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Because I Live in the US 210

Because I Live in the US 210

Chapter 210 – Is Spring the Order?

It’s really simple to do.

‘To the point where I wondered why it was so complicated.’

Just buy it
And sell when the time is right.

End with that.
It’s a simple game that makes money as much as the profit.

『Future Construction』
KRW 40,250 ▲ KRW 200 (+0.49%)
[Graph that was taken down in the morning and rolled up.Jpg]

It’s easier to understand if you look at the chart.
All you have to do is buy it when the stock price is low and sell it when it is high.

“It was easy to lose money in the world.”
“Is that so?”
“That’s it!”

-It’s spring…
−I’m not touching the stock haha
−It’s scary to see them get off the moment they buy them
-I’m glad I did a little bit

In reality, of course, it is difficult.
Even if you know the future stock price trend.

‘Because it’s supposed to be shaken when an individual comes in.’

Eat fear
My heart shakes.
Buying and selling stocks is not what you imagined.

“If you really pay me back, I’ll order chicken for dinner.”
“Is it the price of pig’s feet now?”

Spring’s reaction is the same.
It seems a lot lighter than I thought.

‘I don’t know what he’s doing with a kid.’

A loss of 20,000 won.
When the price increases to 27,000 won, the world makes a face of regret.

This is the first time a customer has been shocked by such a small amount.
I want to punch you in the head

─10,000 Won sponsored by Bom’s Fan Club!
Bom who was scammed by investment

“Thank you so much for 10,000 won. But, but my pig’s feet are not coming back.”

−Spring should only eat grass
−Chicken became pork feet haha
−Stock 〈〈〈 Done
−Bom realized the fear of investing

But you have to be patient.
You shouldn’t wield violence against the child in front of you.

‘For now, it seems to be true that he is a really famous broadcaster.’

Even unbelievably.
I don’t know where Korea is going.

Something I don’t have to worry about.
The important thing is to achieve the purpose you came here for.

“Enough to break even.”
“Will the day come when I can eat pig’s feet with a smile?”
“You just have to trust your brother.”
“Can I trust my brother?”

It teaches you the good things about investing.
And it makes me completely trust and depend on me.

I look at you with suspicious eyes.
The fact that he lost money seems very unfair and resentful.

‘It’s normal to experience this kind of thing when investing.’

You said it would go up if you bought it?
But real investing is a roller coaster ride.

Bom does not seem to have the courage to endure it.
No, most investors are like that.

“As Trump comes out friendly to North Korea, there are signs that North Korea’s regulations will be eased, but when construction starts in North Korea, Mirae Construction is selected as the first beneficiary.”

−Bom doesn’t know what to do
−Oh… , It seems
−Why does construction start in North Korea?
−The spring that moves the trump to eat the chicken

Wall Street’s legendary investor.
Peter Lynch’s fund has returned over 2800% over 13 years.

Ironically, more than half of his clients lost money.
I couldn’t stand it when the fear came.

‘It’s stupid.’

You can think so.
But if you get stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, that’s what anyone will do.

When will the rescue team come?
They are willing to pay the fee if they can escape with a small loss.

“Everyone has the knowledge to make money with stocks. But not everyone has the courage.”- Peter Lynch

It is an individual investor.
This is why managing a fund is difficult.
Every once in a while, the funds try to escape.

Persuading is all work and money.
With a celebrity influencer, it’s easy to take the reins.

“The trading volume is now gaining momentum, and the institution has finished collecting, so it will be pumped up soon.”
“I told you not to put off pig trotters to eat today until tomorrow.”
“You can put it off for a day or so.”

Investors and ordinary people have different perspectives.
Investors’ fear comes from numbers, but ordinary people’s fear comes from emotion.

‘Isolation feeling that only I was fucked.’

Being locked up alone in a dark room is scary.
However, if there are two of them, the same situation is tolerable.

What if there are more people?
Feel no fear
In fact, nothing has changed.

─Kung Fu Panda King sponsors 10,000 won!
I also got bitten by Mirae Construction.

“I feel the pain of the same disease.”

-Is that so?
−Be smart and know that spring is the lion’s word!
−It’s hard when you bite into stocks…
−Aren’t you already done with Donero Chicken?

That is the reaction of ordinary investors.
Emotions in the head determine investment psychology.

‘I got bitten after I turned on the broadcast. It’s okay, I’ll come back.’

It relieves the feeling of isolation.
It also has the effect of restoring reason.
Do you think it will rise again after some time?

Gives that trust.
There is no way that a famous influencer bought it without thinking.

“Don’t trust you. Trust me. Trust the future construction I believe in.”
“Will Mirae Construction bring you pork feet?”

