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Because I Live in the US 192

Because I Live in the US 192

Chapter 192 – Selling the Panacea

In some ways, it’s like a coin.
Coins are also said to be an extension of gambling.

‘First of all, it’s a stock.’

Like coins, there is no clear reference point called Bitcoin.
Each individual state behaves differently.

In other words, you have to make good choices.
And the criterion for the selection is not the company’s technology.

〈 During the Three Kingdoms period, Baekje nobles cured smallpox by bathing in hot springs.〉

That is the CEO’s management ability.
I came here to check it out.

Moon Tae-hwan, CEO of Baekjezen.
He is standing on the podium and giving a passionate lecture.

‘Traditionally, drug dealers are good at talking.’

What those drug dealers sell?
It hasn’t changed ever since.
If it’s a panacea, they’re talking about bullshit.

Even the onlookers know the truth.
I’ve heard the story of a black lie somewhere.

〈 King Wideok, the 25th king of Baekje, suffered from smallpox as a child, and there is a record that he recovered after bathing in Gunam Hot Springs. Baekje Zen’s ‘Baekje’ is also named here!〉

Nevertheless it goes
When I listen to the neat explanation, I nod my head involuntarily.

Wow aaaaa

Shareholders cheer.
It is worthwhile to hear that the representative of Baekjezen gave a lecture.

‘Look. How well you sell drugs.’

Even Korean optimization.
Men in their 40s and older are going to go crazy if you stimulate them with soup.

“It’s a traditional medicine.”
“This is why I’m investing in Baekje Zen!”
“So how much did everyone earn?”

It is a very easy generation to deceive and use.
I will also make a lot of money by deceiving the old men in the future.

〈 Why did I say this? As shareholders know, Baekjejen is conducting research to treat cancer using the vaccinia virus used as a smallpox vaccine. I am sure that this fexigon will change the paradigm of modern chemotherapy!〉

Its leader.
He does not hesitate to make remarks like a medical doctor who has a very big meaning.

‘Are you tired of not investing in this?’

If you succeed, you will make a lot of money.
Only if you succeed.

“Keu~! You’re such a great person.”
“Ah yes.”
“You worked with famous foreign professors to develop new drugs, and then you took on the role of CEO of Baekjegen. Are you someone who will change Korea?”

A sweet-looking man in his 50s from the seat next to me starts talking to me.
He seems to know very well about Baekjezen.

‘It is certain that he is the person who will change Korea.’

You have great faith.
Without knowing that more than half of what the CEO said was a lie.

〈Pexigon is a treatment that has been researched long before the establishment of Generect, the predecessor of BaekjeGen, and is currently in the final stages of commercialization. As those who have read newspapers and news articles know, we are recognized in the academic world and received the highest level of technology evaluation during the listing process. I hope the shareholders will be with us until we save countless cancer patients at home and abroad.〉

They are trying to float each other.
It is 100% of the cases that the technology evaluation at the time of listing is also sloppy.

‘That’s why no company has succeeded in developing a new drug.’

But he speaks well.
When I listen to it, I think it’s definitely plausible, and it might turn out well.


The shouts of listeners are heard.
The man next to me is also screaming at his throat.

“Now I only have to pass the third phase.”
“I don’t know, so the probability is high?”
“Is that a word! What is that… , A famous foreign teacher named Scott Usman also participated in the research, but how could it fail?!”

I believe wholeheartedly.
A lecture given by the president.
The brilliant career of the CEO also becomes a tool for business.

‘Actually, there’s really nothing special about it.’

Scott Usman is famous in the industry.
A person like a parasite who only sells his name here and there without producing proper performance.

“You mean you’re going to succeed because famous teachers did it?”
“Then it’s natural. CEO Moon Tae-hwan, who is giving the lecture now, is also from Seoul National University.”

Older people believe that.
This is because they have tremendous illusions about academic background and status.

‘After all, the important thing is ability.’

Is that person right?
Are there any errors in the data?
Each one has to be checked for authenticity.

Don’t do it
Law of authority.
It is said by a well-born person, and he accepts it without a doubt.

Wow aaaaa!!

This is why it is so easy to get scammed in Korea.
It was a good opportunity for real investors to examine their thoughts.

‘Bio shares believe in this and invest.’

The representative raises the mood.
Shareholders believe it.
In reality, it is the process by which a company with nothing becomes highly valued.

The better (?) Bio company, the stronger the relationship between the CEO and shareholders.
Baekjejen could become Korea’s top pharmaceutical stock.

* * *

Cluttered market.

