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Because I Live in the US 212

Because I Live in the US 212

Chapter 212 – Falling Water Effect

Dripping water effect.
It means pouring water on top of a layered cup.

Water goes down from the top cup and down again.
There are some differences though.

‘All the cups will contain water.’

What the old man is saying
It’s not that Sora doesn’t understand.

『Construction Sector』
Osung Mulsan KRW 122,000 +2.20%
Mirae Construction KRW 61,500 +5.09%
KS E&C KRW 37,700 +3.25%
Ohsung Engineering KRW 17,300 +1.12%
JoongAng Construction KRW 5,980 +4.76%
Mirae Industrial Development 46,900 won −+0.73%

One sector.
There are numerous stocks.
The cup that exists on the top floor of the two.

‘It’s called future construction.’

It’s called the lord
When that large stock rises, the rest of the stocks also benefit.

As if the water that had gone down had filled the cup downstairs.
And there was a cup under it too.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─You idiots from Seowoo Engineering & Construction
─The bungee is begging to be raised.
─Today’s Yeombli.Jpg
─You Hands coming soon…

That’s right, dog owners.
Searching the community, I see related stories.

─You idiots from Seowoo Engineering & Construction
The president is an alumni of the president
Be sure to take care of the orders
My brother said buy it

└You’re new
└ Hyung said ㅇㅇㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
└ㅇㅇ I think it will give you a shooting angle
└ Jung Eun-yi hates the president?

This is the place.
Investors who trade optimized for the director can easily be found.

It’s like gambling.
If it were my old self, I would have been frightened.


There is a principle of movement.
Acquisition of forces, public interest, shareholder loyalty, etc.

It’s far more intuitive than that.
I can understand why the senior said it was stable.

─You Hands coming soon…
The largest ready-mixed concrete company in Chuncheon, Gangwon-do
After unification, cement is poured into the Kaesong Industrial Complex

└ That must be your hope haha
└ Oh, I didn’t think of ready-mixed concrete
└Hasn’t he shot yet?
└ This bastard shot once last month for a theme stock

The price has not yet erupted
This is a stock price that is not much different from before the strong performance of construction stocks.

‘Even if the strength of construction stocks declines at this level.’

A price point where you can’t afford to lose at least.
There is little risk.
Returns may be more than just large caps.

Tak, Tak!

It’s a gamble worth taking.
Looking at the community posts, I find myself fascinated by it.

‘For a moment.’

But why?
Sora, who was about to put his hand on the purchase button, comforted himself.

If it was a really good stock, it would have been on the rise long ago.
There’s a reason it didn’t go up.

Dripping water effect.
Even if water drips from above, it does not reach all cups.
『Notes related to North Korea』
Dusco 7,060 won +3.30%
Qstech 4,190 won +20.61%
Cornas 1605 won +2.50%
Red Cross KRW 225,000 +2.01%
Monanti 7,350 won +5.70%
Limited company 5980 won +1,01%

In fact, it is.
Some cups fill quickly, while others are less than half full.

‘I can’t say it’s always going up.’

The trickle-down effect is never fair.
Perhaps the same applies to stocks.


That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy anything.
The senior did not teach me the correct answer and went back.

‘I don’t even want to hear it.’

It has suffered two major downturns.
Thanks to this, I have a quick grasp of the latest market situation.

The same goes for the construction sector.
I found out about it naturally because I was interested in the news.

Tak, Tak!

I will think about it myself.
Among the many cups, find the one with the most water.

-Joo Gallumdra, write down the category of Sang-Chi tomorrow
Write down the words that Daebukju did not go up ㅗㅗㅗ

└ Seowoo Construction
└ 100,000 U-Hens go…
└ Dusco, Custech, Cornas, Red Cross, Monanti, Limited Corporation
└Aunty buy a tool lady

First of all, research.
It is said that the Korean stock market has 5 to 10 times more listed stocks than Germany and Switzerland, which have the same size.

It is impossible to figure it out individually.
The result of research with the power of the community.

‘Road safety facilities? Drug support? There’s everything.’

It’s not just builders.
When inter-Korean relations improve again, there are companies that will benefit.

─If you want to see the real big picture, collect custek.
What do you think you will do when unified?
Road name?
It’s ‘removal of landmines’
If you don’t clear the minefields of the DMZ, nothing will start.
Acquire Q-Stech, the biggest beneficiary of North-South reunification ㅇㅇ

└ Unification ^^ㅣHow far can you go haha
└ Happiness Circuit Burned?
└ Real man
└ Landmines are still floating in the rainy season, but there is a lot of work

In an unimaginable way.
As always, the head of the bureau was not normal.