No no
Anyway, there is a need to learn that if you believe and wait, you can make money.

It’s about time.
3:30 is the time zone where a pleasant twist awaits.


Spring’s eyes widen.
It seems to come out more than when you put unspoken pressure on me.

Purchase amount ││994,800 won
Valuation profit/loss │ + 1,113 won
Mirae Construction│24 weeks│+0.11%

Because there has been a change in the stock price.
The same number was rapidly rolled up before, and the closing price settled at the highest point.

Write an expression that the direction has been decided.
This will lead to buying pressure even in after-hours trading.

“The pig’s feet are back!”
“You can even buy a delicious Coke! You can roll the treadmill with pleasure!”

−If you drank, you should exercise haha
−Spring is exciting
−The investment result is only one can of Coke?
−No, what is really going up?

After one night, you can eat dozens of more cans.
It would be impossible if you can’t stand the cola right now.

‘That’s why I need a fund.’

I need it as well
A fund is not just a means to raise money.

And influence.
This also leads to a substantial expansion of the operating fund.

Because in the financial industry, trust is money.
Leverage can be maximized.

“Are you excited about spring?”
“It’s exciting~.”
“Do you want to eat more profit?”
“I’m confident in what I eat. I wish I could eat stock too.”

Its footing.
No, you can become a business partner.
As long as the fund is doing well.

‘If it goes well, there will be no problem.’

I also like to eat.

* * *

Spring’s broadcast.

[Personal Broadcasting Gallery]
─The current situation of the mysterious stock master of Stranger Things.Jpg
─Look at the 7 billion motu
─Dear dogs, please explain this haha
—So, what is that senpai’s true identity?

It becomes a hot topic.
Because it’s a structure that has no choice but to do that.

─The current situation of the mysterious stock master of Stranger Things.Jpg
[Spring screen capture of Bom.Jpg]
Was a real master

└ Lee Wae-jin?
└ What account has 7 billion
└ No, that’s really your own money?
└ Korea University class

Because tens of thousands of viewers see it.
Its ripple effect is greater than that of public TV broadcasting.

It becomes a big issue in the community.
A large number of viewers are paying attention.

─Look at the 7 billion motu
1. Motu has a maximum limit of 500 million
2. For Motu, the front digit of the account is 7.
3. If it is the main work, the amount does not change in real time
It cannot be a simulated investment for the following reasons

└What if HTS itself is an advanced program?
└ I also wrote Bom, but the program ㅇㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
└ Then, does it make sense for a student to have 7 billion?
└Is it a dog chew spoon?

7 billion.
In the broadcast, it was passed because of the pleasant atmosphere.
The aura that makes spring’s unique thoughtless aura played a part.

It’s not a small situation to go through like that.
It is too much money for an individual, and even a person in their 20s to carry.

─Is it a true story of children who believe in 7 billion?
The securities company must have come to hit publicity.
Could it be that it’s all your money?

└If you are a senior who graduated and got a job in the financial sector, this is explained.
└ Then it’s a back advertisement, right?
└ Suspicion of Bom’s back advertisement
└ Isn’t this the most powerful?

Several stories emerge.
Starting with conspiracy theories, approval, criticism, and other possibilities are all possible.

Which one is correct
What is the purpose of appearing on the show?
Nothing can be ascertained right now.

─The current status of Mirae Construction, taken by senior Bom. Real
[Mirae Construction last 1 week chart.Jpg]
Really booming

└ With
└ㅁㅁ Large-cap stocks rise like some kind of dog stock
└ Why is that climbing?
└ When I heard it on the air, I wondered what bullshit it was…

One thing is certain, it is true.
Having 7 billion, and the future construction he said is rising.

The Korea Times− 「靑 “High-level inter-Korean talks to be held as soon as possible… Consultation with North Korea”」
Fact News− 「Trump “I have a good relationship with Kim Jong-un… I will make a great deal for the world”」

No, it becomes a huge topic.
On TV and in articles, news related to North Korea is pouring out every day.

It also affects people’s thoughts.
Recently, stocks related to North Korea are emerging as the main focus of the stock market.

-I think I found out who Bom-ie is…
[Spring screen capture of Bom.Jpg]
[119 stock talk profit and loss chart video capture.Jpg]
Voice and facial contour P&L subtraction and stitching

└ Who is the profit and loss account?
└ That person must be a very famous super ant?
└Otherwise, eat bitter gourd
└ A school senior who is suspiciously good at stocks haha

The ability to foresee it.
There can’t be many of them in Korea.

Numerous viewers take off their feet and look for it.
It was only a matter of time before his identity was revealed.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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