[Korea Stock Gallery]
─Successful investors eat sashimi
─Look at those who want to invest in Baekjezen
─If Pexigon development succeeds, isn’t it a jackpot?
─2018 05 07 Profit and loss trend

Recently, the KOSPI is moving sideways.
It’s a boring period after soaring.

─Successful investors eat sashimi
[Photo of whale rice snack.Jpg]

└ I knew you would succeed!
└ I eat it cooked, but it’s sashimi…… ?
└You get king without grass
└ Judging from the drip, it’s worth livinghaha

Will the stock price rise further?
Will the stock price drop again?
It is a tense time that neither side can predict.

Stock becomes important.
The most attention-grabbing theme for investors recently was ‘pharmaceutical stocks’.

─Look at those who want to invest in Baekjezen
[Baekjezen 1-year daily chart.Jpg]
Public offering price 5,000
Current share price 25,000
Climb 5 times in one year without breathing
Those who live late watching the news are supposed to wash the dishes

└Profit weight
└Ah, you should be careful washing the disheshaha
└ It’s fucking overrated
└ KOSDAQ is currently ranked 6th, it’s crazy haha

The incredible rise of Ohsung Biologics.
That is what caused the dripping effect.

Korean bio companies are attracting attention.
Among them, the most talked about stock.

─If Pexigon development succeeds, isn’t it a jackpot?
It is different from previous anticancer treatments.
Anything that minimizes the side effects on the human body is a drug for injecting drugs.

└ Opening base
└ It’s not a scam, it’s just a scam haha
└ Korea can do something that the US, Japan, and Europe can’t do? Sugoi~
└If successful, the Nobel Prize in Medicine will come out.

Baekje Zen.
The stock price has risen tremendously.
The news is also buzzing every day.

〈 A Korean company is directly conducting global clinical trials. Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration! Going all the way to the global phase 3 itself…… , It can be seen as evidence that a significant part of the effect has already been proven. Yes.〉

Even mentions come from the mouths of influential politicians.
It is to properly pour oil into a burning house.

KRW 25,950 ▲ KRW 20,950 (+519.00%)
[Graph going to Mars for the last year.Jpg]

The stock deserves momentum.
Because that level is so special among bios.

─Isn’t Baekjezen really succeeding like this?
The public offering price of 5,000 won also sounded like a bubble.
It is now 5 times bigger, so the market cap is 5 trillion
I can’t upload it like this because I’m afraid of the forces

└ Looking at the current stock price, there is something
└ If you succeed, it’s a jackpot
└ Since the drug has already been successful up to phase 2, what if the results come out in phase 3……
└ It’ll be funny if it’s real haha

Anticipation rises.
The psychology that the stock price will rise because there is something.

Of course, there are also rational investors.
No matter how much I think about it, something is embarrassing.

─I think Baekje-zen will eventually get a kick too……
I’ve never seen a good ending in a Korean bio.

└ You’ll see it soon
└ It could rise like Ohsung Biologicshaha
└Korea Bio = Chewscam kkkk
└ Buy Chosun Bio? Are you a horo red speculator? Cue

There are an overwhelming majority of people who have lost money by buying Korean bio.

In the process, you come to an understanding.
No company with the right technology?

This is a fact known to all experienced investors.
Although I don’t want to touch Bioju.

─2018 05 07 Profit and loss trend
Daily P&L: −5,000,892
Cumulative P&L: +11,020,106,974
Little bit lost

└Kya finally lost ithaha
└ 5 million won is a pittance to a profit and loss account……
└ Do you know the heart of an ant?
└ The market view was good, so I saved money ㄳ

Rumors circulate.
Profit and loss.
It is a nickname that came from posting his trading records to the community every day.

Recently, he appeared on various securities broadcasts and expanded his awareness.
The stocks that such profit and loss accounts have recently touched.

─I think I’m buying Baekje Zen from the profit and loss seat?
[P&L trend for the past week.Jpg]
Profit and loss +− move exactly overlaps with Baek Je-Jen

└ Well done you crazy stalker kkkk
└ㄹㅇ Is there something in Baekjezen?
└ It’s not a short hit, seeing as it’s been a week

Rumor has it that it is Baekje-zen.
Because he has adjusted the direction of the recent stock market like a ghost, it is inevitable that attention will be drawn to him.

Expectations for Baekjezen are rising.
And a decisive event that will determine the direction of the stock price is scheduled.

─Breaking news) Baekjezen phase 3 phase 1 will be announced soon
This seems to rise with anticipation.

└Ah, it is divided into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
└ If it’s 1st round, I’m sure it will pass……
└ The profit-and-loss guy was aiming for this
└Can I ride the last train if I buy it now?

Will Baekjezen’s new drug pass clinical trials?
A big event that puts investors’ money and lives on the line begins.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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