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I Became a Male Prostitute Exclusively for This Race.

I Became a Male Prostitute Exclusively for This Race.

이종족 전용 남창이 되었다
Native LanguageKorean

The world is in shambles.

No, I almost screwed up.

And then I became a male prostitute.

The current cover is a congratulatory fan art of Becoming a Male Prostitute for Different Races drawn by ‘Bobby’. I received permission from the author, but I will delete it if it becomes a problem.

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  1. Rinrin says:

    Short synopsis : mc got a job to became a semen cow or some shii for a number of species, succubi, slime, harpy, mermaid etc because his world merge with bunch of another world and job hunting is hard fr fr.

    Read till chapter 21 and i can say that the premise of this story is interesting, but with that many monologue going around it will be hard to read this, especially because this is ero novel and an mtl one at that. I recommend to read 10-30 chapter a day if you didn’t find this interesting enought

    If you got an interesting character, interesting scene, interesting interaction it will be aight to have that many monologue going around, but in my opinion this novel just in the average section and slightly below that sooooo its kinda frustating to read further, it just my opinion tho

  2. Retard9 says:

    People who take their own time to write a proper synopsis for web novels are true chads.

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