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Because I Live in the US 187

Because I Live in the US 187

Chapter 187 – The Gambling House

It is famous for the reason that Korean investors kick cans.

“Bio stock?”
“Is that a good prospect?”
“Hey fuck.”

Some stocks doubled!
Stocks that rise so rapidly are usually bio-themed stocks.

‘It’s a field that ordinary people with common sense can never understand.’

So why go up?
The hunch that he will pour out such ignorant questions is right without fail.

“But there must be some reason. Just like Ohsung Biologics.”
“It’s okay because you have big breasts.”
“Is it?”

But it did grow.
It makes me wonder how she wears such ignorantly large breasts.

Oh, this was mine.’

It’s round because it’s not puffy.
I put my hand on that big piece of flesh.

It’s tight because of the bra.
After a while, the warm warmth comes up.

“Now, spit it out quickly. Or do you want to spit it out here?”
“This is sexual harassment.”
“I want to hit the players before the seniors do.”

Sora gets on the chair.
Maybe because I went on a diet, I felt lighter than before.

However, the contact area is still strong.
Her face became slimmer and she became even more beautiful.


He presses his tongue against his ear and exhales hot breath.

“I masturbated yesterday.”
“It’s because of the senior. He taught me strange things.”

Sora’s long, slender fingers tickled her chest.
The occasional stabbing fingernail provides a thrilling stimulus.

‘Did I teach you too much…….’

The character has changed.
His breathing is becoming increasingly rough, and he is in the mood to attack.


The bra falls to the ground.
It’s so heavy and heavy that it makes a lot of noise.

More breasts
I just put it on my chest, but it’s heavy on me.

“I want to learn more.”
“Will you teach me?”

With one hand, gently stroke his chin.
The rest of the hand is clenched tightly against the thigh.

When you press on an artery, blood flow speeds up.
It is a natural phenomenon to gather in the groin.

‘Are you protesting to eat him?’

The soft buttocks keep rubbing the lower body.
Daettalbang Ace became Lumpang Ace.

“You have to teach me. Oppa can teach you well.”
“Then tell me why the bio stock is rising.”

Suddenly, I sat down with a bullshit that broke the atmosphere.
A question that makes even a standing cock die.


Has become peculiar
If this is the case, you have to answer even if you want to play with this thick ass.

“For example, I want to fuck you.”
“There’s a rumor going around. She’s a cool beauty reputed to be the prettiest in town. She’s got a great body and she’s a virgin.”

She puts her hand on Sora’s hip.
You have a share, so you can touch it to your heart’s content.

‘This disgusting piece of bread.’

He looks like he could swallow even a tolerable big cock, so he still has no experience with men.

“Then there won’t be many people who want to put it in here.”
“The price goes up with that logic. Actually, it’s such a fucking naughty bitch.”

Gives you a taste of spanking.
Previously, the pudul poodle was shaking, but the flesh became full and firm.


It tastes like hitting.
I tried to give you so much intense pain that it left marks on my palms.


It sticks well.
I can’t get rid of this heavy wife of 171 cm.

“Do you think the price will go up?”
“You should have eaten it to know.”
“Your brother actually likes virgins too, right? Let’s say it’s a dying industry.”

Twist your index finger around your chest.
Pointed fingernails grazed the skin.

I don’t know if I learned it from seeing it on the Internet, but it’s dangerous.
If you learn to have sex with this potential.

‘I need to keep my spirits up.’

I don’t know if I’ll climb later.
It definitely beats a woman’s soyang into her body.


Palm prints.
Sora gripped her hips, widening her eyes.

“It hurts!”
“I hit you because it hurts.”
“But why don’t you hate it? This.”

Hold my neck tight and hug me
There was a change in the touching chest.

‘It’s on top.’

It’s been worthwhile to have taught you so many things.
This desired body must be well controlled.

“You should listen carefully to your brother.”
“Isn’t it? You can’t mess with it.”
“You shouldn’t keep hitting me. Ah, ah…”

It was just stiff and stubborn.
He is revealing his true nature.

‘Contemplation is not wrong.’

A slut who preys on men.
With this face and body, she has lived a life like a wooden stone.


The more you teach them one by one, the faster they bloom.
Let’s hit the butt where the hand is cold.


Breathing becomes rough
The shaking body is definitely feeling something.

‘Wouldn’t it be all right if I developed it with Mazu?’

No matter how naturally she is a nympho, she will be able to change depending on how she grows up.

“Stop bullying me and do it right.”
“I know everything I know, right? Go to bed and hurry up.”

She is such a compliant woman.
Her white, her slender fingers pointed to her bed and begged.

