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Because I Live in the US 191

Because I Live in the US 191

Chapter 191 – Selling the Panacea

I didn’t know the time was passing.

“Senior, where did you go? Come now!”
“Have you been looking for a long time?”

Because you really don’t know.
Sora, immersed in gambling, found out belatedly that I was gone.

‘It’s not uncommon.’

A casino is such a place.
The reason there are no clocks or windows is to make people not know the time.

“I see… I didn’t know how time passed.”
“Maybe because you’re stupid.”

Customers who don’t know that.
Gambling all day is supposed to increase the casino’s operating profit.

Sora would have been one of them.
I was trying to look forward to Kangwon Land’s performance this quarter.

“So how long have you been?”
“I’m not.”
“What isn’t it?”
“Huh, don’t be surprised to hear it.”

Sora puts on a triumphant expression.
Even the big breasts behind her rise high by the reaction.

‘Certainly not Korean breasts.’

It is a mystery how he maintains such a slim body even though he has a thin body.

“I won a whopping 300,000 won.”
“Did you win a lot?”
“Right? I think I know why you gamble.”

Of course, not a large amount.
However, considering that the betting limit of the general table is 300,000 won.

‘What idiot dealer lost money?’

It is a sense of speech.
No, there is nothing to guess.
It’s a kind of superstition that runs around casinos.

“Looks like the first bump went well.”
“Are you the first one?”
“In a word, it’s like beginner’s luck.”
“Oh that.”

First-time guests win money.
It is an extension of beginner’s luck.

‘In a way, it’s based on facts.’

Malicious casinos deliberately make you addicted to gambling by making you have fun in the first place.

“I’m not stupid either.”
“Oh my gosh.”
“I set a limit of just 100,000 won, and if I lost, I was going to quit.”

However, it can be good entertainment if enjoyed properly.
Casinos are places of romance.

‘If I can keep it.’

The greatest happiness when you pick it up and go out.
Stocks and gambling share a common principle.
It is a wonderful thing to realize that.

“There is a man.”
“Sir, don’t you gamble more?”

You don’t know what’s really important.
Even after leaving the table, there are onlookers pacing around Sora.

“Did you have a lot of onlookers when you were playing? Do you know why there were so many?”
“I have big breasts.”
“Well, maybe that too.”
“Maybe I won the money and did that.”

Very bold
Because he did well, he did well and received attention.
Confidence skyrocketed just because he earned some pennies.

“There’s a thing called a gangwon land girl.”
“What is it?”
“If you ask me what that is…”

Whisper whisper whispers in my ear.
Gulp! Swallowing saliva was properly tense.

‘Actually, it’s not a joke.’

If it’s Sora’s body, it’s enough to aim for it.
There are as many rich people as there are people who wear tin cans.

“Teach me that first!”
“Then you won’t learn anything.”
“Senior… Is it okay for me to be treated like that?”

Sora puts on a sullen expression.
He puts her hands together, pulls her belly in, and purses her lips.

As a major shareholder with a 20% stake, I cannot leave it alone.
I drag the conch and get into the car.


As if she had been waiting, she comes in her arms.
Rather, it was Sora who actively kissed her.

‘Scent of pineapple and unripe peach, fresh green apple sprinkled with honey underneath.’

One bite and you can feel the fresh minerals.
A sweet scent of grilled pineapple and apple rises.


The warm saliva heated by the thick tongue is like drinking whipped cream sprinkled with dried fruits.
However, sugar is understated.

‘The taste is also proportional to the taste of the kiss.’

Very much looking forward to it.
The possibility of additional acquisitions is always left open.

“Is your cock broken?”

The company seems to be doing well.
Sora naturally fidgets with her crotch.

Boldly put your hand inside.
Normally, it’s a situation you should like.

“Huh? That’s strange. Really, why aren’t you standing?”
“Keuheum! My brother is not strong enough to stand like that.”
“How should I stand?”
“Got it.”
“Uh… Then I’ll have to try harder.”

There is a catch bar.
Even if I bite my tongue and hit my goddaughter in my panties, I won’t stop.

‘It’s so cool to beat me and come.’

It’s a pity for Sora, who blames herself.
Hug her once, soothe her, and remove her.

“Shall I do yoga?”
“I want to improve my body. Watching porn… And learning how to do it.”
“Never look.”

Even after breaking through one, I want to break through again.
He rips off the conch to contain his sexuality and dries it.


Arrive in the meantime
The real reason why I came to Kangwon Land today.

“Is it just downtown?”
“Uh… That’s what I see.”

Sora notices too.
It is downtown near Kangwon Land.
It’s rural, but there’s nothing special about it.

‘There are conspicuously many specific occupations.’

Massage parlor.
I’m not trying to teach the latter to the possessor of talent.

