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Because I Live in the US 214

Because I Live in the US 214

Chapter 214 – Investment Advisors

It wasn’t something I noticed from the beginning.

“I am also active as a profit and loss center.”
“Even the tavern menu is said to have been exclusively designed by him.”

Talented people.
And issue.
In fact, the real purpose is the latter.

‘No, a student.’

After all, it’s because I’m a student.
It is based on such thoughts.

It’s great that you embarrassed Kyoiku-san.
It’s been like that since last year, so it’s no coincidence.

But age.
It is very important in Korean society.
Sometimes to the extent that it is ahead of ability or career.

“What’s the source?”
“They say they interviewed the students of the club. It’s not an official investigation, so I can’t trust it completely…”
“That’s enough.”

The seniority system culture is deeply rooted.
Older people don’t even recognize it.

‘If it’s a P&L, it’s worth it.’

I can’t help but understand that kind of fire.
Profit and loss.
It is a rising star in the securities industry.

I didn’t believe it at first.
I wondered how much I would know if a young guy knew that.

“Should I bet on the condition of being a full-time employee after graduation?”
“No, formally request it.”

A thirsty person will always find a well.
Hwasun knows what kind of ability he has.

Company president.
Prior to that, there is also a private life.
There is a fund secretly rolled by my wife.

‘It’s a shame I robbed Ohsung Electronics at that time.’

I was about to lose a lot.
Even though he has an advanced information network as a company president.

Securities team belonging to the company.
P&L knew what they hadn’t noticed at all.

〈Ohsung Electronics cannot go up due to the governance structure.〉

Goosebumps ran down my spine.
As the CEO of a company, there were many things I could relate to.

“Do everything you can. Report first as a top priority report.”
“Okay. Let’s proceed right away.”

Corporate structure.
There is definitely a problem.
Even if you are like yourself, you would not want to raise the stock price of Ohsung Electronics.

Realized it and sold it.
Thanks to this, I was able to preserve my bloody emergency fund.

‘That P&L.’

Something that made me think seriously.
It is highly unlikely that pride can intervene in the movement of money.

Not a single student
I can’t help but admit that I have abilities and potential beyond that.

Hwa-seon tries to make contact with him through his secretary.

* * *

Certainly it was uncivilized in the past.

〈 What’s wrong with this? 〉
〈 Does it make sense that the KOSPI index is already rebounding? Huh?!〉
〈 More than 3,000 people died in a terrorist attack in the middle of New York. But why, why, why!!〉

Like actors on TV.
The president of the company was in the position of those who could not learn.

‘Because only 3,000 people died. Does the head come off?’

It may seem like a lot to the general public.
Tight like that! I can’t help but shout.

Because you don’t know.
The number of suicides in Korea alone exceeds 10,000 a year.

It’s more hellish than the 9/11 attacks.
However, the reality is that nothing much happens.

‘It’s statistically proven that small-scale wars are viewed as a buying opportunity.’

When you see the world emotionally, you tremble with fear.
But investors have a different perspective.

투자 기회.
It just doesn’t look like that.
기업 가치는 변하지 않았는데 주가만 떨어진 셈이니까.

“What were you talking about?”
〈 Are the surroundings noisy? 제 말이 전달이 잘 안된 모양입니다?〉
“Because the drama is the fun part.”
〈 Drama…〉

통화 중에.
A mumbling voice is heard.
얼마나 중요한 장면인지 모르고 있다.

‘저 사장 같은 바보 짓을 하는 사람들이 많아지거든.’

For example, there is a shipbuilder.
The reason why Korea’s shipbuilding business went bankrupt was not simply because the business conditions were bad.

한국신문− 「조선 노동자 2만명 떠난 통영, ‘KIKO 상처’ 그대로」

Shipbuilders suffer losses when the exchange rate falls.
To prevent that, I signed up for a currency hedging product called KIKO.

‘Was it roughly that if the exchange rate is between 900 and 1050 won, the contract is invalid if the exchange rate is below 900 won, and if the exchange rate is over 1050 won, there will be a loss?’

Normally, it doesn’t matter much.
However, it is a structure that is bound to be vulnerable in the event of a financial crisis.

The 2008 subprime mortgage crisis.
As the exchange rate soared to 1,500 won, shipbuilders were shaken.

〈 If you enter our Hales Food after graduation, we promise to treat you like an assistant manager right away.〉
“아~ 대리요?”
〈Yes, this is a position that usually requires 5 years of experience in the field.〉
“The assistant manager only knows how to sing after drinking.”
〈 Haha, the joke is true…〉

Mid-size shipbuilders are massacred.
Large shipbuilders barely survived, but their stock prices will drop by 1/20 in the future.

Hundreds of trillions of market capitalization alone have evaporated.
At the time, shipbuilding was a national infrastructure industry along with semiconductors.

‘Since then, the CEOs have come to their senses.’

Finance is incredibly important!
If you only trust what the bank says and buy the wrong derivatives, the company will be ruined.