‘My first experience is that my boyfriend’s room is a national rule. No, not yet.’

Until she asked to pierce herself.
I lay her conch on her bed and scan her from head to toe.

Even though it is not a revealing outfit, the curves are clear.
As I slightly twist her waist, her saliva goes over without me noticing.

“What would you like me to do?”
“Until the end…”
“You said no to that.”
“Ah, aang♡”

She also knows how to be charming.
This is a very important period for Sora’s education.

I have to get used to how to react when attacked by a man.’

She knows how to seduce a man without ever being fucked.
She may be masturbating pretty intensely.

“Then touch me.”
“Like when I was alone…”
“How are you doing alone?”
“I do it normally. There are things that my senior taught me.”

Maybe she even got her hands on her toys.
To soothe this big and erotic body.


The more you listen, the more there is nothing special.
Although I do feel a little guilty.

“Suck the faucet like this.”
“In addition.”
“I’m going to press my stomach hard.”
“In addition.”
“Yes? There are no more.”

It’s a subtle thing to call masturbation.
It’s something I would commit when I was in middle school when I didn’t know anything.

‘You feel that way?’

Pranks I made
He was soothing his dirty body in a very inefficient way.


What would happen if you let me know what real pleasure is?
The car was filled with anxiety that it seemed that Pandora’s box had been opened.

“Oh, hurry!”

Sora notices.
I’m the only one who can control this slut from attacking guys.

‘The responsibility is heavy.’

Sora’s coat.
As she rolls it up, a large piece of flesh is revealed over her pretty belly button.

Above her, her towering top boasts her own presence.
It slips into her mouth and rolls with her tongue.

“Senior, it’s your chest, so treat it with respect. If you bite it like that, ah! It hurts.”

But the magic that makes the faucet harder.
Sora’s breathing became increasingly dangerous.

The stomach, which has been strengthened by exercise, wriggles more than before.
The more you press on it, the more something is happening inside.

‘Should I just live?’

Even if you don’t open it, you’re sure to win.
I want to grab this thin waist with one hand and fuck it like crazy.

The problem is that I don’t know how it will change when I drive it.
He only touched his stomach, but his expression changed to a glamorous look.

“Boat, more boats…”
“You want me to hit you in the stomach?”
“Why are you hitting the stomach?”

It seems that it will take some time to become masochistic.
Makes it go once in moderation.

Sensitivity is incredibly good.
The inside that is not inserted is contracting and relaxing on its own and exercising.

“Is it better than doing it alone?”
“Senior’s hands are thick and rough, so it’s strange. Ahh…”

Press down until the skin touches the intestines.
Even the air that was deep in the lungs flowed out.

Open mouth.
Disturbed posture.
I am feeling very satisfied.

“Aren’t you a senior?”
“I’m…, Keuheum! Later.”

Along with the color.
Even if you touch the wet skin, it doesn’t seem to come off.

‘This is dangerous.’

I think I’ll put it in carelessly while doing smata for nothing.
No, I instinctively want to attack.

It is probably the reason why mankind has not ceased to reproduce.
Seductive Woman Makes Her Pregnancy Close

“Uh… You didn’t hate me, did you?”
“It’s standing properly here. I’ll try to make it even better.”

I don’t know what will happen if I get worse than now.
Sora seems to want to give birth.

‘It’ll be a real cow.’

I should use Hye-ri to pull them out in advance so I don’t fall into temptation.

“So what makes bio stocks so promising?
“I told you.”
“But… That’s because it’s a basic thing that happens when there’s a bubble in stock prices.”

Reason came back, perhaps because Sora went once.
I definitely don’t understand Biozoo.

‘In the category that the general public thinks.’

It is also puzzling from the point of view of stocks.
It’s not for nothing that people say not to touch bio.

Still, it’s always a hot topic.
In fact, rising stock prices and winning prizes are commonplace.

“Such stocks are usually listed companies through special technology. When a new drug is developed, the rate of return is huge, so even if you don’t make anything right away, a high PER is applied.”
“Oh, you’re investing with the goal of developing a new drug.”

In reality, it’s hard to even write the word “Bright apricot”.
Among the many listed companies with special technology.

‘Because there is not a single place that has achieved results.’

This system has been in effect since 2005.
So far, more than 100 companies have benefited from preferential treatment, but none have succeeded in developing new drugs.

“Not even one?”
“But why.”
“Are people investing?”

I can’t even understand
On a common sense level.
Because that’s where common sense doesn’t work.

‘It’s called a gambling board.’

If you go to a real gambling house, you will know.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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The poor man thinks about what to eat every day. Rich people think about who to eat every day. “Stocks are like sex.” The easy and sex story of real compression stocks


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