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Because I Live in the US 186

Because I Live in the US 186

Chapter 186 – The Gambling House

Stock club.

“Ah……, Why is the stock going up, really.”
“Really, why are you going up?”
“I don’t know!”

The gobbus investors, who had been elated until not long ago, turned into dying faces.
Because the stock market is rebounding.

“Isn’t it enough to eat and leave?”
“I knew it would go down further…”
“I had enough chances to live again, so why didn’t I buy one?”

Youngsoo tilts his head.
Unlike themselves who have already been inherited, the investors in the multiplier had many opportunities.

‘It’s worth the bottom line, but I’ll just swap it for long.’

Literally seen.
At least it doesn’t do any damage.
Even though I can’t quite understand it.

‘Why is the economy so bad?’

Pollack, a believer in Inverse, had a different idea.
This is just a dead cat bounce.

The stock market will fall again.
I thought it was a process for a deeper drop.

“It’s definitely going to come down again.”
“I think I heard that last week.”
“No, because it’s real…”
“If I had listened to you and bought a bus, I would have blown over 1 million now!”

At first, I was excited, saying it was an additional buying opportunity.
But as time goes by.

‘Why the fuck!’

The reality of being bitten digs in.
And it also affects thinking.

“I saw it on YouTube yesterday and I heard that the US-China trade war is not as big as I thought.”
“Trump is fighting only with words and doing all the trade behind the scenes.”
“Right, right! Only that bastard lost his teeth.”

The stock market rose.
The view of achieving the ‘trend’ also changes from negative to positive.

「Off-TV_with the god of stocks. Isn’t it the high point of KOSPI? Buy ‘this stock’ now (Deputy General Manager Park Won-cheol)” − 80,000 views · 1 day ago
“Stock Counseling Center. The full-fledged rebound of the KOSPI is ‘at this time’. Buy now to make big money. (Director Yuan Yeom)” − 150,000 views 1 day ago
「VJ Investment Research Institute. Now, even if I’m lost, I’m Ohsung Electronics’ OO,OOO member” − 120,000 views · 1 day ago

It’s pouring out on YouTube.
Several experts are scrambling to give reasons for the rise.

Korea Newspaper− 「US-China sitting at the negotiating table… Will the trade conflict ease? / CBS」
Fact News− 「Won-dollar appreciation and dollar weakening, 1,050 won should be kept open」
Daily News− 「What about the KOSPI after the holidays? “Gentle rise” Vs “Breaking the previous high”」

Even in the news, the story mixed with hope is the main thing.
It is real that the downtrend is over.

The stock market is actually rising too.
The club members are being persuaded one by one.

‘No, that’s not it…….’

Pollack’s thoughts are also shaken.
In the meantime, the fact that he was sure of the decline was obviously influenced by the surroundings.

He was called a pioneer.
He said he rationally identified the bad news floating in the market and predicted a decline.


Could it be that you are behind?
As soon as such thoughts come to mind, beliefs begin to crumble.

“Now, one~ two~!”
“”Hand-do it!””

Some people have strong convictions.
At the hands of friends, Nam-wook’s account is forcibly disclosed.

Purchase amount│8,000,840 won
Valuation gains│+638,467 won
Kodex 200 futures inverse 2x│1439 shares│+7.98%

At one time, profits close to +30% were recorded.
It was down to single digits before I knew it.

“Don’t tell anyone…”
“Don’t tell me.”
“Eww, idiot. What is this that you don’t sell when you see a profit?”

As the stock market rises, losses are recorded.
Even the amount is not directly proportional.

“By the way.”
“Don’t tell anyone!”
“No, isn’t it strange that the KOSPI rebounded by 8% but the multiplier fell by 20%?

A question comes to mind.
Friends who don’t do gobbus didn’t know.
No, it was a fact that even Nam-wook himself did not know.

‘I know?’

Will be investigated later.
There is something called ‘negative compound interest’ in ETF.
It does not follow the index 100% equally.

There is such a thing as negative compound interest, so it melts little by little even if it is sideways.
In addition, ETF managers take profits at an annual rate of 0.6%.

“Wow, look, the stock price in April of last year is the same as this year’s lowest point, but the multiplier is 1,000 won different.”
“If you’ve been holding the bus since then, the stock price is the same, but you’ve lost 14%?”

This is especially true for ETFs that use leverage.
And the gobbus follows -2 times the KOSPI 200 futures index.


Didn’t know that.
Because it was a down market for a while, it went up when it went up, but there was nothing to go down.

The spine is creepy.
If the stock market does not crash, it means that you will lose even if you have it.

“The gobbus was dangerous…”
“Is Inverse okay?”
“The ETF itself is like that.”
“Oh, I’ll just have to stop loss and buy stocks right now!”

Information you would not have thought to look for during a bear market.
It quickly spreads among the club members.

Nam-wook, who had a firm conviction, is also shaken.
I had no idea it would be such a flawed investment.

‘It’s irreparable Manhae Yongmun ○ grade refund trash!’

The specs keep getting worse just by simply writing.
Gobbus had a similar aspect.

Just looking at the news makes my head explode.
If you care about the disparity rate, you won’t be able to endure it.

‘It’s because I see only negative prospects all day long.’