〈This is largely due to the increased liquidity in the market due to the interest rate cut by the US Federal Reserve.〉
〈A bull market like this is an unexpected situation that no one can predict!〉

An excuse made by a secretary on TV.
CEOs of companies these days are not incompetent enough to listen quietly.

‘Because they make their own securities team.’
It is certainly impossible to predict the entire course of the stock market.
하지만 영역을 좁힌다면?

회사의 사업 분야로 한정한다.
Because it is a current business, industry information comes in quickly.

그것을 토대로 대응하는 부서.
It can minimize losses or even create gains.

〈 Are you still watching the drama? 〉
〈네가 아니고…〉
“I’m hanging up the phone because the drama is so interesting.”
〈네, 네? 자, 잠깐!〉

그것이 현대의 기업이다.
It is different from the early 2000s in the drama where water rockets were launched.

‘얼마나 중요한 일인데.’

맛있는 TV가 방영된 이후.
How and where did you find out, the company called.

그것 자체는 좋다.
내가 원하던 일이니까.
The problem is that there are no good suggestions.

‘I still haven’t abandoned the mindset of the era when I was shooting water rockets.’

그럴 만하다.
요식업의 규모는 크지 않다.
Even the largest companies should not be able to compete with domestic conglomerates.

자체적인 증권팀.
둔다고 해도 소규모일 것이다.
The treatment will not be much different from that of ordinary workers.


대기업에서 제안이 와야 한다.
Only those who know their worth will treat them appropriately.

The problem is that it is impossible.
It’s because I haven’t made a name for myself in the industry yet.

〈 Are you Lee Chan-wook? 〉
“Ah yes.”
〈 Excuse me. We have contacted you from Food Market, a company specializing in catering. Our CEO wants to meet Mr. Chan-wook.〉

Call again.
Even though he replied bluntly, he continued talking without changing a single tone.

Until now, there were only humans like the master.
They speak as if they are giving you a job.

〈I’m sorry if it’s our misunderstanding, but there was a story on the Internet that you were the same person as Son Ik-jwa.〉
〈 Our representative is making a request. If you know the circumstances of the industry, I think the words will work well…〉

It looks a little different.
At least I feel that I have an attitude to have a conversation.

* * *

Food market.
It is said to be a company that operates multiple restaurant franchises.

“So what I want you to do is…”

I came to see the representative.
He is a man in his late 40s, and his hair has not yet been shaved.

But he might peel off soon.
The business I was doing recently faced difficulties.

“Did you overdo it to expand your business?”
“It’s embarrassing… No, I didn’t expect an economic downturn to come this steep.”

It’s a common occurrence.
Usually, business ideas are prepared during a booming economy.

I think it will sell well, so I’m going to open the plate.
When it is ready.

‘There are many cases where the legs don’t fit.’

Baek Hwa-seon’s business was the same.
People’s consumption level has risen, and their interest in gastronomy has increased.

How about opening a premium franchise?
With that in mind, I opened an upscale izakaya.

“The response was good in the beginning.”
“Because people tend to lock their wallets these days.”
“Ah, it’s as you said! As expected, Sensei knew it!”

The KOSPI is sinking at that critical time.
Stock prices precede the real economy.

Will it get worse in the future?
As a corporate CEO, it is impossible not to be aware of the crisis.

“Our staff also visited your bar and were impressed! I would like to ask for izakaya consulting and weed out insolvent branches with poor finances.”
“It’s easy.”
“What do you think…, Reflecting this year’s game.”

If you care about it, the basics have been established.
It’s not a stupid boss who pushes with confidence.

‘It seems to have a clear purpose.’

What you want from me
Probably the latter, not the former.
Consulting and branch surveys are sufficient.

It’s a company of that size.
You wouldn’t have enough hands to ask me.

“This year’s game I think?”
“Yes… I’ve heard of Son Ik-jwa’s reputation.”
“Then you’ll have to stop everything you’ve been working on.”

Profit and loss.
It is said that he is a fan enough to look for the broadcasts on which I appear.

It is also the reason why Bom appeared on the show.
Investment advice is a matter of trust.

‘Based on the reputation accumulated over the years.’

Build a relationship of trust.
This will only grow as I make a name for myself in the industry.

“But if you leave it to me, I can take care of everything. You don’t even have to clean up bad spots.”
“Uh… I understand what you mean.”
“Can’t you believe it?”

The first guest.
Could serve you a little.
Sure enough, he reacts with embarrassment.

The catering industry is an expert on its own.
No matter how successful the college pub was, it would be seen as an amateur.

“You know what happened to those who didn’t trust me?”
“Ah… That’s right. I’ve seen it several times.”
“Would you like that, too?”

It is the image of now.
Starting from here, everything changes.

‘It doesn’t matter if I do it elsewhere.’

After all, there is plenty of time.
What I said earlier is not an exaggeration.
There will be more and more companies saying death.

Careful expression.
He is contemplating while gripping the pod with both hands.
It’s a story that doesn’t have to be complicated.

“There is only one decision for the CEO.”
“Yeah, what…”
“Do you believe me? Don’t you believe me? All you have to do is tell me.”

It’s a simple story.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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