Kaesong Industrial Complex, Kumgangsan Hotel resident company.
Producers of goods to support North Korea.
Owns real estate close to North Korea.

‘Are they really crazy?’

There are also things like a creativity boss.
Somehow, the forces posted the news in a fitting way.

Find a needle in the sand.
It’s also difficult to find decent stocks that haven’t bubbled up.

Tak, Tak!

Rather good.
Finding stocks that are worthwhile is an area of ​​confidence.

‘There is not much liquidity in the market right now.’

Water does not flow indefinitely.
It will flow into a place where it can pool.

Conditions for supply and demand congestion.
I use what I learned while trading the KOSPI over the past year.

1. Volume
2. Chart of the past year
3. Materials that may be in short supply

‘The stocks that the community talks about…’

It is lumpy.
Indeed, landmine clearing may be in the limelight, but it doesn’t seem urgent right now.

What you need to build.
What Sora paid attention to was the construction material.

─Any black cows who don’t know how to run building materials after construction? Haha
If you don’t know, fold the stock.

└ It’s not common sense haha
└ UHENZ full purchase
└ I already went up?
Author− You are full now, so don’t eat tomorrow haha

Most persuasive.
It is not like a mine, support, and real estate.

‘I think there is a side where the stock price is linked.’

Past charts.
비교를 해보니 사실이었다.
The words from the community may be caused by experience.

Tak, Tak!

소라는 건자재 기업들을 찾아본다.
Among them, the ready -mixed concrete is the most likely.

시멘트를 옮겨야 하기 때문.
It is more likely that companies that transfer more than companies that produce cement will benefit.

‘유헨즈도 레미콘 기업이지만.’

시가총액이 너무 낮다.
거래량도 활발하지 못하다.
The probability that the water flowing from above cannot reach.

『Limited Company』
6,150원 ▲5980원 +60원 (+1.01%)
[건설주에 비해 덜 오른 그래프.Jpg]

소라는 유한기업을 주목하고 있다.
The trading volume is the most active among ready -mixed concrete companies.

‘The company is fine and the dividends are not bad.’

댓글에 달린 10개가 넘는 기업들.
This is the conclusion that came out after analyzing one by one.

경영 상태가 괜찮다.
주가도 크게 오르지 않았다.
주식을 사도 불안하지 않을 것이다.

─Buy orders have been placed!

Starting today, we will buy a division.
And the conclusions they investigated.

‘Shall we put it up with a video?’

Sora is steadily doing YouTube.
Money is also money, but it is great to study.

When you make a video, you realize the part you didn’t know.
말에도 책임감이 생긴다.


Stocks are forced to do more.
If it’s wrong, there will be people to blame it.

그 중압감을 경험해보고 싶다.
There will be something to realize that it is killed.

‘매매도, 영상도 성공시켜 봐야지.’

Let’s achieve the profits allowed in the market.

* * *

Dating Raiding.
The point is to grasp the pattern and eat.

‘The stock market is in the end.’

It is a place where a person’s psychology encounters.
And a person repeats similar patterns.

“History is not repeated, but the flow is repeated” – Mark twain

Usually used to read a big picture.
It is to expect the trend of the stock market.

But also in small pictures.
You can reduce your risks and sell your chances of increasing probability.

‘On the premise that you are not greedy.’

The pattern is only an error in the process of controlling the market.
Combo for martial arts games.

It is unknown to what attack next time to attack.
K.O will be immersed in prediction.

Investment is easy and difficult.
It is the most difficult to eat properly.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Is to buy Seowoo E & C
─ If you are Kim Jong -un, would you like to communicate?
─Please look at construction stocks in the past
─ If our president is strong,

When the market is full of joy, it’s hard to look around.

─Is to buy Seowoo E & C
Do not wash the food at the future construction high

└ Oh, you shouldn’t wash the dishes
└ I’m staring at dried materials
└ The state is okay
└ You can wait soon. …

The same is true for someone who knows it.
It is easy to fall into the illusion of being different.

‘There is a reason for cheap stock prices.’

Relative evaluation.
I think it’s undervalued because it’s cheaper than the captain of the sector.

He is investing wise.
The decision is slow because you do not doubt yourself.

─ If you are Kim Jong -un, would you like to communicate?
He is from Switzerland
If communism
In China, it is supposed to be reformed and open unconditionally.

└ ㄹㅇ
└ Young leader, but it seems to be different
└ Like China, there is a high probability of opening half
└ It’s completely young. It’s MZ?

It also makes the situation around it.
Information is pouring out into the market.
It suits your taste.

‘So it’s easy to lose money.’

The fire doesn’t try to touch it for a while, but once you make a mistake, you get fatal.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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