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Because I Live in the US 209

Because I Live in the US 209

Chapter 209 – Is the Order Spring?


[Personal Broadcasting Gallery]
─Review of Korea University Festival visit.Jpg
─I still can’t believe that Bom is a female college student.
─The head is really fucking small haha
─I will hold on until the day Bom becomes a woman

He is a popular YouTuber representing Korea.
He is also one of the oldest streamers in Korea.

─I still can’t believe that Bom is a female college student.
The Bom I knew was a high school girl
It seems like yesterday when we were hanging out…

└ I’ve been watching since I was in middle school.
Author− frame
└ No, you haven’t seen the legendary Tteokbokki girl?
└ Newbies like this also came in and Bom has been around for a long time ㅇㅅㅇ

It started when I was in middle school.
An acquaintance who recognized his talent forced him to do it.

It blooms.
He started out as a personal broadcaster, smoothly transitioned into a YouTuber, and is appearing on airwaves.

─I will hold on until the day Bom becomes a woman
Until the day you wear see-through and dance sexy

└That day will never come…
└ Rain of tears in spring haha
└ I can’t imagine that
└ I can’t imagine this clenching

As a fan, my heart becomes magnificent.
Watching her grow up, her fan base has become very strong.

In the future.
I was expecting her to grow through her middle school girl, her high school girl, and also as her college girl.

「Stocks」 Hawaii. Stock Master Genius Bom”_ Დ10,891 viewers

Shocking news arrives.
The job change began in an unexpected third direction.

─Sexy Bom sponsored by 1,000 won!
Is spring stock?

〈 I heard that stocks make you smarter!〉

− Hull
−Who cheated!
−Uh… , If bitten, you will see a lot of news

No one knows what it is
But the people who do it, the people who really know it are rare.

Because it’s notorious.
Adults say that life is a shortcut to disgrace.

─ Dongcheon-dong Ant sponsored by 1,000 won!
Don’t do that… I lost 10 million won and got out

〈 Hull.〉

The actual experience is also not good.
A person who wants to order a restaurant with bad reviews.

Such eccentric people sometimes exist.
Especially if someone triggered the gaslighting.

─Sponsored by Bompungdangdang for 1,000 won!
Stocks are for really smart people…

〈 Then I’m fine. I’m smart〉

−Do not light the fire!
−This is where even smart people lose money.
-Is that so?
-It’s spring…

I ate my heart right.
I even installed HTS on the desktop to see where I saw it.

Confused viewers.
However, spring did not start without any preparation.


I have a plan that seems like it.
Just then, the doorbell rings and the promised person arrives.

− A sneaky guest
−Are you an expert?
−I hate the person who seduced Bom haha
−Stocks are very difficult.
−Looks young for a professional
−There is a man in the spring house!
−Who are you really?
− Appearance of boyfriend
Loyalty jipginim has been forced out!

There was someone who was supposed to get advice.
This is a common occurrence in Internet broadcasting.

It’s just a union.
There are cases where celebrities are invited to raise the tension on the show.

〈 I am a senior at school.〉
〈I decided to learn from my seniors at school!〉

−Learning from an acquaintance is a ruined route haha
−To recommend stocks to Bom…
-But it’s a bit out of the blue

A person unheard of
It’s no wonder that viewers are perplexed.

It’s not a broadcast.
He is a large influencer with over 3 million YouTube subscribers.

〈Is your brother good at stocks?〉
〈 I just bought stock. 〉
〈Did you make money?〉
〈.1 billion won and came.〉
〈 Hull.〉

I can’t help but worry
I don’t understand why you want to learn stocks from that person.

Could it be that you are being scammed?
It was a natural reaction that viewers’ doubts sprouted.

* * *

It is true that it has a bad public reputation.

‘Especially in Korea.’

It is equivalent to gambling.
It is notorious for never touching it.

─Sponsored 5,000 won by Bomfrica!
Losing 100 million and teaching stocks?

“If you do, you may lose.”

-It’s too bold
−It must be a joke…
−Who are you really?
−Bom could lose money too.

The intestines are not good recently.
People who have lost money in stocks are common in the news.

‘Similarly to coins.’

Lost person heaven and earth.
If you see people like that around you, you deserve to be more scared.

─Craypas sponsored 1,000 won!
Don’t tempt Bom the wrong way

─Bom’s Foot Wiper sponsored 10,000 won!
Did you know that Bom is a broadcaster?

─Sponsored by Kang Bom Lee S2 for 1,000 won!
No, you have to earn money and teach me haha

A strong reaction from the audience was expected.
The fact that you won’t be welcome.

The only fool is spring.
It is impossible to gaslight even the viewers.

“I lost 100 million.”
“Sometimes you lose.”
“So you’re not smart, are you?”

