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Because I Live in the US 188

Because I Live in the US 188

Chapter 188 – Real Gambling

Kangwon Land.
It is a place that every Korean person has heard of at least once.

“It’s a place where you’ll disgrace your family.”

It is more familiar to stock investors.
It is a stock that is listed on the KOSPI and pays dividends consistently.

‘There are no competitors.’

Casinos are illegal for Koreans.
In principle, even if you go abroad, you should not play casinos.

Kangwon Land is the only one.
It is a place where Koreans can gamble legally.

“Many people don’t know, but it’s a public company.”
“It’s the only drug allowed by the state along with music and stocks, so it’s managed.”
“Why music?”

So it’s pretty stable.
They make good money because they have a monopoly position in the market.

‘It’s like a kid who hasn’t even played Cyworld.’

Even a cow without iron should experience it at least once.
What a scary place this is.

“So why are you here?”
“To disgrace the family.”
“Fuck you.”

In fact, there are many such people.
To the extent that what comes out of the news is new feet.

‘Well, see that later.’

Since I came to Kangwon Land, I would be disappointed if I did not gamble.

“I’m a little nervous.”
“Are you going on a date with your brother?”
“I wanted to visit a casino before. It looks cool in a movie or something.”

Sora’s eyes light up.
Certainly, in the movie, the casino appears as a place like a symbol of wealth.

‘But this is Joseon.’

You must know that there is a casino in the land of Joseon in the land of Joseon.

“Do you have a Hi-Two Resort membership?”
“It could be.”
“How can you come to Kangwon Land without that…”
“Do you have a senior?”

A Hite Resort membership is required to enter Kangwon Land.
Kangwon Land itself belongs to this resort.

‘There used to be.’

Gone back decades ago.
After a long time, I quit my gambling house membership again.

Along with the Kangwon Land ticket.
After the troublesome process, you will be greeted upon entering.

『Kangwon Land Addiction Management Center』

Since then, it is a public company.
Superficial efforts are being made to prevent gambling addiction.

“Can’t you go?”
“Why me?”
“You’re addicted to gambling, KOSPI.”
“Shall we hold hands?”

I don’t think anyone who would do something like that wouldn’t do it.
Sora became a full-fledged gambling addict.

‘Compared to KOSPI, the stakes are small.’

It is real.
As it is not on the Internet, you can see, hear and experience many things.

Enter the casino.
What you see right away is a massive slot machine.

“I know that! If you press it, 777 will come out, right?”
“It won’t come out to you.”

And people.
Sora still doesn’t notice.
This is the true face of Kangwon Land.

‘Isn’t something a little strange?’

There are too many people.
As it is a resort with a hotel attached, it may be natural in a way.

“It takes time to come to the table, so let’s start with the slot machine lightly.”
“I’ll hit the jackpot and come back.”

Unless you look at each individual face.
It might not even be visible now.
Because there is a slot machine that you only see in movies right in front of you.

‘It’s common even in Japan.’

What are you doing?
It is an arcade where these slot machines are played all day long.

As Sora said, there is also a mechanical type targeting the 777.
However, it is said that it is electronic in modern times.

Tiri-ri-ring~ ♪

The screen floats like an arcade machine in front of a stationery store.
‘Sea Story’, which once heated up society, also has this structure.

‘It’s better to manipulate it from the point of view of the business owner.’

Mechanics are honest.
This is because it moves according to the composition of the included parts.

Electronic ones don’t.
By changing the settings of the program a little.

Oh my mom!

You can see the jokes reminiscent of KOSPI.
Korean gambling house owners are far from conscience.

‘Though it’s familiar to stock investors.’

What about the general public?
You will experience for the first time what it means to open your eyes and cut your nose.

It is the process by which the human eye turns.
Like the person sitting next to me.

“I’ll change money and come back! Please take care of my seat until I come back.”
“Woo! I’m sure you’ll get it.”

Foolishly fooled
Sora is giving money to the gambling house.

‘A great liquidity provider.’

Because there are kids like Sora, Kangwon Land can become a blue-chip company that earns hundreds of billions of dollars every year and pays high dividends to shareholders.

“You manipulate the odds?!”
“If you know, I’ll tell you sooner… No, there’s no way this bastard will tell you.”

There is something called the return rate.
It is a measure of the probability of losing, on average, how much money you bet on this gamble.

‘Usually 96% is the standard.’

Kangwon Land is about 85%.
It is a multiplier that cannot be earned.
The system is seriously abused.

“There is also a more vicious place called Gangwongi Land.”
“What kind of place would you like it to be?”
“The probability manipulation is basic, and there is a place where the money you’ve won so far is blown away with just one patch.”
“Oh my God! That’s ridiculous.”