“Aren’t there just one or two pawnshops? Aren’t there too many?”
“Because there are so many guests.”

People who lost money in Kangwon Land.
The pawnshop is the place to go to get money.

‘A place to leave things and borrow money.’

Of course, this is not a normal magnification.
In the end, what I regret is that I am a gambler who needs money.

“Then will you make a lot of money?”
“You’re not wrong.”

Sense as an investor.
Sora also developed the ability to see money by excluding the emotional part.

‘But it’s not that emotions are meaningless.’

Psychology is very important in investing.
Just then, a man enters the pawnshop.

“Ba, did you just see it?”
“It’s obvious without looking at it.”
“Your face looks like someone who will die at any moment…”

At least in the gambling house, there is the following.
Because there might be an unexpected jackpot.

‘A little bit of vitality circulates.’

When you leave the casino, you become aware of reality.
It’s a situation where there is no answer.

It is horribly emaciated.
I can’t even find life in my eyes.

“Hey! ! I’m bringing this fucking money back!!”

There are also people who act like a gangster.
Even though it’s a pawnshop one lane away, it’s almost deafening.

“A normal person…”
“It’s a place that can’t be.”
“I guess so.”

Sora, who grasped the atmosphere, gulped his saliva! Swallow
The place itself is not normal.

‘I can understand why they are arguing about Ki or something like Seonmudang.’

Because of lack of energy
I’m too excited.
Almost everything is explained by qi.

A rational thinker cannot survive.
A place where even those who were like that go crazy.


I really wanted to show it to Sora.
The village is located in an area a little far from Kangwon Land.

“Where are you?”
“Did you just notice?”
“I’m going to leave you behind.”
“Fuck you.”

Although it is a bit old, it looks like a normal town.
But look into the eyes of passers-by.

‘I have no choice but to know.’

Not a local resident
It is a gambling town where gamblers who lost all their fortune live.

“People who can’t even live here become casino homeless.”
“Something like this.”
“Why are you showing me this…”

Sora looked at her with an expression that looked like she would burst into tears at any moment.
Don’t worry, don’t throw it away.

‘If you’re a stock investor, it’s good to see it at least once.’

There is a difference between stocks and gambling.
The words of a failed investor are not much different from this.

I’m not here to talk about that kind of mentalism.
What is the real purpose of coming here to Kangwon Land?

Knock! Knock!

Before you can even speak, the window suddenly rings.
A resident of the gambling town noticed my Audi and came.

They are people who live a life without a back.
It’s not strange to terrorize a car and run away.

“Young people don’t come here. Life is over.”

A cracked voice.
However, the planting in it was a man who did not seem to be dead.

“I will never come to Kangwon Land again. I will listen to that man.”
“It’s fun when you come sometimes.”
“People like seniors are the worst!”

There is no law that says a person must be crooked.
When they’re not gambling, they’re normal people too.

‘As if I’m a normal person when I’m not playing.’

I drive back to Seoul again.
It was a rewarding day of gambling, eating celebrities, and more.

“Wasn’t it a fun day though?”
“It will be traumatic.”
“Things you don’t normally see.”

It may feel like it has nothing to do with stocks.
In fact, this is where the stock market is shrunk.

‘You can see the forces and ants in real life.’

The world unfolding inside the monitor.
If you come out of the monitor, it will feel like that.

“Still, stocks are gambling…”
“I asked why you were doing it when you knew that bio stock was a scam.”
“Yes, it was.”
“Don’t you think you know why?”

And gambling and bio stocks are very similar.
Even though I know there’s no chance of winning.

‘You’ll keep doing it.’

Technology exception listed company.
The fact that these guys are developing new drugs is not 9 out of 10, it is 100% fraud.

Who became rich in Kangwon Land?
Gamblers know better that it can’t be.

“But already.”
“I can’t escape because I have something to lose. Even if I know it’s better to start over.”
“That’s where the money goes.”

There is a distinction between those who do stocks and those who do bio stocks.
Investors with reason and common sense do not touch bio stocks.

“But why, senpai…”
“I don’t know?”
“I see. Because there is no reason or common sense.”

The reason for biojuice.
It means that the principle that ants jump like moths to fire is like that.

‘The earning principle is different.’

It is a stock.
It is different from gambling with a refund rate.
If you understand how this market works, you can make money.


Such a risk.
Sora came to understand that the bigger he is, the bigger the money he can earn.

“Isn’t that too dangerous?”
“In the end, if the development of a new drug fails…”
“No. It’s not like investing in a new drug in the first place.”

You have to be on top of the gamblers’ heads.
Bio stocks do not live by the success of new drugs.

‘Since ancient times, selling medicine depends on being a medicine seller.’

A panacea does not necessarily cure the disease.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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