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Because I Live in the US 190

Because I Live in the US 190

Chapter 190 – Real Gambling

Casino hotel.
Originally, it is not used well.

‘It’s not superstition.’

It’s a problem because it’s real.
Gamblers who lose money often choose poor options.

Hotel rooms are often chosen as such places.
Because I want to go to a good place in the end.


It actually happens quite a bit.
This is why ghosts often appear in hotels near casinos.

“Are you calm?”
“You must have been surprised. It was my first time at a casino and I had a bad experience.”

At least the woman in front of me is not a ghost.
A slim but strong body.

Sitting on the bed, sipping tea.
It was a rough ride of what was in the room.


She is an actress
Although he has been successful in dramas and movies recently.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been busy and I’ve been on vacation.”
“That’s why I came here to take a breather… To relieve stress.”

The next drama.
The casino is said to be the background.
I came to Kangwon Land as part of a site survey.

‘Bor…… , No, there are bound to be differences from dramas.’

You must have read the script.
He liked it, so he must have even conducted a field survey.

But the reality is 180 degrees different.
The images created in mass media are illusions.

“I lost 5 million won yesterday.”
“You lost so much today, didn’t you?”
“I-I was just going to look for it, but…”

I can’t go and play moderately.
If you think about it from the casino’s point of view, it’s really like a black cow.

‘It wouldn’t be a job to strip and eat an innocent wife.’

She is tapping the tips of both index fingers.
At first glance, it seems that there is no resistance to this side.

More than that.
In the eyes of worn-out casino dealers, he would be an unacceptable person.

“How did it become 100 million?”
“He’s someone who shouldn’t gamble for the rest of his life.”
“I felt so bad about this.”

Because it’s pretty.
Because it goes well
He is a perfect character to get rid of among women.

‘Because I want to roll it down to the same place as them.’

It is said that the cost of popcorn is more than the monthly salary.
A woman who lives in a world where money is so common becomes a rag.

Both body and mind.
When you see a woman who is the opposite, your anger rises.
It is highly likely that the venomous dealer encouraged the bets.

“Isn’t that a lot of money for a popular actress?”
“Because I was unknown a while ago, I couldn’t get a settlement.”
“I see.”
“It’s the money I was trying to add to my parents’ charter house.”

So, I would have lost 100 million won.
Thanks to this, I was able to eat good actresses with this small amount of money.

‘Since the amount is fixed, it must have cost more.’

The more you lose, the more impatient your mind becomes.
No, I think I will have a daughter at least once.

A sense of diligence that if you lose consecutively at rock-paper-scissors, you will win next time.
It is a process of sinking into a pit.


Saved me from it
As much as she handed over a large amount of money of 100 million, it is expected that she will have fun.

“I do not like it?”
“I thought that was the purpose.”

Of course it’s not bare mouth.
There’s no way I didn’t notice it when I got to the hotel.

It also gave off a subtle atmosphere.
She is an adult woman who can think that much.

‘No way again.’

An ominous foreboding looms.
It was the logic of the world not to miss the premonition.

“Would it be okay?”
“I’m… That’s because I have little experience.”
“How little?”
“It was an environment where there were few opportunities to meet men…”

It was another blocky year.
If you’ve been following the curriculum since you were little, you’d understand.

‘No, they do everything behind the scenes, right?’

Animal kingdom.
Even if it’s not that much, when there are pretty men and women, their eyes meet.

There are also propositions.
Rumor has it that celebrities are giving money to the bosses behind the scenes.

No, there is no way smoke will blow from the chimney.
Actually, there is such a thing, and I used to use it.

“It’s been a while since I escaped unknown. Ah!”
“Okay, hold your posture.”

The table is set, so let’s eat it.
As long as you paid for it, there won’t be any problems.

‘If there’s a problem, that’s the trouble.’

You can finish it cleanly.
He is full of confidence to make even the first experience fun.

“I think we kissed.”
“Yes……, Due to the nature of the job.”
“Even this deep?”

Try sticking your tongue out like a joke.
The appearance of being flustered with just that is a virgin.

In the meantime, grab her around the waist and nape of her neck.
Little by little she carries her weight and knocks her over.


Swallow your lower lip and naturally penetrate your mouth.
Her salivary glands are secreting more and more.

‘I have talent.’

Her tongue stiffened in inverse proportion to him.
She closes her eyes tightly and just receives my kiss.


A proper first kiss.
As if he had failed to breathe, he only took a deep breath after removing her lips.

“Did the male actors compliment me on how delicious it was?”
“I don’t usually say that…”
“It’s delicious.”

Make eye contact.
It forces you to look straight at what you are trying to avoid.

‘Well passed.’

A face as small as an actress’s.
She is not an idol, but she is a natural beauty.

These days, God of righteousness does it naturally.
Although it is unknown whether she is plastic or not.


The body is backed by talent and hard work.
Even her skin has no blemishes, even though she has applied quite a bit of money.

It has been well taken care of like a celebrity.
It is definitely finished commercially.

“I’ll do it from now on.”
“No regrets? It’s the first time.”

So rich people pay more and eat.
Even if the feeling of conquest kills me, I want to hold it.