Appearance of such members.
Sora watched from a distance one step away.

Both the actual distance and the distance as an investor.
After much consideration, I stopped investing in inverse.

I didn’t even buy stocks.
I couldn’t do this either, so I just wasted my time.

“What did Sora buy these days?”
“I bought some peace of mind.”
“I wonder if I’ve been able to look back at the market from the beginning…”

The reason.
When I became interested in Inverse, I realized.
I looked at the world from a very narrow perspective.

‘There’s good news and there’s bad news.’

After all, the stock price is the result of two news colliding.
Investors need to find out where the median is.

One more thing.
It doesn’t just move rationally.
Like the phenomenon we are seeing in the club recently.

‘The soy sauce seems to have gone bad.’

As for Hyeri, I don’t know.
Kids who fell in love with gobbus, and kids who analyze stocks seriously.

KakaoTalk ♪

All you do is follow it anyway.
Just in time, the long-awaited Kakao Talk comes.

“Who are you from?”
“Yes why?”
“No… It looks different than usual.”

You may have noticed a stain on your face without even realizing it.
Hye-ri is taken aback by So-ra’s point.

‘There’s something to be noticed by Sora too.’

When she was in first grade, she only studied.
To the point where I don’t even care about the rest.

If it wasn’t for her exceptional appearance and aura, she would have been taken by her seniors a long time ago.
Sora has changed.

“She knows Sora well.”
“It’s a secret~♡”
“Does she have a boyfriend?”

Maybe not.
It is also true that Sora’s reasoning was about half correct.

[Chanwook oppa♡♡]
「Baekje Zen」
−Can I buy that?
− Right?
「Moderately divided into 3」
−Yes brother♡

She occasionally throws items.
She enjoys eating it.

‘The decline has come out significantly, and the US-China trade war is calming down, so I know it’s rebounding…….’

Sora is not
She is thinking for herself
But the more she thought about it, the more she didn’t know.

The US-China trade dispute has not been resolved.
Emerging countries, excluding Korea, are experiencing a crisis of bankruptcy.

The market seems to be overjoyed.
The question that came to mind while watching the video of Son Ik-jwa last night.

〈 I said there was no reason.〉
〈 Ah yes! That’s why many viewers were curious~. Why didn’t you tell me why.〉
〈 It certainly wasn’t there then.〉
〈 Yes? 〉
〈 but now I have it.〉

A story like a dialogue.
Doesn’t give a cool explanation.
It must have been because of the latest news, so it went over unnoticed.

However, there was no way that person would have said anything meaningless.
Even if it’s because of his twisted personality, he’ll get rid of his past appearances.

‘Shall we go ask a question…….’

A person who knows

* * *

A common mistake among short investors.
It is to think that you can eat it with a short and then swap it for a long one.

‘That doesn’t work.’

My head is full of negative thoughts.
It is unlikely that such a person could bring out a positive theory.

“I can understand that far…”
“I’ve been thinking about it myself.”
“Something like you?”
“Are you sure?”

Reasons why you shouldn’t hit the short.
There is nothing more certain than experiencing it once.

‘I thought you’d ask if you could escape the bus while dragging on.’

Sora also grew up.
It wasn’t that the color only matured day by day.

“So what do you mean?”
“You know what a senior said on 119 Stock Talk. There was no reason then, but now there is.”
“Ah—! I finally showed you!”
“Don’t give a damn.”

I sprinkled some rice cakes on it.
To feed the analysts who make a living by stealing money.

‘When the market goes up, they appear on TV with excitement.’

Reasons for rising stock market.
It makes a fuss in the way of fitting in.
And the public believes it.

The reason for the rise that did not exist at the time is the reason it was created now.
In fact, nothing has changed.

“Isn’t it true that the US and China are easing tensions?”
“That itself is raw.”
“In the first place, Korea did not lose anything because of it.”

Exchange rates rise due to global financial instability.
As a result, the price competitiveness of export products is strengthened, which has the effect of increasing exports.

‘I just need to bypass Chinese tariffs.’

Why Korean companies build factories in Southeast Asia.
Southeast Asia and China have a preferential tariff agreement.

Transactions in RMB are exempted from customs duties.
It is a project to increase the possibility of incorporation into a key currency.

“Rather, exports have increased. The current account has also increased. Considering the exchange rate, it is natural.”
“That’s the reason why the stock market has rebounded recently…”
“Not really?”

The news you see on the market is just a fling.
Copy and paste your favorite global news.

‘That’s why I need to read the original text.’

This is the basics of stock investors.
But even if you know that, it is far from analyzing the market.

“Then what is it?
“I don’t know.”
“Don’t look for reasons in the director’s office.”

It is the only market in the world that cannot be analyzed.
The one who invests with reason is bound to lose.

‘Even foreigners get burned.’

That’s why they do all sorts of manipulations.
Because that is the investment method optimized for the director.

Especially in a down market.
It is difficult to predict the flow of the stock market because liquidity is dry.

“Then do I have to hit the shot again?”
“How long will you just speculate? This senior is worried about you.”
“We have to think about where the little liquidity will go.”

It’s time to touch the bio juice.

Because I Live in the US

Because I Live in the US

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