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Because I Live in the US 213

Because I Live in the US 213

Chapter 213 – Falling Water Effect

The rising construction sector.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Just cry Q
─Dom Hwang Cha!
─Look at those who don’t know why the construction week exploded
-Why are you getting off?

As a signal of the North American summit, it begins to collapse.
Investors can’t help but wonder.

The Korean Newspaper− 「Korean President “North Korea-US Summit, Great Turning in History… Achievement Beyond Expectation”」

The news is praising the achievements.
It is true that there have been significant changes.

The historic moment of the US president stepping on North Korean soil has come true.
A nuclear freeze, the first step in denuclearization, was also completed.

─Look at those who don’t know why the construction week exploded
What Markets Expected: Phase-out
Negotiation Result: Niimi
The packaging is good and there is nothing in the contents.

└ Shine with tears ㅠ
└ Fuck then, how do I build my future?
By the author−
└ I sold everything, even the panties, kkkk

Light apricots.
Unlike ordinary people who believe it straight away, the stock market is honest.

Thoroughly reflect only the facts.
It is not a situation where wishes can be reflected.

─Daebukju shareholders! Out of hours breaking news!
“Sanctions will remain in place, but I hope that all Koreans will live in harmony in the future and that there will actually be an end to the war soon,” Trump said.
They say you guys are bitten!

└ Why did you have a meeting?
└ The price of negotiations haha
└ Curiosity solved!
└Summary: Not at all, these bastards haha

Because it is already pre-recorded.
The reason why stock prices have risen so far is not because the company’s value is outstanding.

『Construction Sector』
Osung Mulsan KRW 1,000 −2.80%
Mirae Construction KRW 60,900 −7.07%
KS E&C KRW 35,800 −5.91%
Ohsung Engineering KRW 17,300 −2.09%
Joongang Construction KRW 6,150 −8.05%
Mirae Industrial Development KRW 42,900 −1.59%

On the contrary, business conditions were not good.
It is reflected belatedly and is collapsing like a sand castle.

─Is Seowoo Engineering & Construction still alive? Haha
[Chart that didn’t even rise and crashed.Jpg]
Did you put your dick in the head?

└ He doesn’t even stand up haha
└ I didn’t want to see this bastard
└ No black beef?
└The words of idiots who fell for the theme song

People who couldn’t even build it.
Investors in the dog house have no choice but to go crazy.

After imagining the rice cake in the picture, you face the reality.
He may have been like that too.


Sora looks at the stock price and sweeps her heart.
It wasn’t Seowoo E&C or UHENZ.

It did not receive the dripping effect.
Their cups were not filled with water.

『Sora Yoon’s account』
Valuation gains│+5,360,080 won
Appraisal rate of return│+10.27%

But your own cup.
The limited company that Sora bought benefited.

The stock went up quite a bit.
After repeating several overnights and short hits.

‘I did lose a bit at the end.’

I had some stock in anticipation of Trump’s reaction.
And I sold it after watching the news.

Stop loss.
When it went differently than expected, he took a loss and sold all the stocks.


Similar action.
It’s not that I haven’t tried it.
I’ve done a few trades with the dog owner.

I have never made more than this.
Even so, Sora’s heart beats more than ever.

‘It’s a profit allowed by the market…’

The process is different.
It was not based on rumors and expectations, but profit was made based on solid grounds.

The work of the trader he imagined.
I am proud of the fact that I made it in real life.

Cham Yugeun 1 day ago 乃 235
This is the reason why construction stocks are rising these days.
Noona, I like it because it’s easy to explain, pretty, and easy to understand!
Winter Tree 1 day ago 乃 201
I am admiring the analysis that is comparable to that of an analyst.
Above all, it really went up.
Trotman 1 day ago 乃 169
Noonna and Juji are weird

Viewers who watched his video also said thank you.
There are some weird ones too.

‘Do analysts work for this rewarding purpose?

Viewers who made money thanks to themselves.
I am happy to see what I like.

At the same time, you know the weight of it.
If it was wrong, it would have been the opposite reaction.


That kind of thrill was what she wanted.
If the market returns rationally.

‘I know how to make a stable profit.’

Can take the risk.
As a trader, you are willing to jump into the fire pit.

To take a chance.
You realize what your seniors said through experience, not through your head.

Tou~ Tou~

Find a treasure chest in the fire.
I take only as much as I can without being greedy.

It is the profit allowed by the market.
Not only construction stocks, but also other sectors will be able to do it.

‘With skill, not luck.’

Create a stable income.
That is the trader’s skill.

What Sora dreamed of.
Dare to catch what trading is like.

It’s exciting.
We will continue to accumulate profits allowed by the market.

‘Isn’t it accepted?’

Thanks to senior
Have a grateful heart
I called to ask if we could eat together.

─Today’s spring broadcast is awesome haha
Profit and loss account appeared again

└ Who is Bom, student
└Ah, tell me so that even the crooks can understand haha
└ Senior Bom said he was on a profit and loss table?
└ Oh, she can tell if it’s a real profit or loss.

