldn’t have lied!”

Put on a sad face for the world.
They are waving their clenched fists and protesting.

Neighbors also withdrew.
His fan-sim is quite neat, so he respects her privacy.

My way of telling only the truth sometimes causes misunderstandings.’

There will be no reason to do concept quality.
He may be a child who is really lacking in everyday life.

“Your brother said something…”
“He talked a little harshly, but it’s strange. His way of talking.”
“Call me by my name in a cute way as usual.”
“The person’s name is Bom?”

Common mediation.
The tone of voice is originally like that.
The name was also a real name, not a stage name.

‘So Eom Jun-sik must be a human name.’

It’s something the world doesn’t know.
Unsurprisingly, it was my misunderstanding.

Child in front of you.
They open their eyes wide enough to protrude and give them unspoken pressure.

“It’s spring.”
“It’s spring!”
“You’re stupid.”
“It’s a prickly head.”
“It can’t be!”

It’s important from here.
She has a wall she needs to get over if she wants to build a good relationship with her.

‘Because trust doesn’t come from scratch.’

And money is not an easy thing to entrust.
You can rest assured with this person.

I think we can go higher.
You should become a life partner who thinks so.

“Ah~ Hyung-nim! It’s cute.”
“Are you proud of being a 20-year-old adult?”
“Not some kid.”

To do that, roll it down first.
The wide open eyes cause a pupil earthquake.

‘It looks like it’ll pop out if I hit the back of the head.’

I won’t be able to hit you
I have no choice but to blame my delicate sensitivity.

It seems that the child named Bom was also shocked.
She’s been messing around since earlier.

“I felt that way too.”

Gradually listen to the medicine.
Gaslighting is often used when attracting investment from the second generation of chaebol.

‘I want to meet someone who can change me.’

I’ve never suffered in my life
There are only flatterers all around.

A YouTuber wouldn’t be too wrong.
He succeeded with his smooth appearance.

I don’t think I should live like this.
I want to carve out my own life.

“University is full of smart people.”
“It’s a prestigious university after all.”
“I’m less smart.”

Maybe not.
It wasn’t without its own worries.

‘Was it a question of being smart or not?’

She seems to think so as her own person.
Actually, it’s not an uncommon problem.

A school where kids who come in 1st or 2nd place.
Being among smart kids is daunting.

Before being a YouTuber, I am a student.
It’s a way to feel competitive.

“Living is not living…”
“Is it that hard?”
“Don’t even talk, really.”

After that, he sighs.
It’s not stupid, it’s definitely stupid.

‘It’s a natural monument level idiot.’

Have a firm view of the world of your own.
It is understandable that he succeeded as a YouTuber.

How to deal with this child.
There is something I realized through a short conversation.

“Do you want to be smart?”
“Two words are nagging.”
“I’ll make you smarter.”
“Is your brother smart?”

Desire for recognition.
He seems to have a huge obsession with the fact that he’s smart.

You’ll have to hit that point.
Fooling a fool is easier than flipping the palm of your hand.

‘Because nothing looks smarter than making money from investments.’

It makes Bom a wise investor.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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