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Because I Live in the US 189

Because I Live in the US 189

Chapter 189 – Real Gambling

Kangwon Land’s betting amount is set at a maximum of 100,000 to 300,000 won at a time.

‘That’s why it’s less money than I thought.’

From the business standpoint, that is.
In overseas casinos, you can bet ridiculously even in tens of millions or hundreds of millions of won.

The only gambling house permitted by the country.
This is because it is subject to many strict regulations.

『Kangwon Land』
KRW 26,100 ▼ KRW 13,450 (-34.01%)
[Graph that has lost its taste in the last half year.Jpg]

That’s why the stock price is fluctuating recently.
In 2018, the government is tightly regulating.

“You want to enter the VIP room? Do you have a membership card?”
“There is not.”
“Then you can’t comehaha.”
“I’m going to be a VIP, starting today.”

The dealer I brought with me has an expression of chewing shit.
You have to be a VIP to enter the VIP room.

‘In the past, I could have just deposited 30 million won.’

Changes caused by increased regulation.
Literally, VIPs and guests were selected and received.

The standards are very strict.
Executives of large corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, even if you catch them at a minimum, they should be a lion’s job.

“What’s your job?”
“College student.”
“Poop! Property?”
“11 billion.”

After all, the point is money.
Casino here.
No, because the casino’s main income comes from VIPs.

‘Dealers and the like are not the kind of people I can see eye to eye with.’

I feel polite because I figured out the situation belatedly.
At least it doesn’t seem wrong.

“Are you the son of a person running a company…”
“I don’t need anything like that. It’s my money.”
“They said they were students, sohehe. That’s because we need an identification process.”

Such a world.
The dealer is a job hired to please the VIPs.

‘It’s a place where you can spend money comfortably.’

I dare not resist planting.
Showing who I am is simple.

※ Kangwon Land VIP membership conditions
1. Proof of acceptable social status
2. Proof of income or proof of the management of a company with annual sales of 5 billion or more
3. Evidence of balance or financial strength that can be recognized

All you have to do is open an account.
The eyes of the VIP room staff who saw my big eyes widen.

‘No matter how many rich people come here.’

It is rare to see 10 billion units in cash.
Few people have that kind of wealth.

“Wow……, Do you work at a stock company?”
“I’m a student.”
“Did you invest? Coins or something.”
“I am also an analyst.”
“Excuse me!”

They are stiff because they deal with VIPs.
When you deal with people who are proud, you fall into the illusion that you are also good.

In front of the real ones, the head bows down.
The eyes of the staff staring at me are also increasing.

“Are you a fortune teller?”
“You know me?
“Ah, that’s because the voice is similar. If not, I’m sorry.”
“Ah—! I finally showed you!”

There were also people who noticed.
It was worth recognizing at least one person who did stocks.

‘Because it’s not really hidden.’

Now that I’m at school, it’s not something I can openly spread about.
Anything possible in a VIP room like this.

There are a lot of people.
Each one of them is carefully selected.
If you look closely, you can see businessmen and famous celebrities that you only see in the news.

No matter what you do here, it doesn’t leak out of the world.
That’s why you’re paying a lot of money.

“Are you an analyst?”
“It’s just like a business card.”
“Ah… You must have been famous.”
“We’re going to play a game.”

Dealer’s ass.
I can feel the soft skin inside the suit I am wearing.

‘A little bit of sexual harassment is acceptable.’

Of course, you must obtain your consent.
But now that I know who I am.

“Let’s start the game. There is nothing to watch.”
“Okay, let’s play.”

I will work hard even to get the popcorn fee.
Of course, the progression of the game is different.

‘I’m doing it with the intention of losing it in the first place.’

There is nothing more stupid than thinking of winning money at a gambling house.
It is completely different from stock.

“The 5% fee will be deducted, is that okay?”
“I hope you don’t know.”

Gambling halls, even gambling halls, stocks can be obtained according to skill.
Gambling is, after all, a structure where the business takes the money.

‘No matter how high the rate of return is in Baccarat.’

Simply put, it is an odd game.
Customers place bets on either the player or the banker and take their money if they match.

Half chance.
Because the fee is excluded, it actually has a 97.5% return rate.
Although it is on the high side compared to slot machines.

“Oh, I lost it. Would you like to take my money?”
“I have no personal feelings, sir.”
“I’ll only bet your salary this time.”

After all, it is a game played by humans.
At the next table, a luxuriously dressed woman is playing baccarat.

‘It’s a space where abuse like that is allowed.’

The extreme is the casino here.
The customer is the king without exaggeration.

“Hohoho! I earn your salary all at once. Are you envious? Envy? What should I do? Living together is your life.”
“Shall we proceed with the next bet?”
“I’ll only bet half of your salary this time.”