She was in the wrong place
Ironically, the place where he found his senior’s direction was the community.

Sora knows too.
The fact that I recently appeared on a YouTuber’s broadcast called Bom.

‘Don’t play with me.’

It could be.
I don’t know that my senior is doing all kinds of things.

Famous BJ.
Securities broadcasting.
It’s to the extent that her face is reflected more often than at school.

Her time with herself dwindled.
She doesn’t bother me, so I think it’s cool on the inside.

〈 Is it spring? 〉
〈 It’s Spring. 〉
〈Why is spring so gloomy?〉
〈 Pig’s feet, the pig’s feet that couldn’t be eaten have evaporated.〉

I have another idea.
Sora himself does not understand what it really is.

‘Does senior like cute types like that?’

In a different sense, I wanted to bite the head.

* * *

Recommended note.
That’s what every investor wants.

‘It doesn’t make any sense.’

Even holding stocks.
Selling when appropriate.
It cannot be achieved without skill.

Even if I told you that fact, it doesn’t touch beginner investors.
Because I don’t know stocks.

“The pig’s feet that I couldn’t even eat evaporated.”
“Is that so?”
“That’s it!”

−Spring is unfair
− So, sell everything in advance
-How far did you go?
−Bom’s obsession with pork feet is so funny haha

The child in front of me knows nothing.
I don’t know what’s in my head.

‘That’s why it’s better.’

Famous influencer.
The purpose of the country is to make investors depend on it.

─Duncheon-dong Stock King sponsored 100,000 won!
But are you really a profit and loss account?

“There is such a nickname.”
“How come your nickname is Ikjwa?”

− P&L haha
-Did Bom call without knowing that?
− Wow, that’s a real P&L.
− Who is the P&L?

That process.
That’s why I appeared on Bom’s broadcast.
This time I didn’t push.

‘There is such a thing as an agency.’

I’ve been in contact with you from there.
This is because the previous broadcast created a ripple effect that exceeded expectations.

Many viewers asked for a second episode.
Even Bom was obsessed with the missing pork feet.

“What did you do without selling?”
“I took out one by one because I wanted to save it.”
“Is that so?”
“That’s it…”

And for some reason, she also wanted to be smarter.
Ask them to study stocks.

‘I made the split sale a bit unique.’

Fundamentals of stock investors.
If I taught you that, you wouldn’t understand.

Use another method instead.
If the head doesn’t work, let the body learn.

“I’m going to start a special lecture on stocks.”
“Let’s play rock-paper-scissors and hit it right away.”
“I’m confident in that rock-paper-scissors!”

−The special lecture on stocks is rock-paper-scissors haha
−Is spring eye contact education?
−The purpose seems to be overnight…

The fact that fire is hot does not necessarily need to be learned through knowledge alone.
Trying it yourself is the fastest way.

‘I just want to hit him.’

I don’t like doing lesser things.
Like a broken appliance, hitting it might fix it.


Win moderately
When I hit the chestnut in the middle of the map twice in a row, I feel refreshed.

─Sponsored 10,000 Won by Bom’s Fan Club No. 2!
Why are you hitting him?

“Oh, my head hurts so much.”
“It hurts, of course.”

−Profit and Loss Personality Report
-Legal violence
−Really, why are you hitting me?
−Millions of spring heresy will not be left alone ㅡㅡ

I hold on to my reddened forehead and tremble.
I thought it would be tough, but it’s surprisingly strong.

‘Where have you been hit a lot?’

In any case, the purpose was achieved.
I hit two, so it’s up to me to do home appliances other than being fixed.

“It’s a little strange.”
“I don’t think it has anything to do with studying stocks!”

It might have gotten a little better.
But I didn’t hit me recklessly.

When stocks fail.
It was to teach the body how painful it was.

“You’re stupid, so you just throw out your fist after the scissors.”
“My pattern was read. This oppa is a bit smart.”

−Customized special lecture haha
−Look at the pattern reading, it is also a profit and loss
−Such a meaning to rock-paper-scissors…
-Didn’t you just want to hit me?

I’ll try the 2nd one as well.

* * *

Delicious TV.

“You weren’t an ordinary student?”
“Yes. According to the report from the intelligence team…”

Kyoiku-san’s disgrace has become a big issue in the world.
It’s more than what it looks like.

‘I thought he was a student with buds.’

Food companies are in a frenzy.
This is because there were many companies that consulted with Kyoiku-san.

We need to find a professional to replace him.
It was only natural that attention was drawn to the students who appeared on the broadcast.

“It’s a profit and loss account.”
“Profit and loss?”
“Yes. It’s a well-known super ant in the stock market. Do you know it?”
“Kerhem! I’ve heard of it.”

Baek Hwa-seon, president of the food market, is one of them.
The staff ordered them to investigate the student’s identity.

‘A profit and loss account? The one who can match the market situation like a ghost?’

New information was added.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

미국 살 끄니까
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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