‘What if it’s a virgin.’

The premium comes and goes.
Whether 100 million is cheap or not cheap, it won’t be an easy decision.

“I think Chanwook is a good person.”
“I think it’s okay if it’s Chan-wook.”

Body temperature rises hot
You can clearly see what the reddened face is thinking.

‘A virgin’s delusion.’

There is a reward for pretending to be a gentleman.
She takes off her coat and puts it beside the bed.


Goes into caress slowly.
From the mouth to the neck, collarbone and chest.

‘Sometimes it’s nice to be simple like this.’

After all, I only saw the big ones.
It is a small but well-shaped breast.


Carefully insert your hand into the vagina as well.
The place where I gently touched it was moist.

‘I know how to feel. I’m not a complete virgin.’

Profile Age 24 years old.
She is 25 years old in Korean age, so it’s even weirder not to know.


She slips down to her underwear along with the skirt.
I don’t know how far I’ve been naked.

“You don’t like being licked?”
“I don’t know…….”
“If you don’t like it, don’t do it.”

I don’t get her nod, but I don’t do anything.
To her, being still means asking for it.


Savor it deliciously
She is taking care of her hair, and she is a pretty Soeumsun with no pigmentation.

‘I tend to wipe my insides too.’

I would have managed it diligently even for the sake of the image that the public thinks.
For the moment to be eaten by me.


It creates an excited state in the line where it does not go.
To the extent that her legs gave way without her knowledge.

“Think of it as a night’s dream.”
“A dream?”
“Please feel free to accept it, Mr. Rahee.”
“Ah yes.”

Posture is taken
My things are ready to invade a place where men do not know.

‘It’s not a dream.’

A woman has to set the mood.
That alone can open your legs to a man you don’t know.


Exhilarating pain.
A feeling of alienation for the first time.
She waits for her while she moans.

‘Rachel also seems to have given her away this way originally.’

He gave her a precious first experience.
Unforgettable, intense sex that women love.

“Yes Yes?”
“It’s really pretty.”
“Yeah… That’s the job of an actor. Ah!”

Whisper sweet words
It takes a lot of time to open my closed eyes.

‘Actually, I didn’t think she was very pretty in the drama.’

Just an ordinary actress.
Her acting skills were also somewhat stiff, so it wasn’t a good feeling.

Rahee’s face softens little by little.
The more you get to know a man, the more he changes.

“Can’t you tell me that you love me because acting is good?”
“Now, let’s start the acting evaluation~.”

I want to play with it a little more.
Let’s push, huh? In the end, you do as you say.

‘It’s easy to cause misunderstanding.’

You feel a sense of affection for the other person.
She’s making a really cute face.

“I love you, Chanwook.”
“Me too.”
“Ah! Ah! Love me more.”

Body and mind melt.
Every time you hit it, it periodically spits out a shallow moan.

‘Because it’s such fun.’

Eating celebrities is fun.
Like making idols dance in the upper position of women.

Sukkuk! Sukkuk!

The cramped inside that I barely entered.
Scratch the unformed bumps to open a path.

It is getting wider and wider enough to be able to piston.
I will surely engrave my traces.

“Then can I wrap it inside?”
“Oh, inside?”
“I love you. Are you going to have a baby?”
“I will give birth, because I will give birth.”

Use your long legs to hug your waist tightly.
I don’t know if it’s instinct, but I’m doing well.

‘It hurts because the bones stick out.’

It’s a shame that it’s too skinny because it’s an actor’s body type.
I can’t help but feel a bit like holding a hat.


The pleasure of being jealous is doubled.
She is the first to teach this actress how to be a man.

‘It’s coming out so fucking well.’

It’s because I couldn’t afford Sora.
She fills Rahee’s inside as coolly as he does.

Too much for her, her first time.
After messing around for a while, I loosened the legs I was holding tight.


Her expression and posture are completely destroyed.
With her eyes open, she sticks out her tongue and gasps for her breath.

The legs are open and the hole is puffy.
Her dignity as a successful actress is nowhere to be found.

‘If I do well, I think I’ll get a fucking house.’

If you make it female.
If you tame it slowly today, it could be like that.


Prior appointment.
I stopped neglecting Sora because I had an interesting entertainment.

“I ate well.”
“The room is reserved for lodging, so stay as long as you want. It was delicious, so I’ll send you another 100 million won.”

She is feeling lingering enough to not even afford to answer.
It must have been very satisfying sex.

‘I was satisfied too.’

Can’t leave a review.
I focus on my outstanding senses and carve them on her thighs.

〈 Rahee pussy 〉 ★★★★☆
Nose− lemon curd, ginger and peach jam, interesting notes of wet paper
Taste− Sticky viscosity, bright acidity and sweetness with a voluminous body, a bit of bitter orange peel and salt
Finish− Great tightening, but questionable if it is due to virginity, the thorny bumps enhance her charm

Thighs without flesh are quite easy to use with a felt-tip pen.
I enjoyed it quite a bit though.

‘Golbin’s bitch is really bad.’

The body is a bit flimsy.
As an investor, you also need to talk.
Go see Sora.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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