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Because I Live in the US 211

Because I Live in the US 211

Chapter 211 – Falling Water Effect

Spring’s broadcast.

─Pork feet thief Bom-i sponsored 10,000 won!
Currently, Mirae Construction’s pig’s feet are being copied.

“Chicken becomes a copy, and pork feet become a copy. There is no bonanza like this in the world.”

−Spring is exciting
−Ah, pork feet can be copied haha
− How many pig feet do you have now?
−This really rises

Spring is exciting.
This is because the stocks you bought recently are going up every day.

『Future Construction』
KRW 53,700 ▲ KRW 12,100 (+29.08%)
[Graph soaring in one week.Jpg]

-1 pig’s feet became +10 pig’s feet.
It is a strange thing that I have experienced for the first time in my life.

‘You can put off today’s jokbal until tomorrow!’

I realized the fun of investing.
I don’t know what investment is, but I knew that pig feet would increase.

“Huh, it’s so exciting. Today I’ll eat pork feet, tomorrow I’ll eat chicken, and the day after tomorrow I’ll eat tteokbokki.”

−Are you dancing?
−An exciting spring
−If you invested 100 million, how many pig feet would you have?
−They taught me top-notch information, but with pork feet…

It’s worth the dance.
But it wasn’t a situation that could end with excitement.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─There was a reason why profit and loss seats pushed Mirae Construction.
─Summary of reasons why Mirae Construction is the leader in North Korea.Txt
─Proof of profit and loss = Bom’s school senior
─Why didn’t Jeongeun shoot the missile? Haha

Because it’s part of the actual stock price.
For some people, it is more important than life.

─There was a reason why profit and loss seats pushed Mirae Construction.
[Construction stock sector share price.Jpg]
The fastest rise among construction stocks

└ It rose almost twice from the bottom by itself haha
└ He was the boss
└ㅅㅅ I bought JoongAng Construction
└ But why is Mirae Construction on the P&L pick?

For 1 million won, you can eat pork feet until your stomach bursts.
But what if it increases to 10 million, 100 million, and 1 billion?

Returns above labor income are also possible.
Among full-time investors aiming for and investing in it.

─Proof of profit and loss = Bom’s school senior
[Spring screen capture of Bom.Jpg]
[119 stock talk profit and loss chart video capture.Jpg]
Similar in voice
Match facial contour
※Source: Gangbanggael Investigation Team

└ Who is Bom?
└ I guess Bom doesn’t know haha
└ Oh Son Ik-jwa was a graduate of Korea University.
└ It is said to be served before serving.

There are people who are worshiped as divine beings.
You make money in a stock market that only goes down.

Even when everyone is saying no.
The identity of such a profit and loss account was revealed.
Even stocks he recently bought.

─Summary of reasons why Mirae Construction is the leader in North Korea.Txt
1. The first president was a supporter of President Kim
2. When President Kim promoted inter-Korean exchanges, 500 Tongilso were donated to North Korea.
3. Became a stepping stone for business in North Korea and won major orders such as the Mt. Geumgang Hotel and the Kaesong Industrial Complex
4. A series of projects are blocked by US sanctions against North Korea after nuclear development
5. Reopen if Trump lifts sanctions
6. The current president, who was an aide to President Kim, seems highly likely to succeed him.
Perhaps this is why P&L bought Mirae Construction.

└ Recommended with tears
└ If it was a profit and loss table, I think I would have said this…
└ㄹㅇ I gave you a cow, but he’ll do something for you
└ Even if you know this, you can’t buy it without it

It spreads rapidly around the community.
Of course, it’s not something you can trust silently.

Things that cost money.
There are not one or two people who trusted other people’s words and invested, but were disgraced.

[Event Discussion Room- Future Construction]
─Is this a P&L recommendation stock?
─I didn’t get on Ohsung Biologics, but…
─I bought it right away when I heard that it was bought by Profit and Loss Jwa.
─No, why is the stock price rising?

Rather, those who did not listen suffered losses.
The stocks recommended by P&L eventually rose.

─No, why is the stock price rising?
[(Breaking news) Mirae Construction, 1Q operating profit of 218.4 billion… Year-over-year 10%↓.News]
When is the construction market going down?
I’m digging, so I guess it’s climbing like a ghost

└ Shelf Reflection
└ That’s why you can’t make money.
└ I heard that the profit and loss account bought it, then I should buy it
Author− What is the profit and loss balance?

A situation that does not make sense.
However, I believe it because the profit and loss account bought it.

The same goes for information floating around the market.
Humans are creatures that believe what they want to believe.

Korea Newspaper− 「”Trump wants a ‘win-win’ solution to the North Korean nuclear issue within his first term in office'”

Correspondingly, articles are pouring in.
With content that makes the goddess of luck smile.