People tend to ride the atmosphere.
Even the stupid child in front of me had a little bit of doubt.

‘This can be happen.’

Certainly stocks are risky.
It’s not something you do with half-hearted determination.
When everyone is shouting no.

─Welcome to Gambler’s Canyon!

It’s my job to say yes.
One hundred words are not enough.
There is nothing more certain than showing it yourself.

‘To come with 100 million won.’

That means you can earn more.
I came to understand the flow of the market today.

Fact News− 「Foreigners recover their fighting spirit… I bought 3.6 trillion domestic stocks and bonds in May.”
The Korea Times− “Pharmaceutical stocks shaken by Baekjegen’s clinical failure… “One after another, dominoes”」

Not too long ago, foreigners raised the index through bulk buying.
And water tends to flow from top to bottom.

‘It’s called a circular hawk.’

This is what happens when large amounts of money come in.
At first, the stock price of large corporations rises.

Because it is easy to manipulate the index.
However, it is not because I did not buy it based on the value of the company.

“Until a while ago, pharmaceutical stocks were attracting attention. Baekjezen.”
“Did you invest too?”
“Did I win 10 billion won?”

– Don’t believe it is spring!
−100 billion ㅇㅈ ㄹㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ
– Baekjezen is a scam
– What profit and loss are you ㅉ

Sand again.
I buy another stock with that money.
It also focuses on one sector.

‘Because the market is not rich in liquidity.’

The stock is basically a money.
It is not comparable to gambling.

If there are few stakes?
By reducing the number of plates, we try to increase the amount of money walking sugar.

Daily News – “President 韓”

Pharmaceuticals gained momentum in that way.
It makes people invest by floating all kinds of news.

‘The next thing that is mentioned is the construction.’

There are two conditions.
One, there is a great material.
Two, unexpectedness must follow.

─Sequeters sponsored 1,000 won!
It’s a construction market now, but the constructionist ?

“It may improve in the future.”
“I also like Minecraft.”

– Minecraft is ㅇㅈ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ
– It is a completely desperate construction game by rising interest rates
– What is the house price down too
-It’s spring…

Some stocks are receiving reputation.
There is a limit to climb.

‘There are some stocks that don’t.’

Typically pharmaceutical stock.
If the New Testament is successful, you can sweep the Nobel Prize.

It does not exist even if it is not that much.
Can be evaluated beyond the current value.

─ Foreigners have sold stocks!
─Institutions bought shares!

It moves.
In the morning field, the shaking of personal scared was long for a long time.

“ It was to gain momentum that I kneeled on the knees. “–Man Shin

The reason I lost 100 million.
According to the quote of all gods, it is just a preparation process.

─ Foreigners are crazy!
Double Kill!
Triple Kill!

When it becomes the afternoon, it changes.
He is killing the individual’s buying psychology.

All the scared individuals sell and sell.
Without knowing that it was a fear.

Buying amount │6,700,902,892 won
Evaluation profit │ + 200,506,974 KRW
Future Construction │143,629 shares │ + 2.99%

Eat it and raise it higher.
Raise the stock price quickly and increase rapidly.

Loss that has surpassed 100 million.
Beyond the work that has not been done, it has been shot to + 200 billion.

“This happens.”
“Hull ~.”

– ??
– No why is there so much money
– ㅁㅊ The purchase amount is 7 billion ㅎㄷㄷ
– I searched the green window and it was really up

Tomorrow will rise further.
So that individuals do not follow from the same issue.

‘I’ll make a gap.’

This sector has been watched for several weeks.
The timing is good and the atmosphere is reversed.

The chat window is also.
Change the thoughts of viewers who have only doubted.

─ Lavender sponsored 1,000 won!
It’s really salty to see the money changing in real time ?

─Zl John Bom is sponsored 100,000 won!
There was a reason why spring believes and follows… Sorry

─Snotes sponsored 10,000 won!
The maximum amount of Motu -chung is 500 million

Because there is undeniable evidence.
Of over 20,000 viewers.

‘There has to be someone who knows.’

The public tends to follow the trend.
Any doubts soon dissipated.

“It was easy money in the world.”
“That’s right.”
“I didn’t know it was this good!”
“You should know by now.”

Spring also becomes sincere.
If you show the sight of picking in billions in real time, anyone’s eyes will turn.

‘It looks interesting too.’

Just like the blue marble I used to do when I was young.
It’s just the mental age I see.

Stock risk.
If you don’t explain it, it’s easy to make it fun.

“I’d be very sad if I lost.”
“I’ll take care of you, so it’s okay.”
“Whoops, I only trust you.”

−Bom Lee bought the stock
− What a real expert
−Preface to Stock Master!
−Is it okay for stocks to do just that?

Dive into the world of stocks.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

미국 살 끄니까
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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