As long as you have money.
But that doesn’t mean you can do it.

The more such a person is, the more he can’t control his emotions.
Gambling is a game where psychology is everything.

“Hey customer.”
“What, are you dissatisfied? On the subject of a beggar?”
“No. We only invite special customers to the VVIP room.”
“Is there such a thing?”

A senior dealer comes and whispers sweet temptations.
Auntie full of vanity goes right over.

‘To hell.’

The VIP room is not the end.
There is a place called VVIP room.
Real VVIPs don’t want to go.

“To the banker again.”
“I’ll bet.”
“Hmm~ Today’s flow is good.”

This is because it is used to exterminate truthful customers.
If the dealers liven up the atmosphere in a fancy room.

‘It’s not even work to take off one person.’

So there is nothing good about losing Chuck with the dealer.
Gambling is a mental battle.
It is an existence that affects the psychology.

You should never think of yourself as being rational.
Real gamblers do not engage in low-probability fights.

“Why are you so lucky?”
“Your guest has good energy.”
“Well, just because I think lucky people don’t make money from gambling.”

And know how to control your emotions.
Those who become arrogant because they have made some money do not last long.

Baccarat lasted about an hour.
I bet 100 to 300 each and played about 50 games, and I won about 3 million won.

“Okay, tip.”
“Even if you don’t give me this much…”
“If you come here and take the money, my luck will be bad.”

Plug it straight into the tip.
It is my rule not to take the money I win at the gambling house no matter how big it is.

‘Believe superstition, don’t believe before.’

It’s like a jinx.
Being a human means that once you start to blame, there is no bottom or end, so it is right to block it at the source.

Also to get better service.
This is because overseas casinos provide the best service to VIPs.

“Did you lose again?”
“Wow, he’s in trouble…”
“I don’t know if that’s why you can’t see it on TV.”

Kangwon Land is not like that.
This is why I don’t come to Korean casinos often.
But Koreans have no other experience.

‘It’s easy to fall into temptation.’

A woman is playing roulette.
If baccarat is a simple sip, roulette can increase the multiplier with various bets such as color and number.


As such, the addiction is greater.
Although it is possible to reverse the so-called one shot of life, the slugging home run.

“Ah, ah, ah…”

It’s also easier to lead to the can-kicking route.
Even if you look at it roughly, it looks like it’s cornered, and it’s a very desperate expression.

‘I think I was aiming for the last shot.’

That’s what gets gamblers into the quagmire.
It must have been the money I really wanted to get back.

“My lady, how much have you lost?”
“That’s a bit much…”
“That’s right?!”
“Uh~ That’s a big deal. Can my brothers help me?”

But just this last seed.
Sweet uncles approach the wife and child in despair.

‘It’s a common thing.’

Of course, it’s not just men who lose money through gambling.
Women are also often destitute.

Among them a young woman.
It is called ‘Kangwon Land’s side dish girl’ and offers its body at a cheap price for gambling seeds.

“It’s because the older brothers are fans of Rahee.”
“I’m watching all the films I’m appearing in~ How about it? The oppas can give you 10 million won right now.”

That’s what happens when you indulge in gambling.
And those sweet guys are encouraging it.

‘To a wife and daughter-in-law.’

I understand.
That’s pretty too.
Not only that, it’s famous.

Baek Ra-hee.
Recently, she left an impression on me as an actress who often shines her face in dramas and movies.

I don’t know why you’re here
However, if you stay like this, you are likely to fall for the tricks of the men.

“How much do you need?”
“What are you dude!”
“Where is this bastard, the adults are talking?”
“Get out of here. Beggars.”

He squeezes through the gaps of the fathers.
A little brawl ensues.
She says where she is and what she is doing.

‘I’m not curious at all.’

They spread out unsolicited information.
From what I’ve heard, it sounds like you’re running a small business somewhere.

Todok, tok!

Roughly what I can take over.
Simply open an account and show it.
At first, he denied the reality and expressed his displeasure.

“Here is the VIP room. Can you come in if you lie?”
“This person…….”
“Call the staff and ask. Or you can ask your father to contact you.”

Get a feel for the atmosphere right away.
Kangwon Land’s VIP screening is tough.
After a little bluffing, it quickly lowers its tail.

‘A young person with this much money would think he was a member of a conglomerate family.’

Even the staff misunderstood.
It is easier to imagine the thoughts of old men with a kkondae temperament.

At least it’s a small business.
If conglomerates refrain from doing so, they are doomed the moment they are seen as disrespectful.

“It’s okay?”
“Yes, yes…”
“So how much do you need?”
“How much can you give me precious memories?”

I made use of such a superficial world of adults
From a position you know better.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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