─As expected, profit and loss!
[News article capture.News]
I was looking to buy this.
The U.S. Can only lift sanctions on North Korea.
If the President of the United States shows sincerity, it cannot be done.

└ Even though he has a dirty personality, he has a great momentum ^^
└ Criticism 5.5 strong
└ There are times when Trump looks pretty
└ If you doubt profit and loss, do not stock!

Good news article.
It gets stuck in the main green window.
The stock price breaks through the 52-week high.

It’s an exciting situation for investors.
This is because the stock price can rise further if it really succeeds.

Fact News− 「Japan, “The abduction issue must be resolved” In response to Trump’s remarks on economic aid to North Korea」

There can be no difficulties.
The North Korean issue is very sensitive.
It is also the biggest topic in the political world in Japan, a neighboring country.

─Why are the side-haired bastards such a sucker?
[News article capture.News]
Why are you meddling in other people’s affairs and making a fuss?

└ Tear up Judy
└ They still think they are a colony.
└It must be because of Abe. What made Abe a star politician is the issue of Japanese abductions in North Korea, so he seems to be quite obsessed…
└ Ignore the short-haired bastards!

Japan is an ally of the United States and the third largest economy in the world.
They also want to be a party to inter-Korean issues.

Political interests.
As Japan puts pressure on the United States, the North American talks are clouded over.

─No, why is it pouring all of a sudden?
─Your brother said construction stocks were over? Lol
-Do not hold this?
– Mr. Son Ik-sama has it!

It also affects stock prices.
Stocks that rise with expectations collapse when expectations are broken.

─Hamm said construction stocks are over? Lol
Sell it now
After cutting it in half, don’t cry and vomit ^^

└ Go if you sell it, baby
└ It’s right to sell when you see a construction game
└ Do you know better than P&L?
Written− Ahhh, is that bastard a god? Can you anticipate Japan’s reaction?

That fear.
It’s not something that can be endured soberly.
This is why it is ideal to try to sell stocks at a high point.

Many shareholders shed tears and lost money.
It was a situation where even a strong heart had no choice but to be shaken.

Fact News− 「President of the Republic of Korea “Confident that the North American talks will be held properly”」

Just in time, a new article comes to mind.
This time, there was a reaction from the Korean side.

The important thing is an unbreakable heart!
As if to say, the president pushes very strongly.

『Future Construction』
KRW 61,500 ▲ KRW 19,900 (+47.08%)
[Graph climbing while riding a roller coaster.Jpg]

The stock price, which had been riding a roller coaster, is heading again.
High in the sky with anticipation.

─The President is going to Washington on Tuesday!
[News article capture.News]
We need to tell Trump about the importance of the North American summit.
I believe that the President’s will is strong, so it will be successful!

└Ahmyo, you are the one who will stay
└ Did Son Ik-jwa believe in the President?
└The president is very interested in North Korean issues^^
└Is it you again? The best GOAT in history

Fly towards the peak

* * *

Circular hawk.
It is a process of price manipulation.

‘Actually, it doesn’t mean much.’

Individuals watch news and stock prices.
Forces see the flow of money moving.

Downtrend a while ago.
They are buying stocks without even realizing that they are afraid.

“I think so.”
“I’m hesitant to buy some stock…”

Sora’s house.
Sora, sitting in front of the monitor, puts on a bewildered expression.

Since then, I’ve been working hard.
There are many things I have learned in the past year.

‘That’s not necessarily a good thing, though.’

Beginner’s Luck is not there for nothing.
Whether it’s porridge or rice, try it first.

So, the result comes out.
But the more you know the horrors of the stock market.

“There’s been a lot of bad news lately.”
“Foreigners keep selling their products…”

The hand does not go up to the purchase button.
It’s like it’s hard to go near a fire after being burned once.

‘It’s a transitional base that every investor must experience.’

Fear is natural.
You can see that you have grown just by recognizing it.

A mountain to climb at the same time.
A treasure chest of opportunity is also hidden within that fear.

“He said he wanted to make money through trading.”
“It’s time to experience it slowly.”

Fire is definitely scary.
However, it is not fatal enough to cause immediate burns.

‘How can I do something like a fire show?’

Same here.
Rising stocks and falling markets are certainly dangerous, but they do not collapse in an instant.

If you can look at the flow of the market.
Those who have mastered the basics are worthy of moving to the next level.

“Eat the profit allowed by the market.”

That’s how full-time investors make money.
If done poorly, it is a shortcut to disgrace.

‘If I do well, I can reliably raise my investment principal.’

Are stocks stable?
It is the skill of the investor to establish the contradiction.

“Do you buy stocks that have gone up less?”
“Or buy when the stock price adjusts…”

Circulation is a market where one sector is bullish.
And within that one sector.

‘There are numerous stocks.’

Characteristics of the Korean stock market.
It’s just that there are a lot of dog owners.

You need to know how to use that feature.
Water flows from top to bottom

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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