Still, Kangwon Land still has pieces of conscience.
In the case of some overseas casinos.

‘Make the probability different for each amount.’

When you bet a small amount, it makes you win money.
When you get excited and place a big bet, you lose money.

It is also possible to overtly manipulate it.
Hitting the jackpot at the desired timing to cheer up the atmosphere.

“Kangwon Land or Kangwon Ki Land is not a normal place.”
“Escape is a place that shows well that intelligence is in order.”

Gambling is a place where business owners have no choice but to win money.
Whether it’s stocks or casinos, it’s not much different.

‘I should know that and enjoy it.’

A casino is a place where you come to throw some money.
It’s a fun pastime if you enjoy it in moderation.

No one comes for that purpose.
At least, Kangwon Land is a casino that has become like that.

“Some people here… I think it’s strange.”

Sora finally noticed.
After playing the slot machine, I have time to look around.

‘This is a real gambling place.’

KOSPI is a gambling place, but it is still a stock market in its own way.
The so-called water is different.

“Please, please, please, please. Ah…”
“You’re out of luck with this seat.”
“Ha~ fuck. Fuck. Fuck!”

User level.
The degree to which it gnaws at the mind cannot be compared.
I see people going crazy.

“People’s eyes…”
“What do you think?”
“I think I’m lost. I know what it feels like to have rotten dynamic eyes.”
“That’s an apt analogy.”

The color is also dull.
People who don’t fit in with fancy casinos.
However, the reality is that they are Kangwon Land’s main customers.

Gulp! Gulp!

Free drink corner.
It is a place where you can drink various juices such as orange, mango, and tomato, as well as carbonated drinks and coffee.

‘The purpose is good.’

The service is good.
Most buffets don’t have this much variety.

“People drink it militantly….”
“Because it’s instead of rice.”
“Isn’t it a nuisance?!”

These people don’t drink because they want to drink.
Because I have no money

‘Because the casino is earning that money.’

No matter how much you drink, it’s not a loss, it’s a benefit.
You can realize why the casino is gorgeous.

“Ah! I wanted to drink mango juice.”
“Did he fall?’
“Yes…… People seem to be looking for mangoes a lot. Maybe it’s because they’re delicious.”
“No. It’s yellow.”

You can also look into human nature.
There are many people who say they don’t believe in superstition.

‘Is it really possible to do that even with a bomb necklace hanging around your neck?’

Kangwon Land’s largest chip unit.
Different colors are set for each amount.

KRW 1,000− Yondu
5,000 won− Pink
KRW 10,000− Black
KRW 100,000− Yellow

“You drank mango because it was yellow?”
“I think that’s a bit of a leap…”
“At the end of life, people want to rely on superstitions.”

It is the feeling of grabbing at least a straw.
No, it actually matters for gamblers.


A table playing baccarat.
A customer hits a poor table with his fist.

“Bring me another one, not this one!”
“Do you think there is a problem with the game, sir?”
“Your bitch sucks up all my money! Call another bitch!!”

It was for a moment that my attention was focused.
As usual, the other guests go to their own gambles.

Only Sora is restless like a virgin.
What the hell happened

“Are dealers cheating too?”
“Then why…”
“It’s the giga generation.”

Table game.
The dealer runs the game.
Because it’s face to face with people.

‘Because it became a kind of brawl.’

There are people who are entangled with the ‘gi’ that shamans say.
There is a sense of resentment because I lost money.

“There are all these crazy people.”
“No. Staying here will drive you crazy.”
“It’s your turn. Come experience it.”

It was the turn of the reserved table.
It’s because the guest who just hit the kaengpan was dragged out.

Push Sora’s back.
Forced to experience baccarat for the first time.

‘Shall I go for the real thing soon?’

The harsh reality of Kangwon Land.
It’s a good place for ordinary people not to go.

But if you do it right, it’s a fun pastime.
As a playground for the rich.

“Are you okay for a minute?”

Dealer passing by.
Gently stroke the buttocks of the smoothest and best bitch.

‘So there are possible pleasures.’

Of course it shouldn’t be done.
Just like the truth, I’m being dragged away by the good brothers.

No, crime.
It could turn into a serious situation.
Unless this is a casino.

“It’s embarrassing if you do this. I’ll call security.”
“Do you want to get popcorn?”
“I want to be shown to the VIP room.”

There is a hidden room that only VIPs can enter.

#Popcorn rain: A word that refers to tips that accumulate and grow like popcorn (more than your monthly salary)

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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